After Dinner Candi – Straight Sex stories

Straight Sex stories

My stomach grumbles. Suddenly, I am hungry. It’s no wonder; all I have had in my mouth this afternoon was my roommate’s boyfriend’s cock! Of course my roommate, Becky, was conveniently gone.
What a wonderful cock it was too. I smile because I had no trouble swallowing it! A sultry giggle escapes me when I remember that Luke didn’t have a problem with me consuming him either!
Something to eat is in order and soon. I doubt there is anything in the dorm room or our little fridge that will do. I need something solid. After a shower, I wriggle into some jeans and a nice tank top. I reapply a little make-up and slip on some comfy flats. Even though it is warm, when the sun goes down, temps will drop, so I grab a light sweater.

I wonder if Becky took a sweater. After I practically re-dressed her for her evening out at the ballpark with Luke, I didn’t take into account that she would be there after dark. Those little denim shorts and that low cut top will not do much against the cool night air. Maybe Luke will keep her warm.
I sigh.
Opening the drawer where I keep tampons, I fish around for an envelope. It is where I keep my cash. I feel that if anyone ever snoops around our room, I don’t think they would rummage through a draw full of tampons.
I peel a twenty and a five off of an inch thick wad of cash. It has been a pretty good semester.
Making sure I have my keys and phone, I start to leave the room when I notice the damp spot on my bed. Clear evidence of how I pleased myself just moments ago! My crotch tingles at the thought. I briefly contemplate about changing the sheets. Another grumble from my stomach helps me decide.
Thirty minutes later, I am sitting in a booth at the Sixty Six Street Diner surveying their menu. I really don’t know why, they have great burgers. Unlike a McDonalds or a Burger King, Sixty Six’s burgers are made when you order them. I can feel myself getting hungrier by the minute.
“Hey Candi!” Nathan Hale offers a warm greeting as he readies to take my order.
Ah Nathan, long time waiter and professional college student. Not really much to look at. Freckles and a bad hair cut seem to define him. However, Nathan has a calmness about him. Always easy going and never really seems to get upset or rattled. Perfect waiter material!
“Hi, good looking!” I automatically say, not really trying to flirt, but it does seem to be a habit.
Nathan blushes. I give him my order. Soon, he returns with a coke.
“Nathan, I didn’t order a coke.”
“I know, but you usually order one. I can take it back if you don’t want it.”
“No…” answering more sensually, “I want it now… that I have it!” I give him a wink.
It is an off hour and the diner is slow, in fact, I am the only customer. Marcus Tibbs, the cook and the owner, delivers the order himself when he knows it’s mine. Marcus waddles out; his white apron is a stark contrast to his big black arms.
“Here is your burger!” he says with a smile.
“Thanks, your burgers are the best in town!” I return.
“Thanks gorgeous!” Marcus says as he wriggles into the booth bench beside me. His big belly scoots the table slightly. He is so cute for an old guy!
Marcus leans over and gives me a peck on the cheek. “Where have you been girl? It has been a while since I’ve seen you in here!”
I clue him and Nathan in about the rigors of my schedule but happy now the semester is almost over and that means the projects and exams are too.
“How is Helen?” I gently touch Marcus on the arm; asking about his ill wife. Helen was always so full of life; she made everyone around her smile. Since she has been sick, I’ve seen a downturn in my large friend.
“The same I’m afraid. At least she is not any worse and still recognizes me from time to time,” he responds quietly.
“Give her a hug and a kiss from me!”
“Candace, why don’t you come to the home, Helen would love it. I am sure she would recognize you!”
“I will plan on it!” I say enthusiastically.
Marcus sends Nathan to check something in the kitchen. Nathan really doesn’t want to, but leaves us. I get the feeling it is just a ploy to get rid of him.
Marcus leans over and whispers to me once Nathan is out of earshot. “It is Nathan’s birthday today. Could you… umm… well…” Marcus stammers. “You don’t have to, but could you give Nathan… maybe… a little treat?”
“A treat? Like what?” I ask coyly.
Marcus grins widely. His pearly white teeth shine between his dark lips. “You know full well what I am talking about! If you do me this little favor… I mean for the boy… you eat free here anytime you want! Anything that’s on the menu!” Marcus ends with a healthy laugh!
A slight blush sweeps across my face at the proposition. I can’t help it, it always happens when people want me, desire me. Even if they ask for others, like Marcus did, I am a little embarrassed but extremely turned on! Maybe that’s why I am good at this.
Like the old man, Nathan also knows what I am and what I do. Nathan has worked for Marcus ever since I have been coming here. The Sixty Six Street Diner is an out of the way spot that is not frequented by a lot of the college crowd. They’ve both seen me in here with different men, a lot of different men!
When they got to know me, it didn’t take much for them to put two and two together. Neither treated me any differently once they knew. Marcus and Nathan have always been kind.
Once, Nathan even prevented me from being arrested. Coming to my rescue as I was about to proposition an off duty cop! Posing as my disgruntled boyfriend and throwing a tantrum, he completely averted a potential disastrous situation for me. I’ve never forgot about that.
I smile at Marcus and simply answer. “Let’s see what happens.”
“Well, I better get back to the kitchen, sweetie.” he leaves me with a fatherly hug.
Pushing my plate back toward the center of the table, I slouch back in the booth. I’ve not even eaten half of the burger or barely any of the fries. A few other customers trickle in and Nathan hurriedly greets them. I stare at the TV mounted high in the corner of the diner.
“Dessert?” Nathan startles me.
“Thanks, but not yet. I don’t know what I want,” I answer as he clears my table.
“How about a refill?”
“Oh, please!” I say. “And can you turn the volume up on the TV? That’s State’s big baseball game on now.”
When Nathan returns with my coke, he also brings the remote.
I thank him and turn up the sound. My timing could not have been more perfect.
“What a shocker going down here in the Southwest Conference! The defending national champions are on their heels. Down eight to one as we go into the bottom of the seventh inning; can PAC 10 favorite, Arizona, make a comeback against State?”
“It is time for the Kiss Cam! Ridge Petroleum brings you tonight’s kiss cam as part of the seven inning stretch. Who will the cameraman find tonight?”
“My god, oh my god, it’s them!” I scream!
I can’t believe it! Earlier, Luke had jokingly said this could happen when he saw how Becky was dressed. Sexy girls often draw the attention of the cameramen. None of us thought it would actually happen!
The camera focuses in on him and Becky. Whimsical hearts outline the screen. “Kiss, kiss, kiss…” chant comes from the crowd. Of course what is shown on TV is also visible on the scoreboard at the stadium.
‘’You can hear what the crowd wants, Frank! That is right Jim, and I have tell you, they know how to grow them down here in the Southwest Conference.”
The announcer was obviously talking about Becky. My heart races with excitement for her! I give credit to myself also. It may be selfish of me, but I did dress her tonight!
“Those are my clothes she is wearing, thank you very much.” I giggle knowing I am talking out-loud to myself.
Luke, wearing his cap backwards, cool and collectively leans over and kisses Becky lightly on the lips. I let out a giggle of excitement for my friends.
“That is none other than Luke Barr. He is on the college rodeo team here at State. Yes, Frank, but what people may not know, he is right up there in the points race for the Pro Bull Rider’s National Championship.”
I can hear the crowd booing in the background. Nathan has wandered over to watch also. I quickly fill him in. The camera does not leave Luke and Becky. I can see her flush red face on the TV. Luke has a big grin. The crowd is starts the kiss chant again. Luke leans over and smothers Becky with a passionate kiss. Her hand clasps the back of his neck. The crowd roars their approval.
“And that’s how it’s done here at State…”
The announcers go on with other conversations, but I don’t listen. All I can focus on was her arms holding Luke tight as they kissed. I bet she is melted into him, just as I had earlier. Her tongue is probably playing with his, sucking him in and dancing a lover’s waltz! The same dance that left me weak kneed this afternoon.
Are these pangs of jealousy? Why should I be feeling this way? Luke is her boyfriend, not mine. But, why did he kiss me, if he had any feelings for me other than the sex he tried to pay me for? Also, the way Luke looked at me when he left my room. He didn’t want to leave, I am sure of it!
Confused, I glance back to the TV just as they break apart. Luke looks very happy and so does Becky. They are holding hands. I feel real lonely all of a sudden.
A slight touch on my shoulder brings me back to reality.
“Thanks for the remote, Nathan. I was interested how State was doing tonight.” Was it the game that I was really interested in? I am such a liar!
“Hey?” I quickly ask Nathan. He turns to me. “When’s your break?”
“Anytime, we are awfully slow tonight.”
“Care to sit with me? I’m all by myself.” I give him my best pouty lip face.
“Sure… let me go take off the apron, Marcus can handle that couple.”
“Leave it on, if you want, and bring yourself a coke. I hate drinking alone,” I offer humorously.
It doesn’t take long for Nathan return. He starts to slide in on the opposite side of the booth.
“Nathan.” I wink and pat the seat at my side.
He grins showing me that he will gladly sit by me. We make small talk about the game and the weather. Though it’s not cold in the diner, the combination of the darkness outside and the cold soda pop makes me shiver just a little.
Nathan takes my hint and eases his arm around my shoulders.
“Thanks, I left my sweater out in my car.”
“I will get it,” he says.
“No!” I stop him from pulling his arm away. “I like this.” I smile at him and snuggle his side.
Nathan is beet red. He is cute and he looks much younger than twenty-five.
“A little birdie told me it is your birthday today.” I slide my hand just under the edge of his apron.
“Yes,” he answers sharply.
I can tell that he can feel my hand moving to the inside of his thigh.
“I bet it wasn’t a little birdie but an old black buzzard!” he smiles trying to regain his composure.
The diner door buzzes; the other couple leaves the diner. I glance over the back of the seat. Marcus has a big “shit-eating” grin on his face. He knows what I am doing.
“Nathan?” I coo his name; my lips just graze the outer rim of his ear. “You asked me if I wanted dessert?”
“Y… yes…” he breathes hard.
“I know what I want now and it’s not on the menu.” I softly blow hot words into his ear.
The poor boy is completely flustered. Just the way I like my men, it fuels my fire. I feel myself growing wet. My inner slut is coming forth. Moving my hand up his thigh, I reach his crotch.
“C… can… I get you s… something, Ca… Candi?” he slurs between breaths.
I squeeze his hard cock through his trousers under his apron. “I believe what I want is right here.” my sultry voice drips with desire.
“Nathan?” Again I whisper into his ear, “Are you a virgin?”
He says nothing.
I press. “Are you Nathan, tell me.”
“Y… yes… why?”
“I have never had a virgin,“ I lie. “Can I have your virginity? Will you give it to me? Nathan, I want it!”
He has lost his ability to speak. We both hear the zipper as I slowly unzip his pants under his apron. Damn, I’m good! Even with nails, I can blindly work a man’s zipper!
The diner goes dark. Unbeknownst to us, Marcus has tidied up the whole place except for our booth. Only the night lights are on, he has closed early.
I chuckle and think to myself, I wonder why?
But I know why. Marcus knows why and so does Nathan! If Nathan doesn’t, he knows for sure when I wriggle my fingers inside his fly and start rubbing his rock hard dick through his tighty whites!
I can’t help but moan as expectations of a new cock rush through me. I am flooded with those familiar burning tingles. I love a new cock and like the one I had earlier today, this one also has been lurking around me. I had never stopped to think Nathan was a virgin. Ooh, a special bonus!
“Is this for me? I know it is your birthday, but are you going to give me… your hard dick?” I emphasize the word “me”!
Beads of sweat form on his forehead and around his ears as I relentlessly tease the boy.
“If so, undo your pants!” I whisper.
My lips remain so very close to his ear and cheek while he reaches under his apron and unbuttons his pants. Nathan wants it… he wants me and I want him or rather his cock, probably even more than he wants me. I have felt it. He is hard. I haven’t had anyone in almost three weeks. With what happened earlier this afternoon, I am so very horny.
Nathan lets out a throaty groan when I first take hold of his raging hard-on.
“Ever had a girl hold your cock? What about slowly pump it up and down like this? Hmm… you like what I am doing?”
He gives me an inaudible, Yes. I am literally on fire seeing this boy crumble in my grasp. I am impressed though; I really thought Nathan would have already lost it.
“Oh you are a naughty boy aren’t you, Nathan? A naughty hard boy! Giving me your big hard dick to play with like this! You will give me anything I want, won’t you Nathan… anything!”
I start stroking him faster and tongue his ear. Nathan again moans as he closes his eyes. I am in full control. I can do whatever I like with this one! He is warm in my hand, but getting hotter as I continue to pump his virgin shaft.
His entire body is rigid. Aw… he is scared. Of course he is scared! Nathan has never been with a girl! I let go of his cock, take his hand and press it against by breast. I am not wearing a bra. I know he can feel my excited nipple through my tank top.
“Want to touch me Nathan? I want you to! Here slide your hand beneath my shirt and… mmmm… oh… yea.” I take a deep breath when I feel his trembling fingers touch my breast and nipple.
“Want to suck them Nathan? Do you want to suck my titties? Are you my baby, Nathan?” my soft voice floats in his ear.
He nods his head rigorously up and down.
“That’s what I thought!”
We push the table across the booth to the other bench seat for more room. I straddle the boy and pull my tank top up over my head. My pert tits are right in front of his wide-eyes!
“Like what you see? Go ahead, be my baby boy. Kiss them, suck them!”
Nathan does as he is told and gently smothers one of my nipples.
“Ooh… yes… that feels good, baby!” I throw my head back. Part of it is exaggerated for his benefit and the rest is that I love having my nipples played with!
“That’s a good boy…” I whine, “My wonderful baby boy!”
For a while, I relish in the feeling of Nathan licking, kissing, and sucking my tits. Nathan moans as he goes from one to the other. He handles me with such care. So gently, it is like he is scared that I will break.
But I want more and I know he does too. I pull away from his lips and coax him to steady me on the booth table. He stands between my legs, his erection pushing his untied apron out. I struggle to keep from giggling!
I have Nathan slip off my shoes and guide him in pulling my pants off, after which I slide my panties off one leg and then the other. I am naked and he pauses to study what he sees. I am his first! Now I blush a little. He pushes his pants to his knees and starts to take off his apron. I stop him, telling him to leave it on and sit back down.
“Relax baby and let me take care of you,” I whisper cradling his face between my hands and straddling him again.
My wanton wet pussy is a mere inch above his throbbing cock when I pull his apron to the side. I gaze into Nathan’s eyes much as I had done earlier that day with Luke. Grasping his erection I guide him to me. I lick my lips and breathe erratically while I rub his cock’s head against my moist pussy.
“Yes… oh… gah! Baby!” I feel the head of his cock part my moist lips and push through.
Nathan kept his stare into my eyes. I smile at him reassuringly.
“Nathan, you feel… so good!” slowly sliding down on him.
I feel how hard Nathan is as he slowly slides into me, gently pushing deeper. The head of his cock carefully blazes a pathway deep. My short breaths are accompanied by tiny whimpers. This so turns men on when they perceive they are filling me full. And it just so happens, Nathan is!
“I love you Candi!” Nathan gasps.
I get that a lot from johns, especially the experienced ones.
“Shhh… baby.”
I slowly move my hips back and forth. God, this feels so good! Makes me realize just how long it has been since I’ve gotten fucked! School, projects, tests and not to mention my monthly, all have conspired against me these last few weeks.
My cunt wraps his cock tightly. Increasing the tempo, I place my hands on his shoulders, he holds me by my waist. Soon, Nathan relaxes and matches my rhythm with subtle thrusting!
“Baby… you are wonderful… are you sure you’ve never been with a girl.”
Nathan meekly confirms that I am his first.
Only a well-placed shrub in front of the picture window conceals us from the sidewalk and parking lot. Any other booth wouldn’t have worked. If one were to stop and peer closely through the branches, I am sure they could see well enough to figure out that two people are screwing.
I can feel the tingle of perspiration upon my skin. An orgasm builds faster than expected. There is no denying it. Again, I stare at my young lover. I don’t say anything but gaze at him wide-eyed! Nathan locks on to my eyes with his. His expressions convey a mix of emotions.
Our stare is broken when I start to cum. With a sharp moan, I slur at him! “Oh… Nathan, baby, yes!”
My frame is wracked by an intense orgasm. My hands no longer merely lie on Nathan’s shoulders but grip him tight. My nails claw at his shirt just trying to hold on as he continues to fuck my soaked cunt!
This was supposed to happen fast. Surely, this virgin would quickly lose control. He doesn’t. His stamina amazes me. After my body shudders with a second orgasm, I think Nathan senses that he’s in control. I wrap my arms around his neck as he bucks wildly. My entire body lurches upward with each of his thrusts. How is he lasting?
Nathan starts to moan. He is nearing, I can tell it! If he wasn’t wearing a shirt, my nail marks would surely scar his shoulders. Then he loses it!
“Uuuuh…” Nathan groans as if someone has punched him in the gut. Spurt after spurt of his hot lust fills me.
“Yes… oh yes… fill me with your love baby!“
Nathan slows and finally stops. He withers inside me. His hands fall away from me and I collapse against his chest.
“God baby, that was so damn good!” I mean what I say. I am supposed to be in charge, I am supposed be the one who fucks, but I got fucked. Nathan saw to that!
Regaining some composure, I slip off Nathan to his side.
“Nathan? Baby?” I quietly ask him. “I hope your first time was everything you wanted it to be?”
His glazed eyes look at me. “I love you!”
“Oh baby boy, I love you too!” I coo and kiss him on the cheek.
I gather my clothes and go to the bathroom to clean up. Nathan surprised me! He is actually a great lover, especially for his first time. After I dress, I return to our booth. Nathan is still sitting there like he was when I left. His limp cock oozing semen, his pants still down around his ankles and his eyes closed.
“Are you okay?” I ask.
“Candi! I mean it! I am in love with you!” he states emphatically. “And I have to see you again! Please! Tomorrow! I’ve got money… a lot of it! How much money did Marcus pay you?”
First, his sincerity humbles me, makes me feel special and warm. Then reality sets in when he talks money. Yes, Nathan, knows what I am, so I am brutally honest. Well almost!
I softly touch his cheek where I just kissed him. “Marcus didn’t give me money to be with you. It’s your birthday, I was lonely and a beautiful thing happened!”
Nathan cowers and looks dejected. He fears he has hurt my feelings. Method of payment is not any of his business, that’s between Marcus and me. I know that he didn’t mean to hurt my feelings, Nathan is just grasping at whatever he can to entice me to have sex with him again. On one hand, I am flattered, and then on the other, the reason why we had sex, casts a shadow on what we just shared.
Then again!
I whisper in his ear, “Nathan, do still drive that Chevy van?”
He nods. “It’s parked out back.”
“Does it still have a bed in it? If I remember, you lived in it for a while.”
“Yes, do you want to see it?”
“I do tomorrow baby! My last class is over at two thirty tomorrow. Meet me at three, in your van and bring three hundred!”
A stricken look comes over his face. “That is not my break time!” he protests.
“I’m sure you will find a way to make it happen. That is… if you want some more of… me.” I let out a sultry chuckle and give him my blue panties. “These are yours, happy birthday baby!” I slip them over his head.
With one last passionate kiss, I leave the stunned boy. Boy? It occurs to me that Nathan is five years older than me, and I think of him as a boy.
A buzzer sounds when I let myself out. As I walk by the window outside our booth, I stop and peer through the tangled branches of the ornamental bush. Nathan is still sitting in the booth. I wonder if has he has even pulled his pants up? Hell, Marcus may find him there when he opens tomorrow? I giggle out loud.
The drive back to campus seemed short. All the way I was thinking about what had happen today with Luke and Nathan. Concerning Nathan, I felt guilty about my plans to take his money. Then again, I got screwed over earlier when I let Luke off the hook for free!
Who was I kidding; thinking Luke actually has feelings for me? I saw him and Becky on television. There is no doubt who he wants. Luke probably laughed all the way out of the dorms thinking how he did his girlfriend’s slut roommate. How easy it was for him since he found out that I turned tricks.
“Don’t cry Candace! Don’t you dare, you stupid bitch! You did this! You let it happen!” berating myself.
Wiping my eyes, I get out of my car and walk towards the dorm.
He and Becky have gone out for almost two years and with one afternoon of fooling around, I think I have captured his heart? Stupid! That kiss afterwards was just the finishing touch of how he played me. Hell, the kiss was the least he could do after I gave his money back!
I am your friend. I don’t want to be your whore. My pathetic words haunt me!
Where are my fucking room keys! I swear, everything I put in this goddamned purse finds its way to the very bottom and the cold breeze is going right through my sweater! Finally, I find my keys.
A hand grabs my arm before I can insert the key into the door knob!
“Jenna… what…”
Before I can stammer out any further argument, my neighbor, Jenna, hushes me, takes my hand and pulls me into her room.
“Shh… Candi.” She motions me to follow her into our shared bathroom.
Quietly, I follow her where I see her sister Jaime, who is also her roommate, with her ear pressed to the bathroom door that leads to mine and Becky’s room. When Jaime sees me, she pulls me to the door with a huge smile. I listen.
“Baby… mmmm… yes… mmmm… mmmm… uuuh baby yes… uuuh!”
Oh my god! Becky is getting her lights fucked out! My prudish roommate surprises me once again! Her murmurs plus the sound of slapping skin, leave no doubt what is happening. Becky could no longer fend off Luke, and he was screwing her on the same bed where I gave him head just this afternoon!
One thinks of the funniest things in moments like this. Why hadn’t she turned on the radio or the TV to mask their lovemaking? Then again, in the two years we have roomed together, this was the first time Becky had ever done anything like this.
She and I came up with a plan a when we first moved in. A signal if we needed privacy. We have a pink stretchy rubber bracelet, similar to a big rubber band, on a hook by the door. We agreed to slip that over the door knob when we didn’t want the other to enter.
Becky didn’t use it. I guess she forgot. I was the only one whom ever used it and that was not often. Knowing the latch problem with our bathroom door, I give it a gentle nudge. It opens just a crack. I can hear him clearly now, low rhythmic moans coinciding with her whimpers.
Jenna and Jaime pulled me back into their room giggling and blushing. The blonde identical twins had nothing on Becky, for we had heard them many times. That is why I surely thought that Becky would have at least turned on the radio.
“Can you believe Becky!” Jenna says. “I guess her and Luke couldn’t wait to go back to his place!”
Jenna was right, Becky caved. Earlier in the day, Becky confessed to me that he had pressured her before. She knew she would give in. I guess it was inevitable. And from the sounds of it, she was enjoying it!
“Are you alright?” Jaime asks me. She notices my quietness.
“Sure, I am okay!” I am such a liar, but my feelings are none of their business.
I smile at the sisters. They are so cute, sitting on the bed together. Jenna and Jaime play the twin persona completely. One is a reflection of the other.
“I like the way you two have your room arranged.” I attempt to change the subject.
Their twin beds pushed together to make one large bed. It offers more space in the room.
“Thanks!” says Jenna. “It is funny that we haven’t been in each other’s rooms more often and we have lived here for almost a year.”
“Hey, why don’t you stay with us? At least until…” Jaime nods her head toward my room. “They are finished!”
Jenna reaches out and takes my hand. “I am sure we can find something to…” she pauses and briefly looks slyly at her sister, “keep you occupied.”
There is a certain sultry undertone to her voice, and I do believe I know what she has in mind. The activity next door probably has a lot to do with that. Any other time, it would be fun. But, less than an hour ago, Nathan shot his entire load inside me. That could make for an awkward situation.
“May I have a rain check on that, please?” I answer with an equally sultry voice.
With that, I leave the twin’s room. It has gotten colder outside. I pull my sweater tight around me and cross my arms. I pause briefly in front of our door where only a few feet away, Becky has her legs wrapped around her boyfriend.
Irony is a funny thing. This afternoon, that cowboy had his cock half way down my throat. Now, he is nestled between my roommate’s legs with his cock buried deep inside her. Suddenly tears start to well up in my eyes and pangs of jealousy riddle my thoughts.
Damn it Candi! Get over it already! I think to myself.
I hurry down the stairs. Once at the bottom I cross the court yard and open the door to the parking lot. Several boys push me to the side as they rush in. After ten o’clock, the doors are locked. Often boys will sneak into the girl’s side of the dorm this way. They wait until a girl opens the door and rush in before it closes.
Of course, that doesn’t help me any as those scatter brained boys damn near knock me to the floor. Not to mention, scaring the hell out of me!
“Jesus!” I exclaim when a hand softly grasps my shoulder. My nerves are already frazzled!
“Candi, are you okay?” a deep voice says.
My eyes grow wide!
“Luke! What are you doing here?”

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