An Innocent wife fucked

Innocent wife

Hi i am Rishi 37 yr old i am starting this story thread i have copied few words from other stories but the style completely new and the best thing is that its a completed story . Well to keep everything short till action begins lets move a bit fast and i wont be using any abusive or hard meaning word to maintain her conservative nature am married to 34 year old wife neha not fat but little chubby has lite fatty squeeze thighs puffy suck able cheeks. She is short in height but very attractive face innocent fair and very velvety kiddish skin which is tight but soft .I always wanted her to fuck other guys in front of me but without knowing that i am watching. I shared this with her but she denied but after few months of persuasion and effort she agreed to a extent that she may meet a guy of her choice but not sex just friendship. Well after few more months in which (she had chat with some guys but and even was ready to go a casual meet but everywhere she made some excuse and didn’t do that) even then due to my convincing style n all she even agreed to to do kissing touching etc. but not more again still talks approvals but no real result on ground.
I somehow realized that may be she know that i am also involved that’s why she is shy and feeling guilty how can she do that in front of me because i had read her chats out which few involved a but hot cht till kissing touching etc but no fucking.
So i decided to do all this in a hidden manner. So i met a very rich 30 yr old Bachelor guy AAdi from a website who was extremely gudluking and had a big uncut dick.
So we decided he will try to flirt with my wife without telling her that i know him and will fuck her. For this we made plan according to which as she runs a ladies boutique so he will approach her as customer and will try to be friendly with her. Apart from so well built and handsome his bonus point was he knew he has go slow steadily because she is a typical Indian wife who may never do any kinky things with anyone other than her husband.
Well again keeping it short he did as plan and managed to get friendly with her .He shared with me everything including some flirty whats app chats so i asked him to move lite more and do some hot chat n all. To which he replied that its not needed he said he want t be a flirtatious friend not the sex freak to not to scare her. That was also good judgement of him which i gave me a confidence for his success. Though they had started using words like breast hips instead of boobs ass and once penis also which when she asked him to come and collect his ordered stuff that time he said he can’t because he hit a ball on his bottom while playing cricket so feeling unwell. She said what happened and where he got hit and is its paining. He straight away said ball had hit him in his Penis She immediately Replied hey please don’t use these kind of words.
Aadi- You asked i told you vise bhi you are grown up and married i hope you are opened up enough yaar. Vaise bhi we are friends yaar itna khulke toh baat ker hi sakte hain.
Neha- Achha yaar ok ok but don’t be vulgar please i feel shy.
AAdi-Oye hoye Babydoll ko sharmana bhi aata hai.
Neha- Shut up yaar and come pick-up your goods when yoou are free ok.
Aadi -ok darling.
Neha- Yaar not again i am not darling i am just a friend.
AAdi- Acchha na yaar dont be shy now dost hain hum brother sister nahi i know you are a mordern girl.
Neha-Flirting haan..
AAdi- Ya littlebit to make you charm afterall you are so beautiful..
Neha- Liar Chalo bye hubby aa gaye hain.
Well next day this of chat a liitle more progress was just that she agreed to meet him at a wholesale bazaar of fabrics as she used to there for her boutique work. That was her first meeting unofficial meeting of her with a guy. He was very humurous and talkitive which i wasn’t and she liked that in him. Well while coming he offered her a lift in his BMW car but she denied because of her modesty so he decided to go with her in Metro. Its was very crowded their and just to prentend her to save her from other guys he came behind her and there was first time a little spark got invoked. She clearly felt his buldge but couldn’t do anything as he was throughout a gentleman till now. Even a few times the back of his fingers brushed her soft ass globes too but he didn’t her reaction even then he decided to ask her when they will chat next time and anyways this went on till crowd settled. He was clever guy he deliberately tried to all this everytime he got chance. Even there was a time when she realised a bit that he maybe doing all this intentionally but he sensed that as alarm as say sorry to her and told he is helpless. Somehow she also knew that something is there in his mind.
Well he had complimented her a lot a many time till he met her about her beauty but in very controlled manner but due to todays events he made a move ahead and said your are really very soft and velvety. I hope you enjoyed a ride in metro with me.
She immediately raised her eybrows like she is a bit shocked .
She- Hmm isme enjoy wali kay baat hai mein to roz aati hun metro me.
AAdi- Ohh so you didn’t liked my company today
Neha- No i mean metro wala time.
AAdi- Ohhk vaise toh sab thik tha naa gussa toh nahi ho naa.
Neha- Nahi gussa kyun houngi.
AAdi- Mera matlab metro wale time i mean i was so close to you..
Neha-Nahi i know it was crowded you didn’t do intentionally.
AAdi- ohh thanks i thought you will. Chalo raat ko chat kerte hai.
Neha-Ok bye and don’t be naughty.
Well their chat at night keeping it short for final action.
Today he wanted to carry forward to next level with the help of metro event
AAdi- Hi babydoll.
Neha- Hi h ru.
AAdi-Missing you.
Neha-ohh. What are you missing about me.
AAdi- Your company today all events etc. Your eyes looks lips ears neck..
Neha- Hmmm eyes looks lips ears neck ??? ohh hello what is this i am married..know na.
AAdi- Ohh sorry then i didn’t like your eyes looks lips ears neck because your married..
Neha- So do think i am not beautiful..
AAdi- U said -Hmmm eyes looks lips ears neck ??? ohh hello what is this i am married..know na.
Neha – Very clever ???
AAdi- Clever minds deserve beautiful ladies..right
Neha- May be.
AAdi- You liked our date today..
Neha-Yeah it was good my first time but i liked you.
AAdi- What you liked the most.
Neha- Nothing speacial everything you looks fit body humour but you are naughty also..
Aadi- isn’t This Good
N- Hmm (after a pause) Yeah its funny..Temme what you liked today.
Aadi- Like you notthing special your Shyness wraped in a mordern lady. Your nature politeness in your conversation you smile and most important your soft spongy body and your chubbyness
N -But i think guys like thinner girls.
A -Not a case with me.You see if your chubbyness made my day today. I was about to save you today from other guys but i am sorry i was unable to save you from myself..even i got hurt because of you.
N- hey you again getting naughty and by the way how did i hurt you today..
A- Yes you did yesterday cricket ball gave me immense in my botttom. Today a baseball gave me pain but difference was that it was pleasureable today..and the ball was ultimately soft.
N- Baseball ??? Voh kahan se aayi haumare paas.
A- thi na tumhare paas at you back soft spongy covered in a chhudidar suit..Wow it was so soft it was first time something so soft causing me so much pain..
N- Yaar you are confusing me batao naa kaun si baseball..
A- Arre yaar i mean at your back… Lets do one thing delete “at” from in this message
“Arre yaar i mean at your back”
N- Ok delete “at” ohh noo Shut up you mean my back how dare you talk like this about my b—
its soft spongy etc. Its not fair..
A- Ohh i am sorry i take my words back about your back your back i say its so hard not so appealing i didn’t get any sensation now is it okay..
N-hmm very clever you your humour involves me into all this kind of chat i don’t know why am i doing this.
A- ohh so you are enjoying ok.
N- no i din’t mean that.
A- Leave it tell me did you enjoy my touch in metro.
N- No i didn’t its common for me..
A- Ohh lucky guys got on your back…
N- Shut-up i feel bad and i scold them badly. But you were saving me..
A- Ohk but not by myself still you don’t mind.
N- Please Don’t do it.
A- What i am not doing anything i am here in my house and your at your’s. I think you enjoying the chat don’t worry you can tell me i won’t tell anyone did you enjoy my bo— at your back.. comeon lets make little spicier.
N- Yaar go sleep naa i don wanna talk you are bad..
A- Seriuosly you want me to leave..
A- Ok gudnyt Sleepwell
N- Will you sleep Now..
A- How can i will miss you whole night specially baseball.
N-Shut up gud nyt bye..
Well he was somehow a little bit sure that she might get interested in today’s chat and will contact again in few mins or Ina hour.
Neha now changed to her nighty but she was feeling uneasy. She didn’t knew wat was happening she couldn’t sleep so she started reading chat again and was blushing laughing at times reading it. She decided to check whether he is online and that he was. So she messaged
N- Soye nahi neend nahi aa rahi hai kya so jao pain thoda kamm ho jayega..Hehehe
Aadi didnt replied for few seconds then gave her a whats app call
A- Ohh aahhh oouch ufffff..
N- kya hua aadi you alright..
A- Kya yaar thoda kamm hua tha per fir badh gay tumhari dp dekh ke side pose me hai na shayad isliye..
N- Enough yaar bass kero vaise bhi side pose ka kya lene dena hai isme..
A- Yar baseball highlight ho rahi hai..kya keru..
N- tum manoge nahi naa.
A- Maan jaata to tumhe neend aa jati abhi tak..
N- Shut up voh to aise hi neend nahi aa rahi aaj..
A- yar batao na maza aaya aaj metro me…
N- Yaaar Kyaaaa maza yaar kuchh nahi hai aisa..Maza toh tumhe aa raha tha..
A- Haye muh ki baat chheenli babydoll..ab tum bhi boldo naa
N- Yaar kya bolun kabhi aisa hua nahi kuchh mere saath ajeeb hi tha samghme nahi aa raha tha..
A- ok chalo yeh ajeeb achha tha ya bura yeh to bata do.
N- Well pata nahi yaar per thik tha bass itna hi ab bass aur nahi kuchh kehna.
A- Achha aur batao how ur hubby.
N- Thik hai.
A- And your kids
N- Woh bhi theek hai..
A- Kaam Kaisa hai aajkal
N- badiya chal hi raha hai.
A- aur batao hubby kahan hai.
N- Party me gaye hai late aayenge.
A- Ok kyun sab theek hai na
N- Haaan Haaan yaaar yeh kya boring baate ker rahe ho kuchh intersting baat kero.
A- Yar tum bhi naa chalo theek hai per fir bolna yaar yeh mat bolo voh mat bolo ok and i know you are so open-minded and mordern but little shy and thats the best part you that even after getting married you are so bold to talk openly.
N- She blushed and said yaar its ok but i feel shy i have never had a boyfriend before even b4 my marriage.
A- ohh don’t worry my sugarbabe i am here your shyness will fade away and you will have time of you life.
N- Ok lets see..But i think you enjoy a lot today ..
A- Yes and i hope you too but i must say you have awesome hips I would love to touch them.
N- Ohh hoo but i know.. don’t dream its for chat and conversation only..
A- Ohh don’t be rude they deserve to be touch..did you like my touch on your ass..
N- Yaar please hips is ok na no vulgar words..
A- Its not vulgar its just mordern tell me did you like the touch.
N- Cant say its was new and strange i was feeling itchy in my stomach..I think you even tried to touch my fron naa you bad boy..
A- Where you think in front upper floor or middle floor..
N- Shup up upper..
A- Yeah but only managed to feel side of those fruits maybe some day i will peel them off and have some jiuce..
N- Dont day dream that day will never come..But tell me truth am i so appealing from back too..
Now she was opening up at a very fast rate…..
A- Ohhh yeah very much thats why i was paining a lot..
N- Yaar pain kyun aisa kya hua..
A- Do one thing next time you touch your back with my bottom and then touch it with your hand you will know..
N- Touch “it” – what is his “it”
A- My Penis..
N- Shut up i won’t do that..
A- It was about to tear my pants…I have an idea why dont we meet and ahve some real fun..
N- Real fun..??
A- I mean hmm sex..
N- no no way.. i can’t
A- Ohh please naa you said you are a open minded lady
N- Yes i am but its no right ot have sex or intercourse outside marriage..
A- ok do onething let us have some kissing touching only no intercourse..
N- No yaar..
A- Please naa yar just once if you feel ok then we will go ahead otherwise back-up..
N- After taking sometime ok but no nudeness and force…
A- Ok nudeness will be on situation and no fun if no force thoda to chalta hai..
N- ok ok we will see..
A- ohh i forgot to say onething i have bought a new house a villa if you don’t mind i would like to show you that..and are you coming on Manika’s (his cousin sister he convinced her to get all her and her closed ones to get their dressed sticthed at Neha’s boutique) Birthday on sunday..
N- Ok but no hanky panky only seeing the villa…and yes i will i want to see how the dress look on your relatives sticthed by me..I will come with my hubby..
A- We will see that day..hanky panky..( he was sure she won’t deny having some fun he was expert and knew at first fuck he may have to do it forcefully)
A- Yeah sure he is also heartedly invited…
N- Ok
N- Chalo yar bahut fun ho gya i getting sleepy bye..
A- Take care..Bye
Now seeing geeting open he finally decided to screw her up on the wedding day in his villa. His new villa was just a few meters away from the party..As he used to share everything with me so i planned no go with her making some excuse and because she had a strong reason to go she will go definately. For my sake he installed cameras at each and every corner of his villa.
Well the day came and because her boutique use to be off on sunday moreover the party was nearby her matrenal house so she decide to go there and change her dress there and go to party she told me to come there and pick her-up.Well when the time came i told her that i cannot come because i have a customer at my shop willing o buy a big quantity so wont come and adviced her to stay at her mom’s house that night. To which she agreed and told this to Aadi that she might not come because she do not have car. So he sent his BMW 4 series for her. And jokingly asked her not to wear bra under her blouse. She replied she is wearing padded blouse no need of bra with that. He was happy to hear that. The car came and she was stunned to see he car never saw such a luxury car the feeling on sitting in that car was totally different. She reached the party and welcomed by Aadi he was stunned to see her in a tranparent netted saree with meduim cut blouse at front and back almost exposed though covered with Pallu. He noticed that the blouse had only a knot on back to open he immediately understood if he got chance he just have to release that knot and her fruits will be opened to be sqeezed out juices as no bra inside.
Now not wasting time lets come to main scene after meeting few people she got bored because everyone was busy in their chat and she didn’t knew anyone so she was feeling extremely bored. Thats when Aadi came resque her and asked her to show her his villa to which she agreed after a few mins of reluctance and convincing.
She was Stunned to see tht house with a private pool and all those luxury stuff. And because time was short Aadi was in little hurry he knew that this kind of chance may never come again with her so he made-up his mind even if he has to apply some force he will do that too. He also knew once she gets a taste of extreme sex she will be in his control..
So he showed his villa and finally reached his king sized bedroom and asked her how is it. She admired it with full heartedly. Not talking much he again started to show his intentions and said how about my kissing touching aaj aaye hain akele bhi hain toh thoda sa ho jaye you will enjoy for sure.
N-no Aadi not today.
A- Yar please yoou said you will allow atleast kissing and touching.
N- But not today yaar ( she started to fear and her heartbeat was increasing actually she didn’t expect that so fast and early stage.)
A- Please na yaar just a touch..and kiss too fir chale hain yahan se bas 2 hrs of little know aajtumhe dekhne ke baad se hi pain ho raha hai penis me thoda aaram do yaar isko..
N- No No 2 hrs nahi yaar it a long time..
A- Ok how much time bass you tell..
N- No time yaar please..someother day
A- Yaar please if you can’t even keep you word then its ok..lets go..He showed some anger he was expert it was a planned move..
Now neha thought she might loose such big billion client and moreover he is asking for some littlebit fun (not knowing how is she going to control herself once its starts even i used to had sex with her only twice a year with no foreplay just intercourse taking few mins of whole process with blowjob but no pussy licking)
N- ok ok dont get angry you are my friend. But only 15 mins then we will go.
A- no 1 and a half hr please 15 mins toh tumhare sharmane me hi nikal jayenge..
N- Yaar please ok make half an hour.. and no nudity..
A- No yar ok its final 1 hr and yaar thoda sa to dikha dena yaaar.
N- kya dikhana hai..
A- Your sexy spongy skin..
N- ok but thoda sa hi please be gentle…
A-ok He already wanted to be fast and forcable but gentle from start not giving her any chance to recover which she didn’t knew.
Come on babydoll,” he said as he grab her arm. “I want You now Sweetheart i can’t wait ! I want a little taste of soft skin!” he continued.
A- My penis wants to get in your hole.
N- Dont use these words.
A- Words hi hain yaar dont worry words are just for intimacy..He was trapping her like a spider wraps his net around a prey when its caught.
He pulled her to him softly, pinning her arms against her sides. he kissed her slowly teasingly by forcing his tongue into her mouth She kept her lips locked and moved her face right and left which made his sliva filled tounge roam all around her lips nose chin and a part her cheeks. Locking her arms behind her back, his free hand grabbed her tit and massaged it softly over the sari pallu and the blouse material which was bit thin and the beads and hand work was sinking in her soft flesh even pinching in his hand . She held his hnd tightly to stop but couldn’t stop him instead dug her nails”Yeah Neha, you like me to squeeze your boobs my softy. She whispered nooohhh..!! leave please See i am so chubby not at all sexy find someone you match you are so hot and handsome . Chal na liar he said i like chubby and married girls see how perfect and seductive your boobs are. You are married and experienced just enjoy kero na yaar kitni soft ho tum jahan haath lagao wahi suck kerne ko milega wow thoda bohut to chalta hai you are my friend halka fun yaar kissing touching bass and tumhari marzi ke bina no intercourse ok sweetu kitna maas hai tumhari neck per woh bhi itna soft aur gora chhita sa haat lage toh mali ho jao yaar itni ho tum khud ko hi nahi pata tumhen kitini sexy ho tum. Come on now, get ready for me. he said I am just going to love you lick you taste your skin softly erotically.” he exclaimed. She was blushing but still she was unable to accept that she is doing this willingly her modesty wasn’t allowing her making protest again and again which Aadi knew as she is doing for the first time.
He suddenly bite on her ear..
“AAdi, NO!” shouted Neha. He got on bed and pulled her down and laid her beside him .He too tall and well built for her. He pinned his right leg between her thighs pressing his right testacle on her pubic area. His groin area was grinding into her mound and with his left leg he locked her right leg. Her right arm was under his left under arm and he got hold of her left hand with his left hand this way she was locked all the way but his one leg and hand was totally free. She was trying hard to get free and in this process her boobs were brushing wih his elbow and other parts of his arms and both of their cheeks and lips were slightly brughing too.Moreover she had to feel his cock grinding on her as well tunrnig sides like a belan crushing a chapatti making her feel his penis more.And i think she must be trying to measure its size. That was the time he said bada hai naa feel kerke dekho.
N – Kya bada hai
A- Vohi jo hil hil ker feel ker rahi ho
N- Mein kuchh nahi feel ker rahi. Shut-up Yaar batao naa compare toh kerke batao apne hubby se.
N – Unka Itna bada nahi hai..
A – Aur mera is it big…
N – Hmmmm..
A – So want it lets do intercourse..have some real fun..
N – nahi nahi yar bahut bada hai darr lagta hai i wont will hurt..
A – we’ll try a little bit if it’ll pain i ‘ll take it atleast you will get an idea how it feels to have such a manly penis in your soft tender vagina only few lucky peolpe like to get the feeling of first sex again after marriage so please let give you that pleasure..
N- No Aadi please be on your words and now you are wasting your own know we have a time limit. (she wanted to change the topic because she was also scared that she might not get convinced by him)
Aadi realised she was right atleast on the point of this time limit so he concerntrated more on making her in his control no matter how much she resists.
pulled her pallu of her shoulders and the blouse was exposing quater size of her boobs that were popping out to his view.
“Nice boobs baby doll!” he said. She innocently placed her small hand on his eyes because of her shyness. It was giving him the pleasure that was beyond words. He held her hand and kissed her fingers one by one and then licked her palm. He felt her squeezing her thighs as his leg getting crushed between her chubby fleshy thighs. He then kissed her cheeks without any wetness small kisses and then suddenly put her ear fully in his mouth and started sucking it a little hard he held her face tightly in his arms making her sideways. She was kicking her legs and punching her hands hard on mattress because of tickling sensation it was strong enough to make her laugh.
He knew what has he done to her so he left her ear and gave her some time recover she almost lost her breadth because of tickling she got. She hit his chest and complained by her actions. He then kissed her lips this time tried to insert his tongue in her mouth and after a little resistance she opened her mouth. He kissed her in many ways he sucker her upper lip then lower lip and then put both her lips into his mouth. He bite her cheeks sucked them taking as much flesh as he can in his mouth giving some red marks on her cheeks. She was tickled everywhere he is butting and sucking her because no one has done this to these areas of her it was a new feeling.I was just a dick digger for me sex is restricted to only blowjob intercourse.
To be continued… NEXT PAGE ⇓

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