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Hello Guys/Girls/Couples, my name is Raj(Name Changed) living in Chennai working in IT sector for 6 years staying near ashok pillar. I am regular visitor of this website and Now I am posting my real experience that happened 3 days back.
It all started with the advertisement that was posted in the local website “Couple needs a genuine guy for fun”. I responded to the ad as I am interested and I don’t have place can meet anytime anywhere. He asked about my age I told as 28 and he told they are 35/32 and he has place. Then I asked is it okay to meet today and he told only in night then we exchanged our contacts.
I asked whether we can have dinner together so that we may get to know better but he rejected as their kids will be there…so he told to come to his place at 10.30 PM and I can enjoy until 4.00 AM and I can have unlimited fucking sessions as I like it. I told okay and asked for the exact address. He told that he is in office and will call me after the office is over.
Around 8.00 PM I got the call from him and we spoke as we know each other for many years. He asked whether to arrange hot drinks or any soft drinks or even milk or coffee…I told no to drinks as I can’t take risk in first time itself and told milk or coffee is okay but not compulsory. And I asked what I need to bring?.For my surprise he told to buy some flower(in Tamil its maligai poo).
I am surprised and also I am thinking why his husband itself so eager to let me have fun with his wife (which I found out later and will tell you later).He also told that they enjoy sex life fully and they both used to watch blue films and he told his wife like to lick her pussy very much. I told, me too interested in licking and asked whether she will suck my cock.
He told yes if she is in full mood… and to make her in mood you need to suck her pussy well. And also he told I can have unlimited fucking sessions for whole night even after sleeping for some time, and also don’t bother to disturb his wife even she is sleeping.
He also told that even she is sleeping if I caress her boobs or suck her pussy she will again get into mood and I can enjoy as much as I need. Then I asked for the exact location he asked me to come near to pallavaram and then give a call to his no and asked to start around 9.30 from my place(it takes around 1 hour to reach their home).
At 9.15 I started from my place and put some petrol to my bike as I don’t know how far that place will be and had my dinner in the hotel and reached the place he told around 9.50PM and tried to see the flower shop but I couldn’t find so I bought some sweets and chocolates as there are kids in their home.
I picked my phone to call him and I found he already called me but I couldn’t pick up as I am driving. Then I called back and I told I reached the point, then he told another land mark nearby I reached there in 10 mins and called him again and with the phone in my ears (with the help of helmet I placed my phone in my ears and driving) he keeps on telling 4rd right, last left, first right.
I am following his instructions around 10.25 I reached one 2 floor flat. He told to park my bike inside the building and asked to come to first floor. I did the same and I reached the first floor and I saw the guy with lot of hairs, lean guy 5’8’’ height weight around 65. He greeted me well and asked me to come inside his home.
The home is good with two bed rooms and both room is closed only he is speaking to me… Enquired about my job, family background he told his name is raj and her wife name is Kavya.. we chatted for 5-10 mins and he asked whether I need to refresh I nodded so he showed me the bathroom.
I went there refreshed myself and came out and he took me to one bed room there I saw the woman. She is slightly fat,fair looks good and by seeing I can feel that she wants sex like hell and he assets are so hot and big. As soon as I entered she left the room and he told me to make myself comfortable. The room us quite good with AC and furnished.
I asked raj to give me ten mins as I want to speak to my family as I usually call my home before sleeping. He told he is going to sleep with the kids and asked me to have fun. On seeing the couple, I found that he is so lean and can’t able to satisfy her wife fully so he posted the advertisement.
Around 10.45 I asked Kavya to come to the room and she came in locked the door from inside and I noticed she wore red saree and I am in shirt and pant. I greeted her and gave the sweets that I bought and she was surprised and took it happily. Then we spoke for some time about her likes…. years of marriage and no of kids all.
She answered all without hesitation…they have 3 kids and she did family planning operation. Then I asked her whether I can undress my shirt. She said okay. I am with my pants sitting closely. Then taking her hand with mine asked what you like most. She told she likes someone sucking her pussy…I asked then what.
She told fucking her….I made sure She likes these 2 things most. I asked her whether he likes to suck my coca. She told she not used to it and she may try…Then I started kissing the hands and slowly I kissed her cheeks she responded well then I touched her hips and feeling her body…I slowly started kissing the lips and she responded by opening her mouth.
I kissed and inserted my tongue she started touching my tongue with hers….Haaa it was nice feeling….I am getting good response and become bold to touch her boobs with her saree on….and slowly feeling it…pressing that boobs…..I kissed her lips then I started kissing her cheeks and her neck…..then I tried to unbutton the blouse but it is hard and her boobs is so hard…
so she understood the situation and she itself opened it for me and she removed the top of her saree…I can see the matching red bra with lot of small openings…I kissed the cleavage and started feeling the boobs with my hands.,….haa it’s so hard even after giving birth to 3 kids…I am squeezing the boobs and kissing her lips again….she responded well…
and I inserted my hand inside her bra and started feeling the nipples…it’s so hard and I fondling with it…slowly I opened her bra also and she also removed her saree….She was now just with the petticoat… the time is 11.00 PM.
To Be Continued NEXT PAGE ….

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