I paid for my mistakes ! – EP 1

I paid for my mistakes… (blackmailed and fucked)

Hi Readers! My name is Shareefa and I am 38. I live in Karachi, Pakistan and have been married for more than 18 years. We live in a flat of three rooms; one living and two bedrooms. I have a daughter of 16. This story is all about the biggest mistakes of my life and how I ended up paying huge for those mistakes, even bigger than I imagined. Although I am married to a man who is very conservative, but he is a loving husband and I never meant to cheat on him, but somehow the events changed in a way, one after another, that I made some wrong decisions for which I lost everything.
Since my teenage, I was very conservative and used to cover myself well particularly my breast. I always remained very careful whenever I had to bent over as my mom told me that men always get attracted towards our boobs popping out of our clothes. I never showed my cleavage. I was very pretty and attractive and was fully aware of it.
After marriage I found out that my husband is just as conservative as I am particularly in terms of sex and for him sex is an occasional thing and a way to give birth. We used to lay together once a month or sometimes even longer. After two years of our marriage my daughter born and I got busy in a typical housewife life. I passed almost 17 years of my marriage life, some good some bad, until one day my husband came from work in the night and mentioned me that one of his uncles is asking if their son (my husband’s cousin) can live with us for two years. Actually, my uncle and auntie in law were moving to England, leaving behind their son of 21 to finish his studies. They asked us to take care of him and he offered us Rs. 20,000 per month towards the expenses. During the discussion I found out that my husband was fully convinced of keeping him with us because of two major reasons. First, his uncle was the person who helped him establish his own business and was his partner too and the second; Rs. 20,000 was a good offer. We could easily save Rs. 10,000 even after all expenses of food and utilities for my husband’s cousin. Finally, we decided to call our uncle and agree (My mistake no. 1 which I paid off later). We also decided to designate one of our bedrooms to him (my husband’s cousin Imran). Imran was not new for our family as he used to visit our home at least once a month with his family. He was very disciplined and nice boy and was very smart too. Later I found out the other side of the coin.
After two weeks, one afternoon I was waiting for my husband. It was pretty unusual to wait for him in the afternoon, as he always returns to home from work at around 9pm. Today he went to drop off his uncle to the airport and was bringing Imran with him with all his bags and boxes. At around 3pm the door bell rang and I immediately ran to open the door. I opened the door and saw my husband holding two bags and Imran was standing behind him with hands full of two big boxes. I immediately gave them way so they can enter and get rid of these heavy stuffs. I greeted Imran and asked him to take his boxes and bags to his bedroom and I will bring water for him. After giving a glass of water to my husband I went to Imran’s room. I noticed he was all sweating. He grabbed the glass from my hands and finished the glass in a flash. I offered him some rest and told him that I will help you in unpacking your stuff once your brother will go back to his work. After an hour when my husband went back to the work, I entered Imran’s room again and started unpacking the boxes. The boxes were full of clothes and books and we were trying to set the things. After some time the electricity went off and we opened the windows for ventilation, but since it was summer, the room got really hot in few minutes. Also, since we were working with the room setting, both of us started getting drenched in sweat. I could feel the sweat drops passing my neck, back and belly. I was standing towards the cupboard and putting all his clothes in and he was passing me the clothes. All of a sudden I realized that all of my kameez is wet revealing a black bra underneath. To confirm whether it is really see through I looked at the mirror and was shocked. My whole pink kameez was fully wet with sweat and one could easily trace the full line of my bra. In fact at some places on my kameez it seemed like I have no kameez at all. Oh my God! And then I noticed that it is not only the kameez, but my shalwar is the same and it is also showing black panty line from the sides. The first thought struck my mind was “has Imran seen all this?” To confirm this I turned around and saw him and found him staring at me. Oh no! he has seen all this, I should go and change ………… but wait what am I doing here? Am I confirming him that whatever he saw was something unnatural and by doing that I will confirm him that I also felt it. It was very embarrassing and uncomfortable situation for me, but I finally decided to go and get a dupatta to cover my chest portion so at least he can’t see my black bra from front. I ran to my room and covered my front with the dupatta and came back to help Imran. When I came back I saw Imran removing his T-shirt. He had very athletic body which was because of his routine of gym. Oh apa you!, he said as I entered his room. “It’s too hot here” he said this and threw his T-shirt on the bed. I felt quiet weird seeing him like this, but ignored it. We finished all the work by 7pm and then I started preparing dinner. My husband came at 9pm and we all had dinner. After dinner Imran went to his room to finish his assignment and my daughter went to bed too. Me and my husband went to living room and started watching TV dramas. While watching drama, I was thinking all the time about morning incident. “Has Imran noticed my bra and panty through my see through clothes?” “Should I keep myself covered with dupatta all the time when I am in front of Imran?” “He calls me Apa (elder sister) and I don’t think he is other than my younger brother.” “But he is a growing man too and he……………… oh No! There is no way it is happening, he is very decent boy and I am worried unnecessarily.” These were the thoughts coming to my mind while watching TV. Finally I ended the battle of opposite thoughts that I was over concerned and nothing has happened about which I should be worried. After all he is like my younger brother and there is no harm in going in front of him in casual clothes (and this was my second mistake which I found out later). I was very tired and went to sleep.
At around 2:00 am in the mid night I woke up and felt very thirsty. As soon as went to kitchen I noticed the light from Imran’s room. Thinking that he forgot to turn off the light I entered the room, but oh ………….. the door was locked. I tried again, but failed. I called “Imran?” I nock the door and called again “Imran?”, but no answer and after the third call finally Imran opened the door, he was sweating. “Are you still awake?” I asked upon entering his room. I noticed the computer was on. “Oh apa I was just finishing my assignment”, he answered, but sound very confused. “Oh it’s too late why don’t you do rest tomorrow? Anyways your college is off until next month.” I instructed him and left the room. “Ok apa good night”, he said and turned off the lights
Next morning I was preparing breakfast and the phone bell rang. I saw my husband picked up the phone and saw him talking. After few minutes he entered the kitchen very worried. I asked him “Is everything Ok? Who was on the phone?” “Nothing is Ok, Zafar bhai is admitted to the hospital”, he said in a low tone. “Oh my God! What happened to him again” I asked. Zafar bhai is my husband’s elder brother who already got a heart attack couple of years back and now he is again admitted to hospital. He was here in Karachi when he got that heart attack and after that their family moved to Dubai. “I don’t know about the details, but I have to go to visit him” he said. “Why don’t we all go since its already summer and schools are off too”, he further added. “I am fine, but I have to ask Imran because he has some assignments to finish and if he can’t go then I have to stay here to take care of him”, I said. “Oh there he is…………… let’s ask him”, my husband said as he saw Imran entering kitchen. “Good morning bhai, Good morning apa” Imran greeted as he entered the kitchen. “Good morning Imran!” we both replied. “Imran I just received a call from Dubai and Zafar bhai is admitted to hospital again, he has got second attack” my husband informed Imran. “Oh no! is he OK?” Imran asked. “I don’t know and we are thinking to go Dubai to visit him. Why don’t you come with us?” my husband asked. “Oh no bhai I have lots of work to finish before my college starts so I will stay”, he said. After a discussion of few minutes we finalized that only my husband will leave and we three will stay behind, but when my daughter woke up she insisted that she also wants to go. My husband agreed and asked me to let Imran stay and we will come back in a week. I was not comfortable leaving Imran alone he just came yesterday and we promised our uncle to take care of him so I decided to stay with him (This was my third mistake). My husband was very happy with my decision and so do Imran.
After all these discussions I served the breakfast and then my husband left for his work. Since there was no school or college, Imran and my daughter stayed home and I got busy in house chores. After couple of hours my daughter came and asked permission to visit her friend’s home who was living Next Street. I asked Imran if he could drop her off there and he agreed. My daughter got excited too because Imran had a bike and now she got an opportunity for a bike ride. When they left, after finishing my work I decided to take shower, but waited as Imran had no key to home. What if he comes while I am taking shower, he will not be able to enter home so, I waited and after few minutes I heard a door bell. I opened the door and he was there. I gave him one key of the apartment and told him to keep it in case if he needs it anytime. Initially he said its not necessary and refused to take it, but when I insisted and mentioned that just like now, I wanted to go to shower, but had to wait for him, he kept the keys (that was my fourth mistake). But right after that he asked a very strange question. “Apa! Do you take shower in the morning?” “Oh…. Yyes……… I hesitantly replied. “But why?” I continued. “So I can manage my time accordingly as we have only one bathroom” he replied and smiled. “Don’t worry you can go whenever you want” I also replied and went to my room to get my towel and undergarments. I covered my bra and panty under the towel and grabbed the clothes in one hand, but as soon as I reached Imran’s room as the bathroom was there, the towel slipped from my hands and there I dropped my bra and panty from the unfolded towel. In a rapid flash I tried to grab them but by mistake kicked it myself and my bra went little further (my fifth mistake), towards Imran’s chair where he was busy doing his assignment. It was very embarrassing situation, but before I could jump over it and get it back, he bent over and picked it up and handed over to me. I felt so ashamed and from nowhere said sorry and immediately rushed to the bathroom. That was the most embarrassing situation of my life. I cursed myself and decided to be very careful next time.
Next morning after breakfast and my routine house chores I was getting ready with my clothes and towel to take shower and entered the bathroom. I hanged the clothes behind the door and before I close the door, Imran came to me and asked me if he can take bath before me as he has to leave for his friend’s home. I smiled and left the bathroom for him, but asked him to finish his bath fast as I was also leaving for a lunch with my childhood friends. He said yes and entered the bathroom. As soon as he shut the door a thought struck my mind and I shouted, “ Imran!” “ Yes apa” he replied. “ My clothes are hanging there and please make sure don’t drop them.” I told him and left the room. I did not know why but that day Imran took more than 15 minutes in the bathroom. I was eagerly waiting for him to come out. As soon as he came out I entered the bathroom and over heard him saying “apa I am going to my friend’s home and will come back in couple of hours”. I finished my shower in 10 minutes but as soon as I extended my hands to grab towel I realized that there was no towel there as Imran used my towel in hurry. I sighed and decided to wear only bra and panty and go to my room to grab another towel. I was confident that Imran has already left and since there is no one in home I can go and take the towel. I opened the bathroom door and as I stepped outside the bathroom (my sixth mistake), I got a big shock as Imran was sitting on his bed wearing sox…………….. I was so stunned and shocked that I stayed their idol. I noticed Imran was also shocked seeing me in bra and panty only and realizing that I immediately entered the bathroom. My heart was pounding and beating like a drum and I started sweating heavily. “What I did? My God! ……………….. oh no he saw me in ………. Shame. I was so guilty and embarrassed that I did not step out until next 10 minutes. Actually I did not want to or I should say could not face Imran. After 10 minutes when I dressed up and stepped out I found the home empty. I did some make up and left for the lunch.
At around 6pm I left my friend’s home, but I was very nervous as I was worried that how I am going to face Imran who just saw me in panty and bra in the morning. I felt cramping in my stomach and my body got very cold when I opened my home door. But the next moment was a sigh of relief for me as I saw my husband at home. “What you doing at this time?” I asked him. “You forgot? Tomorrow is my flight and I have to pack up” He replied. “Oh yes I remember, but…..” but before I could finish my sentence Imran came out of our room and interrupted us “Apa is forgetting so many things now a days” and smiled very wicked. I felt very embarrassed because I knew what was cooking in his mind. I felt bad, but it was my mistake and I decided to talk to Imran about it, once my hubby will leave tomorrow.
Next day we all woke up early in the morning and went to the airport. I was wearing a white thin cotton shalwar kameez but this time I wore a shameez in it to make sure that I do not reveal my undergarments and my body through them, but soon I realized that I was wrong when I bent to pick up one bag and found Imran peeping at me. There I found that my neck size was big enough that when I bent I showed him good sight of my cleavage. I immediately adjusted dupatta and covered my chest. While we were driving towards airport I asked myself that why I am thinking that Imran is lusty about me……………. May be I am wrong about him and he has never even thought like that. One thing I was confident about is that this boy has never done any wrong in past, not at least I know.
Upon returning from airport I decided to talk to Imran about yesterday’s incident, but was not sure whether I should do it or not, but finally I said to myself that I have to talk to him otherwise it will be difficult for us to live next seven days as I noticed that we both were not comfortable with each other since yesterday so I broke the ice, “Imran I am sorry about yesterday” I finally said to him. “Sorry for what?” he asked. “Oh I mean …………… I did not do intentionally, I thought you were not at home and I came out to pick up the towel” I explained. “Oh apa you mean for coming out without clothes” he said with a smile. “ Yes but I was in …………. I stopped there and was very embarrassed. “Oh don’t worry apa this was not first time.” He said and smiled. “What!” I asked in a shock. “Oh apa I mean this is not first time that someone has done a mistake”, he explained. After that we both become silent until we reach home. I did not know about Imran, but I was happy that I discussed this with him and clarified everything.
As soon as I entered my home, our phone was ringing so I rushed to the phone and picked up the cradle. It was my friend and she invited me to her home for an overnight stay. Initially I excused as I was very tired, but then I thought what I will do staying home so I told Imran that I am going to my friend’s home for overnight stay. I cooked some food for Imran and left at around 6pm. I was having a real good time at my friend’s home until 11pm when I realized that I forgot my medication at home which I take every morning so I excused my friend to leave to home as it was better than leaving early in the morning. My friend’s husband dropped me at around 11:20pm and as soon as I entered home, it was all dark in the hall. I thought Imran is sleeping so I closed the door very slowly and stepped towards my room, but there I found my room light open and the door was half opened. I heard the noise of TV, but as I pushed the door to enter the room, the next moment was not less than a hammer on my head, I saw Imran lying on my bed fully naked holding my panty in his right hand rubbing it on his dick and the other hand was holding my bra. One part of my bra was in his mouth as if he is licking my tits. On the TV was a porno movie scene going on in which a white man was licking a white girl’s tits. Imran was so busy masturbating that his eyes were closed and the TV was also loud enough that he could not realize that I am there standing and seeing him jerking off on my undergarments. I knew that he was thinking about none, but me.
Finally I decided to end this sin here and shouted, “Imran! and entered the room. “What the hell are you doing here” I asked in anger. Seeing me he was shocked, he stopped jerking and threw my undergarments on floor and stood up from bed. I turned around as he was all naked and his dick was hanging there fully wrapped up in my satin black panty. He could throw the bra off, but not panty as it was fully wrapped around his dick when was jerking off. I started crying “You should be ashamed of yourself, you did not even think about our relationship, you called me apa and now ……….. cheeeee” In all this cursing I forgot to turn off the TV until I heard loud moaning sounds. I turned my face towards the TV and found the white man bent over to the girl and doing something there. I went to the TV switched it off and then said to Imran, “I want to you leave my home right away”. Finally Imran started crying and begging, “Please apa forgive me……….. please” He started begging for forgiveness but I asked him that he has to leave as I cannot live with him until my husband is back and if he will not go I will call my husband. He was crying like a baby, but I was not in a position to forgive him as I am a married woman and was feeling very insecure. Finally with tears in his eyes he left the home with a bag of clothes to his friend’s home.
It was 12:15 in the night and I was sitting on my bed crying. After some 15 minutes I finally managed some control and picked up the bra and panty and threw them in the dust bin. At around 12:30 in the night and today I was missing my husband more than ever. I picked up the phone to call him and inform him about this, but then put down the cradle. I thought that if I will tell him all this now, he will not be able to take care of his brother………… No, No, I should wait, I said to myself and went to sleep, but after the struggle of good 40-50 minutes I gave up. There were no chances of sleep in my eyes so I finally turned on the TV, but forgot that the CD is still playing. The next thing was the same scene where I turned off the TV; the white man was bent over and doing something under the girl. got up from the bed to remove the CD from the player, but curiosity stopped me. I thought that what is he doing under her body as during my whole marriage life, my husband has never gone there. I don’t know what happened, but I decided to watch it and then I realized that he was licking her pussy ………… oh my God Cheeeeee! What a nasty thing! I thought immediately. How can someone do it ………… this is the place from where we woman urinate; how come he is licking this part!, I thought and decided to turn it off, but then again I asked myself ……………. Why both are enjoying. If it is that nasty they should not enjoy it. As soon as this thought came in, uncontrolled, my hands reached my breasts and started feeling them. I could feel the tightness of my breasts and erection of my nipples under bra. Now the scene was changed on the screen and that girl was sucking that man’s dick; it was a huge dick barely fitting her mouth. Seeing this, I unzipped my kameez from behind, removed it and threw it on floor. Now I was lying on my bed in black silk bra and yellow shalwar enjoying my breast over the bra. All of sudden in the scene, the girl stopped sucking the dick and laid back on couch and now the man bent down to her and started licking her pussy again. Oh my God! I turned on seeing the girl moaning and enjoying and felt if my husband is licking my pussy. My hand went under my shalwar and even under the black satin panties. The moment I reached my pussy, I felt like my fingers are dipped in cup full of water as my pussy was all wet. I was so aroused that I crossed my legs very tight leaving my hands between two legs. It felt much better but not fully satisfying. Right then I saw the girl started rubbing her pussy……………. I had never done this before, but unintentionally, my hands started rubbing my pussy. Oh my God! What a feel it was………… but it was very tight because of shalwar and panty so I untied the shalwar. Now there was nothing but my black satin panty covering my wet juice dribbling pussy and my hands. Finally without wasting a second, I slided my panty down with my one hand while other hand still exploring my wet treasures. While taking off those panties I could feel the stickiness of part of panties in contact with my pussy as the juices made it really sticky. It felt so good that I closed my eyes, but as soon as I closed my eyes I got the same glimpse of Imran’s dick………….. I immediately opened my eyes and started watching the movie with my one hand rubbing my clits like a machine. I was enjoying every rub after some 17 years as I never masturbated my entire life. I took my hand over my shoulder and removed the bra string from my right shoulder and pulled out the right breast as the man was now sucking the girl’s breasts in the movie. I stretched my neck to touch my tongue to the erected nipple of my breast. After couple of attempts, I finally succeeded. Oh what a lick was that? I got so aroused that I closed my eyes and started rubbing my pussy faster and faster, I was about to release and I heard a voice, “Wah Apa wah…………………………………..and Imran was standing there with his Camcorder in his hands.
I got a shock of my life and felt like a current passed through my body. I felt as if my soul has been taken away from my body. I jumped off the bed and tried to cover myself, but my clothes were in his hands. I sat back to the bed and grabbed a pillow immediately to cover my body, but to my shock, Imran moved towards me and in a flash of a second he took off the pillow and threw it away………….. now I was fully naked in front of him. I immediately covered my tits with one hand and pussy with another and shouted, “do not come near me Imran otherwise I will kill you”. Saying that I turned around showing my ass to him………….. I thought its better than facing my face, tits and pussy towards him. But I was wrong again, he came really close to me and slapped very hard on my ass. I screamed in pain and yelled, stop it Imran otherwise I will call your bhai. “You will never do this apa …. Never …………. See this camera, it has everything in it which was going on for last 10 minutes” he said with a horrific smile on his face. And then I realized that he was holding a handy cam in his hands. “Oh my God! Did he capture me doing all that” I asked myself. I was still facing the wall and shouted “get out of my home! Get out otherwise I will shout”. And then I started running outside the room, but could not move even 5 steps as he grabbed me from back, lift me and threw me on the bed…………………….. now I was fully naked on the bed barely covering my assets and started crying ……………………. “If you will shout I will go away and show this video to everyone including bhai” he said with little anger. “No get lost …………. Get out of my home” I shouted again. “If you will shout again, I will go and post it to the website and the whole world will fuck you” ………….. oh my God! he said that and immediately started walking towards me. As I screamed help, seeing him approaching me, he immediately turned around and I head, “Okay if this is what you want, you will get it………….. by tomorrow morning you will be a slut of everyone.” “Please stop!” I immediately shouted! He stopped as he was almost past room door. He turned around and came closer. “Imran, please give me my clothes?” I begged with tears. He did not listen to what I said and asked instead “you liked the movie?” with a grin on his face. “No! please give me my clothes” I begged him again. Ignored of my request he asked again, “I saw your enjoying and having fun”. “I am sorry Imran, I will never do it again, please forgive me and give me my clothes. I promise I will not tell anything to your bhai and you can live here in our home” I tried to negotiate ………….. I was crying a lot and my entire face was all wet with tears. “Oh now you are ready to negotiate?” he asked in a victorious tone. “ please give me my clothes, I promise I will not tell anything to anyone” I explained. “But I will show this to everyone” he grinned. “No! please no! I am very sorry I will never do it again. This will ruin my life and your brother will never forgive me.” I started crying more. “Yes, he will kill you for this ………and imagine every dick in the society will jerk on you…………”

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