Brother’s Wife Geetha… | 04

One week went on like that without offering any interesting events. I spent my time around the paddy fields, banks of the canals watching ladies bathing together.

Villu’s father who was away from home came to stay there and he did not like the neighbours visiting his house at odd times. Villu and my bro’s wife Geetha started bathing again at the canal as the leaches disappeared and wells became dry. But I could not enjoy Villu’s sexy bath as Geetha was always with her.

One day I tried to peep at them but Geetha got my idea and threatened me with her popped eyes and I left the idea.

Geetha and Villu were the most beautiful and sexy ladies in our countryside, some of my friends voyeured on their sexy bodies when they bathed in canals. Only poor I was deprived the sexy feast. This disappointed me. I was not interested in other generous ladies like the barber’s wife, the sexy dark dhobi lady who always showed me their pussies and tits as if begging for my attention. They smiled knowingly when I masturbated standing in the water away from them pretending not to notice their tits and that hairy forest between their legs. The finest pleasure one could get from life is by masturbating in a river or pool. If none have so far tried it then my advise to them is go for it. Enjoy!!!!

The desire was burning inside me, to see my Geetha nude and I masturbated infinite number of times thinking about her fat buttocks and the heavy breasts like tender coconuts. My mother and brother’s wife usually urinated in open behind our house.


One day I tried to get a view of Geetha pissing, I walked with silent steps with intention to appear unknowingly. I could see only her fat buttocks and she was facing away from me hiking her linen above her waist and Lo! What a fine butt.

Within one second she dropped the lungi and jumped up and sneered, “What is this? are you not ashamed of yourself, Can’t I at least urinate peacefully in this house?” .

I said sorry but she started again, “You are brother of my husband, so a brother to me, is it fair that you always peep at me, I cant do the dish washing, sweeping everywhere you come peeping at me, nasty fellow, if you come like this when I piss I will surely piss into your mouth”.

“Then I will enjoy it”, I said.

“What did you say?”, she asked.

“No, nothing”, I left her.

The next day my brother constructed a temporary bathroom with coconut leaves folded neatly and there was not an inch open to peep into. I guessed that Geetha might have brain washed her husband.


The next day Villu visited Geetha. “Oh Geetha you have a new bathroom constructed, so you will not be coming to canal anymore”, she exclaimed.

“No, so many peepers there, everywhere there are peepers”, Geetha replied. I guessed she was digging at me.

I wished Villu and asked “Is your father still there?”.

Geetha was replying, “Why do you ask, do you want to treat him?”.

“I didn’t ask to you, Geetha didi”, I said.

“So why are you always around when two ladies talk, go away, Amma..”,

I went away at the next instant. I decided to sneak into her room again and have a good sexy view of her nudity.

I got the opportunity only next Friday. 

My mother was not there and I saw Geetha taking water in buckets to the bathroom and the door closed behind her. Without loosing any moment, I ran to the house and entered my brother’s bedroom. I adjusted the big boxes and grass mat and lay still under her cot.  

Then I heard a harsh sound, “Mamma, where is Geetha? Isnt nobody at home?”, it was my brother. 

He appeared unexpectedly and I was shivering. If he found out me then I am killed. But how could I escape, no way he entered the bed room. 

‘I am having bath, please wait, Amma has gone to temple’, Geetha’s voice came from the bathroom.  

“Okay, that’s good’, my brother sat on the cot and removed his shirt and changed to an old lungi. 

“What happened, you came this time”, it was Geetha entering the room partly wet and dressed in hurriedly fitted clothes and carrying wet clothes in her arms. 

“No, I need to take some money, urgently required to purchase some provisions”, he said. 

“Then please wait, I will make tea and will bring some snacks, let me change the clothes”, she said. 

“No need, but change your clothes, of course”, he said.

Geetha put the wet clothes away and was clad only on a wet dhoti tied just above her heavy breasts, my dick was rising under my knickers. If only my brother had left the room, what a fine occasion. Geetha tried to put a nightie over her head turning away from her husband. 

“Face me dear, its been a long time since I see you naked in daylight”. 

“Ofo, don’t start your games, amma and Vasu may come soon”, Geetha said. 

“Where is Vasu?”, he was asking for me. 

I was trembling again. “He is sticking around that Villu always, its dangerous you know”. Geetha was referring my affairs. 

“Don’t worry, Vasu is my brother, he will also have a good dick like mine, it’s the girl who should take care, nothing will happen to men, its women who get pregnant”, my brother was beaming. 

“But if that girl get pregnant you will get bad name, they are kids don’t know about those things, its our duty to keep away fire and crackers being together”. 

“Who cares, lets see your pussy dear, what are you hiding, remove your clothes”, he was impatient. 

“No not now, at night “, Geetha said coyly. 

The next instant my brother jumped and snatched the wet linen in one pull and Geetha was naked down her waist, but she still had a blouse. 

My phallus was going to burst, but the danger was grave too. If they saw me then I am killed.

“Please don’t crush, they will get bruised”, Geetha was saying while my brother was pumping her breasts over her blouse. 

“I want to drink your milk”, he said. 

“No I will open the blouse for you’, Geetha unhooked the blouse and it was thrown near to me. What a big pair of breasts, tender coconuts with brown nipples and what an areola, wow, my brother was sucking at it and crushing them. “Don’t crush them, please go gently, its for our kids to drink from them”, Geetha was trying to kiss my brother. 

“Kids, fuck them, I want to suck them now”, he was adamant. 

“Hus, I am serious people are asking me , three months have gone and I am still not pregnant”, Geetha said scornfully. 

“I will fuck you nicely at night, but now I want you to suck me out”, he said. The next instant he was standing with her phallus erect and what a monster it was same of my size and the big hairy balls were dangling like pendulum. How could Geetha accommodate them in her pussy, I wondered.

I reached my hand and took her wet blouse and took it to my nose. I could inhale the raw body smell of her, the smell of crushed jasmine, the armpits portion of blouse was dark and stained and linen was very thin there and the odour so strong. I sucked the socked blouse and enjoyed the slight saltiness of her sweat accumulated, I peeled the foreskin of my phallus and rubbed my dick on the blouse. 

“Don’t bite me, please suck my nipples”, Geetha’s voice made my senses back. 

I could see only their fat buttocks and parts of legs. My brother was saying, “Later dear, now you suck me”. 

“No, you always promise to suck my tits but never does. All you do is crush them and bite at my flesh, don’t you know it hurts, you are always rough”. 

“Who cares, now suck bitch, take my phallus, have you seen such one ever in life. My phallus is greatest in this village do you know, you are lucky to have me as husband.  Now suck at it, hurry”. I saw my brother standing and his wife was sucking. It was obvious that he did not get much pleasure and Geetha was no expert cock sucker. She was struggling to take it in her mouth, more than half of it was still outside her mouth. 

“No good, you have to learn how to suck a good cock, well let me rub it on your tits”, he took the phallus out and was now rubbing it on the cleavages and on the tits of Geetha. I could now see her face, she was sad and hurt. My brother was taking his dick in hand and was rubbing it everywhere on her body, in her cleavages, tits and between the armpits. “Okay, now turn around lay still, I want to fuck you”, he said. 

“Oh no, not there, I will not allow this everyday, you have not fucked me in my pussy, why do you always go to that shitting place. This way I will never become pregnant, I am sure of it, please fuck me like men do, I am waiting for your great dick to fill my pussy”, Geetha was pleading. 

I did not understand the situation if he was not fucking her between her legs then where was he doing it?

“Later, I will fill your pussy at night, now I am in a hurry”, he was turning her to lie on her chest. 

“No I will not allow it, please fuck me in my pussy or go away”, Geetha was furious. 

My brother then gave her two slaps, “Bitch, what are you taking, trying to teach your husband, I know what to do, turn around bitch, I want to fuck you in the ass, yeah, I love it, your asshole is better than your stinking pussy, I cant stand the smell of it”. 


I was quite surprised. “Fucking in the asshole!, can anyone fuck there!, it’s too small hole isn’t it? Why my brother is fucking her in asshole when he could easily thrust his monster into her juicy lovely musky pussy. Is he a human or a beast?  What an embarrassed situation!”, I did a big mistake hiding under the cot witnessing the brutality. 

“No, I will not allow you to get away doing me the same stuff again and again, no, never!”, Geetha was crying. 

My brother handled her coolly with brutal force and I saw him spreading her big buttocks and thrusting his thick penis into her. 

“Ayooo, amma, he is killing me, Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh hooooooooo , save me”, Geetha cried aloud. 

“Shut up, no sound, I will kill you”, saying this my brother took his phallus out of her rectum and spat on it twice, Again he shoved the big tool into her rectum and I heard a slight fart sound. I guess my brother, that rascal had burst my dear Geetha didi’s anal cherry and in the process she farted. 

Then my brother began to move fast behind her and lying on top of her , the cot was creaking and I heard sobs of Geetha. Through the holes of the plastic wires woven I could see Geetha’s pussy and marvelous tits but the thrill was gone, my prick was now limp seeing the cruelty caused to Geetha by my brother.

Then I saw my brother carrying Geetha and they moved to the floor, they might have thought the cot might broke up.  I saw my brother fucking Geetha like an ox mating a cow from behind. Geetha was like a cow standing on her fours the marvelous tits were dangling to and fro. Occasionally my brother would cup her dangling tits and he would forcefully fuck her again in asshole. Geetha might have been used to anal fucking, after the first breaking there was no symptoms of pain from her, she was rubbing her pussy with her hands and I saw her fingers disappearing into her vulva. She was masturbating!, what a pity, they were an odd couple doing unnatural things. The guy was fucking his woman in her ass and she fingering her pussy. 

Anyhow it was a great feast for my eyes. I can’t see such nice action even in blue films.

It went on for some time. Then my brother ejaculated and I saw him shooting his semen on her buttocks when his phallus came out of Geetha’s rectum with a plop sound. 

Geetha was relieved, she said, “dear, I am yet to come, please suck me down there, I have sucked your cock a thousand times no?, but you have never eaten my pussy!”. 

“Okay, I will do it at night, now I have to go out”, my brother was going to dress again. 

“Oh you say this again and again but never does it, I get jealous when I see others eating pussies”, she lamented. 

“Whose pussy eaten by whom”, my bro asked. I thought she was referring my escapades with Villu, she had seen me munching her pussy. 

“No, I haven’t seen any, but my friends all talk their hubbies eating their pussies, I have kept it clean and washed every time but you never did that to me”.

“I have no time now, later at night”, my brother was wearing his shirt. 

“If you are going like this and ignoring my pussy I will allow somebody else to fill my pussy”,Geetha said. 

“In that case I will put itching powder all over your pussy bitch, anyway who dares to fuck my wife, has anybody got such a dick in this whole village”, he proudly displayed his member again. 

“Anyway I cant go on like this, its high time I get pregnant, people are all asking why I am not conceiving, I am embarrassed, your mother also asked me”, she said.  

“Tell her to mind her business, I will do it today night, now please suck my dick for a while, some more semen is left out”, he caught her by hair and offered his dick to her mouth. 

Geetha took his member again and I saw her sucking at it sitting on the floor. I had a vintage view of her assets by the angle. Her breasts naked wide back, the channel between her buttocks, her sparsely hairy outer thighs, her ankles, soft inner thighs, neatly trimmed pussy, the fine pussy folds, wow, I began to shake my phallus vigorously. 

Then he came again, she tried to spit the fluid, but my brother did not allow her, I saw Geetha gulping down the thick paste. 

The next instant my brother was gone out.

She was alone, she took a towel and dusted her body all dirt accumulated from the floor, she was murmuring.  “What a beast, such a fine phallus, but he never fucks into my pussy, if he had filled me once I would have been pregnant by now. What a chap always fucks in asshole, tomorrow I can’t even shit properly, such a nice pussy I have, not like that ugly Villu, still I am virgin, oh God! What could a girl do, why my husband is so fond of assholes, my God, please make him like my pussy”. Using a towel she wiped the semen from the floor, then she took the blouse, which was lying on the floor and then she saw me!

She looked as if seeing a ghost, something unbelievable, then she came to her senses. She dragged me from under the cot, she was still stark naked and I had still my phallus in my hand. She cried and cursed and beat me, “you mother fucker hiding under my cot! You saw all! Oh, shit, you devil!, get out you devil, get out”, she forced me out and closed the door, I could hear her sobs. 


I went out to the darkness, it was 6.30 evening and lamps were not lit. I did not decide what to do, either my brother will kill me or I have to commit suicide. I decided to run away from home. 

I went to the culvert where my friend Ganesh was sitting smoking a bidi . 

“Dear Vasu, where are you these days? I have heard you have seduced that Villu. She is a chik yaar, did you fuck her?, you are so lucky yaar, your sister in law she is the best fuckable woman in this whole village.Villu is the best unmarried chick, you have both of them around, you are extremely lucky yaar, are baba, give me one help, bring me a panty of any of them, at least I can masturbate smelling their cunts yaar, why are you aloof, is it because I talked ill of your sister in law.  Take it easy yaar, you can fuck my sister in return, of course if she allows, ha ha come, smoke one bidi yaar”, Ganesh was always energetic and enthusiastic when sex is concerned.

“Sorry Vasu, but I am always like that, pardon me, did not mean to hurt your feelings”, Ganesh thought my silence as a protest from me.

I broke my silence, “Ganesh I have a thing to ask you”, I said reluctantly.

“Ask, baba, ask, did you fuck that Villu, any problem man?”, he asked.

“No, that’s not the matter, well, is it possible to fuck in the asshole?”.

“Yes!, why did you ask, did someone tried to fuck you in ass?, are baba, don’t go near sardars and muslims, they are crazy ass fuckers , they like it better than fucking in pussies. Sometimes elder men will come to you and stroke your penis, it happens in theaters, buses, festivals, some guys do. But don’t go with them, they will fuck you in asshole and its no pleasure but simply pain. If some guy approach you just kick at his balls, he will go away”, Ganesh explained.

“No, I was just curious, some told me about it, then I did not believe it, I said to him that it was impossible”, I said.

“Impossible, ha ha, ask your brother, its always possible for him”, Ganesh laughed.

“What did you say?, first you said ill of sister in law and now you talk ill of my brother”.

“Ha, ha , the whole town knows your brother is a ass fucker. He is one bloody ass fucker and he keeps a lot of boys as concubines at his provision store. Haven’t you got a clue about it. Just now we were discussing what a waste was that sexy sister in law of you married to your brother. He is a gay, he is never interested in good women except those cock suckers and prostitutes who takes all his money”, Ganesh said.

“How disgusting you talk, Ganesh!, he is my own brother!, have you forgotten”, I was furious.

“You only started this topic, your brother is fond of only boys, last month he made a fight with another guy a railway gate keeper who is infamous for fucking small boys”, Ganesh was not going to leave me.

“For what, then what happened?”

“For fucking a new ***** boy, who is town’s new craze among the gays, a real gandu ( boy who gives ass for fucking)” , Ganesh said.

“Last month, impossible, he was married three month back, he had no need for boys”, I tried to argue.

“Ha, ha, Vasu, you don’t know these gay people, once they taste fucking boys, they can’t stop fucking them, they wont get an erection if Aiswarya Rai is displayed naked before him”, Aiswarya Rai is our sexy beautiful queen of celluloid.

“Then why they marry?”, I was thinking about the incident I just voyeured.

“For the sake of society, for hiding their true identity, your poor sis-in-law!, I bet she had never been fucked by your brother, take my advise, baba, its your chance, try to seduce her, its possible baba, your brother that infamous ass fucker of our town can never get an erection before such good chicks, Ganesh was making merry.

Then my father came by last bus. He saw me. “why are you sitting here, don’t you have anything to study, come with me to home”, he took my hand and I walked to home with trembling heart and weak legs.

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