Brother’s Wife Geetha… | 05

When I reached home taking the baggage brought by father I was trembling with fear. I knew I had done a dreaded thing and if my brother’s wife ever disclose it to my elder brother he would kill me. He was a brutal and hot tempered man. Further if he knew that I had hidden under his cot and see his fucking sessions with his wife what would one would not do. 

I sat with my father for dinner, instead of Geetha didi my mother served the dishes. My father asked what was wrong with Geetha, my mother replied she had a headache and was taking rest. I was relieved by her absence, as I had no courage to face her after she caught me guilty peeping her being fucked in the ass by my brother.


The next day when I was awake only Geetha didi was in the kitchen, I went to the kitchen to take tea and she understood my presence, but she pretended to be busy making a good fire using the damp firewood. I made my presence felt by placing the glass tumbler forcefully on the table after taking tea. 

She muttered without facing me, “don’t break the glass baba”. 

Thank god she spoke to me!, I thought she would ignore me for ever. From that instant I fell in love with her, I knew I was doing a mistake, a taboo, I was looking at my own brother’s wife with evil intentions, I had seen her private parts, I had witnesses her fucked in the asshole by my brother. I felt pity towards her. I knew my brother did not break her cherry so far. My brother was a gay, I came to knew more about his behavior. He had made frequent visits to a lodge where boys were available for fucking and I heard stories about marriages taking place there between men and young boys, there were musical nights conducted and in the end boys were abused sexually and for a payment. My brother was a patron of such lodges and when my father was away his concubine boys approached his store and borrowed money from him. Poor Geetha didi, she was ignorant about such things, none would believe such stories, such things happen in our land!?


I fell in love with Geetha, I felt I would die if I did not see her a day. 

But She behaved to me as if nothing had happened. This encouraged me, I looked at her pleadingly and I behaved more politely but she did not acknowledge any of such things. I accompanied her to the temples and I stood behind her when she was busy praying god with folded hands. My eyes were roaming on her fat buttocks, (she did not wear panties when she went to the temples), a simple dhoti, blouse and a davani( a 1.5 meter cloth used to cover fronts over the blouses so that cleavages and the shapely breasts are well hidden) my phallus was always rock hard while praying standing behind her. There were the usual worshippers and admirers including the old priest who used to throw a mixture of sandalwood paste with Kumkum (saffron color mixture) into my didi’s hands with his tobacco chewed lips watering at the heaviness of Geetha didi’s breasts. My brother’s wife had the biggest breasts in our countryside. Other ladies envied her when they say she soaping her assets when bathing together.


One day there was a heavy crowd and I was walking behind Geetha didi, then there was a pull and my front hit her fat buttocks, she looked at me with an angry sign, but when she saw it was only me she became calm. My phallus became rock hard and I went outside the main temple. There was some more small deities to which the priest and worshippers would go next, I went to the dark and masturbated, my shoot went sky high. I felt guilty doing such a thing in the god’s premise. 

While we were returning home I walked beside her and my hands touches her hand, but she withdrew her hand and told me, ” walk distant baba, don’t lean on me baba”. I was blushed.

But she did offer some privileges to me, did she allow it willfully or it just happened I was not able to distinguish, when she cleaned the premises using a brush made of shrubs, she did not wear her towel covering her blouse, I could see her cleavages and slightly bulging abdomen and the deep belly button. I peeped at her through the small window from my room, often I masturbated standing watching her heavy bosom and its deep cleavages and her sexy belly button.  But when my mother or brother was present she would be very modest and all covered. Another occasion when I would see her milky white thighs was when she would wash the dishes with water drawn directly from the well and she would sit near the well with her lungi showing her ankles and partly bare thighs. Each such occasion made my penis stand up and I masturbated standing in the house.


One day she asked me, “Why are you going to temple everyday? How came you become so pious overnight?”.  

“I was just accompanying you, Geetha didi” 

“Is it, I don’t need any such guards”.  

“Yes, I know, but it’s a prestige for me”.  


“Geetha didi, people are saying you are the greatest chick around here”, I told her openly.  

“chick?! You call your brother’s wife a chick?!”, she barked.  

“Not me, people, they say you are the most beautiful women ever come to this countryside, so I get some prestige when I walk with you, I am brother of such a great chick, no?”  

“Are you not ashamed to refer as a brother, are you behaving like a brother to me, you are nothing but a nasty peeping tom”, she said.  

“I can’t help it, you have such beautiful assets”.  

“Go away, don’t take such rubbish, don’t cross your limits, remember I am your big brother’s wife”, she said.  

“I olden days there was only a single wife for 5 brothers”, I said.  

“Aha, now the cat is out of bag, so you are having such thoughts, shall I tell your mother, you scoundrel, how dare you speak such rubbish to your brother’s wife, A brother’s wife is a second mother to a younger boy, don’t you know that”, she was sobbing and furious.  

“I am sorry, but I cant help it , I love you, I love you and I will love you even if you hate me”, I walked away.


The reaction was oblivion from the next day. She did not reveal any of her private parts, she changed to a nightie , a useless robe which covers fully and it’s a robe which was designed to be most erotic, that is a night dress a long gown with easily removable features. 

But in Kerala every women age ranging from adolescent to granny wore it and its worn at day instead of nights. This made men hornier, as they were deprived the contours , cleavages , nooks and corners of a voluptuous woman which their ancestors enjoyed until the nightie was discovered. 

Before the freedom struggle no women covered their bosoms in Kerala, then upper caste women started covering the breasts soon followed by aGeethation by lower caste women for their right to cover their bosoms. Now the fanatics of ***** and Muslims force every woman to cover every inch of her body. Both ***** and ***** fanatics unite in one thing, deprive sex, and no dating, no talking no mingling between men and women. Thus by past nineties Indian people are deprived every kind of sexual pleasures and to see a woman nude one has to wait till he is married or watch his blues away watching foreign porno films. This depression of sex makes people commit more sexual crimes and even children are attacked. Muslims promote their burkhas and only ***** women’s face is visible. 

The men who is deprived of sex, go crazy and enter crowded buses and jerk off right in the buses or he goes to a movie hall showing masala movie and jerk off there watching the abdomens and navels of those extras who dance behind the hero and heroine showing their ample midriffs and belly buttons which could hold cups of water!. The very same guy who just jerked off seeing the navels and bulging abdomen apply tar on the postures and preach the revealing postures should be banned. 

The very next day media covers all these rubbish and different women agitations,  organizations folk before the theatres to ban such movies. Poor guy, who want sex, who likes to watch a porno movie in the dark, who likes to have a beer when its scorching sun outside found everything banned in this country.

Cigarette smoking is banned, men and women traveling in same seat in a bus is banned, men and women talking outside his house is banned, liquor is banned, beer is banned, frustrated to the chore he goes to his home , watch the fashion T.V girls and finally jerk off. Now a days there too censors have come, and lingerie sections have been banned in India during day time. 

Coming back to the story, I had opportunities to peep at the ladies who were willing to show their bosoms or partially clad pussies when they were bathing at the canals. We had a toddy tapper Mackotha who used to climb coconut trees at evenings and he will spend hours at the top in pretext of taking toddy but all he does is jerking off while watching the ladies soaping their pussies and melons ignorant of Macotha’s silent presence over the coconut top.

Geetha started wearing nighties and I could not see any of her plump body then. This went on for a week and I could not stand it any longer.

Once I tried to peep through the coconut leaves made walls of the urinal when I heard her pissing sound. But she sensed my steps and when I appeared as if accidentally she had put the curtain down and called ‘Amma, Amma’, and I ran away.


One day it was an evening, my mother was away, I saw Geetha didi disappearing to the bath shed. It was not possible for her to know I was around, I saw it as a god sent opportunity to have a peep. I saw her clothes appearing on the wall one by one, first her dhoti, then her skirt, then blouse and last the black bra the sight of which released my angry young man outside my underwear.

When I was moving with silent steps to the bathroom, my mother appeared as if from nowhere, “Vasu, haven’t you seen rain is coming, go take that logs away in the shed, don’t let them get wet, we have no firewood else”.

Oh, shit, I cursed my mummy’s appearance, I had missed a great scene. I took the logs in hand and went to the small shed, I arranged it in heaps, then I saw that the shed was constructed adjacent to Geetha didi’s room.

There was a small ventilator without any doors. But its not safe both persons from inside and outside could see each other. I took some teak leaves and fixed it to the ventilator and arranged the logs quickly so that there was a small place where I could stand and I had the excuse I was arranging logs. I put some gum to the dry leaves and fixed them to the ventilator. Now she can see only the dry leaves, but I can see through the small holes the whole room if I put my eyes close to the leaves.

The rain started pouring down, and I was standing between the logs and I shivered when I saw Geetha entering her room fully covered with a lot of wet clothes. She put away the wet clothes one by one on the hangers and when she removed the underskirt from her chest, I gasped, my blood was boiling, wow, she had no bra, nothing she was half nude, oooh, la la what a scene baby, I took my phallus from my underwear I did not have to peel the foreskin it was already gone back, my angry red sword had come out of its sheath and was oozing wet.

Geetha took a dry towel and started drying her boobs one by one, she took a lot of time looking in the mirror watching her beauty, she lifted each breast like precious treasure dried the underside, rubbed the nipples, and then she dried her armpits. I could see her side and fine fleshy smooth back. She stood like a carved statue and there was a deep channel downwards from her nape of neck, the channel itself was sufficient for a man to jerk off. She had no spinal chord it seemed but a fleshy spinal channel. She then wrapped the towel around her waist and removed the wet lungi she was wearing. She stood like a wrestler and I could see the dark fat thighs and heavy buttocks through the semi transparent towel, only unfortunate thing was she did not face me.

She then used the wrapped towel to dry her wet hole and in the process I could see her marvelous buttocks she put part of the towel into her rectum and using her thumb finger she dried her asshole and after she put the towel in place she sniffed her finger, taking to her nose. Was she smelling her asshole? I was expecting the towel to disappear at any instant, but she took a dry under skirt, put on it through the neck and as soon as the towel dropped the skirt hid her fleshy buttocks from me, but I got one precious second in between and my shoot went sky high to the mud walls just in front of me!!!.

She adjusted her skirt around her abdomen, her tits were dangling free. She poured some talcum powder inside her palm and rubbed it on her armpits, then she put a bra and started clipping it behind and I guessed the show was over and unsafe to stick around. I put a last log in its place and appeared to the front side.

My mother was gone once again outside. Then my Geetha didi appeared with heavy mascara applied around her black wide eyes, and I could sniff the talcum powder from her.

“What a heavy amount of powder you use, my nose is burning”, I exclaimed.

She gave me an irritated look, “It my powder and my body, why you bother?”, she asked.

“But I don’t like it , its better if you had not put any powder, I cant stand near you because of the perfume”, I said.

“Its my husband’s money and I am doing as I please, its better you to keep away from me”, she said.

I could not get this lady, one moment she appear pacified the next moment she barks at me. Then my mother came, “why are you quarrelling?” she asked.

“Nothing mamma, we were talking about the rain, clothes are wet”, she said.

“Oh that, anyway the firewood is not wet”, she moved to kitchen.


The next day my parents went to attend a wedding at my sister’s house and they said they would return with my brother at night. So I was alone with Geetha didi, I fantasized so many evil things, but she went away to Villus’

house soon after my parents left. I guessed she would not return to house if she doubted she is going to be alone with me, so I decided to bluff her, I had no intention to make a physical contact with her even though I masturbated in several nights thinking about it. I took my fishing equipment and walked to the canal through Villu’s compound.

I saw my Geetha didi and Villu sitting on the portico and they saw me. Villu gave me a smile and asked, “Vasu, are you going for fishing?”.

But before I could answer Geetha said, “I don’t think any ladies are bathing at this hour”. Villu laughed at the joke and I was furious.

“I am not going to watch any “, I said.

Geetha shot back, “We did not say it, why you agitate with me, we were discussing something else.”

I walked and when I was nearing the canal, I saw Villu and Geetha walking to my home. The lunch was prepared, there was nothing to do at the house till evening, so I was expecting Geetha to take a leisurely bath, I should not miss this opportunity, I hid my fishing rod behind some bushes and returned to my house by another shortcut.

When I reached home, I saw nobody at the house, the doors were closed and I saw the lights were on in Geetha’s room. Villu was laughing what are these bitches doing, most probably gossiping about me, I thought. Lets overhear them , I decided so I moved to the shed behind the bedroom and hid between logs safely. I soon focused my eyes through the holes of the leaves and I could see inside of the room clearly.

Villu was sitting on the cot leaning to the wall and facing me directly. She was laughing and was busy looking for lice in my Geetha didi’s hair. Geetha didi was sitting between the legs of Villu , facing my side and her long hair was being inspected by Villu, and both were laughing and talking. This act of combing other woman’s hair and killing lice is the popular spare time activity of Keralite women in countryside. It’s the time they pass gossips and discuss womanly things and secrets. I could see Villu’s skirts hiked above her ankles and her thighs were shining in the light like two ivory towers, her folded knee made the thighs fold at kneecap look like shape of a pussy’s outside. One could have a nice fuck by folding her thighs and inserting the penis behind her kneecap!, I was getting berserk. 

Then I saw three buttons of Geetha didi’s blouse was open, I could see her black bra and the heavy breasts which were trying to burst them out. The table fan was running, the hairs of Villu were spreading , Geetha was leaning more against her. “Oh what a relief when I opened the hooks, now my bosom could breath”, Geetha exclaimed. 

“But I am not getting air now”, Villu said. 

“Its because you were so long skirt, who wear such long skirts at home, you hike them, it nice to feel your thighs on my sides, its bit ticklish”, Geetha didi said. 

Villu hiked the skirt upper and I could see the half thighs now, wow, she has so creamy and hairless. 

Geetha didi leaned more close to Villu and she too hiked her skirt showing the calves and tiny hairs on her calves. If only she had put her legs fixed on the cot I could see traces of her pussy, Villu was closely moving the comb through the thick hairs and she caught one lice between her fingers and crushed it. “Geetha didi lean more towards me, lets see the front side”, Villu asked. 

“Then I would unhook the bra, its so tight today”, Geetha unhooked her bra from behind and the football shaped breasts sagged a bit and loosened. 

Villu exclaimed, “Aha, Geetha , your tits are free, well can I touch them, all say you have the biggest tits in this village, well let me feel, wow, how heavy are them dear chechy, how did they reside in this 34 bra, I bet your size is 36″”, Villu was cuddling Geetha’s breasts, and Geetha did not do anything to disrupt her. Villu said, “Geetha I am envy whenever I see your hair and breasts, will my tits ever become big like them”. 

Geetha laughed, “Ha, Ha , hair I don’t know dear, but your tits sure will become large once you married, your husband will crush them as soon as you are married”. 

“Geetha didi, is it true that men crush our tits as soon as they see them?, will it cause pain?”. 

“Ha ha, it depends on the guy, some are greedy and rough, some handle them nice, but most of the guys go crazy once they see them naked”, Geetha said, her bra had all gone and her tits were proudly looking at me.  I started masturbating rhythmically watching those marvelous boobs. 

“Geetha, is it true men make us naked in the first night?”, Villus asked. 

“You are better experienced than me, you are ready to expose yourself even before the first night”, Geetha shot back. 

Villu blushed and she started, “Oh, Geetha what are you talking, I don’t expose to anybody”. 

“Oh, forget it, you have Vasu , applying herbs between your legs, your doctor of leaches, don’t think I am a fool, I had seen him licking your pussy, I saw both of you one day, but I did not want to disturb you”, Geetha revealed the incident and Villu lost all the color from her face. 

“Didi, you saw us, oh I am doomed, it just happened, but please don’t tell it to anybody”, Villu pleased. 

“Oh forget it, I am not going to tell it to anybody, sweety, I just want to know if it was nice, did you get pleasure when he licked you there?”, Geetha was bolder. 

“Oh, didi, it was nice, I should admit it, it was really nice”. 

“Do you want it to happen again?”, Geetha asked. 

“I don’t get you, what do you suggest”, Villu asked. 

“I suggest this”, saying this Geetha moved her hand backwards and it disappeared into Villu’s cave and she jerked but Geetha inserted her finger into Villu’s pussy and she sucked her finger, I saw a flinch from Geetha didi’s face. I knew the reason, she did not expect it, it was the most pungent pussy Villu had, and Geetha suppressed a vomit gesture, fortunately as she was facing away from Villu she did not notice it. 

“Oh Geetha, you are naughty, well let me see your pussy too!”, Villu moved forward. I was bursting at the turn of events.

I never thought Geetha might know lesbian tricks, how did a country girl knew the pleasures between two women. But Geetha removed her skirt and offered her pussy to Villu and she nose dived into my Geetha didi’s pussy.

To Be Cont…

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