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Hi guys this is raj . I hope you guys would like this story. So Let me get on with it

There are only two characters in it but don’t worry I am going to make it as interesting as possible. The main characters name are rahimkaka(age 62) and Aarthi( age 22)

Aarthi was a hot and sexy young girl who was finishing her internship in a hospital in rural area in Bihar she is actually from Mumbai but had to complete the mandatory training before starting her job as a doctor in Mumbai.

Rahim on the other hand was a drunkard and a ugly man who used to do any odd jobs also do some thief to drink. But he had a big dick of 10 inch and fucked many girls in his young age but from past 20 years he was alone as his wife died and he has no children.

Aarthi was a good * girl who went to temple and never crossed a line with any of the boys she never even kissed a boy before.

So guys as you can see that this are two very opposite characters who have nothing in common but still they end up in a very dirty relationship I Wil request you guys to have some patience as I like to first engage the characters so this is going to be a slow burner but I’m sure this will be one of the newest and unique stories on this website.

Rahim goes to hospital

As usual Rahim is drinking with his friends and they are talking about all nonsense topics and after few minutes rahim asks money to his friend to drink more but his friend refuses this causes a fight and rahim gets injured in the fight and his friends drop him at hospital and leaves….

Rahim goes inside and asks receptionist to help him as he has very severe pain in this stomach she tells him to go wait as this is a government hospital and he has to wait and as it’s a rural area no one gives a fuck about a old man dying…

Rahim got upset but he was waiting and he heard a sweet voice of a young girl come towards to the reception yes she was. Aarthi wearing her kurta and white shirt on top that looking gorgeous….rahim was awestruck and just kept looking at her and slowly his eyes faded and he fainted….his last memory was The beautiful face of aarthi.

Rahim faints…..after 1 hour……Rahim open his eyes he is still feeling dizzy but he wants to check the melodious and sweet voice coming nearby….he rubs his eyes than he sees a fair white girl standing talking on her phone she is a doctor and when she turns rahim gets lost in the thoughts as he has seen many beautiful girls but aarthi was a princess who looked cute and hot both at the same time….rahim’s mind voice(Wah Allah ne kya cheez banai he badi fursat se banaya hoga isko..jawan kali ki tarah dikhne wali Wah khush kar diya aaj Allah tune).

Aarthi walked towards rahim and asked him kaka tumara naam kya he he replied rahim….then she checked his nerves by touching is hand rahim got goosebumps he just wanted to kiss her juicy lips but he can’t do that…after checking she said that kaka aap ko aapki health sambalna chaiye..Please don’t drink or else you will die soon…rahim thought in mind just let me fuck you once than you kill me yourself….rahim said kya karu madam bas yehi sahara he mera iske alawa kuch nahi mera…sharab bhi naa piyu toh jeene ka koi fayda nahi…aarthi thought it’s a waste of time explaining this old drunk so she just gave him medicine list and told him he can go home now…

Before going Rabin asked aap ka naam kya he she said aarthi he got hard as likes hindi woman more than ., woman…he than asked further how old are you she said 22…and than she asked why are you asking all this stupid questions…rahim said if he had a daughter she would be her age….Aarthi felt sympathetic and didn’t say much ahead…

Rahim left but he was taking small glanzes of aarthi before taking off….he thought kassh yeh mil jaye ek baar iske maze lene ke baad toh marna ka bhi gam nahi…a slow burning flame was ignited in the heart of rahim he wanted to crush that sweet flower under his big dick….

After that incident rahim couldn’t stop thinking about her for few days but after a month he again went on his same routine of drinking and getting wasted…slowly he almost forgot aarthi…

After couple of months one fine day Rahim woke up with a hangover and went to wash his face to make himself better..After eating some packaged food with all money he had he was out of money quickly…he didn’t know what to do as he wanted to get drunk as usual but he needed money from that and no one will give him credit as everyone knew about him…At the same time he saw the compounder of the hospital the compunder also recognized rahim as he used to get admitted many times at the hospital…they chatted for a while after which compunder told him that they were looking for a cleaner on immediate basis as the cleaner they have were on leave and the top floor on the hospital needed to be cleaned by tonight as tomorrow he have a surprise inspection and he just got informed now..

Compounds offered him 1000 rupees for the job Rahim first hesitated as he not used to do work but he thought that the money will help him get drunk for next 15 days so he went along with compunder to hospital and showed him the place to clean.rahim started cleaning and after few hours it was evening and most of the staff went home and compunder came to rahim and told him he is leaving and will give him the money tomorrow and told him to finish the work till midnight…he also tells him to help the night shift doctor if she require any help and goes on his way…

Rahim as usual doesn’t give a fuck and just wants to finish asap so that he can go to sleep soon just when he is doing his work he hears a sweet voice of a young girl ” Kaka please yeh room pehle saaf kar dijye….Rabin felt he has heard the voice before and turns around and finds aarthi there he is excited to see her and dick becomes rock hard just by seeing her….she tells him to clean his office first as she has to work all night there and attend the night patients…rahim was happy to know that he is going to be around her whole night and states having vile intentions…he cleans her. Room fast and aarthi thanks him with a cute smile and than she goes away….

Now rahim starts thinking of a plan of how to get close to aarthi and enjoy her voluptuous body…he continues her work but in his mind he is thinking of a plan of how he can make aarthi his bitch and can fuck her of all lifetime….

Kahani ab teez raftar pakdeghi aur aage bahut romanchak and gandi situations intrzar kar rahi he appka…wait for the next update guys…

Sorry for the delayed update I’m only free on weekend but will try to give next update asap…thanks

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