Fun on a Cruise Ship

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Fun on a Cruise Ship Story

Cabin fever makes people do all sorts of things.

The SS Amazon Excelsior has been at sea for nearly a week straight now and the people on board are getting restless. It’s an inevitability of life on a cruise ship, of course. People get tired of the same-old same-old and want to branch out. That’s why there are people from all walks of life aboard the Excelsior, trying to find new things to do with their days, or even just trying to make a living for themselves.

Cast of Characters

The Bachelorette Party
A small group of women, mostly made up of long-time friends from their college days, gather on the Excelsior for a vacation full of fun before their good friend gets married and moves away to live closer to her husband’s aging parents.
Charlotte Taylor: The de-facto leader of the group of friends and the maid of honor. Charlotte arranged for their passage on the cruise through her connections to a close family friend, the first mate of the ship. She parties hard, whenever she isn’t busy working on her PhD in Political Science. She’s always able to make a friend, no matter where she is, though those friends’ opinions of her often vary wildly from person to person. White, red-haired and tall with a killer booty and breasts to match. Has a domineering personality that is nearly impossible for her friends to resist.
Samantha Smith: Samantha has always suffered from a bad case of social anxiety, largely due to the fact that she wasn’t terrible attractive or fit in her college days and didn’t receive the same type of attention from guys that her friends did. Nowadays, though, Samantha can run with the best of them– or at least she should be able to. A white woman of short stature, with voluminous brown hair. She always seems to be blushing.
Melody ‘Mel’ Zhang: The bride-to-be and heart of the group of friends on this particular adventure. Was roommates with Charlotte in their freshman year, kicking off their years-long friendship. Devoted to her husband, but harbors some deep-seated doubts, especially about moving to live with her husband-to-be’s family in Ohio. From a Chinese family, curvy with wide hips and a butt her fiancé is obsessed with, and long, dark hair.
Brooke Diaz: The ‘nerdy friend’ of the bachelorette party. Met Melody and Charlotte when she tutored for them in their first-year International Politics class, though she ended up transferring to a degree in chemistry the next year. Brooke is a genuine genius, and seems to be one of the closest to everyone in the group. Despite that closeness, many of her friends are ignorant of her secret nighttime activities. Short, skinny, with little bust to speak of and with a pixie cut dyed blue.
Mariah Noelle: The ‘mom friend.’ Mariah has been looking after her friends, no matter what trouble they get into, for years now. This constant attention to others has made it difficult for her to pay attention to her own needs, leaving her perpetually single. Mariah and Samantha bonded over this trait and their shared conservatism. Half-black and half-white with blonde-brown curls, typically tied into a tight ponytail.
Emma Porter: A famous reporter. Considers herself to be the most ambitious of the group, with the resume to match. One of the youngest recipients of the Pulitzer Prize in its esteemed history. She is a very private person, even with her friends, who know nothing of her romantic life… or of her many outrageous affairs, almost exclusively with women. Tall, proud, and statuesque, much like her counterpart Charlotte, Emma typically wears her hair in a tight blonde bun.
The Murphy Family
Michael: The youngest child of the Murphy family. Introverted, awkward, and somewhat irritating, Michael is not enjoying his cruise vacation at all and resents his parents for forcing him to come along on their trip. Has shaggy brown hair, a pale, freckled face, and a pair of thick glasses.
Jean: The older child of the Murphy family and the only daughter. Stylish, gorgeous, and sociable, Jean is the complete opposite of her younger brother despite their obvious family resemblance. She makes friends easily and loves to ‘have a good time.’ Skinny, with long brown hair and lots of freckles.
Cruise Staff
Captain Mac: The long-serving captain of the Excelsior. Mac is simultaneously beloved and adored on board the ship for his intelligence and abrasiveness. Enjoys seducing the men and women of the ship, with older women being his most common target.
Jenny: A long-suffering masseuse that works in the Excelsior’s spa. Typically very professional, but Jenny has been trying to branch out more in her personal life, with mixed results. Short, with dirty blonde hair often worn up in a bun.
Carrie: The domineering boss of the spa. She’s dedicated to customer satisfaction above all else, even when that means screwing over her staff. In her late forties, with slightly graying brown hair and more out of shape in recent years.
Miguel: One of the bartenders at the on-board bar, the Sea Retreat. Tall, dark, and handsome with curly hair and an immaculately sculpted body. Very popular with the women of the ship.
Mia: The other bartender at the Sea Retreat. Blonde and busty, Mia is constantly dealing with the ‘affections’ of the men at the bar. She is in a monogamous relationship with a man from the Bahamas, who she’s looking forward to seeing in only a few weeks after many months away.
Remi: A hard-working woman who has only started working on the ship in the last year. Often struggles to pick up the slack for her lazier partner, and claims any of their joint failures as her own, resulting in her occasional punishment. A dark-skinned woman whose hair is to be kept in a bun at all times, as per the rules of her uniform, but is naturally very curly and thick.
Safiya: Remi’s lazier friend. A gorgeous stoner who treats her job like an endless vacation, taking more than a few weed breaks in the laundry rooms while Remi has to make up for her laxity. Curvy, with long brown hair and golden eyes.

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