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The following true story is regarding events that took place at my bachelor party weekend.  My wife only knows that I drank a lot and attended two strip club.
Friday afternoon my best man and I went to a city a couple hours away from our home town for the night before the big party bash the next night. The goal was to attend a full nude club we liked there. So, after dinner and drinks we went to the club. Being full nude this club doesn’t serve alcohol, so I drank at dinner and another couple beers at the hotel before arriving at the club. We paid the cover charge and sat down at a table 15 feet from the main stage.
Five minutes after the waitress brought us our sodas a couple of dancers  sat at the table and began chit chatting us up for several minutes before we agreed to lap dances. I went with a beautiful Latin girl named Jenna to a side room where dances took place. She had black hair to her shoulders, brown eyes, a round bubble butt and appeared to be size d tits that were definitely fake. We agreed to two songs and when the first began her top came off immediately and she began rubbing her tits in my face and then rubbing her ass strongly against my crotch.
Towards the end of that song she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down a bit, exposing my boxers. I quickly looked around sure to see if a bouncer was running over to pummel me but nobody was around. She gyrated her ass more against my boxers and I began to get a hard on. She felt it cause she turned her head back at me and smiled. The next song began and she briefly moved my boxers and looked inside them before smiling and whispering in my ear, “Very nice.” She reached behind my head and I heard her digging for something in her purse which she had put up there when I sat down.
Next thing I know she had a condom in her hand and she smiled at me for approval of which I gave a smile back and a head nod. Jenna reached down and took my cock out of my boxers and put the condom on it and moved her thong aside and guided my cock into her pussy. She began thrusting her hips in coordination with the music and it was super erotic; the thought of getting caught would come and go. Two additional songs later I eventually came. She got up, handed me a tissue and said, “This should make it so you don’t make a mess before cleaning up.” I paid her for the four songs danced plus a small tip and went straight to the bathroom and cleaned up before returning to my friend at the table.
We conversed and I found out that the same thing happened to him with the dancer he received a dance from. For the next hour we watched the stage performances and chatted between us and with a couple strippers. Then a girl came on the stage and she immediately caught my full attention. The dj had announced her as Leah. She had blonde hair to her shoulders, tan skin, a toned body which included an amazing ass and D tits. I did not say a word through her first song, and during her second song I approached the stage and put money out which she took from me and put my head between her soft tits and shook them.
As I thanked her I asked her to come see me and she smiled and nodded. Shortly after her performance she came to my table and we chatted before I went with her and received two lap dances. I slipped my number in with the money when I paid her for the dances but thought I will never hear from her. The night continued with a couple more lap dances and watching of performances before heading back to hotel. On the way back I received the following text: hey, this is Leah. I never do this and could get in trouble for even contacting you, but you are really fucking hot and I remember you said you were from out of town. Would you tell me your hotel and room # so I can come see you when I get off in an hour?
Needless to say, I was flabbergasted, but I quickly responded with the information requested and that I was honored to hear from her. Though I still thought she will never show or will and want $ or something. Once back in my room I showered and sat and watched tv and the clock, wondering if she was going to come. My phone went off and I jumped to look at it thinking it was her, but instead it was a friend/coworker named Chrissy. She inquired how the party was going tonight and the plans for tomorrow evening. Chrissy said she might be around the bar where the big party was to be and might crash it with a couple of her friends for a few. I said that would be awesome and to hit me up if they were coming by. She said no promises but maybe. I was used to her being all talk and a flirt so figured Chrissy won’t be seen.
I put my phone down looking at time and noticing it had been almost two hours since I heard from Leah. Just as I was preparing to call it a night and give up on her there was a light knock on my door. I looked out the peephole to see her and slowly opened the door in order to shut quickly if she wasn’t alone. Leah was alone and she came in my room. We talked briefly and she excused herself to my bathroom and came back out wearing just a pink thong.
As soon as she reached the bed I began sucking on her tits and nipples. Then I ran my tongue down her tummy to her thong and licked around it before removing it and putting my tongue inside her pussy. She began to moan and squirm. Several minutes later she sat up and laid me on my back and began sucking on my cock for a few. Leah then asked, “Do you have a rubber?”
I got off the bed and went into my duffel bag and grabbed out a rubber and put it on and went back to the bed and laid back down on my back. Leah climbed on top of me and with a hand guided my cock into her wet pussy. She began rocking back and forth and occasionally her pussy would clinch around me as she orgasmed. Leah moaned and I moaned a bit before eventually I reached my point and I came. She climbed off me and I removed the rubber with a hand towel by the bed. I put on my boxers and tossed the condom in the toilet as she got dressed.
I grabbed a disposable camera and my phone out of my bag and said, “Do you mind if I take your picture? My buddy isn’t going to believe I saw you again.”
She smiled and took my phone and hit record and said, “He fucked me tonight and it was awesome.” Then as I took a picture with the camera she flashed her tits at me then mooned me. I couldn’t help but laugh and so did she. Then she kissed me on the cheek and left my room and I went to bed.
The next morning my buddy and I ate breakfast at the hotel before heading to the city close to home where the big party was to take place that night. In the car ride I showed him the video Leah had recorded and he shook his head and asked for details. I gave him a synopsis of what happened and he said, “You better make sure to delete that later before you get home and your fiancé finds it.”
I responded, “No shit. I will tonight after we show a couple of the guys.”
Once we got to town we checked into our hotel and then my buddy said, “We have some time to kill. Let’s drive over to the brothel outside of town.”
I agreed and we drove to the brothel and went in and we ordered a beer. A few minutes later we were approached by a girl who asked if we would like to see a lineup of girls and go on a tour of the place. We agreed and the girl instructed us to sit on a chair in a certain place in the room and she walked away. Next thing we hear a bell going off and saw girls beginning to line up down a hall. The girl reappeared and told us, “Each girl will introduce themselves and then you may each select a girl to take you on a tour.”
We nodded our heads and the first girl came out shook our hands said her name and so did another another and I wasn’t impressed until I saw the fourth girl start walking towards me. She was a curvy blonde with what appeared to be a large rack almost busting out of her top. Her smile and face were beautiful and she introduced herself as Sarah. I could barley take my eyes off of her to be greeted by the last 3 girls; when introductions were finished I quickly pointed at Sara and asked for her. She smiled and came over to me. Taking my hand we began walking off and she inquired my name.
Sara showed me various rooms in the place and at different times would make it a point to bend over in front of me. We ended up in her room and sat on the bed. She turned to me and said, “I think you are cute and would really like to party with you.”
I smiled but thought to myself I am not about to pay for a prostitute. Before I could say a word she was pulling down her top and her huge tits were falling out and she smiled and said, “Wouldn’t you like to play with my DDs?”
Once again I could only manage a smile and not a word. She began rubbing my thigh and I could feel a tiny bit of arousal. Sara smiled at me and said, “Please, play with me.” Then she whispered in my ear, “Normally my price is $800 an hour, but you are really cute and I can feel you have a big cock. So I will play with you for $300.”
She pulled back and as I contemplated an answer she pushed her tits into my chest and I blurted out, “Let’s play!”
Sara smile and said, “Yay. But first I have to check you so please pull your pants down.” I pulled down my pants and she looked around my cock smiling and said, “I was right about you having a big cock. This will be so much fun.”
We left the room and went and paid a cashier with a credit card and I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Once back in the room I stripped down to my boxers and she said, “We can do whatever you want, except anal.” Then she began to undress.
To Be Continue ……

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