Autobiography Erotic Sex Stories

Character :

1.Chitra a female widow aged 62 now lost her husband whose name was Sadhan at the age of 40
. (2) Babu : Only Child of Chitra and Sadhan. Babu is 42 now.
Chitra and Sadhan got love marriage . When Chitra was 19. Their marriage was a intercast marriage , Sadhan was from Brahmin family and Chitra was schedule cast . There was huge tussle between the two family. Chitra’s family got insulted like anything and they cut relation with Chitra. The family of Sadhan was also disconnected all relation with them though Sadhan’s father allotted only one room and a kitchen and bathroom . Their part was totally separated from the other part of the house. Chitra is a bit fatty with good size of boobs , bulgy belly . She is tall about 5ft 2 inch (taller than average Bengali woman ) with fair complexion .Sadhan was tall employed in a central govt organization as a D group staff. After one year of marriage Babu was born . Everything was going on well suddenly Sadhan expired in a sudden cardiac arrest. Babu has just passed class 12. Babu got the service of his father in the compensation ground. Suddenly they realized that they were alone in the world. None of the family of Chitra and Sadhan did not stand by them due to ego Chitra got very thoughtful but she got relieved somewhat thinking that atleast the financial crunch will not hit them.
Babu left the study and joined the job. Only he and her mom now. Babu have to share the same room with his parents. He loves his mother like anything . Sadhan, Chitra and Babu had great bonding . Sadhan when alive told Babu they have to live by their own as no relative will stand by them . He told him reason also. Sometimes tears come his eyes think of his late father. Sadhan was very popular in his office. All the seniors of the office advised Babu to stay strong and to stand by his mother.
Days goes on Babu reached at his 25 years. They are leaving happily . In the Sunday and other holidays in the noon time he and Chitra used to talk about their future. Babu eagerly used to wait for this moment since his boy hood. After lunch Chitra had the habit of taking nap. She used to lay on bed and loosened her saree and pull it down below her navel. She unbuttoned the top of her blouse . Babu used to enjoy the scene .Though no bad feeling ever appeared in his mind . But somehow he felt good to see her mom’s navel and cleavage. Chitra is still having the said habit. Chitra was planning to arrange marriage of Babu but room is a problem to them. Chitra was insisting Babu to buy one flat so that she can arrange marriage for him but Babu said it will be difficult for him to buy flat with his salary (17 yrs before a central govt d gr employee did not draw enough salary to buy flat). So they were living at their old house only.
Everything was going fine but one day coming home from office Babu saw her mom somehow opened the door and immediately went to bed to lay. After lot of enquiry she told she was having tremendous abdomen pain . Babu told her to take to doctor but she was not ready to go .Babu forcefully took her to doctor. Dr Rubia Bose was a female doctor who knew them very well. When they reached the chamber fortunately there was only one patient so after 10 mints Dr. Bose called her for examining. Babu also went with Chitra as he knew Chitra would say nothing about her uneasiness. Dr. Bose invited them with smile and while doing the routine examination of pressure and weight she was asking their present situation she also asked Babu about his job. Babu was telling her mother never informed her discomfort to him. Dr. Basu told “Chitra he is ur all in all now ! pl never be shy to him” by saying so she told her to lay on the adjacent bed on her back! She would examine her ! Babu was about to leave the room but Dr. Bose told him to stay there if required she would tell him to leave. Dr. Bose took her stethoscope and with hand started to examine Chitra’s upper abdomen and asked whether there was any painn or not. Then she told her to loosen the saree and pull it down. | |Chitra did that doctor Bose started pressing Chitra’s lower abdomen and she pulled down the saree more. Babu was having uncanny feeling in her pant. Specially when Dr Bose asked Chitra to lay on her side as she would check back with stethoscope at that time it was unbearable sight to Babu. When Chitra was lay on bed at her side she was facing Babu. Babu never saw her mom in this position . Her saree knot was just above the pussy line . Her full bulgy belly was exposed the navel of Chitra is so big and deep he never realized earlier . Her deep cleavage was open to him. The straps of her white bra was also visible to him. Dr. Bose was pressing her stethoscope to check her chest he saw it pressed her boob ! Babu’s rod under the pant is fully erected. He was cursing himself for his feeling but he was looking at her mom’s belly , navel and cleavage . After examining Dr. Bose asked something to Chitra , she nodded. Babu could not hear what the question was but he felt wetness at his underwear. Mean time Chitra had adjusted her dress. She was very conservative in her dress only few centimeter of bare part from the blouse end to the saree knot is exposed. Dr, Bose told she did not find anything serious but for the sake of safety one ultra sonography of whole abdomen is required . She prescribe d some medicine to relief her from pain.She advised Babu to look after his mother. They went home while coming to home Babu had arranged the sonography test in the next morning and from PCO (17 year back mobile phone was not widely used like present) he informed his office boss to allow him leave for the reason of her mother. His boss told him to take care of Chitra and not be worried about service.
Babu was very sincere in his duty. After the very light dinner They went to bed . Chitra as usual pulled her saree down and got sleep. Babu could not sleep. Every time the bare belly and cleavage was appearing in front of his eyes. He was looking at her his hand was inviting him to play with her . Somehow he restrained himself. But throughout the night he could not sleep.
Next day in the morning they woke up. Chitra told “did u not sleep in the night thinking about me? Nothing will happen to me ”. Babu did not reply. They went to the clinic for Chitra’s sonography test. After one hour waiting Chitra’s turn came. Babu was waiting outside. After 30 mintues Chitra came and told Babu to arrange one rickshaw . Babu noticed Chitra somehow adjusted her saree.
Her navel is visible though it is covered with pallu. Rickshaw came and they started to their home. Chitra was telling about her experience. She did not like the test . “ u have to take water , suppress ur urine. Then at the time of test they applied some gel at the belly and my belly is sticky now . I am feeling filthy”. Babu was just saying yes or no . He was watching his mom . Chitra’s belly fold was also arousing him. His penis was fully erected But he was careful not to being caught in her eyes. They reached home . Chitra hurriedly went to to the room took some wet cloth and started to clean her sticky belly . Babu was staring at her. Chitra had her blouse uncovered by her pallu both of her 34 size boos was open though covered by blouse. Her big belly and huge and deep navel is fully open. Babu took some cloth also and told” ma ! let me help u” and without the answer he put the cloth on her belly from behind. He really wanted to help his mom. But his erect cock touched the ass crack of Chitra! She felt her son’s manhood .
After so many years male’s touch gave her some shivering. She had her period just few days back. Recently she felt very hot for somedays after period.
Dr. Bose was asking her yesterday whether she was having her period regularly or not. She pushed her hip towards Babu and his erect rod got stuck into her ass crack. Babu was cleaning her belly and push of Chitra disbalanced him a bit and to maintain his balance he caught the belly fold of his mom. “Ummmmmmm” a sound came from Chitra. Babu felt he had heard the sound before but could not remember. But he was feeling that her mom is trembling . He further saw her eyes were closed.”Are u feeling ill?” Chitra did not reply she was trying to control her but could not . While talking accidently Babu’s finger touched the navel of Chitra !”Ahhhhh” moaned Chitra and put her hand on Babu. She pushed her hip towards Babu more. Babu could not control him anymore. He put his finger inside her navel and started circling .ummmmmm aaaaaaah different sounds came from Chitra. She laid on bed and Babu jumping on her. Without wasting anytime Babu put his tongue inside her navel and felt that her mom was drawing his towards his belly. His rod about to tear his pant. Once he looked up he saw the breasts of his mom were moving up and down she was breathing heavily her eyes were closed. Babu now caught her boobs .
Started pressing them. Now Chitra was totally out of control she pulled her saree to her waist . exposing her hairy pussy . Babu by instinct took his rod from the pant and put it at the pussy point he was trying to make push but did not know where to enter. Chitra guided him he made the push , from experience Chitra realized that he would not be able to control him so after getting two thrust only Chitra pushed him out from her pussy applying all of her power. Immediately she saw thick white juice was coming from her son’s organ. She was cursing herself for not controlling her urge. Babu also got disappointed. He was feeling guilty. Chitra went to bathroom for taking bath . She wept there sought apology to Sadhan. At the same time she was also thinking of her son. His penis size is as big as that of Sadhan if not bigger. She came out after bath and started to cook the lunch. Babu went to bathroom he got disappointed but feeling happy atleast he was able to play with his mom. Why she was making sound ? Suddenly he remembered when he was class vi in the night suddenly woke up from sleep he saw his late dad on his mom and he was moving his ass vigorously. His mom was making sound like today. Now he know that they were making sex on that night . So mom was sexually aroused. He felt shame but delighted also . After bath they took lunch and went to bed. Chitra as usual pulled her saree down and took off two of her blouse buttons from the top. Babu was looking at her exposed belly .
Now he got some courage and he put his hand on her bare belly. Chitra removed his hand. Babu again put his hand and told “why mom ? you are removing my hand?” Chitra replied “ u know Babu if I fully lost control then what would happen today I could have been pregnant. The whole world would hate us. You are no more child now. “ She pulled up her saree and covered her belly. Babu hugged her . He told “ if we do with protection then what is the problem ? you can not deny your sexual urge . without you I cannot think my life mom.” Chitra got shocked she was cursing herself . She had dug her own grave. But she told Babu” u are young u have ur future life for the sake of argument if we live together as husband wife then what is the future of our relation.? Be practical my son. Get married soon.” Babu wept out and said “ I shall not marry mom whether u live with me or not.” Chitra got confused. “Then what do u want” asked Chitra. “I want u mom” Babu replied. “ Nobody in the world bother about us. We will live together. If u refuse then I shall leave this world.” Chitra got worried. She put her hand on Babu’s mouth.” Do not say like this . who else without you is in my life.” She told. “Ok I will be with u ! but Babu u are choosing your own life. Afterwrords do not repent. “ “ I shall never repent” replied Babu ”now give me my thing’” “what?” asked Chitra,” my unfinished thing” told Babu. “ let me buy condom”. Chitra told “ do not act like a fool. Everybody knows us here . wherefrom u will buy? Moreover where u will throw the condom after using? We are surrounded by enemies. If anybody gets a hint of it then we will be in soup.” Chitra disengaged from Babu and got up. She wrote something in a piece of paper and gave to Babu. ”tomorrow when u will come from the office pl bring this from a medicine shop around your office.
But Babu please think again as this relation do not have any future.” Babu was laying on the bed and saw the piece of paper ‘novelon ‘ was written on it. She was watching her mom. Chitra was preparing the lunch . After finishing the cookings she went for bath. After finishing the bath she came out and started to drape her saree .Babu was watching” Mom drape it below navel at least two inches. ”said Babu. Chitra was have a peculiar feeling .She was enjoying the words of Babu as well as she was feeling shy. However she tied her saree knot below her navel. Babu jumped up from the bed , hugged her from behind. He put his finger inside her navel and pulled down the saree a bit more. He cupped the boobs of Chitra over blouse and felt the softness of her mom’s breast. Chitra did not wear bra while she is at home. Chitra separated her from him and told “Enough! Now finish ur bath and lunch. I have to take nap.” Disappointed Babu unwillingly went to bathroom. His rod is fully erected. After lunch Chitra was sleeping . Babu was watching her mom. “ She is having voluptuous figure .” murmured Babu. In the afternoon he went out. He had to collect the usg report . Suddenly he had some idea . He took a bus and went some distance . He bought the medicine as written by Chitra and came back to collect the USG report. After collecting the report he went to Dr. Bose for her opinion. She told the report is ok probably due to indigestion the pain occurred. She also told”Babu why do not take your mom for change. I suppose u are getting LTA.
U have to be more careful to ur mom. As u are her only hope. “She gave some medicine to her for one week. Babu thanked her and came back to home. He handed over the medicines to her and gave Novelon separately. He saw her mom did not adjust her saree. He felt happy. Chitra got excited but did not express . They finished the dinner and when Chitra was about to go to bed Babu caught her and made her to sit on her lap. One hand he started to press her boob and with the other had he stated to to play with her navel. Chitra’s breath became hot. The tip of the nose became wide . She had closed her eyes. Babu made her lay on bed with care and started unduttoned her blouse. Chitra was also helping him. He took off the blouse . First time Babu saw his mom’s bare boobs and started pressing them with lot of pressure. “Ummmmmm ! slowlyyyyyy” told Chitra. “Mom pl take of yr saree and petticoat” Babu said..” no no pl Babu! I cannot do” told Chitra. “please mom” and without waiting for the answer he untied the saree knot of his mom. Somehow he was also able to unstring the string of her petticoat . Chitra was covering her face with her hands she was dying both in sexual urge and shyness. After 8years some one had aroused her sexual feeling he is no other that her son who is about to take off he saree. Chitra did not know what she was doing. Babu saw she lifted her hip to allow Babu to take off her saree. Chay did not use panty. Babu was stunned he was watching his mom fully nude for the first time after being adult .
Babu took of her hand from face and stated kissing . First at the forehead then on eyes and finally at lips .He took her lips in his mouse and started sucking . Chitra was also responding. He then came down to her belly caught the bellyfold and dug his tongue into her navel. “Aummmmmmmmmm” Chitra moaned she lifted her back in pleasure ! Babu’s rod is fully erect he felt as his penis was burning. He could not wait more he set his rod at the pussy tip Chitra by instinct guided it to her gspot . Babu entered his rod inside , it got slippery and very hot . He made the first thrust Chitra felt some big iron rod entered inside her. It is bigger than her late husband. Babu took it out and made the second thrust but after 4 push only he started ejaculating. Babu got disappointed and laid her mom’s bare body. Chitra understood his problem” No dear as you were very much excited and as this is for the first time so it happened quickly. Go on sleep now”. They went to sleep.
Next day Babu got up late and hurried through office. Everybody in his department was asking him about his mom’s health! As Babu told everything and told doctor had suggested for an outing also. Then one of his colleague told why did not he take her to Talsari. Talsari is only 4 hrs journey from Babu’s place .Babu’s company has one holiday home there it was not congested also. (17 yeares back Talasari was just beginning to be tourist spot). Babu made all arrangement for Talsari trip.
They will start very next day. Babu came home and told Chitra about their outing. Chitra was annoyed but as the doctor told so she had to be agreed. They have to start very early in the morning. Babu hugged her from behind and kissed her. Chitra told “ leave me we have to be ready otherwise I shall not be able to wake up in the morning.” They took the dinner and went to bed early.
Next day they left for Talsari. On the way Babu noticed her mother was very happy. Chitra indeed was very happy after a long time she was going out. From the window she was watching the beauty of nature. After two hours of journey the bus stopped near one dhaba. They took the breakfast. Babu was watching his mom. She was looking beautiful. Offwhite colour saree with white blouse. He saw her wearing white bra. She draped the saree in a very conservative way. Babu did not find any belly fold or cleavage was visible.
He got disappointed. At the restart of the bus Babu put his hand on her shoulder. Chitra whispered “ do not do any nonsence in the public.” So Babu had to take off his hand. They reached Talsari and went to the holiday home. The caretaker welcomed them showed their room. One big room with attached modern toilet. The caretaker also told that there was no food arrangement they have to buy by their own. However he could manage the food for them. Babu told him they had breakfast on the way and they require lunch around 1-30 pm. It was just 11-15. The caretaker told he would bring evening snacks and tea also around 6-30. Babu agreed. The caretaker left. Babu locked the main door and entered inside the room. He saw her mother already freshened up herself and changed the dress. He hugged her but Chitra told him to get fresh first and change .
Babu hurriedly went to toilet and freshen himself. He took one barmuda shorts only no inner vests . Chitra was watching the room and organizing their travelling bag. Babu came and hugged her from behind. Chitra told “ not now ! pl the caretaker will come.” Babu showed her the clock it was 12-00 pm only. He made her lay on the bed and climbed on her. His rod is fully erect. Chitra felt it over her saree. He started pressing her boob very hard an started kissing her lips. Chitra got sexually aroused. She also responded with the kiss ! But her heart was striking in anticipation of fear if the caretaker came. But she could not resist herself. She only told “quickly”. She was feeling the wetness at her pussy. She realized she was having her full sexual urge. Babu started kissing her a French kiss. Then started to press her boobs. “ahaaaaaa ! ohhhh! “ moaning started coming from her. Babu started to unbutton her blouse. But Chitra stopped him. “Babu! If the caretaker comes then we shall be in trouble.” Saying so she unbuttoned the last 2 buttons of her blouse and pushed the blouse upwards to release her brests.
Babu saw her nipples were hard and big at least one Cm. He started to suck one of the nipples and started pressing the other. Her breath gets hot and her boobs started ups and down. She rolled her saree up to waist . She spread her legs to open up her pussy. Babu entered his organ inside her. He started moving his hip slowly.” Ummmmmmm! Aaaaaaaa” Chitra moaned. Babu stopped. He was feeling hotness of her pussy around his rod. After some pause he again started movement. Chitra understood her boy got matured in fucking he would not commit the earlier mistake. He started thrashing her hard. Now his penetration was perfect. Each of his thrust giving immense pleasure to her . She was moving her head everywhere on the bed. She hugged his son tightly. Babu suddenly felt her moms legs hugged his waist very tightly. She was closing her eyes and a continuous moaning coming from her. Now he stopped a bit and started huge thrust, “ ahaa! Aaah” moans coming huffing .He saw she was biting her lips. He got tensed and stopped “is it paining?” he asked. She moved her head meant no. She was enjoying after a long time . She had multiple orgasm . Babu felt his rod got arrested by something inside her pussy. This was giving him pleasure of his life. After at least 50 thrusts he discharged. He laid by the side of her. Chitra was laying spreading her legs. He saw liquids were flowing out from her mom’s pussy . It was almost 1-10 pm. She immediately jumped up from the bed and was looking on the bed sheet. “ What do u look? “ Babu asked surprisingly. Chitra replied “if this liquid drench the bed sheet it will have permanent mark on the bed sheet. Thank God it only one or two drops fall only nobody will bother this. U also get up.Collect the food if it comes ” Saying so she went to toilet. She needed to clean her. She took 10 minutes and came out . Babu went into bathroom to clean himself. While cleaning he felt his total penis is wet. He felt surprised. By the time he came out he heard the knocking at the door. He saw Chitra was collecting the food. The caretaker went.He also gave one flask with the evening tea. He informed them that he would come at 9-30 pm with the dinner. Babu was feeling hungry and they started to take lunch. “Mom ! u are disappointing me” Babu told while eating. “why? I did whatever you like .I surrendered me to you . Still you are getting disappointed?” replied Chitra. “u do not dressed up like my choice.” Said Babu.” U still are wearing dress like home.” Ok! My son ! I get u.” Chitra replied with smile. They finished up the lunch. Chitra dressed up as per Babu’ choice. She tied saree 2 inches below navel . She also drape her saree low waist .He belly folds looked prominent now. Babu kissed her navel knelt down. But due to journey and the enjoyment both were feeling tired and they went for nap.
Babu woke up first . He saw Chitra was still sleeping. He went to the balcony and sat .He was enjoying the beauty of the surroundings. Suddenly he noticed that one dog no two dogs were running at the vacant area in front of the balcony. One is male dog another is the female dog. The male dog was sniffing the female. The female dog pissed the male dog also pissed. Then the male dog rode on the female but she slipped away. They were running all over . Babu was enjoying. After sometime they stood infront of Babu. Their position just parallel to him. The female dog was sniffing the penis of the male dog and put up her tail. The male now licking the pussy of the bitch. Now he climbed on her. Due to the position of their standing Babu was getting the full view of their activities . The dog started his movement slowly and then increased the speed. Babu saw the red part of the penis of the dog was thrashing inside the pussy of the bitch. After 10 to 12 movements the dog increased the speed like mail train. His face was resting on the shoulder of the bitch suddenly “kui” a sound came from the female dog and Babu saw they got stuck. Babu saw many times on the road the dogs got stuck but he never saw such deep love making of dogs earlier. He got excited. Suddenly he realized the presence of his mom .Chitra was standing by his side. Chitra was also enjoying the love making she came when the dog just rode on the bitch . Getting caught she blushed . She called Babu to come inside for tea. They tool the tea .It was almost 6-00 pm. Chitra went to bathroom for bath and came out . She dressed up as per Babu’s choice. Draped low waist saree and tied it below navel .
She was combing her hair standing in front of the mirror. Babu was watching her . Chitras’s firm boobs , well exposed belly fold , side view of her were arousing him very much. He went outside and saw the dogs still got stuck and they were swinging. After few moments knot was over and they were licking their private parts. Babu went to room hugged her mom and said let us enjoy like those dogs. Chitra did not get him so she asked “what?” Babu told in “in doggy.” Chitra did not reply .By that time Babu grabbed her from behind. His hands were playing all over the body of his mother . Her urge was also arousing. Now he started pressing her boobs and realized his mother did not wear bra. He felt the hardness of her nipple. He was kissing her necks .”Ahaaaaaaaaa” moaning came from Chitra .She felt her son was pushing her towards bed and was trying to lift her saree . Suddenly Babu stopped and told” Ma ! I shall undress you”. Chyaya got shocked . “nooooooo” she screamed . No mother in the world can accept this proposal from her son. But Babu was well aware that her mother was well aroused and he knelt down before her mom and put her finger inside her navel and made a small bite. Chitra could not control her precum had already started flowing. She caught the head of her son and started pressing against her belly. She was totally out of control. Babu stood up .He pushed her mother to the wall and drop her pallu. He kissed her in her lips at the cleavage. He took of the saree . Now she is in blouse and petticoat. He then unbuttoned her blouse and took it off from her body .
Now Chitra was in petticoat only. Finally he untied the string of the petticoat and it fall on the ground. She was nude. In this situation Chitra saw her in the mirror. She appreciated her body by herself. Her brests were firm , only she gathered some flesh at her belly. Though she was at her mid fourties but she looked like at her mid thirties. She felt really happy. By that time Babu took her near the bed and whispered in her ear ! “ maa! Pl stand in four” Chitra positioned her in all four on the bed. Raj climbed on her from behind but could not penetrate at her pussy. So Chitra had to bend herself more to lift her hip up .She also spread her legs a bit towards both side . It helped Babu to get a clear view of her wet pussy. He climbed up on her from behind as stated moving his waist slowly . He was thinking of the mating of dogs which he saw sometimes back . He was thinking of the movement of the male dog. He was moving slowly but his thrust was of full power . His every thrust was giving her immense pleasure. Babu then increased the speed of his movement he was moving very fast like the male dog a and he was ramming her pussy from behind very hard. “whhhhh !whhhhhhh!” constant moaning was coming from Chitra she was enjoying very much. She was filling as if her whole vagina got filled by the erect penis of her son . Her breasts were swinging like pendulums of clock. Babu caught her belly to keep balance. After ramming for 10 minutes Babu started shooting his cum and at the same time she had her orgasm . They laid on the bed . It was almost seven .After cleaning they went out for some walk for viewing the beauty of the nature .After a long time Chitra went our from her house .She was feeling joyous . Her son was enjoying her beauty. When she was walking Babu was watching her and thinking how rhythmic her walking . ! Each food steps of her mom was giving him immense pleasure. Her jiggling hips aroused him more. Chitra draped low waist saree hence the bare part of the back side from the blouse end the saree hot was inviting him. The belly folds visible from back side was inviting him. The weather was beautiful full of air . Babu kept one hand on the shoulder of his mom. Chitra did not object. They were walking like lover . It was almost 7-45. Chitra told that they had to return as the caretaker would bring dinner for them. There was nobody at that place. There was big tree . They stopped there and they were about to return. Suddenly Babu hugged her and planted a deep kiss at her lips. By instinct Chitra responded. She felt the hardness of her son’s dick. She realized another round of love making would take place on that day. Already two rounds had been completed. She felt tired but realized that her son is young bull who just got the taste of sex having full of energy and she is an old cow. But she had chosen her own lie hence she had to bear this. Indeed that night Babu fucked her again with full force.
25 years has passed by Chitra is thinking what will happen to her son after few years . She is 62 now still she is making sex with her son. Even yesterday Babu made sex with her she simply have to cooperate though she has very little urge left in her . Her boobs gets sagged skins lost its glamour but still her son does not leave her. She tried several times to arrange marriage his son but Babu went violent every time. Hence she have to postponed her plan. She does not know what will be the end of his relation !

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