Ipoh girl Alice wants anal sex

Ipoh girl Anal Sex

Couple days after meeting Alice and her friend Lyn, both were sexy and horny from Ipoh Malaysia, I received a message from Alice.
Alice: Hi harry how u doing? hope my friend didn’t scared you off 🙂
me: Oh hi too. no worries in fact i kind of enjoying what i received from Lyn…haha.
Alice: hmmm… tat was kinky huh 😛
me: oh yes… very kinky and i don’t mind her doing it to me again… haha. i supposed u had fun watching her screw me right?
Alice: oh definitely. it was different watching from another angle…. makes me feel horny just to recall tat moment… hehe.
me: glad u enjoyed watching even though u didn’t screw me tat day. but u sure gave me a good shower and an awesome blow job.
Alice: haha… glad u enjoyed me blowing you 😉
Then she went silent for a short while after her last message.
Alice: hey harry… would u like to meet for coffee this evening? i need someone to screw me…. up my ass ;P
me: that will be me. lets do it….
Alice: bring some condoms and lube ok…. i cant wait to get screwed… so wet now…. 😀
me: yeah me too… see you at our usual place at 7pm. chiao.
Fast track to our fucking location…..
After a quick shower together. we went straight to our business. without asking, Alice positioned me to lay down on the bed, touched me a little, massaged my erected dick with her tongue ever slightly. as i closed my eyes to enjoy the moment, i felt my dick being engulfed in her mouth, felt her warm tongue against the shaft of my cock. she began to thrust her head up and down along my cock. at the same time, she directed my fingers into her ass to loosen her anal muscles. before long…. i couldn’t hold it any longer and i shot my full load of cums into her mouth. that didn’t gagged her… she continued to suck even harder… so hard and so damn good that i hard to push her away slightly just to get my cock out of her mouth.
The next thing, with my cums still dripping from her mouth, she was putting on condom for me and lubricating her ass. Positioned herself doggy style and without saying much, i went straight to her anal hole. my earlier fingering in her anal hole does help… just a few thrusting and I’m all inside her ass…. her moaning was damn so sexy and loud that i came again after about 10 minutes into fucking her tight anal hole…
She just love my cock in her ass… asked me to remain in her ass till my cock softened before she slid forward to lay motionless on the bed….
within the next 2 hours she had me fucked her ass for a few more times until her anus became sore before she called it quits and promised me another ass fucking day.
To end the day, she sucked my cock and masturbated me hard, and milked me dry. I barely managed to spurt out a single tiny drop of cum on her tongue…. but the last orgasm that I had was so huge that I screamed out uncontrollably. She finger fucked my anus just as I shot out my last drop of cum.

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