Bachelor Party (Crushes) – Part Two

Bachelor Party

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First, Sara’s top was taken off and I stared at her breasts as she removed her shorts and panties, revealing a bald pussy. She walked over to me and I began sucking on her gigantic tits and soft pink nipples. As I did that she reached down and stroked my cock through my boxers, which started getting me hard. Then I laid her on the bed and got on my knees, spread her thighs open with my hands, and ran my tongue around her pussy lips and into her pussy. She began to moan as I pleasured her with my tongue.
Several minutes passed and she said, “My turn.”
She got up and pulled off my boxers and sucked on my cock for a couple minutes before grabbing a condom, putting it on my cock and asking, “How do you want me, baby?”
I answered, “Doggy.”
Sara got into doggy position on the bed and I got behind her. She took my cock in her hand and guided it into her wet pussy. I began pumping her and she began to moan. Her curvy ass slapped against my hips with each thrust, and it made me thrust faster just to feel and hear it hit me. I felt her pussy reach orgasm on me several times before I came.
She got up grabbed a towel and disposed of the condom and instructed me to lay down on the bed next to her. We made idle chit chat for a few minutes and she said, “Do you want to go again before time is up?”
I answered, “Hell ya!”
She got up and began stroking my cock with her hands and I began to stiffen again. Then she leaned her tits over my crotch and pressed them on my cock until I was fully hard. Sara put a rubber on me once again and climbed on top of me and began riding me cowgirl. I had one hand on each one of those tits squeezing them as she pumped me harder and harder until I came. Just like before, she cleaned me up with a towel and then we both got dressed and I went back out to the bar area and met up with my friend. We said bye to the working girls and went back to the hotel to change and chill for a couple hours before meeting the other guys for dinner.
I had showered and changed and got tired of sitting in my room with nothing on tv and went downstairs for a walk around the casino. A couple minutes into my walk I spotted a girl named Peggy whom I worked with several years prior and hadn’t seen since. Peggy was a thin girl with brown hair, brown eyes, a small rack and tiny ass. I approached her and we began to chat. We sat at a table in a bar and I purchased her a drink and we continued talking. She asked what I had been up to and what I was doing there and I explained it was for my bachelor party, among other things.
Peggy turned to me at one point and said, “I had a crush on you when you were my boss.”
I smiled and said, “I had the hots for you, too.”
She said, “Why didn’t you ever say anything more than just flirt, sometimes?”
I laughed and said, “Stupid, I guess. If I tell you something do you promise not to throw a drink on my face or hit me or laugh?”
She laughed and said, “I promise.”
I softly said, “Well, a few times I dreamed and thought what it would be like to have you suck my cock or fuck you in your butt.”
Peggy smiled and said, “oh my, that’s vivid.” She laughed and continued, “That could have been fun.”
I smiled and nodded my head and said. “I do have a room upstairs!”
We both laughed and I looked her in the eyes. She stopped laughing and said, “You’re serious, aren’t you?” I slowly nodded my head. She smiled and said, “Ok, let’s go to your room. If I don’t go I am going to regret it in back of my mind, I know it.”
We left the bar and went up to my room. Once in the room we hugged and I began kissing her neck and running my hands down her back and around her tiny ass. She tapped my chest to move and began pulling off her clothes and I stripped as well. Her tits had to be a small b, but her ass was firm and small. Peggy pulled off my boxers and smiled when she saw my cock.
She said, “Shit, that’s nice.” Then she began sucking my cock and was able to take a good portion of it in he mouth. It felt incredible and after some time I felt her slowly milk precum out of me. She stood up and said, “You better be gentle to my tiny ass, cause your cock is big.”
I smiled and said, “I will. You tell me if you want me to stop.”
She nodded her head and knelt down on the bed with her ass raised in the air. I slowly guided my cock into her tight ass and I heard her wince as I slid the head of it in. A little at a time I guided it till half of me was inside her ass and I realized that’s all that could fit. Then I slowly began pumping and she began to moan. Her ass was so tight around my cock so it didn’t take but a few minutes to shoot my load in her ass.
She moaned as I came and said, “Oh my, that feels good.” I slid my cock out and cum dripped out of her ass and onto the end of the bed. Peggy got up, cleaned herself off and got dressed. She kissed my lips and said, “Well, now we both won’t ever have to think ‘what if’ ever again.” I laughed and smiled and she left my room and I went in and showered.
My buddy and I went downstairs to wait for the other guys for dinner a little while later and we grabbed a drink in the bar while we waited. The rest of the group showed up a little at a time and we drank and ate. We noticed a small group of girls which appeared to be a bachelorette party and playfully engaged them in conversation. I purchased the bride-to-be a drink and in return she sent me a drink.
A little while later her and the group came to our table and one of the girls had two shots in her hands and placed them on table and said, “You and her do a shot together, but you guys have to do it with your hands behind your back.”
I nodded and we went to do the shot and I downed mine no issue but she was having an issue getting it in her mouth. I turned to a couple of the guys and said, “She can’t get that in her mouth; I feel sorry for the guy marrying her.”
We laughed and I didn’t realize she had heard me but then she whispered in my ear, “I may not get a glass in my mouth, but I sure can fit a dick in there. Yours would probably be way easy cause it’s small.”
As she went to pull away from my ear I grabbed her and whispered back, “I bet it’s bigger than your man’s.”
She jerked away from me but accidentally her hand grazed against the crotch of my pants. I looked at her and smiled as her and her friends walked away. A little while later I went out of the restaurant and used the restroom and ran into her heading to the bathroom. I smiled and out of nowhere out of my mouth I blurted, “You know you are not going to see another cock once you get married, right? So you want to see mine?”
She had a look of shock as she went past me and into the bathroom. I stopped walking and was texting one of my friends when she walked up to me and asked, “Where can we go that you could show it to me?”
I answered, “My hotel room upstairs.”
She said, “Ok, I will look… let me tell a friend real quick.”
I told my friends I had to run up to the room real quick and would meet them in the bar. Then she and I went up to my room.
In the elevator she said, “We aren’t going to have sex, I only want to see your cock.”
I smiled and said, “Fair enough.”
We went into my room, she sat in a chair and said, “Ok, let’s see it.”
I smiled and said, “Can I at least see your boobs after I take my pants off?”
She nodded her head and said, “Ya, I guess.”
So I pulled down my pants, showing her my cock. And then she pulled up her shirt and bra revealing size c tits. We both smiled at what we saw and then I pulled up my pants and she put back down her shirt and we left the room and went back downstairs.  I joined my friends in the bar and drank.
To be Continue ……

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