Blackmail: Taming of Anushka: The Gif

The Gift

She was eagerly waiting for the next day. Yet she was nervous. Afterall it was a gift from the same person who made her do nasty things. Also in a way the gift was forced on her by blackmailing. On the positive side, she was getting a gift.

She was glad that she was allowed to drape her body fully in saree. She wore a red cotton saree, the only one she had. The blouse was stylish and short sleeved as per the requirements. She remembered the strict instructions of No Bra. The blouse was short and she wore her petticoat below navel as that was its natural position. It left a big portion of her fair flat belly exposed. Looking at the mirror she envied her own figure.

The exposed deep cleavage, belly and navel made her feel uncomfortable, but she took a full pallu exposing very little. She would have never dressed so traditional if it was not for the well-wisher. She was looking very charming, like a fresh new bride. First time she felt that saree suited her well. She had a good height and saree showcased her slim fair figure in an attractive manner. Yet she was exposing very little. She literally blushed looking at her own self.

She got into her car; thank god that there were no conditions on the commute. Only thing that was bothering her that it was a Saturday and the shop was open only till 1 pm. Then why was she called at 3? That bit was scary; but she knew that the well-wisher had taken care of her in the past and this time also it won’t be an exception. She drove on empty roads and reachd the location at sharp 3 pm. Needless to say, her heart was beating faster as she parked her car near the back door of the shop and got down.

She carefully adjusted here saree making sure that everything was covered. The back door was not locked, she pushed it ajar and entered.

“You are very punctual. Myself Mr. Desai.” A gentleman greeted her immediately on her entry. She had a quick look. He was well dressed and seemed to be the owner of the shop. Must be in his 70s. Little frail yet impressive and pleasing personality. She smiled politely. It didn’t matter to her who he was, she was curious about the gift.

“Please come in. Thank you for choosing our shop for this. And don’t worry, we completely understand what you mentioned about the privacy and secrecy. Rather that is why I called you after the shop closing.”

She walked behind him, inside the shop. She was wondering what he was talking about, why was it so special. But she was glad that secrecy was ensured. She just kept smiling as he spoke. She was looking around the shop, there were expensive and antique jewellery items, well decorated. The man seemed to be impressed by her and continued talking.

“It is very hard to find such cultured girls these days. The world has become so selfish. I am glad to see people like you who value rare customs and traditions. Really proud of you.”
Now she was getting little jittery as he mentioned some old traditions, customs etc. Was it some weird old expensive piece of art that needed to be worshiped? She was thinking. They reached a spacious room; it seemed like a goldsmiths workshop. Well-lit and tidy.

“You take a seat here. As you mentioned in your letters, I have saved them all and will handover them to you so that you can dispose them as you wish. I can fully understand that people are not mature enough to understand sentiments of others, and this town is too dim-witted anyway. I have also kept the envelop that you asked us to keep unopened and handed over to you as.” He said opening a safe and taking out some papers and a box. He turned and complimented her again as he was handing over the box and the papers.

“I must say your husband is a very lucky man, to have such a beautiful, young and caring wife.” She had her eyebrows raised as she heard the word husband. What was it about? She was now getting more and more nervous as her hands were shaking while receiving the papers and the gift.
“I will be back quickly, you can check if all the documents are there.” The man left her alone in the room. She had no idea that receiving a gift would be such a tedious process. Why would he come back? She had the gift box, couldn’t she just leave now? She had 100 questions in her mind, but she was more curious to know what mails were sent from ‘HER’ that she had no clue about.
She started glossing over the pages, and the following paragraph caught her sight, reading it made her heart skip a beat and face go red. It read:

“ …as I mentioned, I am 19 now and I am engaged to a man of my dreams. But currently he is far away from me. These days, being a girl is not easy with so many predators around. Needless to say I am a virgin with a hymen. Call me orthodox, but I strongly believe that I must be used and enjoyed by my rightful owner i.e. my husband, as per his wishes. I should only be available for sexual pleasures of my husband or whom so ever he wishes but not otherwise.”

Her hands were shaking as she scanned through more pages.

“I have selected the ring design, I wish you make it or get it made as per the exact specifications. You can send the key to my husband on the following address.”

She was now intrigued. Was it all about some engagement ring? And the whole virgin narrative was just to embarrass her? What a sick joke. She opened the box angrily. More importantly, she had an address, address of her so called would be husband.

It did contain a ring. A small platinum ring with a two open ends. It looked more like a tiny nose ring than a wedding ring. The ring indeed was beautiful and shiny yet had some weird antique feel about it. As she was looking at the ring the sealed envelope fell from her hand and caught her attention.
‘All this fuss for an antique nose ring? Huh what a joke.’ She smiled at herself as she got some respite, she again thought that the well-wisher perhaps wasn’t that bad. She opened the envelop and the hell broke loose.

“Hi Anushka. I am sure you must have scanned through the papers and are still clueless about what the gift is. Before I explain, remember two things:

1) You will not return without accepting the gift as we discussed before.
2) In one of your mails, you yourself have instructed the shop owner to use force just in case you change your mind on the spot as you considered this your religious duty.
Let me explain you the gift now:……”
Her face turned red as she red what was it about. She was breathing heavy and wanted to cry. She was in a weird situation.

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