Jamaican Vacation – Ethnic Experiences

Ethnic Experiences

My boyfriend and I had discussed swinging with another couple, but I was reluctant to do that with friends or anyone who knew either of us, although the idea stimulated me. We had watched porn flicks together and I liked the interracial ones and my boyfriend said we should find a black swinger couple sometime. I had never even dated a black man.
We took a vacation cruise to Jamaica. After a wonderful day of fun and sun, horseback riding,, seeing the fish through a glassbottom boat, hiking on a jungle trail with small waterfalls, we went back to our bungalow. We showered together and made love in the shower and then moved to the bed. Then we showered again and went to a busy bar with vacationers and black local men. A tall, very black local named Jamel joined us for a drink and we liked his personality. I liked his in his shorts. He asked my boyfriend if he could dance with me out of respect and we danced. Later we danced again after a few drinks. I felt his cock on my thigh and tummy as we danced closely, He was obviously hung.
Then we showered again and went to a busy bar with vacationers and black local men. A tall, very black local named Jamel joined us for a drink and we liked his personality and accent. I liked his big bulge in his shorts. He asked my boyfriend if he could dance with me out of respect and we danced. Later we danced again after a few drinks. I felt his cock on my thigh and tummy as we danced closely, He was obviously hung.
My boyfriend asked me if we should invite him back to our bungalow since he could tell I was having fun. Jamel was happy to join us and brought along a bottle of rum and we had sodas and mixers in the room plus other booze. After a few drinks, my boyfriend pulled my string on my tie at the neck and back of my haltertop and it fell exposing my boobs. They laughed and I reached to pick it up off the floor and my boyfriend tossed it to Jamel and they played keep away from me. I finally caught it in the air and my boyfriend cupped one and Jamel cupped the other one. Then both guys sucked my nips at the same time. My boyfriend kissed my neck as Jamel’s hands caressed my tummy and thighs and unbottoned my shorts. He slid his long fingers down to my mound and my shorts dropped to the floor.
Next thing I knew I was on my back on the bed with my boyfriend going down on me tasting my hot juices, sucking my clit and I had a mouthful of long thick black Jamaican cock, which I stroked with both hands. I was fascinated by the length and thickness of his uncircumcized penis. I must say I did a great job giving him head. Then, my boyfriend moved away and Jamel got in front of me as I moved open to give him room and he slid his cockhead up and down my lips and finally pushed inside a little bit. We looked into each other’s eyes as he seemed to know when to push more in and work it, then more and more until I felt his testicles on my ass. I sucked my boyfriend as Jamel fucked me to several orgasms. My white ankles were on his jet black shoulders as he pounded and filled my pussy.
He slid out and shot two streams of hot cum on my tummy and boobs. My boyfriend got some tissues and wiped it all off. I sat on the edge of the bed and cleaned Jamel’s cock with my mouth, tongue, lips. My boyfriend took some pics with a Polaroid Instamatic camera that held a cartridge of 10 pics. He took his camera job seriously as he moved to better angles and made sure the lighting was good as I sucked Jamel back to hardness.
Jamel fucked me doggystyle with me on all fours. I found myself fucking him back slamming into his body in rhythm and cumming over and over. Jamel started to pullout and I told him “No, dont stop! cum in me, I want to feel you cum in me!!” He did and I felt him throb and cum. He slowly slid out and I rolled over on my back exhausted. Jamel went to shower in our shower and my boyfriend stuck his dick in my mouth and came in less than a minute. I felt Jamel’s cum oozing out in globs. I pushed my boyfriends head down there and he took the hint and ate me out, making me cum again.
My boyfriend went to the sink and used water and a towel to clean his face and neck and Jamel came out of the shower with a towel around him. I sat on the edge of the bed and my boyfriend sat next to me. Jamel gave me my rum and soda drink and sipped his also although the ice had melted.
I reached for his towel and pulled it off and now Jamel was standing in front of my boyfriend and me, naked, his long flacid cock halfway to his knee. Then I shocked them both asking Jamel “Is it ok if he sucks it?” and my boyfriend looked at me strangely and Jamel said “Oh, I don’t think he wants to do that, do you man?” His “man” sounded like “mon”, so cute. My boyfriend said, “.” and I said, “Oh you lied then.” and he said “HUH?” and I said, “You said it was ok with you anything I want to do as long as we talk about it and in front of each other.” He was silent. I said,”Oh hun, it won’t hurt, nobody will ever know ,do it for me, I want to see you suck it.” and I stroked Jamel’s cock and it began to respond. I sucked it and licked up and down the shaft looking at my boyfriend as I did so.
I kissed my boyfriend on the cheek and whispered to him, “Oh hun, just close your eyes and open your mouth.” He did and I led Jamels dick into his mouth and giggled, It was so hot looking, I helped him suck it, alternating back and forth. Then Jamel put his big hands, long fingers on my boyfriend’s head and began fucking his mouth, My boyfriend was dooling and gagging. I was so turned on, I had Jamel stop and fuck me again doggystyle. I had my boyfriend slide under me upside down on his back so he could lick me as Jamel pounded my pussy. I looked between my open legs and saw my boyfriend licking me and Jamels testicles on my boyfriend’s forehead. Such a sexy looking view. I lost count of how many times I did it that night, but it was the bestest ever.
Jamel took us on a hiking trail the next day and he fucked me again on the trail and again on a beach as my boyfriend watched. Later that evening, Jamel joined us again at the bar and brought a pretty Jamaican girl about 25 years old with him and his cousin. We five had fun that night, her with my boyfriend, me with Jamel and his cousin. It began with drinking and smoking a pipe and we did inhale, hee. She and I licked body-shots off each other to get the party going. They left about 2 hours later.
My boyfriend and I went our separate ways months later on for other reasons but I still have the pics and look at them often.

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