Gayitri fucked inside train by stranger

I am Gayitri Sen, a 26 year old bengali based out of delhi.I work in an IT firm in Chennai and because of my job I live in Chennai and used to visit my parents in delhi. I am 5’4″ tall, fair looking and pretty enough to get the attention I deserve from the male fraternity . I am 34- 26- 34 and which I feel is enough to raise the heart beat in men…lol.
Well the sexual adventure I am going to pen down happened when I was travelling from Delhi to Chennai in an AC 2 Tier. I always liked teasing men with my curves and more so mature men of 40+ and above. The train was scheduled to start at 2 PM and bidding farewell to my family I reached the station on time to board the train.
I was wearing a skin tight jeans knee length and a white top for the journey. My jeans fitted perfectly to reveal my round butt and my shapely legs and my top comforted my . I was getting all the attention from the males in the station and trust me like every girl I was enjoying it.
As I boarded the train, I found my seat and the people accompanying me were a Tamil couple with their daughter. THe husband in his late 40s, around 5’11, strong built with a moustache and dark complexion and the wife in her early 40(I guess) and their daughter was around 10 years old. Well, I knew it would be a perfect journey since I would get enough oppurtunities to tease the husband…lol .
While we were settling down, I could sense he had already scanned me from head to toe ofcourse he still did not get a glimpse of my butt. And staying in I know Tamil men are butt crazy. As the train started to move now, I took out my Ipod and started listening to the songs and the couple too were settled chit chatting among themselves.
The husband was seated oppsite to me and the wife beside me. Occassionally I would look at the husband and find his eyes glued to my boobs and the moment theres an eye contact he used to turn his eyes away. I started enjoying it as usual. Its already 30 minutes now since the trian has left and the tamil couple took out some snacks to eat.
The husband spoke to me for the first time and said, “Excuse me, would you like to share some snacks with us?”. I politely agreed and took some banana chips. He introduced himself as Shekhar, his wife Revaty and daughter Annapoorna. I introduced myself to them and slowly started talking to all of them.
Every now and then he would look at my boobs and to which I did not pay much attention afterall I enjoy teasing matured males. After sometime, the wife wanted to sleep and mine being the upper berth, I told Shekhar that she can take mine and sleep. I saw that she took out some pills and after having them she moved to the upper berth.
Annapoorna was also feeling sleepy and Shekhar helped her to get into the upper berth opposite to mine. Now its only me and Shekhar sitting down and we were tallking in general and enjoying the banana chips. I got to know from Sekhar that his wife had some sleeping disorders and she used to take pills to sleep for hours without any disturbance.
While chatting, I caught him again staring at my boobs and this time I smiled to which he smiled too. He said, “you are a very attractive lady” and to which I said “Thanks” with a smile. We kept on chatting for quite sometime from weather, politics, education and finally he asked, “Do you have a boy friend?”. I said “yes but he is in Delhi. I dont meet him often”.
Sekhar said, “Well you are like me then. You have a bf but cant meet him often and I have a wife but due to her illness we dont find good time to have fun”. I smiled at him and said, “ya you are actually right”. Now we started opening up a bit more on the personal front.
I asked him, “What do you mean by fun?”. To which he replied, “You know the husband and wife kind of fun. Physical”. I was surprised a little bit as I did not expect him to be too frank. He told me, “Look I was an Army officer so I am straight forward and speak out whatever is there in my mind”. He then asked me, “What about you? When was the last time?”.
I became bold enough and told him, “Its was 6 months back when I had sex the last time”. I started liking the conversation we were having and was somehow getting attracted to him. I was actually thinking to myself maybe I can have some fun as its been 6 months I have been touched by my boyfriend. Sekhar then said, “Gayitri, I wish to have sex with you with your permission.
I just cant hold myself after seeing your attractive body. Its been more than a year that I had sex and I am ready to do anything to have sex with you. Please do not mind me being so frank and I am not forcing you to have sex with me. If you say no then thats the end of the story and If you agree then when it is quite late at night we can go to the bathroom to give pleasure to each other”
I was surprised and shocked at his open invitation but my physical urge to have sex with this black man was growing and all of a sudden I told him, “I want you”. I just got up from my seat and rushed to the bathroom. I am sure Sekhar saw my butt in pleasure. Once inside the bathroom, I looked myself at the mirror and dumbstruck thinking what did I just tell him.
But somehow, there was a wicked feeling inside which wanted me to feel his body. I washed my face and told myself, “Gayitri, lets do it. I want to feel a man inside me”. Now being relaxed, I moved back to my seat. It was already 9 PM and everyone started to have dinner. As I moved to my seat, I found Annapoorna nad Revathy sitting down and havin dinner.
Sekhar looked in my eyes directly and he gave me a wicked smile knowing fully that we will have good time after everyone is asleep and lights are turned off. I took biscuits from my bag and started munching them and Sekhar and his family were having their dinner. Every now and then I would look at him and he would look at me as if saying, “Baby, I am goona have you after sometime”… Lol
Its 10.30 PM now and dinner is over and slowly everyone started switching off the lights to sleep. Revathy took her pills and went to the upper berth to sleep and Annapoorna took the other upper berth to sleep. Shekhar took out a piece of paper and wrote something in it and dropped it down near my legs. I saw it, looked at him, smiled and picked up the paper.
It was written, “You have an awesome ass and boobs and I cant wait to feel them and below it he mentioned his phone number”. I smiled reading it and sent him an SMS, “I am all yours tonight and you can have both of them and more…lol Sekhar switched off our lights but we were still seated opposite to each other waiting for everyone to sleep before making the move.
In the mean time we were texting msgs only about sucks, fucks, pussys, dicks, etc. Its 11.45 PM now and all the lights are switched off except for the ones near the bathroom. Sekhar got up from his seat and went first to the bathroom. I was stil seating and a sense of excitement was filling in me. I then got a message, “Baby, I am waiting for you. Come now”.
I stood up and then moved towards the bathroom.I was feeling horny a bit of having sex with a stranger I just met few hours back. I knocked the bathroom door and it opened. Sekhar was there completely nude. His black body was shining and wow he had a big dick. The moment I entered, he locked the door and grabbed me in his arms and started kissing my face and neck.
I could feel he was very hungry to fuck me. I acknowledged his hunger for my body and then our lips locked. He was smooching me hard and his tongue was feeling mine. While smooching, he moved both of his hands down my back and started squeezing my buttocks. I took off my top and then unhooked my bra with my juicy boobs begging his attention.
In no time, he started sucking my left boob and squeezing the other with his rough hands. I was in heaven and moaning, “awwwwwwwww….ooooooooo…uhhhhhh”. I took his dick in my hand and started to jerk it. Boy it was getting hard like a rock. I knew I wanted it inside me. He then pulled my jeans down and then the panty down.
He spanked my butt cheeks and strted to kiss and then bite them.I was moaning in pleasure “OOOOOOOOOOO”.He spread my butt cheeks and started to lick my butt hole.I was enjoying like crazy and was completely wet in my pussy. He was licking my butt hole and at the same time inserted two of his fingers in my pussy.I was jerking as if a shock of waves was running through my body.
My moans got louder…”Aaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuu oooooooooooooo”. He kept on licking my butt hole and finger fucked me for quite sometime. He then stood up and made me bend on my knees to take his dick in my mouth.I got down and took his dick inside my mouth and started giving him a blowjob.” Slurp slurp slurp”.
He held my head and was pushing his dick in and outwith force. He was enjoying like heaven. He then stopped as he was going to cum. His dick was hard and swollen and ready to get inside me. He made me stand in the doggy styleand slowly whispered to me, “I am going to take that butt of yours.”. I got scared and told him, “It will hurt”.
He said, “Just Relax and when I am pushing in, relax your butt hole and you will enjoy”. He took out a lube and applied in his dick and in my butt hole. I was scared but at the same time excited. I could feel he was applying gentle force to get inside my butt. I relaxed my but hole and then slowly he pushed his dick inside me.
It pained a little but the pain went off as he was rubbing my clit with his hand. It was a pain plus pleasure experience but I was on heaven. He was fucking me in my butt but gently and rubbing my clit with his hands. I was moaning like anything…”AAAAAAAAAAAAA aAAAAAAAA AAAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAA AAAAAAAa AAAAAAAaa”.
He slowly increased the pace of fucking my ass. Ahh I was getting the best fuck. He kept on fucking me for quite sometime and then whispered, “I am going to cum in your ass” and with a loud burst, I could feel a hot load of semen hitting the inside walls of my butt. He slowly took his dick out of my butt and then we kissed each other again.
He then held me in his arm and I relaxed. We then got dressed and I came out first and went ot my seat. He then came ofter few minutes. We then sent sms thanking each other and finally went off to sleep.

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