Brother’s Wife Geetha… | 01

So before start the story … I am Vasudev (Vasu) & this story belongs to me & my sister-in-law Geetha. 

When my brother raghu got married I was 16 years old. 

I had started growing hairs on my face and chest but I was studying still in a school as I took more than one year to get promotion to higher class.  

My brother along with my father was running a shop in the town. 

My brother’s wife Geetha too belonged to the town. 

Our house was in a suburban village with lot of rivers, landscapes and backwaters. Beyond our compound there is a wide paddy field and just before the paddy field there is a small canal which was dug for irrigating the crops but never used. 

Even in the Summer season there would be enough water flowing as the water comes from a dam constructed in the forest lands. The steps to this canal was constructed from our land, women use these steps as an ideal place to soak their linen and dry them after washing it. 

I used to go to the banks of the canal in the pretext of fishing. There is a lot of vegetation and banana plants near it offering enough shade and privacy like in a tropical forest. But my intention was not to fish but watch the ladies naked beauty when they bath at leisure and do the usual gossiping. Normally after two o’ clock they come to the stream and start their bath. The meals would be prepared and lunch would be over. The lunch would be served as supper too so ladies are free in the afternoon. T.V was not launched and electricity was just reaching the village at that time. I am talking of the year of 1970

I started getting a hard on when I watch my neighbours bath at the age of 12. First I thought something was wrong with my penis which started to jump at the silliest provocations and grew like a flagpole in my knickers at the most inappropriate occasions. I found it very difficult especially when my mother wake me up in the morning to start my studies. According to her if we study in the early morning we would understand more clearly and memory would be great at that time. But my penis was standing hard rock and it was impossible to stand up when my mother was watching and waiting to confirm that I woke up. I would lay on my back and pray the goddamn penis to shrink so that I could stand before my mom. Soon I learnt that the only way to solve the problem was to masturbate in the early morning when my penis gets the best hard on. There was no master for me to teach the masturbation, I just stroked my thing and soon I experienced the vibration and a little spinning of my head. A white thick fluid would emit from the tip which resembled like a spit and the erection was gone for some hours. 

But then I felt tired and dozed of when read my lessons. I would come from school about 3.30 and right away I go to the stream to fish. The ladies from my neighbourhood would be at various stages of undressing, some washing clothes some soaping their pussies and some soaping the other ladies tits, gossiping would be continuously going on in between. The subjects would be how she was fucked last night, how one ladies husband waste money on drinking and how someone eloped with other’s wife or some girl attained puberty and how some girl got pregnant when her husband was away for an year etc. Everything under the sun was big news for them, but the subjects mostly dealt with adultery, sex and village scandals. I would sit behind some bushes through which I could get a sneak view of all good pussies and tits. Some ladies voluntarily gave me a show as if they did not see me hiking their muslin towels while soaping their buttocks standing away from me. 

My next door neighbour Vilasini was the best among them. She was about one year older than me. When she bathed with some grannies she would ask them to soap her back and while the grannies happily do the chore she would face me with her towel half fallen and I could see her dark pussy and big tits. 

Most of the ladies had big breasts especially the middle aged women around 50 years old. They did not bother to cover their assets and I was always awarded with nice clear and unabashed view of their watermelon like breasts. 

But now a days I wonder what happened to my villagers. I don’t see any girls or women with such tits now. Also they never bath in open now. Even then I can bet that none of them possess such big tits which I used to see in my childhood. Perhaps the family planning may be the reason or lack of exercise. In olden days the women had to do a lot of household chores and there was a secluded place for women to At that time most women would have delivered about 4 to 7 children and they were less conservative about sex too. Adultery was common and none bothered much about who fuck who unlike the present times where people watch with binoculars at their next door neighbours.

But little did I know that my masturbation sessions were going to end when my brother married the girl from town. 

Her name was Geetha, she was beautiful, about 1 year elder to me. She got at home with my mother and neighbors faster than I expected. 


After one week she too started to bath in the canal behind our house.  I had avoided peeping on her as I thought it was highly improper. But the sight of her coming to my house after her leisure bath  provoked my cock which was dangling peasefully between my legs. She would wear only a small muslin towel to cover her breasts and her shoulders would be bare. She covered her big breasts using the washed clothes which were spread on her shoulders in such a way that an onlooker could not understand that she wore no blouses neither any bra except for the muslin towel. Her muslin towel could reach up to her midriff. So she wore a lungi under it like men wear in India. 

When she spread the washed clothes I would look at her from my room through the windows. As she would be standing under direct sun and I watching her in my room she could not notice me much. I would watch at her taking clothes one by one from her shoulders and put it one by one on a wire tied between two coconut trees which is used as hanger for the dress to dry. 


One by one she would first put the clothes on the iron wire then she would spread them nicely taking one at a time. My phallus would jump up at each of the time she put a cloth on the wire. I could see her bare shoulders, how broad were they! She could beat an Arnold Schwarznegger if she had some muscles in her bare hands, but she had only flesh. When she had put all clothes on the wire I could clearly see her shapely breasts covered or rather revealed by the muslin towel. She had two spots on her left shoulder which were of vaccination marks which excited me terribly for some unknown reason.  She had a dark forest of hairs on her pits, I could see the dark patch of hairy mass when she lift one arm and spread the dress on the wire.  

I wondered how hairy would be her pussy if she had such a massive hairy pit. When she had spread all clothes she would go to her room and bolt the door. I would imagine the stages of her undressing, removing her muslin towel first and then the wet lungi, if only I had a capacity to go vanished and could peep at her!. I prayed god for such a gift, by the time my phallus would emit the white fluid which my body produced in plenty at that age. But the most thrilling pleasure I got was when I masturbated standing in the water watching the bare pussies and breasts offered to me by generous ladies who bathed in the canal. I thought none guessed my activities and all of them think that I was a poor fish hunter.


But I was wrong, one day my brother’s wife asked me “Why are you always sticking around the canal boy?”. 

“Boy! My foot! Bitch how dare you call me a boy”, I thought “if you see my dick you wont call me a boy”. I said silently. “To catch fish”, came my voice. 

“How many fish you have caught?” she was not going to leave me alone. “Well I tried but what’s wrong if they did not enter my net” I said. 

“Okay  but stop your fishing today if I see you anymore hiding around watching woman I will tell your mother and brother. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself ogling at other women’s tits and ass. Do you think we don’t know it?” she was furious. 

“The bitch!”, I muttered. Thus my entertainment stopped I was afraid to go to canal again. My brother was a cruel man he might beat the hell out of me of my brother’s wife  complain about me.

Then came the harvest season paddy fields were busy with activities women cropping yield and men helping them carry the corns to houses. It’s a season when men would flirt with women and ‘pom pom’ (cup) their jutting breasts when they put corn on their heads. The buffaloes and oxen were used to plough fields and they would get bathed in canals. 


One day I saw my brother’s wife going to the canal when she looked at my I turned my face. “What are you looking at did you fish any today? Anyway don’t come near canal”, she said. 

“I advise you not to go there now”, I said. 

“Why you mind your own business”, she said sharply. 

“Then you will understand when you feel it”, I said. 

She moved ignoring me. 

                          I had something in mind, readers will understand it when you read further…

When I returned from fishing at the paddy fields I saw my brother’s wife walking speedily to our house. 

When I came to the house my mother was not there. I looked at my Brother’s wife room. Obviously she might be changing clothes now. Wow, I thought if only I were in that room to see her nude body then I saw her door half open and her face coming out “Where is your mother boy?” she asked. 

“She is not here she had gone to fields” I said. 

“Oh what can I do now, oh please”, she was crying. 

“What happened Geetha didi any snake in your room?” I asked with concern. In the harvest seasons it was natural for rat snakes roaming around, did she find one in her room. 

“No snake and ladder, oh some problem what shall I do now?” she did not stop. 

“Didi tell me what’s your problem then only I can do something”, I said. 

Then she opened the door and came partially out. She was wearing only a blouse and an underskirt. The skirt was hiked above her knees, what a sight I suppressed an urge to go somewhere and jerk off. Wow, what a piece! Look at her tits, they are going to burst out at any moment. Those sticking nipples they will tore the blouse and would come out. Ah her thunder thighs! Two ivory pillars! Lo so well rounded and shapely and creamy white. 

She was looking at a small dark obstacle hanging on her creamy thighs. Then I understood her problem, it was a leach sticking to her thunder thighs sucking her blood. It was common to have such leaches appearing from nowhere in the canal after harvest, they come with buffaloes. After the buffaloes and oxen are bathed the leaches travel downward and they bite women who used to bath in the canals. I was anticipating it and that was reason I had told her to avoid canals.

I looked at her thighs closely there was a leach hanging from middle of her thighs it had drunk a lot of blood as its colour was red. She was having some hairs on her outer thighs that’s the reason the  wicked leach selected her inner thigh which was hairless. I was knowing that the leach may soon stop drinking and fall away. But I ran to my room and came back with a pot full of calcium carbonate used to chew with betal leaves by my mom. If you apply some cigar ash or calcium carbonate the leach will fell down. It was only remedy for this leach bites. 

I closed the door and she got panic. “Why are you closing door boy leave it open, I said” she barked. 

“Didi I have to apply this paste on your wound otherwise it will drink your whole blood” .

“Okay do what you want but be quick”, she was no more panic. 

“Lay there on the cot then only I can locate the leach’s bite point”, I started hiking her skirt and tried to look at her pussy. 

She understood it and barked again, “You boy, where are you peeking at leach is on my thighs not between my thighs”. 

“No didi let me look at it”, I saw her pussy’s opening. A fine thick mass of meat with lots of hair cut with scissors possibly. Her big pussy winked at me like three puffs put together and bent in the middle. Look at those folds wow! A perfect triangle with a rose channel between and I inhaled a smell of soap mixed with lavender and urine, a divine smell, an aphrodisiac it filled my nostrils and my prick struggled to jump out. 

“What are you looking at bastard do something ” she barked again. 

Well let me inspect more closely , Oh god what am I seeing. I was seeing a pussy close up for the first time in my life! .The thick outer folds of her vagina, and the pink inner folds, scissor cut pubic hairs, at the top of that puffy pussy a two inch long clitoris, it resembled like a small leach caught on top of her puffy pussy mound. I hiked the skirt again and touched her big clit. 

“Fuck you boy, what are you doing there?  Its not there the thing caught me”, she barked again. 

“Oh didi but it’s a leach no! two leaches are there I suppose, one on your thigh and another on your, your …” I stammered. 

“Bastard, its only one that’s on my thighs the other one is my clit, take your hands away from there”, she was furious. 

“Oh is it so, I thought it was a leach it looked like a small penis to me!” I exclaimed. 

“You idiot take the leach away before someone comes”, she said. 

“Okay”, I used a leaf and tried to catch the leach, it was very slippery. 

“Bastard, what are you doing are you peeping at my pussy or trying to remove the leach”. I pretended I was taking some paste and inserted my finger into her heated pussy and tried to catch her clit. 

“Its not the leach you fool its my pussy and clit, idiot put it on my thighs”.

“Clit! What’s that? I have never heard of it!” , I put the paste on the leach’s head and it fell down. I crushed it using my heel and a lot of blood was spread on the floor. My brother’s wife looked at it and shut her eyes in disgust.

I looked again at her visible pussy folds and milky white inner thighs.Blood was still oozing out of the wound on her thighs. I looked for some clothes to wipe it. Then I saw a soiled panty of her. I took the panties and cupped her thighs with it around her wounds so that oozing blood will stop. 

She was shocked at my act and she slapped my face. “You dirty bastard, trying to press your brother’s wife’s pussy!”. 

I was hurt and my head was aching, but I did not move my hands away . It was after all blood stopped I took her panties away and I went out rubbing my cheeks. It did hurt a lot, but my prick was still in agitated stage. I had seen my brother’s wife’s pussy, ha ha. What if it hurt me a little?


Then my mother came to the house and I moved out. 

I came back only at night. My father and brother was eating food. Didi was not looking at me, she was still angry. I did not mind her too. 

“Good boy, you did right thing, you saved your Didi from operation”, my mother said. 

My brother lifted his face from food and looked at my mother as if to know what was the commotion. “Your wife got bit by a leach from the canal, fortunately your brother applied calcium paste and so now no stings and swelling”, my mother said. 

My brother concentrated again on the food as if nothing had happened. Such a caring husband, I thought. 

Didi started to cater for me also, but I didn’t eat it. “I had taken food outside”, I said.

To Be Cont….

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