Cheated With Husband’s Black Friend | Real Wife Stories – Part Two

I laid on our bed and watched a movie I had seen before and went back into the quiet den and they were talking about different Marine buddies they knew. Deshaun was the only one who stayed in.
“Come on over Cathy.” Deshaun said, nad Ron muttered in a drunken tone, “Yeah babe, come join us.” I knew Ron was not going to feel good tomorrow. Also knew he was going to either get sick or pass out soon as he staggered to the hallway bathroom. I was surprised that Deshaun appeared to still be sober or at least not obviously under the influence. I said,”So, are you happy about going to Japan? It’s a 3 year tour? OMG, that’s a long time.” Deshaun said, “Yes and no. Yes because it’s a new place and no because I won’t get to see those lovely boobs of yours for three years.” I laughed. “You are so bad, Deshaun, but thank you.” I got up and he said, “I just gotta see them puppies again, Cathy.” I ignored him and went to the kitchen and got a lemon wedge and poured a shot of tequila for myself. He followed me in there. Ron was still in the bathroom. I figured he was sick. “Don’t you feel sorry for me, leaving the country for 3 long ass years, no American women? You know I got wounded in Iraq?” I said, “No, really?” and he said, “Yeah, show you later. Not a serious wound, just some flying metal caught me in the leg, few stitches and left a bad scar.” I said, “Well, glad you weren’t seriously hurt.” He said, “Got me a Purple Heart so I can’t complain.”
Ron came out of the bathroom and said, “Hey , I gotta lie down. See you in the morning, ok?” I helped him down the hall to our bedroom and got him undressed and into bed. I put a small trashcan by the bed in-case. He was snoring before I turned off the light and left the room.
Deshaun was sitting on a bar-stool by the kitchen with a beer and asked if Ron was ok. I said, “Yeah, he can’t mix beer and booze. He is dead to the world until morning. Then, he will suffer all day long.” Deshaun laughed and said, “I remember him passing out and slept under a 2 and half ton Army truck one time. We had our canteens full of scotch.” Ok to go out back? It’s cooler now that its dark, like your patio, plants.”
He commented on my wall mirror and plants in front of the giant mirror. I got up and flipped a switch and clear small lights outlined the mirror. I saw him behind me as I looked into the mirror. He put his huge black arms around me pulled my tube-top down. I watched his big hands cup my breasts and use his thumbs and forefingers to pinch my nipples as he kissed, sucked my neck, my sensitive neck. “Ummm, we can’t be doing this.” I moaned halfheartedly. The image the mirror reflected was so erotic, sexy to the max. I was hot and bothered.
My mind was having a tug of war between “let him” and “stop him now”. His big lips on my neck sent chills through my body. I thought “Oh my, I can’t have sex with a black guy, not in my house for sure!! But, my body was responding and I felt his penis against my right butt-cheek moving all by itself. Then, I thought “hey, Ron cheated on me and I haven’t got even yet.” The tequila probably help create this situation. I reached behind my back with my right hand and felt his bulge inside his sweatpants. My fingers searched the length and width of this “bulge”. OMG!!! It can’t be that big!!!
He moved his left arm and slid his hand down between his stomach and my back and untied his sweatpants and pulled them down past his big thighs. My right hand held his penis. It was thick. My hand didn’t go all the way around it, It throbbed responding to my touch and was heavy in my hand. I could not believe how big it was as I stroked it and concluded it had to be a foot long. His slid down the front of my shorts and I pushed them down and they dropped to my ankles. I watched his big black left hand cover my landing strip and mound and his long fingers began to work themselves inside my wetness. I gasped as he got two fingers inside. I squeezed his hardened dick and just had to finally see it.
He moved his fingers as I turned to face him and knelt down and held his cock with both hands. I was fascinated with the color, thickness, length, and played with the skin over the purplish head as he was uncircumcised. First black cock, first big cock, first uncircumcised cock, first time with another man since married, and this huge cock in my hands was next to my mouth, lips. I wanted to give it up to Deshaun.
End of Part Two of Four Parts

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