My Friend Girlfriend in bed with me – Part 3

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We stopped at one of the best textile showroom and took Priya to the bridal section. First she searched for a saree for the marriage function and selected one piece and asked me,
“ How’s this saree vicky?”
“ Can I say one thing Priya?”
“You will be more beautiful when not wearing anything than wearing this”
She just looked at me and said teasingly, “I am just wondering how big jerk you are?” and threw her handbag on me.
Then we bought a saree, a matching blouse and then we moved to salwar section.
While looking at the salwars, she selected 4 pieces and wanted me to select two best salwar for her.
I said “ Hey. These 4 are awesome and I can only select two if you trial this”
“Ok. I wear them one by one and you say the best two” she said and walked towards the trial room.
“Hey Priya. I don’t mind if I came inside and help you wearing them on the trial room.”
“ I don’t need any help. Especially not from you. So please wait for me.”
And she started trailing one by one and I selected her the best two salwar and next she wanted to shop her innerwares.
“Hey don’t you have innerwares?? Then how do you came outside? Without anything inside?” I asked teasingly.
“ Hey. How can girls come outside without innerwares. I have some but when going to new places we girls but new one.”
“ Why was that?” I know why was that but I wanted to hear her from her.
“ You are asking many questions. That’s because, we girls don’t wanna show our inners to other people after we wash it.”
“Hey, I have one thing inside me and I can put it inside you and no one will know about it. How’s my idea??” and with a little bit of lust and love I looked at her face and then to my semi hard dick.
I was shocked by her more teasing and bold answer,
“Careful vicky. The love you showing can leak on other holes on your body too….. You take care of yours and if I want some of them I will request Raghu to give me that. Not your help needed.” And walked towards me to the bra section.
While walking through me, she took her salwars from my hand and while doing that her right hand completely touched my semi hard penis and spread across my balls till the tip of my dick and she holded it for a second and while moving her hands up, she took my dick head on her two fingers and massaged it once and walked away.

I don’t know she did was accidentally or she meant it but it was awesome and I really wanted her to be mine that day.
I also followed her to the bra section and she looked some black lace bra and looking its size or something. Then I went next to her and whispered near her ears,
“ Hey. We have trial room here too. You can wear them and show me so that o can decide which one is good.”
Once she heard that, she stared at me hardly as her face turn red and said……………..

“Look what I do to you when we go outside the shop” she said
“My goodness!! What are you gonna do to me? Are you in pills or we have to go medical shop too.”
“Nothing, Nothing. just kidding” I replied
And the shopping ended with some such dialogue and plays and once we reached outside the shop I called Raghu.
“ Hey raghu. Shopping completed. Now what do I have to do??”
“Ok. Now go to my home, take my car and go to Chennai with priya. Time is now 5.30 and if you start now you will reach there around 10. Take a room and stay there for the night. Next day, took her to her friends home and help the others for marriage. Attend the marriage on next day and come back here a day after that. Ok. And one more thing, look after Priya, you have to take care of her.” He replied.
“Ok dude. According to you I have to be there for 3-4 days and it will be better if you say it to Priya. I don’t know she will like me accompany her.”
“I told her today morning itself. She doesn’t object.”
“Ok then. Bye.”
As I disconnected the call I said to Priya,
“What is this Priya, raghu wants me to took you to Chennai for3-4 days and make you happy in all ways. And you didn’t object that!!”
“Hey, he should have told you to took me to the marriage. Don’t change the dialogue”
“Ok Priya. Time is moving. We have to leave now. Let’s go to raghu’s home and keep the Scooty there and leave to Chennai”
“No. Not like this and in this dress vicky.”
“Lets take the car and go to my room. I have to bath and then let’s go” she said
Then we both reached raghu’s home, took his car and reached Priya’s room.
“You go, take bath and come back Priya. I’ll wait here.” I said.
“ What are you gonna do in car vicky. There will be no one in my room now. Come and read newspaper until I come back from bath” she said.
“Ok. Let’s go”I replied and followed her to her room in first floor.
She took steps for reaching her room and while she takes each step above, I can see her ass jiggling to and fro. “ man, she has such a good ass” I thought and followed her through the steps. There may be 20-25 steps there but I can’t control my hands when I saw her bouncing ass. As a result, I lost control and grabbed her ass tightly and left it free after a second.
Priya was terrified on that move suddenly turned back and stare at me. On the other end, I looked on other places like nothing happened. “You are such a jerk” she said and opened her room door and entered into it.
“Sit here vicky, I will be back in 10 minutes” She said pointing her bed across the room.
“Hey, Why can’t we both bath together? Or I will be bored” I said looking her.
“Don’t try vicky, I’m not the girl for you” she said and entered into the bathroom. Once she entered, I made no sound and slowly tried to keep through the bathroom key hole. “you can’t see anything. I closed it” she said. I cursed my luck and sat on the bed once again. Suddenly, I saw a pair of dress with inner garments are there in the bed. I thought that Priya took that dress to wear for the travel and she might have forgot to take it inside. I saw her panty there and started sniffing it for sometime and the aroma made me made and super horny but I decided to control it because of the 4 days I have in front of me to fuck her.
After sometime,
“Vicky, I forgot to take my clothes and it’s in the bed. Please can you bring that to me?” she said
“I’m busy on newspaper Priya. You come and take it if you want” I replied
“Please Vicky, my old dress are wet now. I can’t come outside”
“No way Priya. If you want it, come and take it”
“Then I’ll wear this we dress”
“Ok. Ok. Wait a minute.”
There’s a small gap on the top of the bathroom door and I started to give her dress one by one. First top, then bra, then bottom and finally her panty. I holded one end of it tightly and gave her another end of it. She holded it tightly and pulled it towards her. I also pulled it towards me and finally the panty was between me and her rubbing against the bathroom door now.
“What are you doing Vicky? Give it to me” she said
“I will if you pick that from me” I replied.
“I know what are you planning for. But that ain’t gonna happen. You keep that with you” she said and released her hold on it and started wearing her dress I already gave to her. Once she came outside the bathroom, she gave me an anger look and asked for her panty. “If you want, you will pick it” I said and holded my hand which has her panty above my head to the opposite direction. On seeing that Priya reached closely to me and tried to reach my hand above my head by slanting into me.
Her body weight made me fall in the bed followed by Priya and we both fell in the bed one above another. The way we both fell into the bed, Priya’ s left boob was on my mouth region. My already hard dick was pressing against her belly region. One of my legs was in between her legs scratching near her pussy. I bet her pantyless push can feel my legs and her skirt in that area. Also her attempt to get her panty was not over yet. Whenever she tried to reach it on top, my legs moves and reached her pussy area. Maybe sometimes I touched it too.
Then after some time of great enjoyment, I released her panty and within a flash she ranned to the bathroom and came back once she wears her panty. At that time Raghu called her mobile,
“Vicky, Raghu is calling. Don’t make any noise now” she said and attended the call.
In call raghu asked about the travel details and all lovers talk. But the one thing I felt strange was, she told Raghu that I was in the car now and she was alone in the room.
Once the call disconnected,
“Why did you lied to him Priya?” I asked
“ Then, do you want me to tell him that I am playing with you for my panty now!”
“Yeah, that’s a point” I replied.
Then, she took her salwar and get inside the bathroom to change it. After sometime, I saw my Priya darling in a cute yellow salwar. She asked me to took her bag and get into the car while she locks the door and while doing it, I pressed her hips and enjoyed it for a moment. I also heard a slight moaning from her too at that time. I thought that was only the starting and started our journey.

We continued chatting inside the car:
Me: Since I am new to this, I am driving it carefully and don’t wanna lose the balance now. (Mentioning her indirectly)
“I don’t sense any imbalance till now. Raghu drives this many times so I can say the difference. Once this journey ends, I’ll say you or Raghu drives better and smoothly” she replied
“Oh. You allow us both to drive?”
“Hey. I’m talking about the car drive”
“Oh. I thought something else”
“Yeah. You will think that. You are the one who pressed boobs of your friend’s girlfriend in front of him”
“Please don’t remember me that part, I still can’t forget about the lollipop thing”
“If you tried anything about that, I will tear that lollipop apart from the bottom”
I sensed a warning tone in that but I didn’t quitted that talk.
“ok. Ok. Are you wearing panty now or protected your precious new panties?”
She beat me playfully and said “ how many times I told you not to talk about that”
Like that our journey continued with more play talks and teasings. After sometime she started sleeping.
My travel then continued by observing her beauty and cuteness and by around 9pm we reached Chennai and I parked the car near a hotel and saw her sleeping deeply. I tried to wake her up, but she was in deep sleep. Even holded her hips tightly too but no reaction. I saw her sleeping in a slanting position so that her salwar slipped a bit and I can see her leggings and her legs structure along with pussy mounts covered in her tight leggings.
With watching that wonderful view, I started pressing her left boobs and enjoyed the soft and smooth sensation I am getting on it. With my speed increased a bit I saw her eyes opening and she was awake now and I took my hand quickly.
“What did you do now Vicky??” she asked.
“No…. Nothing….”
“Tell me the truth. What did you do now?”
“Nothing Priya. I didn’t do anything”
“Didn’t you pressed here….? (Pointing her boobs)”
“What happened to you Priya? Why are you blabbering?”
“this is not blabbering. I know you placed your hands here.” She forced me to admit it.
“no Priya. I didn’t . Maybe you had some nightmare” I tried not to admit.
(She cooled down Once she heard that)
“Nightmare….?? I don’t think it’s possible”
I got a sensation that she was believing it. So I pressed her completely on that point
“Yes Priya. You were sleeping so deep. So it should be a nightmare”
“Mmmm….. ok. I believe it’s a nightmare”
“Hey Priya….. I was the one who came on that nightmare right?? Did I pressed that spot of yours” I asked her like I didn’t know it.
Priya smiled shyly and replied “ nothing like that vicky. Leave it and book room”
“Ok. You wanna come?”
And then we both entered inside the hotel to book the room.

To Be Cont……

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