Befriended a burqa girl | 03

She was shaking like hell and grinding my dick. If someone sees the car they would probably guess something naughty is going on inside. This went on for 10 minutes and I could sense her orgasm building. I decided to take it to another level and give her an amazing orgasm to be remembered.

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Giving a bite on her shoulder and pinching her nipples hard, I inserted a third finger in her pussy. It made her pussy lips converge onto my fingers gripping tightly and made her cum. She squirted like a spray and all her juices landed on the driving wheel. She grabbed my hair and dig her nails in my head.

She released a lot of juices for the time of 40-50 seconds. As her juices came out her loud moans subdued slowly. She was breathing heavily and giving out moaning sounds. Finally, when her orgasm was over she came to senses. I removed my hand and sucked it completely taking some juices in.

She released my hair turned back and kissed me deeply tasting her juices through my mouth. We kissed for 10 minutes like that. Her hijab beneath her was completely soaked in her juices. My track also got wet as I could feel the wetness on my thighs.

With her leggings and panty at her knees. Her t-shirt and bra above her boobs I turned her towards me. I pushed my seat back and completely leaned backward. She sat with her legs on my sides facing me. We kissed like animals in that position.
While kissing I took her hand and placed it on my dick. She gasped on feeling my dick with her hand.

Saba-“It feels so hard and big.”

Me-“Yes baby it is waiting for you to show some love.”

She began rubbing the outline of my dick over my track which made me twitch. I caught her boobs with my both hands and pressed hard. Pinched her nipples and pulled them for which she responded by grabbing my dick firmly causing pain.

With her hands, she opened my tracks and my dick was poking out of the opening of my underwear. My undies got already soaked with my precum oozed because of Saba’s grinding.

Saba-“Someone is very eager to come out.”
Me-“You will make me cum just by your words.”

Saba removed my undies and my cock sprang out immediately wanting to have some fresh air. She gasped on seeing my cock.

Saba-“Oh my god., this looks so huge and yummy than in your video”
Me-” yeah baby it’s been waiting so long to be felt by you.”

Saba touched the head of my cock with her thumb and a jolt shook my body. Using her two fingers she pulled my foreskin downward and exposed the pink top of my dick which was shining due to the precum. Her eyes were fixed on my dick and I could see her hunger in them.

She played with my pubic hair and pulled it which made me moan. She again caught my dick firmly and started stroking up and down slowly. She started using her other hand too. With both the hands she was stroking me slowly. She pulled my skin firmly downward and again completely up.

She did this for some time and suddenly stopped and smiled at me. Then she slowly bent down over my dick. I was already in cloud nine and she was going to suck me off. By just seeing her bend towards my dick my orgasm was getting ready. But she stunned me by stopping just above my cock and spit on it.

She drenched my cock with her saliva and again started stroking. I was a bit disappointed and caught her boobs. I pinched her nipples but her saliva was so warm. Her hands became so slippery that it made her strokes very smooth and fast.

With one hand she was stroking me and with the other hand, she held my balls tightly and squeezed them. That brought me slight pain and a moan came out of my mouth. She started massaging my balls with the other hand. She vigorously stroked my dick.

She went on adding saliva and increased her speed. I could feel my orgasm building and I told her that. She stroked even faster and squeezed my balls tightly for which I pressed her boobs.

Me-” I am gonna cum, baby.”
I started thrusting my ass upwards matching her strokes and then my body shook with loud moans. Stream after stream of hot cum spurted out. The first stream hit Saba right on her lips and nose.

A stream went for her boobs and rest have fallen on her hands and flowing down on her hijab. My orgasm lasted for 30 seconds which was the longest I ever had and the most intense. I relaxed after my dick stopped throwing out the cum.

I looked at Saba saying, “Oh god, thanks baby that was the best orgasm I ever had in my entire life.” She just gave a smile and slowly brought her cum coated hand towards her mouth and licked all my cum. This gave me another jolt through my body and my cock twitched again.

She saw this and gave a smile and leaned towards me. She kissed me giving me the taste of my cum with her lips. My cum tasted salty but it felt good with her lips. We kissed in that position for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, my cock became rock hard again and was poking her stomach.

She gave a slutty smile to me and bent down to take my cock. As her lips were about to touch my cock we heard a car horn behind us. That made us both shit scared. Saba immediately pulled over and hopped onto the passenger seat and adjusted her dress.

I adjusted my undies and pants and came back to the driving position in the seat. When we looked back we saw a car coming towards us. We guessed that they would be learning to drive. We both looked at each other and laughed about our situation and decided to go home.

Saba wore her burqa and was searching for her hijab. It has fallen near my legs. I picked it up and saw that it was soaked in her juices and my cum. I brought it towards my nose and smelled our juices for one last time in the day.

I gave the hijab to Saba and she did the same. We looked at each other and shared a smile. She wouldn’t wear it because anyone could easily guess something was on it.
Me-“What now?”
Saba-” No problem just drop me near Spencer’s. I’ll ask my bro to bring another hijab from home. Then I’ll go by my scooty.”

She called her brother and told her the hijab got spoiled. She needed another one when she steps out of the car. He knew she was with me. He is okay with that because he too has a girlfriend. When he saw us he gave a weird look suspecting as if what had happened with the hijab.

I just smiled at him and said goodbye to Saba. While getting down, Saba said, “It was wonderful. I would never forget what happened today. Thanks for such an amazing time.”

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Me-“The pleasure is mine baby. You gave me a never before orgasm to me. I have never cum so much in my life.”

We bid goodbye again and went to our homes.

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