Befriended a burqa girl – 04

From the day I tasted Saba’s juices I was dying to taste her pussy directly. A week after our runway fun we were having some phone sex and had amazing orgasms together.
Me- “Saba I want to taste your pussy very badly. I can’t control myself.”
Saba- “You did taste me that day, right?”

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Me-“That was fucking indirectly. I want to taste your pussy directly through my tongue. I wanna feel your smell directly with my nose. I wanna swirl my tongue in your pussy. I wanna kiss with your vertical lips down there. I wanna drink your juices completely direct from your pussy.”
Saba-” You just make me wet with your words. Even I am willing to be tongue fucked by you. We will have to wait until my parents are not in Warangal and I am free to come out”
Me-” Oh no, how many days should we wait. Just bunk your college tomorrow and I’ll make it worthwhile.”
Saba-” Nah, that’s not possible. I’ll get caught if they send an absent message.”
Me-“Oh come on. Please, baby, don’t make me sad.”
Saba-“Sorry babe. We will have to be careful if you want to eat my pussy. I cannot take any risk”
Me-” I’ll take care of your risk just see.”

Saba-” Let’s see. Just don’t do anything mad.”
With this, I got a little disappointed. I started thinking about plans to bring Saba out of the house and dip my tongue in her pussy. One day Saba told me that she was assigned a project in college. She has to visit her friend Bindu’s house daily until the project is completed.

So it became harder for me to even have phone sex with Saba. I made a plan and told Saba, “It’s been so many days we have met. I want to meet you. When you go to Bindu’s house you tell your parents that you will have dinner at her house only like you always do. But you come out with me for dinner.”
Saba-” What? It’s not possible.”
Me-“Please do it. Ask Bindu for help she will do.”
Saba-” Okay.”

So finally, one day after her project at Bindu’s house Saba called her brother and asked him to drop her at a place where I could pick her. Her brother was good and he understands so he helped. So I picked Saba where Mushtaq (Saba’s brother) dropped her.
Mushtaq-“You are making my sister do many feats and even involving me. Be careful.”
Me-” As if you don’t do anything with your girlfriend?”
He just smiled and went.

I took Saba on my bike and we went to a daba type restaurant where we can have privacy. I choose a corner hut with a door so that we get extreme privacy. While entering the hut I cupped Saba’s ass from the back. I could feel just the skirt and no trace of the panty.
Then I immediately checked her boobs and felt – only a shirt without a bra. I got excited about this. I asked her to not wear panty and bra. Just come in skirt and open shirt and burqa which can be opened from the front. We took sat side by side facing the door. The waiter took the order and went.

Then I immediately pounded on her and started kissing her. After some time she stopped and said she needs to use the washroom. She took her bag and went for the washroom. After 5 minutes or so she returned. I immediately took her breasts in my hand and was stunned.
I couldn’t feel the shirt below her burqa. She was completely naked under her burqa. I looked at her and she gave a slutty smile and said, “I thought this would make work easy for you,” and gave a wink. I instantly got an erection. She could see my hard cock above my tracks.
I then started kissing her all over her face. Sucking her lips, her neck, her earlobes and she started moaning. This encouraged me and I slowly cupped her right breast with my left hand over burqa. With my right hand, I started removing the buttons of her burqa one by one.

I slowly instead of my hand inside and felt her boobs directly. Oh my god, Saba has petite boobs and perky nipples. As soon as I placed my hand over her breasts she gasped in my mouth. Her nipples were erect with the hotness building in her.

I removed half her burqa and saw her gorgeous boobs with milky white complexion. I immediately cupped her both boobs with my hands and pressed them hard. I pinched her nipples with my fingers and she let out a loud moan. My hunger for her boobs couldn’t wait anymore.
I readily took her left boob in my mouth and started sucking while fondling her other boob. I then went for the right boob to suck while I pressed and pinched her left one. This went for 5 minutes. Suddenly we heard someone at the door. Saba immediately covered her burqa without putting buttons.

She slightly bent towards the table so that the waiter doesn’t see. The waiter served our dinner and gave us a devilish smile as if saying, “I know what naughty things you guys are doing in here,” and went away.
Me-“He guessed what we are doing here.”

Saba-“If that’s the case let’s give him a show afterward.”
She gave a wicked grin. My cock twitched with her slutty words.
Me-“You bitch. You have so many fantasies inside you”

Then I pounded on her again and started sucking her boobs and massaging one after another. I took her nipples between my teeth and gave a small bite with a pull. She moaned loudly and pulled my hair. I sucked like that for 5 more minutes. She was moaning heavily and pressing my head towards her boobs.

I completely opened her burqa from the front and slid it through her shoulders. She sat completely naked in front of me. I admired her beauty for some time. She has a milky white skin tone. She had small reddish hairs around her pussy covering it.

Her breasts are not so big or not so small just the right size to get in my hands. I slowly moved my left hand down towards her pussy and gave a slight press while rubbing her neck with my right hand and kissing her lips. I then slowly made her rest on her back and lift her left leg onto the sofa we were sitting on.

I was between her legs directly seeing her pussy. My mouth drooled from the sight. I slowly bent and planted a kiss on her lips while folding her boobs. I then started kissing downward her chin, her neck, her boobs, her stomach, her navel. Oh, man, her navel was so deep.

I dug my tongue in her belly hole and licked and sucked it. She was going crazy with this. I then while rubbing her thighs moved towards her abdomen and proceeded slowly towards her pussy. As soon my lips brushed her pussy hair Saba let out a moan with heavy breathing.

I kissed and licked around her pussy but not touching it. She was getting mad. I kissed her inner thighs and licked them. She got mad with that and immediately took my head in her hands and pushed my face directly towards her pussy. My nose dug into her hole and that scent of her pussy made me crazy.

I completely took the smell inside me to my lungs. I could feel my precum oozing in my underwear. Then I slowly put my tongue out and licked from bottom to top. She gasped for that and pushed her body up. I circled my tongue on her outer line. Oh god, that taste felt so good.

Her pussy hairs were tickling my nose and I liked it. I did it for some time and then with one push I dig my entire tongue inside her pussy. She grabbed my hair and screamed slightly. I rolled my tongue inside her pussy walls and explored every millimeter of it.

She was bouncing her ass and pulling me more towards her pussy. I did this tongue fucking for some time while I fondled her boobs.

Saba-“Oh god, Anil, I am gonna cum, am gonna cum.”
Hearing this I immediately inserted my two fingers along with my tongue and then suddenly she burst her juices wildly over my face. Oh god, she released so much of her juices my face completely drenched in them.

I got to drink some also. It tasted so sweet and good. I drank it and again started licking her pussy to clean it. After cleaning her pussy I gave a deep kiss to Saba even before she could relax from her orgasm. She was breathing very very heavily. After kissing I gave her some breathing space and got off her.

Saba-“That was fucking wonderful, your tongue felt soo good. I have never cum so much till now.”
Me-“Oh yeah baby. Your pussy was damn good I never tasted anything sweet as your pussy.”

She wore her burqa and left it open from the front.

Saba-“It’s time for the return gift.”

She gave a devilish smile and started rubbing my already rock hard dick over my tracks. She slowly dragged my tracks and underwear at the same time till my knees. My dick sprung out hitting my stomach.

Saba-” Oh, someone is so eager to be eaten.”
Me-“Just take it in, baby, take it in.”

Saba held my dick and measured its length up to down. She pulled my foreskin hardly and it pained. With the other hand, she cupped my balls and was massaging them. She did this 3-4 times. She spat on top of my dick and greased it. I too added my saliva.

My dick was taking a massage with both our saliva. That felt soo good. Saba then slowly bent over my dick and kissed the pink head. As soon as her lips touched my dick my body got shivers. She then with her tongue licked the precum from the top.

She then licked my entire dick from top to bottom for 4 times. Then she sucked on my balls and pulled them with her mouth. She sucked them very good while slowly stroking my cock. She then came to the dick head and took just the pink part into her mouth and sucked it. That felt damn good.

To my surprise, she was pushing her tongue inside my dick hole. That gave me another jolt through my body. She started fucking my dick hole with her tongue. Oh god I couldn’t describe how it felt. She then slowly went down on my dick and completely took it in her mouth. I could feel her throat.

Her nose was brushing my pubic hair and her breath was very hot. That gave a different sensation. She then slowly started going up and down my dick while cupping my balls with one hand and rubbing my thighs with the other hand. I was fondling her boobs with my hands and pinching her nipples.

She increased her speed and also swirling her tongue over my dick head. I threw my head back and was enjoying the feeling. I felt my orgasm building and told her. “Babe, I am gonna cum.” Hearing this she increased her speed and started squeezing my balls with her hand.
She was even pulling my pubic hair to cause me to pain with pleasure. Just when my cum was about to release, the waiter came inside and stood there stunned by what he was seeing. This made Saba alert and she tried to get up. But I pushed her head with both my hands towards my dick and held it there.

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My excitement increased when I realized that the waiter is seeing us and was pushing my dick further up into Saba’s mouth. All this gave me my best ever orgasm. Looking straight into the eyes of the waiter, I released my cum completely inside Saba’s mouth.
She choked on my dick and my cum was escaping her mouth and draining down my cock. After I erupted my last stream of cum I released her head and she came up to have some air. Her mouth was completely filled with my cum. She showed her mouth to the waiter and drank it all.

To Be Continue….

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