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friends with benefits

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The guys and I had been drinking for awhile when I spotted Chrissy and a couple friends approaching our table. Chrissy and her friends were obviously buzzed as we were and, she introduced her friends April and Danielle. One of my friends ordered them and us a round of drinks. April was kind of reserved and homely but Danielle was curvy with long brown hair and brown eyes. Chrissy was attractive with her shoulder length dirty blonde hair, green eyes and bragged about fake boobs.
Danielle plopped herself down on my lap and pressed her butt against my crotch. She had on a black mini skirt and it moved as she kept moving around on my lap. When she reached for her drink and sat back down I felt that the skirt was no longer between her panties and my crotch. I gazed down and could see butt cheek and it started to get me hard. Danielle turned to look at me as she had to feel the bulge in my jeans and she smiled and raised her eyebrows at me. She slowly, so as to not be noticed by the others at the table, slid her hand down my stomach and into my jeans and groped my cock.
She whispered in my ear, “My my, your fiancé is a lucky girl.”
I slid my hand under her ass and gently squeezed. She smiled at me and continue to grope my cock, but before I could get any harder Chrissy had noticed what was going on and she told Danielle to get off my lap. Chrissy then sat on my right thigh and softly said to me, “What the hell were you two doing?”
I just smirked and shrugged my shoulders and said, “Don’t tell me you’re jealous.”
She scoffed at me and said, “Why would I be?”
Chrissy had on those legging pant things girls wear and after a few minutes I slowly reached under the table and rubbed my finger around the crotch of her leggings. She raised her eyes at me, but didn’t stop me. I continued to do it for a few more minutes till she jumped off my lap and ushered the other girls to the bathroom real quick. They returned and stayed to finish their drinks before leaving us. Awhile after they left I got a text from Chrissy saying what the hell was I doing touching her like that. Don’t ever tell anyone and we should forget it even happened or would make work awkward. I apologized if I offended her and she said wasn’t offended just surprised I did that.
Then an hour later I got another text from her saying so Danielle told me you have a nice size cock from what she felt. I responded tell her thank you. Then to see if I could get a reaction added if she wants to see it or touch it more than in my jeans give her my number. Chrissy quickly retorted back I am not tell her that. I wrote she is cute and has a nice body. Chrissy wrote back I bet you like her and not me. I responded I have told you before I think you are hot and you laugh at me and you have your man and not like you would do anything more than banter maybe she would. Didn’t hear another text for awhile and the guys and I went to a strip club and they took turns buying me lap dances.
I was in the bathroom relieving myself of some alcohol when I got a text from Chrissy stating ‘So, Danielle won’t stop talking about your cock. Will you let her see it?’ I responded I won’t take a picture of it, but if she will meet me somewhere I will show it to her if she shows me her boobs. I received a response of ok we will see. A little while longer I got another text stating we ran into my sister and her friends and Danielle blurred out about your cock and now I have several girls giving me shit about wanting to see it and why I never knew and shit. I smarted off you could have if you wanted to which I got a response of you wish, we work together and we both are in relationships. I said back ya ya and well any of the girls that want to see it can meet me at my room in say a hour. But, it’s not a free show they have to either be topless or bottomless to make it fair. Chrissy said ok I will relay it.
More drinking and hot lap dances took place before I stumbled back to my hotel room. I plugged my phone into charger on night stand and crashed onto my back flat on the bed. My eyes were starting to close when I hear a knock at the door. I staggered to it and saw through the peephole Chrissy, Danielle, Chrissy’s older sister Jamie and some other girl never met before. I opened the door and the four barged in my room. Danielle hugged me wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing her boobs into my chest.
Chrissy said, “Sorry, she wouldn’t shut up and these two said we are coming too.”
I smiled and said, “No problem. I am not gonna complain about hot girls in my room.”
There was some laughter and smiles before Jamie blurred out, “So you going to show us the cock we heard about or what?”
I said, “Did she tell you I am only doing that if you show me your tits? Cause that’s only fair.”
Chrissy said, “I am not showing him my boobs, we work together so I will go in the hall.”
Her sister said to her, “Who gives a fuck if you work together?” and she yanked at Chrissy’s shirt almost exposing her boobs.
Danielle said, “I don’t care.” She took her top off and stood there in a bra.
Jamie said, “Me either,” pulling her boobs out her shirt.
Chrissy and the other girl went out the door as Jamie said, “Show it.”
Danielle took off her bra and I admired that she and Jamie both had nice size C tits as I pulled down my jeans. The jeans were at my feet on the floor and both girls were staring at the growing bulge in my boxers. Then, with one yank I pulled my boxers down and let them fall to floor.
Jamie shouted, “Holy shit, that cock is big and nice!”
Danielle added, “I knew it by feeling it that it was big.”
Jamie ran to the door and stuck her head out and I heard her say, “You bitches need to get in here and see this!”
Slowly I saw the other two walk in the room and I pulled Danielle close to me so she blocked their view. Danielle said, “Chrissy, you need to see it.” Jamie added, “It’s nice and big alright.”
I cupped Danielle’s tits with my hands. Chrissy said, “I don’t know… it’s just weird.”
Jamie said, “Well, if you don’t want to look don’t look, but you are being stupid.”
Jamie’s friend walked over flashed her small boobs at me and I moved Danielle briefly so the girl could look at me. Chrissy said, “Can he pull his boxers up now? Can we go?”
I pulled my boxers up and said, “Before you all split, have a couple drinks,” and I pulled a few bottles out of the refrigerator in room and poured drinks. We sat down and drank and Danielle persuaded the others to play truth or dare. Chrissy begrudgingly agreed but you could tell was relieved when others were selected to go ahead of her, starting with Danielle.
I dared Danielle to rub her tits in my face and she did. Then I said dare and she dared me to let her rub my balls and I accepted the dare. Next was the other girl who I asked if she had ever done ablaze which she responded no and in return asked me if I had ever had a crush on Chrissy. To which Chrissy blurred out, “Shit! Don’t answer that shit!”
I said. “It’s just a game. Yes, when I first met her I thought she was hot, but she won’t take compliments and doesn’t dress to show how hot she is.”
The other girls laughed and Chrissy shook her head in embarrassment. Jamie said give me a dare and I dared her to let me suck on her tits for two minutes and she agreed. Then she dared me to hug Chrissy, which I did, as Chrissy tried to resist. It was now Chrissy’s turn and she asked for a truth and Jamie said, “I have a truth. Do you find him attractive? Don’t try to lie; I know the real answer.”
Chrissy shook her head and said, “Yes, he’s attractive.”
It was my turn next and I said truth. Chrissy asked me, “Ok, given the chance would you rather see the tattoo on my lower back or the one on my lower hip?”
I said, “To answer that truthfully, I wish I could see your back tattoo and see your ass too.”
There was a round of laughter and someone said ‘just show him your tattoos’. Chrissy quickly flashed both tattoos. I smiled and said, “Thanks is for that.” She flipped me off and said, “That’s all you will see.”
Jamie and her friend said they had to go and I nodded and hugged her and they left. Danielle said, “Can we crash here for a bit, to sober up before leaving?” I said sure and I went and climbed in the bed. A few minutes later I felt someone touching me, and I opened my eyes to see Danielle naked in the bed and groping my cock. I licked her tits quickly and she said, “I hope you don’t mind.”  I said, “Not at all.”
Danielle leaned her head down and began sucking on my cock. I laid back and enjoyed the blow job until I came in her mouth and she swallowed. She laid down on the bed and fell asleep. I was almost asleep when I heard  Chrissy whisper, “I keep thinking about what you did at the table… and other shit.”
I said, “Sorry about that. But, to be honest I wish that my finger would have been in your pants instead of on the outside.”
Chrissy shook her head at me as she sat on the edge of the bed. I put my hand on her thigh and was shocked when she didn’t push it off. She said. “I don’t know why I am even here.” She went to stand up and I pinched her butt. Then she turned around and before she could yell at me or slap me I sat up and grabbed her arm and pulled her to me. I whispered to her, “Cause something inside of you wants you to be. Please, please show me your boobs that you brag about.”
Chrissy said, “Well if it will get you to never ask again…” I quickly replied, “Never again.” She said fine and she took off her shirt and bra and said,”Here it is, enjoy now cause never again.”
My cock started to harden as I looked at her D sized tits. Chrissy got up and began fumbling to put on her bra when I wrapped my hands around her waist.

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