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Call Girl

I’m  Raj, 6ft and muscular body with a 6-inch cock. Here is the incident which happened some 6 months ago with a call girl named Lal (name shortened). I’m relatively new to sex and only once I had experienced before.
As one of my colleague and a good friend suggested getting a girl as we were talking about this from a long time. So when my roommate was not in town, we planned to do this. I was working from home that day and my friend told he will join after some time. After getting a contact and called them, one girl was selected and I picked her up and came to my home.
Since afternoon I gathered all the things like drinks, stuff, and safety. We got home by 6:30 pm and had started to chit chatting. She was 26 yrs old and came to Bangalore recently. As she is from AP, language isn’t a barrier and we mixed up very well quickly. I gave a boxer of mine and a t-shirt and she looked damn sexy in that.
After some time of chatting and light touchings, we started to drink Blenders pride. I don’t know before but she was a hell of a drinker which made her give me more pleasure in sex. After 3 pegs, I asked shall we go to the bedroom. She said ok and we went and started slowly. She took initiative and kissed me slowly and it got wild after a minute.
I was always curious for a blowjob and asked her the same. She did it with the condom. I asked her to remove the condom and blow me. She hesitated first as she never did that but she liked me a lot in these time and agreed to do blowjob without a condom. It was an amazing and awesome experience. After a couple of minutes, I felt like I’m near to explode.
I stopped her and started to kiss and play with her boobs and pussy. She was in another world with my finger fucking. She asked me to enter my |dtstories| dick as she cannot wait anymore. She put a new condom and guided me. I started slowly and gradually increase the speed. She was enjoying the most and Me too. Her expressions made me mad and started to thump faster.
After 10 minutes, I came and fell on her. She kisses me on my forehead and hugged tightly in pleasure. We laid there for 20 mins cuddling and came back to the hall to resume boozing. She was behaving like she is in love with me. The other thing which she liked is the chicken fry I made which was a hit that day. She praised me for the chicken.
We continued to drink and I called my friend meanwhile to ask when he will come. He said in another 45 min and we finished 3 more pegs. This time, she asked me lets go inside. I happily obliged and went and had an awesome session. I tried doggy and she is enjoying fully as impressing her hips and thumping simultaneously. She is asking for more and not to stop.
I also liked this position and giving hard strokes. Due to alcohol I guess, it is nearly 40 min and I’m still not cumming and by this time she is pleading to finish. Somehow I came to climax in another 10 min and we are fully exhausted and laid there for another 15 min and came back to the hall to booze. After 15 min my friend came and joined us to booze.
I introduced her to him and we started to chat. He had a couple of pegs and took her inside. They came back in 30 min and I can clearly see he was not satisfied and she is also not happy. We boozed some time calmly and she called me inside. I asked what happened and then she started to complain that he smells very bad and also forcing her to do what she didn’t like.
I cannot comment on what happened between them but I consoled her and gave a tight hug. She cooled down and hugged me tightly and put a hand on my dick. It started to rise hard and in no time it became hard. She stroked it for a while and I also fingered her. She took my dick and started to ride on me.
It was again a new position for me and I enjoyed a lot. She rode very hard and I cummed in 15 min she fell on me and kissed my cheeks and chest |dtstories| and licked my nipples. We stayed and spoke sometime and then went to the hall. My friend had another peg and he left home as he did not get satisfied. It was 3:30 am and she also tired and we slept naked till morning.
I woke her up by fingering and had an awesome morning fuck and I dropped her back after exchanging numbers. She went back to AP but still in touch over the phone. She calls me Bava as she liked spending time with me and told me to call her whenever I visit Hyderabad and I also told her to call me when she comes to Bangalore.
A big long sex story, so I skipped some parts, but it was an amazing night for me. Thanks for reading it. Please feel free to drop your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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