Blackmail: Taming of Anushka : Stockholm syndrome

Stockholm syndrome

It was a weird feeling when she got down from the auto. She had the thick viscous juice making her inner thighs wet. In a while, the juice was going to flow beyond the cover of her skirt and that would be a spectacle if anyone sees it. Most importantly it was so dirty and nauseous feeling for ‘clean’ Anushka to have a sticky juice of that dirty man on her waxed inner thighs. It was awkward even to wipe it with her handkerchief. Bahaddur’s tool was fat and it rubbing in her narrow valley made her ass crack red and swollen; she was a delicate girl. The pain exacerbated as she walked making the ass cheeks interact with each other through the valley between them. She had no option but to bear the pain.
She almost ran towards the spot as she spotted the envelop. As promised, the envelop had a pendrive in it. To her surprise, a cab was already waiting there to drop her home. At the moment she wasn’t concerned about anything but the pendrive. She secured it and sat in the cab. The ride home was quick and uneventful. The pendrive password was also messaged to her. Though she didn’t even bother to see what was there inside the drive, she just crushed it with a hammer.
This was the third incident in last one week and she had no clue who was doing this. She would go mad if this continues to happen especially when she had her assignments for the next two weeks. She knew, assignment or not she will have to comply unless she finds some permanent solution to this. But without any hint at all she couldn’t even proceed.
She tried hard to concentrate on hr studies though she shivered everytime she remembered the Sharma uncle and Bahaddur incidents. It was really shameful for her. A day passed, two-three –four days passed and there was no message or no blackmail. Now it was a week and not a single message. She was busy with her studies but she had the thought of her ‘well-wisher’ at the back of her mind.
Whenever she had some time between her studies the only thought that occupied her mind was to uncover the well-wisher. She had to maintain complete secrecy as he seemed to have access to her surroundings. She had to go back to basic pen and paper. She jotted down a few thoughts every time she had some spare time. She observed that he was well spoken and could speak good English. He never used any cheap words; meaning he must be well educated.
He knew her well and knew her surroundings well. He either had good contacts to keep an eye on her or he had other means to do so; in that case he must be a well-qualified techie guy. The only chance she had to catch him was when he dropped the envelop in her mail box. But bahaddur didn’t see him nor any CCTV was installed.
The most important thing was to know his motive. He never asked for any money. The only thing she could think about was that he wanted to get back at her; she must have wronged him in the past. She could hardly think of any hurt guy in her contact who would be so tech savvy and well spoken; afterall she was just 19 and all the guys she had had tussle with were her age.
Another thing she noticed about this well-wisher that he never gave out his motive; it was natural to expect he asking her to sleep with him. But he had not done that, at least till now. He asked her to expose herself to some harmless individuals like Sharma uncle and Bahaddur. He always took care that things don’t go out of control. May it be sharma ji’s incident when he called and averted her uncontrolled exploitation or arranging for a cab when she had to return home from the mall in the night.
It was impossible to assume that Sharma uncle and Bahddur were complicit to the plan; it seemed that they were random beneficiaries. He was just using them for his pleasure. But what pleasure would he get? He was not even present to see what was happening nor was he asking her to expose herself on cam for him o something like that.
As they say, the most important clue to solve such mysteries is to identify the motive and that what she was missing. Her assignment submission was coming to an end and still there was no message from the well-wisher. She used to check her phone on every buzz as if she had started missing him. Remembering those embarrassing moments was now giving her some weird moist feeling between her legs.
As she sat on her sofa after submitting her final assignment and wondering about what next. Her phone buzzed. Her hands were shaking again, but this time she was curious rather than scared. She opened the message;
“Hi Anushka. So done with your assignments? I thought it is good not to disturb you during your studies.”
Somewhere deep in her mind she was pleased to see him care for her studies but she just wrote an abrupt “Thanks” in response.
He continued:
“I was thinking that last time in the auto, it was getting out of control. That was risky. I was pleased to see you take it in a good spirit. Also I was bored of keeping your pictures and believe me, I deleted all of them at my own. But that discussion is for some other time.”
She was happy to know all her pictures were deleted. Not only that he seemed to be concerned. Was he flirting instead of blackmailing her? Or there was more to it that was not visible yet. The wait was not long as the phone buzzed again.
“All this while I thought hard and I decided to gift you something. Something special. I am sure you will like it.”
Deep in her mind, she was rather smiling, he has changed, changed so much that he is going to give her a gift? But she deliberately let this not reflect in her reply.
“Thank you but there is no need for any gift. And thank you for deleting my pics.” She knew he would write more; perhaps request her to accept his gift? Has he fallen for her charms and she again would get a natural upper hand? Is he going to plead? Has she won one more time? She was happy inside, but the happiness was short lived.
“ I liked the way you refused my gift. You have learnt to be polite now. But I was anticipating it and I insist that you must accept my gift. As usual I don’t insist for nothing. Did I tell you that I was also working on editing your video at Sharma uncle’s changing room? Remember where you undressed yourself inside that well exposed trial room in presence of Sharmaji? I have the full tape ready now. You have full frontal nudity in it. Believe me, it looks so erotic to see you undressing yourself for that ugly old man. This tape would be an instant hit you know.”
“So, I want you to accept my gift. If you don’t want me to upload the tape. You will receive a message regarding where to go to collect the gift. As usual, there is a dress code. I want you to wear a saree this time. Cover yourself well, but let the blouse be short sleeved, deep and without any bra. Don’t bother replying to this message as I want to see you act rather than type.
Hope you like the gift.”
She was dumbstruck to read it. She vividly remembered the shop incident which he mentioned. She could imagine how erotic it would for a pervert to watch a beauty like her undress in front of an old tharki man like Sharma uncle. She didn’t want to be famous. She shivered with that scary thought.
Surprisingly, this time she blamed herself, she felt that he was being nice to her. There would have been no nasty words had she accepted his gift. She forced him to blackmail her. Next moment she came back to reality, she shook her head.
‘Anushka, he is a blackmailer. By definition he is a bad guy. There is no point trusting him.’ She warned herself. But then, he was giving her a gift.
As mentioned by the well-wisher she got a message on her phone.
“ Madam, please come to our shop at the following address. We have made all arrangements as requested. Please come after 3.00pm tomorrow. The main door will be closed but you will be able to enter from the back door.”
She checked the shop name an she instantly knew it was an expensive shop mainly dealing with import export of collector items such as art and jewellery articles. Her mind immediately started thinking about the gift. Soeme form of old antique jewellery perhaps? Is he some kind of pervert who was going to decorate her in some choicest jewellery and enjoy the sight of it?
Whatever it was, she was sure that it was an expensive decorative gift, her weak point indeed. In spite of he being her blackmailer, she was internally smiling and excited. She had to wait just till the next day afternoon, yet she was getting impatient. Still the sensible Anushka in her was warning her not to trust a blackmailer. Was she suffering from Stockholm syndrome?

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