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Office Sex Story – Neetu

Hi I work for a Telecom Company and have a colleague Neetu who is married and is 28 years old. Let me explain her body type , she is tall about 5 feet 5 inches tall. Has an athletic build and has nice full body.
Neetu is close to me and we often chat at the office instant mesanger and most of the times we crack jokes. I have always considered her a good friend and though she is extremely pretty and beautiful, i have rarely taken an opportunity to pass a lewd comment or pass at her. To make an honest confession , i do enjoy her company and never spare an opportunity to touch her smooth hands in the form of handshakes whenever we meet/part.
One day I was staying late at office and saw Neetu talking on phone in the Gallery outside the office. I saw her a little tense and so as a friendly gesture walked up to ask her as to what was wrong. As i reached her from back, i realized that she was talking to someone in a very soft tone. Since her back was towards me, i could not stop my eyes rolling past her long hair, nice sleek back slighly visible through her pink kurtee, her round soft ass leading to firm thighs and sweet long ankles. Somehow the fact of being alone in the lobby and hearing her in hush tone made me feel sexy about her. I did not disturb her an stood quietly behind enjoying the beauty of a full blown married woman colleague alone with me in a dark lobby. Neetu suddenly broke into a big laughter and i heard her saying ‘ Me too Honey”. The words mad me feel jealous and i felt as if her husband on other side was such a lucky man to have a beautiful woman like her expressing her love to him. I did not make any noise and quietly returned back to my seat, whilst still enjoying Neetu chatting with her husband.
She finally hung up and turned back. Since there was no one else in the office, our eyes met immediately and i waived at her. She gave me that million dollar smile and confidently walked up to my desk. I continued working intentionally trying not to look too interested in her. She walked up and neatly placed her soft round hips on my desk and said ” Hey whats up..working too late today”
Me: No Neetu, just some pending work , i wanted to finish. What about come you are working so late today
Neetu: Acha ji, bas saari Company apke kaam se hi chal rahi hai
Me: Yes Dear, and how come you are so late today. Ghar nahi jaana?
Neetu : Jana hai sir par my husband is not at home today so i thought of staying back and finishing my work
Her words sounded like music to my ears. The beautiful Neetu dressed in light pink suit, which was slightly transparent was sitting with her half hip on my desk telling me that her husband was not around. If it was not her simple nature, i would have thought of it as an open invitation from any other Girl
As we continued to chat, i realized Neetu was a bit more open and frank today. I too tried to break the ice and intentionally used the word “Fuck” while expressing a reaction on an unsubmitted assignment
Me: Fuck, i forgot to submit my HRA claim today was the last day na
Neetu : (Smiled), Mind you language Mr
Me: Sorry , sorry sorry
Neetu: No problems ji, hota hai kabhi kabhi
Me: Yes , but i need to be careful in front of Mrs Neetu
Neetu: No yar, nothing like that. Its 21st century..its Ok
Me: Hmm thanks Yar. At least we know each othe for such a long time. We should be more open as friends
Neetu: Bilkul ji. Maine aapko hamesha apna closest friend maana hai office me
Her words were normal, but my mind was not normal. I was over reading into her statements and kept thinking of her being alone at night. I was enjoyinh her company. Slowly she moved back on my desk and her ass flattned by my wodden desk. Her feet were above ground and she was swaying her legs slowly while talking with me. It was a very sexy moment and I was enjoying Neetu’s company. While speaking her soft pink lips were parting softly and her charming smile was making me very excited.
Suddenly her foot got entangled with my right calf and she apologised
Neetu: Oh sorry sorry sir. Very sorry
Me: No problems yar. You have the right to Kick me
Neetu: No yar. I am really sorry. Let me get down from your desk
Me: No Neetu. Just keep sitting. My desk is lucky to have you on top of it
As i said it i winked. It was purely unintentional comment. I thought she would not like it, but instead she was very sporting
Neetu: Yes. I love being on top
Me: Oh really, are you sure
Neetu: Yes , i have always been a topper
Me: Hmm i see that you are not only pretty and charming but intelligent too
Neetu: Yes i am . She winked back
Suddenly she got down and said it was getting late and she should plan to leave now.
Me: Ruk jao yar. Today your husband is not there. At least give me some company
Neetu: Acha ji, how will i go late. My cab will leave. I will have to call a cab
Me: Oh common Neetu. I will drop you, if you dont mind
Neetu: No yar i will manage.
Me: Please yar lets at least go and have a coffee
Neetu: Only cofee (and she winked at me)
Me: Yes dear, only Coffee. I dont want to take panga with Mrs Neetu
Neetu: Dont keep calling me Mrs Neetu. Call me Neetu..i like it that way
Me : Ok my dear Neetu. Lets go
We packed our bags and walked towards the lift. She pressed the button of the lift and i prayed that we should be alone in the lift. The lift door opened and to my bad luck it was packed. I wanted to wait but Neetu insisted that we get in. As we got in, because of the crowd we stood almost brushing each other. I had seen Neetu so many times earlier, but today was a special day. I could feel her soft body slighlty touching me. I could see deep in her neckline and could feel her soft and tender skin touching my arm. I wanted the lift to remain close for ever. Her soft perfume was making me go crazy.
The door opened and we came out. Neetu kept her bag on the seat and went to pick a cofee from the counter. As she walked away i noticed the softness in her hips gently swaying from one side to other and felt a deep passion inside.
Neetu came back with the cofee and i made sure that my fingers brushed her hands at least for 30 seconds while taking the cup
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