The Handsome Stranger- Erotic fantasy

The Handsome Stranger

After signing off this morning, I put a call in and left a message for Sir. As I took care of my daily chores, I
thought about what you told me to do. The question that kept coming to mind was, ‘How do I fantasize about
someone I have never seen? I even sat for a while and mulled over it, until my thoughts were broken by Sir’s
call. He is familiar with who you are, so I explained the email. He granted me his permission to comply.
provided he gets a copy of what I write. I thanked him and agreed to his wishes.
Returning to the master bedroom, I started to pull out a few toys and place them on the bed. We have a tall
bed frame with storage beneath, which raises the bed height to just above my waist I practically need a
stepladder to get in bed! As I looked at the bed. I realized that it would be too tall to accomplish this task easily.
So I decided to use the small dark -blue leather cylinder ottoman instead. I pushed it close to the bed to make
the toys easier to reach. I tried to think of what you would have me do first, if you were here watching. Hmmm,
my bet was that it would be the gelee vibrating anal plug. It’s a purple, medium, cone shape with ribs around
it and a suction cup bottom. As I licked the bottom of the plug. I smiled a wicked grin asl thought of you and
stuck it to the seat of the stool just off center. From the end table, I pulled two wooden clothespins. I almost
put them back and then thought about what you might have said about that I cringed a bit but I knew the
answer. Upon opening my long terry robe, I let it drop to the floor.
It was pretty chilly in the room as my nipples immediately stood to attention. I closed my eyes and tried to picture you sitting on the bed, watching and guiding me. Again, I wondered what you looked like. So I made you a handsome stranger in my mind. Tall, with dark hair that came to your shirt collar and curled, with intense eyes that could command without a word being spoken.
Your body was finely chiseled with strong arms and a deep, soothing voice. I was already wet from the thought, as I massaged and tugged at my perky nipples just before squeezing each one with a pin. I hissed loudly for the first few moments, trying to adjust to the pain. As it subsided to a tolerable level, I tubed the plug stuck on the stool and then a heated tip 8-inch vibrator as well. I turned the long vibe to high, placed one foot on the stool and inserted it into my pussy. As I twisted it in and out slowly, I could hear you in my head telling me ‘Fuck your pussy, but don’t cum yet’. With each stroke, the rigid red pole disappeared deeper into my box, coating my juices onto my hand.
I pictured you staring intently, grinning at me – almost to the point of embarrassment. Then I could hear you in my head say firmly, ‘sit on your plug, slut and turn it on’. I grabbed the lube and massaged my starfish until my fingers slid in easily. As I positioned myself over the anal plug, I held the long vibe inside from the front. My little dark sun was very tight as I pressed the tip to my ass and pushed down. I could feel it burn as it started to penetrate. I turned it on to medium and immediately felt my sphincter begin to release its grip. It was taking a little while and almost as if you were there, I could swear I heard you say ‘I told you to sit!’ So I let go, released my legs and plopped down on it until my cheeks kissed the cold leather causing me to gasp. It hurt for a few moments, so I began to rock my hips back and forth to relieve the pressure. It was hard not cum. I came close a few times but forced myself to back off to extend this pleasure as long as I could.
As my body was heating up, I pulled the last toy from the bed. The g-spot wand. It has a powerful vibrator with a finger glove of rubber spikes to cover its head on a long wand. I started to circle my hood with it and it felt so good that I almost came on the spot Once again, I thought of you and what you would say at that point… I pictured you saying, ‘Do not cum yet, but keep going’. I pictured you running your fingers through my hair and along my neck as you watched me torture myself. Giving soft warm kisses A my neck and ears. I could barely touch my slit without gasping and the urge to cum became a dire, urgent need. I could feel fire burning within me as my climax was approaching. As I threw back my head, I pictured you grabbing my hair, cocking my head back tight and growling ‘Now, cum for me now’, then pulling off the nipple pins quickly. (Which I did) I screamed so loudly in release at that point, I think I shocked even myself. Searing pain shot through my breasts and lit my pussy ablaze. Cum started pouring out of me onto the leather and down the inside of my thighs as I rocked it out violently to a slow quiet moan. My pussy was throbbing to the point of aching.
As I tried to catch my breath, I stood up to remove the vibes. The long red tip was so slippery that it just fell to the floor still buzzing away. The anal plug was still whizzing away snugly implanted in my ass, but would no longer stick to the leather stool, which had pooled with juices. I was picturing what you might say after seeing that. The words You’re not done’ came to mind. Again, I grinned and thought you slut’ to myself. I was still so sensitive and it felt so good that I turned it to the highest setting and pushed the g-spot wand up into my soaked pussy and started to circle my button. There was no more resistance left in me and in less than a minute, my pussy was pushing out and soaking my hand with more juices than before. It pushed so hard that the butt plug shot right out of me. I was paralyzed there for what seemed like forever and could not stop cumming. My hand ran out of steam before my pussy did! Exhausted and gasping, I laid a towel across the bed and let the sun streaming through the window warm me into slumber. What a great nap. Thank You Sir….

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