Encounters of Divya Parthasarathy – 01

This is not my personal story, I have read this story 10 years back, setting background to 2009. I expanded my creativity to add more spice into it. I will need me to continue I need you reps and feedback. This story was almost real time experience of a girl who goes to different places to adopt herself for wellbeing. Please support your review to continue with this story.

Hi, this is Divya Parthasarathy from Chennai. I am 30+ work in IT for long 5 years. I am fair and good in looks. I used to go to gym regularly to maintain my figure my sizes are e 34-30-32 and round boobs that any men can attract towards me. I am not exhibitionist to show all my assets other than my husband. My family is very small myself my mom dad and my younger brother lived in heart of the city and we are respected family.


My wedding got delayed because my brother is studying in private college my first priority to take care of his fees and my parent’s expenses. My costumes are very homely salwar with dupatta and thilak in my forehead, my thoughts are very modern but no much taboo to sex or relationship.


My Parents got me engaged to one handsome guy called Ramesh, he works as the structural engineer and earns good salary but still we all are middle class. my life revolved only around my husband Ramesh. And any fantasy beyond him
was unimaginative. And no other men were of any interest to me. Due to my conservative looks, but really I like to be normal like masturbating with vibrators in my personal space.


Let’s go before wedding. It’s a pure arranged marriage then we met in person and it went on. Ramesh and me personally and shared about our future. I told my aspiration is go to abroad and earn in $ and support my family until my brother finishes his studies. Ramesh accepted my concerns, love boomed up, we were going to temples, park and movies. Ramesh wants to me wear jeans and t-shirt and he took me to come out of the conservative world, first I resisted then I love him so I accepted his request and changed my entire costume from salwar to jeans and t-shirt. He took new office suite for me which I like lot.


Before the wedding, Thinking about the first night, I ended up lying on the bed with her jeans and panty pulled down to her ankles while I masturbated herself to a crashing climax. After a short nap, I made an appointment with a local salon. I had heard from her friend that this salon specialized in bikini waxes. Divya had never gotten a bikini wax or even trimmed her pussy hair. But, she made up her mind to at least have it trimmed and shaped as she had heard that husbands preferred less hair on their bodies. She had the lady in the salon trim her hair to a neat little triangle shape. Divya was very pleased with the results. The soft touches of the salon lady had once again made her hot and as soon as she came home she took a shower and masturbated herself to another climax. Then cleaned up and went wedding with my parents as conservative girl.


On the first night, we were very tiard and I felt feverish so Ramesh asked me to sleep. We went to honeymoon in coorg hills we check in a resort. Finally, everything was ready and Divya went and took a bath. I discovered that she was both nervous and excited. She wore sexy black lace underwear. On top of that she wore a semi transparent baby pink chiffon sari with a pink sleeveless blouse that had a plunging neckline and back. She was putting final touches to the makeup when she heard Ramesh Voice.

Ramesh walked in and saw a real sexy vision of beauty. He could not help but whistle. He went to Divya and when he tried to kiss her she pulled away saying he would mess up her lipstick. So, he settled for dropping her pallu and fondling her boobs through her blouse. Divya pulled away before they both got too excited. Divya, by then, had decided that she liked Ramesh a lot and would very much like to sleep with him. Ramesh followed Divya towards the bedroom enjoying the sight of her swaying ass sashaying up the stairs. Once in the bedroom, Ramesh shut the door and locked it.  Ramesh was leaning over her left shoulder as they examined the pictures together. Once, Divya’s pallu slipped accidentally exposing her deep cut sleeveless blouse. She did not do anything to cover herself giving Ramesh an excellent view of her breasts. Ramesh was instantly hard. He put his arms around her midriff and pulled her against him so that she could feel his excited manhood through all the layers of cloths.

This is from newly married hubby Ramesh :

Divya began to moan in excitement. I continued kissing and slipped my hands on her bare stomach. Now i‘s on my way to heaven. From back I came to her neck and my hands still massaging her stomach. I slowly lifted my hands to reach for her breasts. I began squeeze her breasts over her blouse. In mean time she slipped her saree herself and saree fell on ground.

Some part of saree attached to the body was then released by me. Now I began to unhook her blouse. She was just murmuring, no no and I unhooked her blouse and removed it. It was a terrific look. I just used to dream it and now the marble idol was in front of me. I turned her face towards me and hold her face in my hand and took it nearer to me and kissed her on her lips.

She closed her eyes. I continued kissing her lips and tried to insert my tounge in to her mouth but she didn’t allow. She kept her mouth shut. I continued kissing her on lips and pulled her hairs from behind. She cried in pain and as she opened her mouth I put my tounge in to it. Now I was giving her a deep kiss caressing her back with my hands. Her both hands were round my neck.

While doing that I unhooked her bra and removed it. Wow! It was awesome to look at her balls. I took her both balls in my hand and began to squeeze the and at the same time kept kissing her.

I took Divya to bed and laid her down. She was just on petticoat and panty now. Now I removed my t-shirt banian and pant. My cock was aroused to 90 degree and Now I was on my knickers only. I came on her and again began to kiss her deep. This time there was no resistance.

I was enjoying her whole body with my hands and my tongue inside her mouth playing with her tongue.
Then I slowly started downwards towards her neck. Then I came on her chest. I took her nipples in my mouth and started licking and biting them. Divya started mourning loudly. My one hand was squeezing her one breast and another breast was in my mouth. I slipped my other hand towards her petticoat and pulled the laze and removed it. I tear her costly petticoat into pieces with my hand such a feeling I had. I keep on biting all the parts like a dog. I had like a fantasy of bang, the reason is I want to get satisfied fully because I am longing for sex from my child hood.

Then I inserted my hand into the panty and started caressing on her pussy. Her mourning increased further. I again put my mouth into hers to stop that. Then I slowly tear her costly lingerie also. Now Divya was lying all naked in front of me. I came out of bed and started watching her naked body. My cock was hard as steel rod. She had a condom, I didn’t belive it. She wanted to me wear because she does not want a baby in another 3 years. It was desperate to come out.

I removed her hand over the face and kissed her forehead passionately. Then I slipped down till her pussy and put my face between her thighs. I inserted my tongue into her pussy and started licking it. Divya started mourning loudly again. The aroma of her pussy was making me crazy. My cock was desperate to enter it.

I then came on her and kept my cock near the entrance and then pushed it hardly. Wow! I entered the doors of heaven. Divya cried loudly with excitement. Then I started fucking her hardly. Loudness of her mourning increased. She was lifting her legs so as to facilitate me with fucking. I continued fucking about 10 min and when I felt it’s about to come out I stopped and removed it out.
Then I changed the position. I laid her sideways and started fucking her from behind. As I reached the peak I then stopped. Now I turned Divya side over and started fucking her dog style. It seems she liked it a lot. She was mourning with lot of excitement and fun was visible on her face. She was enjoying sex very much. I fucked her from behind in dog style till I felt peak.

Then I removed my cock and laid on my back. I asked Divya to come over me. She came over me and put her pussy over my cock. I then slowly entered my cock into her pussy. Then I told her to oscillate. She began to fuck me. I started fondling her balls. “ hey Rameshhh, press them harder it’s feeling good” she was mourning. “ she was fucking harder and I felt as if my thigh’s skin was scratching.
Her speed now increased, I think she was about to reach orgasm. “Lift yours from under and fuck me harder” she was mourning. Her speed still increased and at last she collapsed. I got up and sit and keeping my cock inside I turned her down and I came over her. Now it’s my turn for orgasm. I started fucking her harder. I continued for long time and at last I ejaculated. And took my cock and removed the condom, I felt much enjoyable but without ejaculating I felt something missing.

Let see how Divya Enjoyed the show in next episodes. Please comment your suggestions

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