First Experience with boyfriend at college campus

Hi All,
I know this is much awaited for most of my chat friends. After lot of request from my friends and email friends, i planned to write this. Audience who are reading this, please also read my last paragraph without fail.
Ramya’s First Anal Experience
Its my first year college.After Being(Acting) a shy girl for many years i like to open my dreams to come true. Coed college , smart boys and active girls.. Looks cute.
First week of our college went fast. I got a group of friends with 1 boy (Rajesh) and 4 girls. All stayed in college provided hostel. i felt mechanic papers difficult. so i used to get help and guidance from my group of friends.
After our classes end at 4 pm, our group alone sit in classroom and get group studies. Soon rajesh mingle well with me and our friendship went good. We both sit and study for long time inside the classroom. as our class is on 3rd floor watchman don’t come to our floor. Rajesh talk to me casual and while discussing his hands used to touch my hands. while leaving the class, he used to hold my hand and off the lights and come out.
Days passed by and in due course , he used to sit very close to me and study. one day without knowingly his hand touched my boobs, while taking my bag, which was other side of me. both understood the situation but dint mind it. After this day, his activities was more. while studying or discussing, he casually keeps hand on my thighs, i also dint mind it. When other day it took us more time to study and at electricity power gone off. suddenly i felt his hands under my boobs, as there were 2 of my hostel girls i dint shout or make a scene. he took advantage of that and was pressing little. i rejected his hands away using my hands..then power came. he sat like he dint do anything. I went off saying i am not well to my hostel.
Next day, me and my 2 roommates with the same boy group study. he spoke to me also like nothing happened last day. Again 2nd day also power gone, he place his hand well on my boob and press softly. and took away. after that he was smiling and keeping hands on my thighs well.
Current cuts in Tamilnadu has helped him a lot. he started pressing well and one fine day, i was wearing a t shirt with soft material. that day when power off. he put his hand inside from bottom of shirt and press on my bra directly.. i feel very odd as in dark and friends near.. but no one can see it..
Next day, My roommates dint come for group study, so me and him alone study. to be cautious i said i will leave to hostel before 6 pm. but he said wait we can go late. Again that day power gone. he put hands straight inside and kiss on my lips without leaving. My heart beat increased, this time as we both are alone there, his hands lift my bra up and press inside. i dint even think of pushing him away. he took this chance and keep on pressing my boobs harder and kissing.
We dint event know when the power came, because our eyes were closed for enjoying this excellent session of kiss and press. then i push him away un intentionally.This continued for several days. Days started as i used to remove my bra and keep in hostel for easy and convenience.We both were intimate that we shared our feelings. He invited me to his home on a weekend. As i stay in hostel its easy for me to go anywhere, as i don’t need permission of parents.His mother compelled me to stay one day. So i agreed and they gave me a room, after some time he came into my room and asked if i want anything. I said no i am comfortable. he asked today we dint do group study. i said this is home and here power will not go off. he suddenly switch off the light and said situation can be created. As usual he started to press me well on bed and enjoy me well, suddenly he took out his cock and gave me to suck it, i dint know how to handle this. Its first time ever i touched a real cock exposed(Other than my cousin brother). I gently took it to my mouth and tasted and its first time for him as well. so he ejaculated soon.
Next day in college, he was happier than ever. I went in skirt and kurtis . that evening after our usual works we came out of building to go to hostel. he asked me if i could spend some more time for some thrill event. It was dark and he took me to back side of our college building. he took me to a clean place and made me kneel and gave to suck . I liked the situation and the environment.His cock was rock hard that it dint fit my mouth fully.Then he made me to stand and turn back. I cant see anything in dark. i suddenly felt that he is lifting my skirt and pulling my panties down. I feel some lotion has been applied on my ass hole. It was a first time pleasure.. he was drilling his one finger in with some lotion.
My legs trembling little and he apply more lotion and lubricated ass hole well.Suddenly he hold my hip and press his cock to my ass hole. that time i took my hand to back and check what he trying to do. he was wearing a condom and trying to penetrate his cock into my asshole.He was hitting but it dint go inside. i could feel terrible pain. and he spread my legs little more and tried again. Finally in one push, he came with half cock inside my hole and i cant even breathe properly. but my mind and body needed that pleasure. i could feel the heat of his male thing inside me. it was a new experience. He told me to enjoy the ride. then he was pumping in and out . this went for 5 minutes. i cant bear the pain, even i had more pleasure.
He gave his handkerchief and i wiped my asshole clearly. but the irritation was more in that area. I adjusted my dress and started walking. Reached hostel and fall on bed, felt asleep without eating dinner. I got up next day 10 am, my roommates went to college. i don’t know that i had slept more than 14 hrs. I tried to get up but unable due to pain. some how i manage and go to bathroom , but felt the heavy pain. for lunch my roommates came and asked what is the problem, i told just i had stomach pain. for 2 days i dint walk out of room, my roommates served food in my room itself for me. My boy friend got afraid and was calling every 4 hrs to check my health.
third day after this event, i went to college again. He met me and said sorry, but i felt very happy about that moment. I consoled him and said thanks for that pleasure. Then next week again he called in the same way to back of building, i dint reject his invitation. Again he lubricated well and played well in my ass hole. this time very less pain , but more enjoyment. Then this became a practice for us most days in a week we used to play this game. But always safe in ass hole.
This is my first experience with my boy friend in my college. Use anal sex for safe and always use condom. When inserting in ass please lubricate well to prevent pain and increase pleasure.
Advice : Without your girls consent please don’t use her anal hole. Anal sex will be pleasure full only if both bodies combine and react to the feelings.

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