Female Smothered In Wild Orgasm

Susan was a  British spy working in Moscow.  Susan loved it. For her it was a real chance of advancement. She had a great cover story, a tech worker at the British embassy. She worked out every day in the gym, she was thirty five, slim with well defined muscles, firm, almost hard tits, a tight hard ass, her long body molded into a well shaped goddess. Susan was five eleven with long brown hair. She was also a black belt in karate and was very confident of herself.
Susan had a small but comfortable apartment in the city, she liked it a lot. It had a small kitchen, living area and a bedroom that could just hold a queen bed. Her bosses had told her she would be moved into something bigger but she wasn’t in any hurry to move. Susan had checked the apartment out real good and never kept anything of importance there. If she had been more careful in her checking she would have noticed the the mirror at the foot of the bed was two way. There was a small room behind it where Olga, a female Russian secret service agent was watching her every move.
Susan had a kinky secret that would be her down fall.
Behind the bed rails built into the wall was a large ring, it was perfect for what she wanted, somewhere to fasten the special handcuffs she would use. When the cuffs were fastened they could be released by pressing a large button on the side, to be safe she had two buttons, one on each side. The butterfly vibrator she used was small but powerful, it covered her love bud snugly, the three leather straps were strong and held it tightly in place. Susan always wore a tiny bikini but no top, she didn’t need to, her tits were hard and firm standing up straight, her long nipples standing upright so proudly. The next thing she needed was a clear plastic bag. After the vibrator was strapped in place she would turn it on and pull the bag over her head and tie the bottom of it. Then she would reach behind the bed rails and put one hand in each side of the handcuff and tighten it closed. The last thing she did was pull a spring clasp attached to the handcuff and pull it down over the ring. The only way to release the handcuff from the ring was to use two free hands to open the strong spring.
The Russian secret service knew Susan was a spy and was looking for a way to get rid of her. It had to look like an accident and now they were sure they had found a way. They had noticed Susan always got her game things ready in the morning, they also noticed that she would test the escape mechanism buttons on the handcuffs quite a few times in the morning but not when she got ready to use them in the evening. They would watch her go through her routine, getting into her bikini, fastening the butterfly vibrator in place and turning it on, then she would pull the clear plastic bag over her head and quickly tie it closed. Then reaching behind her and pushing the handcuffs through the bed rails she quickly snapped them closed securing her hands and then pull the spring clasp over the ring built into the wall.
They would watch her slowly writhe on the bed as the vibrator began to take her higher, the plastic bag would begin to lap at her face as she breathed in and out faster and faster. They watched her arching slightly off the bed, as the bag began sticking to her face only to push slightly away as she breathed out. Her head would push back and then the audible sound of a click as she hit the button and free her hand, tearing the bag off her face, writhing and screaming out in a massive orgasm.
The plan was a simple one. They would monitor the apartment and wait till Susan got her things ready in the morning. They would know what her plan was when she came home. It would be very simple to disable the buttons on the handcuffs making it impossible to escape.
A few days later they watched as Susan walked around the apartment getting everything ready for her game. They paid particular attention as she tested the buttons on the handcuffs.
Susan was smiling as she got ready, ‘oh my god I need this tonight’ she thought. She liked to imagine she was captured and being forced to reveal information to the Russians. She imagined her mom was watching and shouting for her to hold on, her dad would be at the foot of the bed watching her struggle, legs wide apart writhing, knowing he could see her bulging lips, her tiny bikini soaking wet from the vibrator. She could see his eyes staring between her legs telling her not to reveal anything. She would arch upwards, falling back one leg out wide to the side the other pulled right back. Her mom would stand next to her dad, both staring wide eyed between her legs, her moms legs shaking as she rubbed her clit and her dad rubbing his long rock hard cock on the out side of his jeans. Susan would always free her hands at that time and tear the bag off her face. Her orgasm was always huge and long lasting. She always thought of the same thing. She knew tonight would be no different.
Susan came home a little earlier than normal. She stripped off and took a long hot shower. Her mind was already thinking about her mom her dad and what was coming next. She got her things ready unaware the Russians had been into her apartment. If she had tested the handcuffs she would have realized they had been disabled. The buttons were still there but they were disconnected.
The Russian in charge was a woman the same age as Susan. She was an experienced agent. She sat alone in front of the two way mirror confident of her plan.
Susan opened the drawer and pulled out a tiny white bikini thong, it contrasted great against her suntanned body. She pulled it on, rubbing her hands all over it feeling the silky material begin to pull inwards. She sat on the bed leaning against the bed rails and began to secure the leather straps that held the powerful butterfly vibrator. The scene she had imagined began whirling through her mind, mom, dad, staring eyes, writhing. She moaned, her legs were trembling slightly as the vibrator covered her clit snugly. She turned it on, it burst into life buzzing loudly. She took the plastic bag and pulled it over her head and quickly tied it. She picked up the handcuffs, her hands shaking as she pushed them through the bed rails, putting her hands in them she snapped them shut. In one quick move she pulled the spring clasp over the ring and slid down the bed laying on her back.
The Russian woman watched Susan on the bed, writhing slightly, she pushed her legs wide apart and  began to twist and turn her hips slowly from side to side pulling her legs alternately back and forth. She was now completely trapped.
The Russian woman turned on the microphone, she heard Susan saying ‘I won’t tell you, no, no, I won’t talk’. The woman watched the plastic bag hitting Susan’s face and sticking for a moment before pushing away.
Susan was imagining her mom and dad telling her to resist to hold on, she could feel the bag hitting her face faster and faster, the vibrator was driving her on higher and higher. She was soaking wet, she could feel her juices running down her inner thighs and down between her ass cheeks. In her mind she saw her mom and dad staring from the foot of the bed. ‘Oh my god, its time’ she thought. She pushed the buttons as the orgasmic surges began getting stronger, nothing happened, she pushed again and again, nothing. Her eyes opened wide in horror, her mind screamed out ‘no no no please, oh my god’. She felt the plastic bag clamping tighter and tighter over her wide open mouth. She pulled wildly on the handcuffs trying to break them free, trying to fight back the orgasm that threatened to engulf her. She had to escape.
Olga watched Susan’s frantic attempts to escape from the handcuffs. Then saw her suddenly arch upwards and fall back to the bed twisting furiously from side to side, as her legs were kicking back and forth she could clearly see how the bikini thong had pulled in deep between her lips, thick and bulging, spread apart like two sausages laying side by side. She was soaking wet, her hands pulling furiously on the handcuffs. She saw the bag stick to her face then push away for only a second before clamping back tight again. She saw her toes going crazy, curling and stretching in a constant motion. The only sounds coming from the room were the loud buzzing of the vibrator and the banging of Susan’s hands against the bed rail, intermingled with a moaning and desperate whining sound. She knew Susan wouldn’t last much longer now.
Susan felt the orgasmic sensations racing at breakneck towards her. For a moment all her thoughts of escaping left her as the orgasm hit her like a freight train, she knew her final wild struggle had begun, it was a non stop flowing motion as she arched upwards high off the bed one leg pulling right back. She kicked it out wide to the side pulling the other right back, her body lifting off the bed turning wildly to the sides in a steady non stop motion. Her hips began thrusting and bucking, curling back and forth. Her head pushing right back thrashing from side to side as she pulled furiously on the handcuffs. She felt the plastic bag suddenly clamp tightly over her face not moving. Susan knew it was the end but still fought wildly, the vivid picture still in her mind, the picture of her mom and dad staring at her, between her legs, watching her massive orgasm. Her mom groaning as she rubbed her clit, her dad with his huge cock in his hand pumping furiously. Susan’s mind was in an orgasmic turmoil, ‘agghh, shit, no no, cumming again, agghhhhhhh.
The Russian woman had watched in awe as Susan struggled wildly. She wondered what was going through her mind. Now she watched Susan pull her legs right back and kick them out wide apart violently gyrating her hips. Then after a sudden furious arching up and down she fell back to the bed completely still. Her legs still wide apart, her head pushed right back. She was pleased with her plan, another spy eliminated.

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