Enjoying Sex With Ex Girlfriend

Mayank Enjoying Sex With Ex Girlfriend Anamika

Hello, everyone! It’s mayank . This sex story is about an incident which happened back when I was in college, I was in 4th year studying in ghaziabad. I had a steady girlfriend to whom I was very loyal, before her I had one more girlfriend which was a very small time pass kind of relationship,
anamika- that is the name of that girl she was a year older to me and came from a very rich family. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl, but had a very sexy figure -36,30,38. She was a little plump and her assets were such that you just can’t ignore them, I was always an ass lover and her big ass was the reason I got in a relationship with her.
We fooled around for a month never went too fast physically just kissing and holding, never more. I got bored of that relationship and broke up just in a month. Now coming to the situation I had been dating my new girlfriend for 6 months now and we were having a great time, we kind of knew we were soul mates and were happy with each other!
I was in 4th year of my B-tech in Ghaziabad and was already placed. A school friend asked me to get her brother admitted in a particular college. I had some contacts who had contacts in that college and we agreed for that deal.I thought I would make some extra bucks too.
So we took 25000 as advance from that girl’s parents and gave them to the person who was going to get the admission done, I took that money on my guarantee, my young and not so matured brain didn’t sense that there is a risk, and that’s what happened on the final day the admission couldn’t happen and we lost 25000 bucks.
I was just a student with just 5000 in my bank account,my girlfriend helped me with another 5k,but I needed 15 more, didn’t really know what to do, didn’t want to ask my friends for the same. I was still in touch with me ex- girlfriend, though I was in a steady relationship, Anamika’s curves and her hot body never left my mind. She used to flirt with me too, she was still single.
Though I fantasized about her many times but didn’t want to cheat on the girl I loved. So one day while talking to Anamikaka, I told her |dtstories.com| about my situation and she responded with, yeah I can give you the money, I was surprised and happy. I told her that I will return her money asap.
She said it’s okay she don’t need the money but as there is no one at her home she can’t come out and wanted me to come to her place to get the money! I kind of understood what she wanted,I didn’t want that but I needed her help. I thought a lot about it. Though I didn’t want to cheat, but be in with Anamika at her place without anyone was giving me the thrill like no other.
And I needed the money to.So I drove to her place and called her Me- hey Anamika I am right outside your house, let me enter She- get inside, the door is open. I went inside and their house was huge. She came and hugged me from behind and kissed my cheeks.
I turned around to see her, and wow she was looking very sexy, in small shorts and a tank top, her boobs were barely covered her big breasts, I couldn’t take my eyes off her cleavage. She- so finally you are here Mayank, you remembered the way to my house Me- yeah Anamika, it has been just a year! She- yeah but you forgot me! I knew she was a little sad but I didn’t want to upset her!!
Me- nothing like that dear. You know I have a new girlfriend now! And she won’t like it if I will talk to you. I really missed you! She- I missed you too Mayank She said that and kissed my cheeks again! With every touch of her, I was feeling aroused! Me- thanks Anamika for helping me at this time, I was very wrong when I never contacted you. I hope we can bury that all now!
She- sure dear that’s the past, I don’t care about it now Me- thanks, Anamika, I smiled. She held my cheeks. She- I just loved that smile N saying this kissed my lips this time. I was taken aback. Her kiss was hot, I pulled her back and kissed her lips again. And this time kissed her deep, umm her lips were so soft, I held her tight in my arms and kept kissing her,
my hands has already traveled to her big ass and were literally grabbing her ass and pulling it closer to me. She broke the kiss and started kissing my neck, to my chest,, and went down and wow. She opened the button of my jeans and pulled them down.
Ummm my hands were in her curly hair and she pulled down my underwear. She held my cock in her hands and rolled up her eyes to |dtstories.com| see me. I was looking at her. My cock was growing in her hand. We were looking into each other’s eyes and she took the cock inside her mouth,, ohh what a feeling that was.
That was the first time I was getting sucked. I was not a virgin but I had never experienced a blow job, and it was amazing she was sucking my cock like an ice cream, I was very close to cumming. I told her baby I am gonna cum. But she didn’t leave and I spurted all my cum inside her mouth and on her face. It was her first time too. Me- oh anamika. It was soo good babe.
She- mayank I love your cock its soo big I wish I can suck it all day. Me-ohh Anamika.I brought her up and started pulling off her top. She- wait let’s go to the bedroom. She took me to her bedroom and asked me to wait there.She was still dripping with my cum. So went to the washroom.
I was sitting on her bed waiting for her. My pants were already removed. And I removed my shirt too.Waiting was getting hard so went inside the wash room. She was washing her face. I held her from behind and started kissing her shoulder. She- ohh Mayank you couldn’t wait. Me– no baby. And I kept on kissing and licking her.
My hands were inside her top and were pressing her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra.Ohh wow her breasts were big I kept pressing them. My cock pass pressing against her big ass which made it hard again. I pulled down her shorts and slapped her ass. I don’t remember why I did that. She screamed and I loved it. I slapped her again.
Her ass was big and was all read now. I quickly removed all her clothes now and took her to bed. She was on her back and I got top of her. Her bare breasts were in from of me and I started eating it aaahhh!! They tasted so good! I was eating her like animals. She kept moaning and screaming my name. My cock was full hard and I pushed it inside her pussy!
Aahhh she screamed loudly this time. And she was very tight. Just the head was inside her! She moaned! She- Mayank go slow it’s my first time! I realized she was a virgin and that excited me more. I pushed it in harder. She had tears in her eyes and was almost crying asking me to stop it there. But I didn’t and gave the final blow!
Aahhh my cock was completely inside her now and she was so tight! I started moving in and out slowly. And by that time her screams started turning into moans! She was enjoying it too now. I was loving it! She- ohh Mayank it feels so good now aahhhh Me– ohh you bitch! You wanted this, don’t you! She- yeah Mayank I want you to be inside me forever!!
Me- I am gonna fuck you so hard you slut. And you will be my slut from now on saying this I increased my speed and started fucking harder. She- ohh am gonna cum mayank aah aahhhh I felt her body jerk and she orgasmed! I took out my cock and sprayed my sperms on the bed sheet and fell over her. Her eyes were closed! And we both almost slept in that mess.
I woke up to my girlfriend’s call. I told her I am busy with my family. I woke up anamika. We kissed each other again.And went for the shower together.While bathing we smooched, we kissed. I made her suck me again. I was enjoying dominating her. I abused her called her my slut. She was enjoying it all.
This went on for another two years until I got married. I used to call her whenever I was horny. She sucked me many times in her car. I never asked for money again and even returned her the money in some time. But never stopped seeing her!
I hope you all liked my this sex story too! Thanks for the feedback on previous stories. Looking forward to your comments and feedback below.

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