Jaya – young school teacher – EP 01

Introduction :

Here I am trying to write a new story of a young wife named Jaya Mahesh.

Name: Jaya Mahesh
Age: 28
Height : 5’6″ (168cm)
Weight : 54 kg
Measurement : 34C-26-36
Color hair
: long black
Skin: fair
Shoe size: 8

Hairless body and keep her private part also without hair.

Using light shade nail polish and don’t use makeup. Her lips are hard rose without

Loyal to her husband Mahesh Sharma and her in laws. She was the favorite teacher to
her students.

Special nature : helping to anybody as she can. Love everybody.She is a high school teacher were teaching Computer science. She normally wear
saree without showing her navel and stomach area. Also hide the boob side by using safety pin. Without showing anything she was very beautiful. Her body structure
increases her beauty when she wear saree.


  1. Introduction
  2. Update-1
  3. Update-2 (flashback)
  4. Update-3 (chatting started b/n Rahim and Jaya)
  5. Update-4 (Jaya accept Rahims friendship)
  6. Update-5 (introducing new character from Jaya’s
    school and her first masturbation with dildo)
  7. Update-6 (Jaya accept Rahim as her best friend and talking openly to him)
  8. Update-7 (Rahim meet Jaya on roof top of the apartment). (Edited-01-09-19)
  9. Update-8 (Jaya prepare milkshake for Rahim and feed him)
  10. Update-9 (Mani agree to help Jaya’s household work, Jaya’s in laws left to UK). – PART-1
  11. Update-9 (Mani agree to help Jaya’s household
    work, Jaya’s in laws left to UK). – PART-2
  12. Update-9 (Mani agree to help Jaya’s household work, Jaya’s in laws left to UK). – PART-3
  13. Update-9 (Mani agree to help Jaya’s household work, Jaya’s in laws left to UK). – Part-4 A&B
  14. Update-10 Mani touch and lick Jaya’s body for the first time Part – 1
  15. Update-10 Mani touch and lick Jaya’s body for the first time Part – 2
  16. Update-11 Jaya give first blowjob to Rahim. Part-1
  17. Update-11 Jaya give first blowjob to Rahim. Part-2
  18. Update-12 Jaya’s first fuck other than her husband Part-1
  19. Update-12 Jaya’s first fuck other than her husband Part-2
  20. Update-13 Did Mani loss virginity to his young beautiful Jaya Teacher…?? – Part-1 & Part-2
  21. Update-14 – Mani’s second encounter with his beautiful teacher Jaya. –

Seeing the opened box on the table of watchman ; Jayas face

become red with blushing. She felt her heart beat become stop.
Society watchman Rahim giggled to her. She can’t say anything
for some seconds. She then regain her mind and shouted at him.
Jaya (J) : how dare you open this box? I will complaint against

Rahim (R ) : madam, its not my mistake ; its was the rule of this
society for safety. If anybody give a bomb in this box what will
happen? You are new to here, thats why you don’t know about
this rule. And also I am helping you.
She looks at his eyes. He pause a second and continue.
R : If I give this box to your father in law; then how you will
face him. Now you go and complain against me. Then they will
investigate against me and after all people will know what was in
this box.

J : she think about a second and said. Ohh I am sorry bhayya, I
don’t think about that. You said the truth, if my in laws see this I
can’t face them anymore. Thanks for that.
R : its OK madam. I know your situation. Don’t worry about
that. He giggled.
J : She smiled with blushing face. and said bhayya please don’t
said about this with anybody.
R : don’t worry madam I will not share this to anyone. Before
anybody come here. You keep this in your bag and go.
Jaya take the materials from the box and keep in her bag.
J : thanks bhayya, please dump that box in waste box. Thank for your help.
R: you are always welcome madam.
Jaya come out from his cabin and walked to the building with
blushing mind. Rahim looked at her swaying ass and gluppedthe saliva.

R : ohh man what an ass.
She was thought what he will think about her, is he said about
this to anybody. Thousands thought passing through her mind.
Finally she reached in front the door of her flat and press the
bell. An old lady about 65 years old opened the door and smiled
at her. That was her mother in law named Sheela.
Sheela (S) : come dear. Jaya enter inside and greeted to her
father in law and went to her room. She closed the door and sat
on the bed and take a long breath. And opened the bag and took
out the materials which she take from watchman. Seeing that
she smiled. She keep that on the bed and read the cattelog. Then
she take that 5″ length and 1.5″ girth sized skin colored dildo
with the shape of a perfect cock.

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    […] Continues from Update-1. location: bedroom scene : Jaya enjoythe smoothness of the toy by pressing o… […]

  3. January 7, 2021

    […] Continues from Update-1. location: bedroom scene : Jaya enjoythe smoothness of the toy by pressing o… […]

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    […] Jaya – young school teacher – EP 01 […]

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