Boss Bitch!

Author’s note: Dirty, nasty femdom story. It is pure fantasy and if these themes do not agree with you, please do not read the story or leave abusive comments. Look up the tags before reading the story.


It was a hot sultry May afternoon in Delhi and Nutan relaxed in her comfortable office chair taking a break from her work. She owned this company, a decently large company but she had managed to not let it go public. She liked the control a privately owned company offered, the control she had over its running and her employees. She had built the company up from scratch and would rather keep it under her control.

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Nutan was a successful businesswoman, forty seven years old, tall, beautiful and thin. Her face did not show her age and although she remained single, an awkward choice for an Indian woman, she never lacked any male attention whenever she desired so. A fact made possible both by her looks and her powerful position.

She called her secretary and asked her to call the kitchen for a cup of coffee. It had been a long day. It was going to be a longer day, she finally left at eight but not before she noticed Rahul sitting at his desk, typing away furiously. She didn’t know who Rahul was, must be a low level executive and she did not always deal with them. Rahul noticed Nutan and quickly stood up and said, “Goodnight madam,” reverentially. Nutan noticed that Rahul was a very good looking boy, young, lean and athletic.

The next morning, Nutan called Nikita in her office. Nikita headed Rahul’s department and was an old employee of Nutan. She needed to find out more about Rahul. “Have you been hiding him from me?” she said in mock anger. “Not at all, Nutan, I was just giving him some time to settle in, Rahul’s been here just a month.”

An hour later Rahul was standing outside Nutan’s office, nervous and fidgety, not sure why he was summoned by the boss. Moments later Nutan’s secretary asked him to go in, he greeted her, anxiously adjusting his tie. “Rahul, is it?” She asked, and didn’t wait for a reply. “I am Nutan Malhotra, the owner of this company and your boss, as you are well aware. You will be working closely with me from now on. I want the reports delivered to my home tonight at nine, make sure to do that, understood?” She said dismissively. “You may leave now.”

Rahul wasn’t sure why he, such a minor player in the company was even asked to meet the boss or whatever would his reports be worth but it wasn’t his position to ask questions. He had to follow orders and he submitted his reports to HR with the instructions that Nutan had given him.

The hot sultry May afternoon of two days ago was a distant memory, it was dark gloomy day and rain was lashing the outer glass walls of Nutan’s penthouse office. Rahul found himself standing in front of Nutan again, his reports lying on her desk, she rifling through them. She picked up her phone and asked to be connected to Nikita. “Come into my office please,” she said on the phone.

“Have you had a chance to look at the reports, Niki?” Nutan asked.

“I have, actually.”

“And do you think he is suited to this job?”

“As a matter of fact, no.”

They were talking about Rahul as if he wasn’t even in the room but he was witness to the entire conversation and his heart was sinking with every word they said.

“I have a better option for you Rahul,” said Nutan. “I am relieving you from your present responsibilities but I am not firing you!”

Rahul was slightly relieved to hear these words, although he was pretty sure that his reports were in order. He wasn’t going to contest that right now though and so he nervously gulped, “thank you, ma’am.”

“Your new responsibilities would mean that you would be working with me, from this office. Actually under me. You will be working from under this table. You are a beautiful boy and I am offering you the position of serving me, is that understood?”

Rahul was flabbergasted and didn’t know what to say.

“Of course, there’s no compulsion, there’s no force. And you are free to leave with whatever you are entitled to. But I will be honest with you, that if you do leave, you will disappoint me and no one disappoints Nutan Malhotra.”

Rahul could not bring himself to accept the humiliating job he was offered, he quit. Now six months later, he was jobless and every company he applied to had the same response; our records show that you work for Nutan Malhotra and that she is unwilling to let you go. Nutan Malhotra had connections, that much was obvious. What was more obvious was that Rahul realised where to go, if he indeed needed a job.

In the biting cold of a Delhi November, Rahul waited outside Nikita’s office. This was the third day and he had already been waiting for an hour. Eventually Nikita called him in and he told her of his plight. “That’s what you get for refusing Ms Malhotra,” she said casually. “It’s unfair,” Rahul protested. Nikita glared at him. “On your knees and beg or get out of my office!”

Rahul swallowed his pride and knelt down. He begged, he begged Nikita to give him another chance.

The next day he found himself on his knees again, this time in front of both Nikita and Nutan. “I am not a bitch, Rahul. I will not destroy your life. But you had the audacity to refuse me and thus you shall be punished. And your refusal made your punishment worse. So here’s the deal, since you are begging on your knees for a chance to serve me, you shall get that chance and I shall accept you as my most intimate slave. And after a year of you debasing yourself for me, I shall set you free and even get you a job that you deserve. Told you I wasn’t a bitch!”

“Now strip and worship your new owner’s feet!” commanded Nikita.

Rahul crammed himself into the small space under Nutan’s desk and waited for her arrival. This was his routine now, he had been doing this for a week. Stark naked, under his owner’s desk, serving at her feet and pussy. Nutan walked in and casually flung her panties at his face. “Lick me to an orgasm and then suck my panties clean!”

Rahul put his tongue on Nutan’s hairy pussy, kissed her clit to begin with and then carefully licked between her folds. Nutan’s pussy smelled of piss and sweat but he dared not show his disgust. Soon his mouth filled with her juices as she had her first orgasm. She held his head tight and indicated that she wasn’t done. He kept licking, up and down her greasy slit and between her folds. She was by now grinding into his face and on her command, he was sucking on her clit. Nutan came like a woman possessed and filled his mouth with her cream. Swallow is all she said and he did. Rahul’s face was covered in Nutan’s cum and a few stray pubic hairs. He was forbidden to clean himself.

“Accha lagta hain mera choot chatne mein? Meri randi banke rehne mein?” (You like licking my cunt? Like being my whore?), Nutan laughed.

“Idhar aa kutiya, meri gandi gand chat!” Lick my dirty ass bitch, Nutan ordered.

Rahul hated this part but he knew the price of making her wait. He crawled on his knees and put his head under her skirt. Her ass was pungent and dirty and he was kissing it. Soon she was spreading her cheeks, inviting him in. The young boy had no other choice left but to lick the sweaty arsehole of his cougar owner. He spread his tongue across her wrinkly brown hole, he tasted her morning shit which still hung from her arse hairs – she never washed properly but continued his disgusting task. After minutes of licking she had another orgasm and kicked him away.

This was how he spent his days and afternoons until a month later when Nutan ordered him to move in with her. “You will be a full time slave from now on”

Rahul was now a house slave, the good part was he rarely had to go to Nutan’s office anymore and would get to spend some time to himself in Nutan’s luxurious house after his daily chores, while Nutan was in office. He cooked, cleaned and looked after Nutan’s more intimate needs but he couldn’t wait till the year was over and he would be free again.

One evening Nutan didn’t come in by the time she usually did but he stayed by the door, naked, to welcome her home as he usually did. Eventually he heard footsteps and the key turned. Nutan walked in with another man, drunk and giggly. She saw her naked slave and kicked him away while they settled on the sofa.

“Take off his shoes and socks. Shine his shoes until one of us asks you to stop.” Nutan ordered as they disappeared into the bedroom.

Rahul sat there, humiliated, shining a strangers shoes until half an hour later he came out, gruffly ordered Rahul to put his newly shined shoes back on and to go attend to his mistress.

Rahul did as he was told, put his socks and shoes back on and then went off to the bedroom to attend to Nutan.

“In here, whore,” Nutan shouted from the bathroom.

She was sitting on the commode, naked, with cum dripping from her cunt.

“Lick my cunt clean of his man cum while I take a shit. Fucked me up the arse real good with his huge cock.”

Nutan farted as Rahul put his tongue on her gaping used hole, he tasted the thick white cum. It was salty and disgusting, mixed with her juices and sweat but soon that was the least of his worries.

Nutan shat out a huge log and the splashback hit his chin but she held his head in place. Rahul was cleaning his mistress of another man’s cum while she shat and farted. Soon she was pissing straight into his mouth, a mixture of urine and cum. “Drink up every last drop, you cuntsucker!” Nutan orgasmed.

The power over her hapless slave was enough to take her over the edge. Rahul was disgusted beyond his limits but he had no choice. Rahul had tasted Nutan’s piss on her unwashed cunt but never drank it before and he realised that tonight, the beast had arisen in Nutan!

There were more firsts to come. Nutan had him lick her ass clean. Rahul tasted her dirty ass, tasted her fresh hot shit and something in him changed. He made love to her ass, lost in subspace, Rahul had finally delivered himself to his mistress. Nutan meanwhile was lost in her power trip, she found a leash and chained Rahul to the commode. She found her belt and ordered Rahul to eat her fresh hot shit, right there, while she whipped his ass and fingered herself to another mind-blowing orgasm!

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Chained, he remained to the commode for the night, covered in his mistress’ shit, ass beaten raw while Nutan walked over to her bed and called Nikita to inform her of the events. She had finally claimed her slave!

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