Before My Enlistment

Shortly after graduating from high school in May of 1994 I reluctantly succumbed to my parents annoying and increasingly frequent suggestion that I seek gainful employment. I was hired as a carpenter’s helper for a family owned construction company. The pay was good and I got a pretty intense workout every day. The company was owned by two siblings who had inherited it upon the death of their father. Jenny Landrieu, who I had graduated with, and her older brother Michael, Michael had recently been a Gunnery Sargent in the U.S.M.C. He retired from the Corps, when their father passed away, to run the company.
I excelled at my job and soon lost the “helper” suffix and became a carpenter. I also began to build a friendly relationship with both Jenny and Mike. I was often invited to the beautiful family home they shared with their widowed mother.
One Friday in early August, Mike let us go home at two o’clock p.m. As I walked to my car, he approached me and asked me if I wanted to hang out at their pool with him and drink beer. “Jenny will be there.” he announced. The image of jenny in a bikini was flooding my brain as I responded in the affirmative.
As we walked to his pickup, Mike noticed that I grimaced in pain and arched my back to stretch it. “You okay, Paul?” he asked. “I strained my back carrying some two by fours up a ladder,” I answered. He reached into his pocket and produced a pill container and handed me three little yellow pills and told me to take them. I put all three in my mouth. He handed me a full bottle of Crown Royal to help swallow them. We got in his truck and drove off. He told me to drink more Crown to relieve the pain in my back. We drove around for a while and Michael said to drink more. I love Crown Royal, so that was easy. The drive to their house seemed longer than usual, but I didn’t mind. I felt really good. The meds and the booze created a euphoric bliss that embraced my body and caressed my mind. It also caressed my inner thigh and squeezed my crotch. I closed my eyes and spread my legs a little wider as I floated weightlessly on the waves of pleasure that held me in willing captivity.
My senses briefly returned and I was now on my feet. Michael had his arm around my shoulder, guiding me into a very plush bedroom. He told me to lay down on the bed and, redundantly, to relax. Michael removed my work boots and socks. My shirt was next, followed by my cargo shorts. He then began pulling my boxers down. I lifted my butt up a little when Mike asked me. I was now completely naked and floating on a euphoric cloud of heavy muscle relaxers and twelve year old whiskey. Michael sat next to me and began to wash my body with a soft, warm, wet towel. He spoke to me as he gently wiped my body, from head to toe.
When Michael was satisfied that my body was sufficiently cleansed, he gave my cock a gentle tug and said that he would be right back. As I was slipping back into oblivion, I made a mental note to ask him if he would hook my up with more of those pills. I felt something cold on my belly and I opened my eyes. Michael had placed a can of shaving cream and a razor on my stomach. He had stood up and was unbuckling his belt. I watched him completely disrobe. He was remarkably fit and had an eagle tattoo emblazoned across his muscular chest.
He sat back down next to me and removed the cold can from my belly. He sprayed some shave cream on my cock and carefully spread it on my balls. I was too fucked up to be concerned as he pinched the head of my dick and began shaving any hairs on my shaft. I watched mesmerized while Michael slowly defoliated my genitalia. He used another towel and wiped me clean. He then started kissing and licking my chest and sucking my nipples. He turned his attention to my face and gently licked my eyelids. He nibbled on my ear lobes and softly sucked on my neck. He explored my body with his fingers and tongue. I simply lay there, still too out of it to reciprocate.
He arrived at my groin and kissed all around my cock, teasing me. I was finally able to speak. I simply said “please.” He encased my manhood with his lips and my balls with his hands. His mouth felt warm and wonderful as he slid his lips up and down my shaft. The pleasure was so intense that I almost couldn’t bear it. Just as I was about to beg him to stop, My body jerked up so I was no longer lying flat but actually sitting up. My body convulsed again, throwing me back down. I clenched me teeth and held my breath. I tried to hold it in as long as possible, just a little longer…Waves of extreme ecstasy combined with an almost unholy explosion of pleasure took complete control of my being. Michael, valiantly and against all odds, struggled to contain the torrent of my eighteen year old’s testosterone smoothie propelled by an unbridled turgid pressure too extreme to measure.
As soon as I was able to function somewhat normally, I told him that I never sucked a cock before, but I will do my best to please him. He said that I didn’t have to if I felt uncomfortable. He told me that he drugged me and that he regrets what he did, and asked me to forgive him. I told him that there is no harm done and I enjoyed it. I said nothing as I wrapped my hands around the base of his cock and licked the rim of the head and nibbled gently on his balls. I traced the blue vein with my tongue and slapped my face with it. I then sucked it and jerked it until he came.

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