An Experience with my Wife and her friend

 My Wife and her friend

Friends, I am not writer of this story but I liked and decided to share among you all. This story goes here as:
I am Vicky, 29 years now working on Senior Level in Shipyard. I have small home at Bhimali, Visakhapatnam with small happy family me, my wife, my daughter and my mummy. The incident happened one year back. I have that one night experience with my wife (Sindu) and her married best friend (Sanju).
I din’t answer anything. “Do you want to fuck my best friend, Vicky?” she whispered; “I know she wants to fuck you!” My heart was racing as my hands found their own way to Sindu’s tits again. I touched them very gently and I could feel Sindu draw in a deep breath as she felt my hands beginning to explore her again.
“Yes!” I responded; “I would like to fuck Sanju very much, and explore every inch of her body with my hands and mouth!”
I stood up, pulling Sanju up with me and into my arms. There is no doubt that she felt my hard cock against her flat stomach, because she immediately buried her tongue deep into my mouth! I savored Sanju’s warm and soft lips for a few moments as my hand caressed her well-shaped ass. When I came up for air, I looked at Sindu. She was standing there with one hand on my ass, and the other pressing against Sanju’s back, helping Sanju crush her body up against my engorged dick.
Sindu caught my eye and smiled. “You two look hot together! I can’t wait to watch you fuck my best friend, Vicky!”
I smiled and said: “you ladies planned this, didn’t you?” Sanju looked pleased with herself, and glanced at Sindu. “Yes, we planned it together. Do you want to fuck me Vicky?”
“Sweetheart” I said, “you are about to receive the pounding of your life!”
Sanju turned red but continued to look me in the eye. “I can’t wait to get a hold of your cock, Vicky!” Sindu took her free hand and rubbed it against the very prominent bulge in my Levis.
“You feel good enough to eat!” Sanju cried.
I grabbed Sanju from behind, wrapping my arms around her and sliding my hands over her perky little breasts. I could feel her nipples perking up and straining against her sun dress. I pinched them both, gently and nibbled on the back of her neck. A soft moan escaped her lips. Clearly, she was ready for what I wanted to do to her. I felt Sindu’s arms slide around me from behind; I felt her firm, full breasts pushing against my back. I was between two beautiful, willing women and the feeling was nearly indescribable.
Sindu slid her hands down my sides and around my waist. I felt her unbuckle my belt, and then unbutton the top button on my Levis. I gave Sanju’s nipples another pinch, marveling at how they felt bigger, and stuck out further than Sindu’s. I stopped my ministrations to Sanju’s neck and said to Sindu: “Don’t you think that Sanju should do the honors?” I felt Sindu’s hands stop on the second button of the fly of my Levis.
“Oh . . . I guess you’re right, sweetie,” Sindu said “Sanju, turn around and strip off my hubby’s jeans. I think you’ll be pleased by what you see!”
Sanju wiggled in my arms with excitement and quickly turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck. She turned her face up to me and pulled my willing lips down to hers. I felt them soft on mine and opened them up to receive Sanju’s probing tongue. She tasted sweet! I felt Sindu’s hands start to unbutton the second button on my fly and pulled away from that warm and wiling mouth.
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