My First Sex In The College

My First Sex In The College

At first I want to tell you about sex bomb of this story, her name is Priyanka (name changed). she was just 18 when I had sex with her she got perfect figure (32-24-32) with average boobs like big orange. She did had perfect round ass which always made me mad at her. I always used to look at her ass. And my name is Ravi now I stay in Delhi (Uttam nagar) . I am average looking guy with some thing extraordinary which you can understand. I have got good physic and nice height.
Now let me come to my story, which happened when I was in class twelve, I was good at studies which impressed priyanka. I always used to look at her in the class as she was very beautiful, she always noticed me when I used to look at her. our college used to run on two shifts one in the morning and one in the evening.
We both were in the morning shift of 6 to 11. Since our college was half hour walking distance we had to hurry in the morning to go to college. I used to wake up at 5 and used to get ready within 25 mins to college . her home was on the way to college I used to always see her going college on the way to college but never had courage to talk to her as she was too hot to handle.
One day after college I was to the market with my friends I saw her in front of her home when I just passed her and looked back she waved her hand for hi. I couldn’t react as I was with my friends. Next day I went my college very early there was no one there in the college early in the morning except a security guard.
As it was winter season it was still dark. I reached college very early at 5:30 once I entered my college there was no one but when I entered my class I saw her at the last bench she was looking very charming I could not control myself I just sang a song( chaand chupa badal main sarma k mere jana seene se lag ja tum )the song suited the environment the most as I was little dark in the class .
She saw me once and smiled and again started looking somewhere else. I just put my bag on the bench and sat in the class little away from as I was afraid of her reaction (wo bolte hai na gana to ga liye aab phati pati thi ) there was silence for a while none of us speak for a while .
After some time I slightly peeped at her she was looking at me but was smiling so I got courage to speak to her, then I said hi priyanka how are you (I did know what to talk to her ) she then replied me I am fine and asked me why did not you replied to me yesterday . I at first said sorry and then I told her that it was so sudden to me that I was confused what to tell and my friends were with me. Since I had never talked to you I was confused whether that hi was for me or not and you are so beautiful that i thought why such a beautiful girl will ever talk to me. she then smiled and said its ok .
Then we started talking to each other after some time she stopped talking for a while all of sudden, I was confused and asked what happen she thought for a while and said I like you , I also liked her so I said I also like you a lot then she said I mean …… I mean I love you . I was almost blank in my mind how to react I was just looking at her, her beautiful eyes she was also looking at me . It was like heaven on earth complete silence everything was invisible around us I kept looking at her for almost 5 mins then I heard I bike horn it was our teacher entering our college .
We both came to consciousness and smiled then she looked whether any one was coming or not then she came near me and give me a kiss on my chick and went out of the class smiling , I was totally dump sitting in the class. after some time I went out to see her she was sitting outside in the field as I was about to proceed further I saw some students were coming and some of my friends were also coming I could not talk to her further that day as my friends came near me started talking to me.
I went to class with my friends I took my bag and insisted my friends to sit in the some row but in the other column they did said ok at one say. I sat on one corner of the row after that I went out we were looking at each other. same way kept looking at each other in the class as we were in the same row. I was waiting for the class to end then finally the moment came.
After classes were over I told my friends I am going to library so you guys go I will come later on. I spoke that a little loud she heard it and waited in the class we both were in the class and I waited to be alone with her in the class.
As soon as everybody has gone, I had a look at the college premise and came back in the class, she was waiting for me. When I just entered in the class she came towards me and hugged me tightly. I was in the heaven and totally out of this world. She said you didn’t answered? I then said what I have not answered. She then said do you love me? To which I replied of course I do love you.
Then she bought her face in front of my face and had her eyes closed. I got the point she wants me to kiss her. I started kissing her, her lips were too juicy I kept on kissing and licking the juice of her lips. I was totally touching all her body part her lips were on my lips , her boobs were touching my chest, my hand were on her hip holding her and down there my love bar was experiencing most wonderful feeling ever.

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