Aroused by Cheating – Pt. 10

At the same moment David was thinking about how to get Jen in bed, Michael was in his office, watching videos on his computer. He had two videos of Jen now. The first was taken by the private investigator a few months ago, of Jen with David.

The second wasn’t nearly as good picture quality, but it was much more exciting. No doubt because he took it himself, just a few weeks ago, while he sat in the closet of Room 403 of the Ritz Carlton as his fiancée allowed another man to have her. He had to rush to beat Jen and her lover to Room 403. The video recorder on his cell phone wasn’t great quality, but the closet offered a perfect view of the bed. Even though just a crack in the door he had seen and heard everything.

He couldn’t stand seeing Jen with other men. He was going crazy with jealousy. She said she loved him, she agreed to marry him. How could she cheat on him? How could she let a stranger pick her up, and then fuck her, on his birthday of all days?

But a part of him was intoxicated by seeing Jen fuck other men. He didn’t know why, he couldn’t explain these deviate desires. Often during every day, he’d lock the door of his office and beat off as he watched and re-watched the two videos on his computer.

He knew the baby wasn’t his. He felt betrayed. Even worst, she tried to cover her tracks by seducing him the next evening, and making sure he came inside her. She never let him cum inside her, she always insisted on condoms or pulling out. Yet, she let this stranger pick her up and fuck her, and then cum inside her during her most fertile period. He felt completely betrayed by her.

But thinking of Jen with Jacques got him hard again. At these times, when he was aroused, his feelings of betrayal and jealousy intensified his lust, like tossing gasoline on a fire. Checking that his door was locked, he started the video on his computer, and pulled out his penis.


One month later…

Jen closed the door as she walked into her old bedroom. She was staying the night in her parent’s house, and they had all just gotten back from the rehearsal dinner. Mike was at a hotel. He wouldn’t see his bride again until the next day, at their wedding.

Jen looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t showing yet, thank goodness. She wanted to look good for Michael tomorrow in her wedding dress.

She was so horny. Her hormones were going crazy. She wasn’t feeling morning sickness yet. But her hormones were making her more horny than usual. She had read that might happen. Sex with Michael hadn’t improved, but she loved him more than she ever thought she could love a man. She was going crazy with sexual need and frustration, but she told herself it would get better once her hormones returned to normal.

Watching herself in the mirror, like watching someone on TV, she unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall, then moved her hand over her breast. She traced a finger over her bra, following the lace patterns. Then she drew a circle around her nipple. Her nipple responded and stiffened underneath the bra.

She pulled up her short skirt, and slipped one hand inside her panties, letting the other roam freely. She caressed her breasts while her other hand explored inside her panties. She continued watching herself in the mirror, fantasizing it was Michael’s hands touching her. But that didn’t work. Feeling a little guilty, she began fantasizing about anonymous men touching her, men with hard bodies and really big penises. Then she fantasized it was David. It wasn’t a sin to fantasize, right? It wasn’t cheating. She closed her eyes as she imagined being fucked by David, his long cock penetrating deep inside her, his strong calloused hands roaming all over her body.

The glass window rattled, startling her. She opened her eyes and looked out the window.

It was David.

Jen jumped up and put on her robe. She slid the window open.

“You look amazing.” David said, pulling a bit of her robe aside and peering at her bra.

Jen re-closed her robe, and gave David a stern look. “What are you doing here?”

He lifted the bottom of her robe, high enough to reveal her stocking tops.

David leered at her long shapely legs. “God, I’ve missed you. You’re so hot. I have to fuck you one last time, before you get married.”

Jen was shocked at his boldness. She thought he understood the benefits part of their relationship was over. She pushed her robe back down.

“You were thinking about me, weren’t you?” he asked, opening her robe again.

Jen flushed with embarrassment. David smiled triumphantly, seeing his answer in her face. He reached out and cupped her breasts.

Jen felt the soft squeeze of his fingers on her nipples. She forced herself to step back, away from his grasp, and again closed her robe. “You have to leave. My family is downstairs, and I’m getting married tomorrow.”

“Oh, so if we alone, you’d let me fuck you?”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I think it is.” He leaned in, and kissed her. Jen pushed back, but he was insistent. “You want it as much as me,” he said as he kissed her again. “I can tell, you’re as horny as hell.” David pushed the robe off Jen’s shoulders and it fell to the floor.

“One more time, Jen. One more fuck for old time’s sake. Think how good it’ll feel.”

She felt his tongue exploring her mouth. Her thoughts fluttered from panic to arousal and back to panic. Her parents were just downstairs.

David fondled Jen’s breasts. He felt her nipples get hard, and he inwardly smiled, knowing he was getting to her. Fucking Jen the night before her wedding would be his greatest conquest so far. Maybe he’d get her to put on her wedding dress, fuck her that way. He imagined Jen walking up the aisle, with dollops of his dried cum scattered all over her wedding dress.

He reached between her legs and pushed a finger into her pussy. Fuck, the bitch is soaking wet! David was pleased to hear Jen moaned as he fingered her. Shit, this is going to be easier than I thought.

“Feel this,” David said, pressing his hard-on against her tummy. Then he grabbed Jen’s hand and made her cup him. “Did you miss my big cock?”

Jen felt a bolt of excitement rippled through her body as she felt David’s crotch. He felt so hard, and so very big. She felt weak-kneed, her pussy burning with desire, her body craving sexual satisfaction. But she couldn’t cheat on Michael again, she just couldn’t, not on their wedding night of all nights!

“No, David, don’t,” she protested with the last of her strength, pushing him away.

David smiled, and pulled Jen back. “You want it rough, huh? Okay, I can do that.” He unzipped Jen’s skirt and roughly pushed it to the floor, then tore off her panties, leaving the pretty bride in just thigh highs and heels. He tossed Jen onto the bed, making the bed rattle loudly against the wall. He pulled off his shirt and unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock.

Jen couldn’t help eagerly feasting on David’s body. She had almost forgotten how good he looked, so muscular and well defined, and the sight of the thick veins running up the sides of his long, thick shaft made her shiver with anticipation. She had never been able to resist him, and now with her hormones going crazy, her body craved him more than ever.

“Jen, honey,” they heard from outside the door. “Are you alright, I thought I heard a noise.”

Jen and David both looked towards the door. “Oh my god, it’s my mother!” Jen whispered urgently, her face a mixture of relief and disappointment. The sound of her mother’s voice brought her back to her senses. “Leave now, or I promise I’ll scream.”

David almost laughed. “You wouldn’t dare,” he challenged.

“I swear to god, David, if you don’t leave now I’ll scream, I’ll scream bang!”

David realized she was serious. “Fuck Jen, you’d do that to me, after all our history together?” Then he pointed to his hard cock. “What am I supposed to do about this?”

“Jen, honey, are you okay?” they heard Jen’s mom say. Her voice sounded closer, she must be climbing up the stairs, she’d be knocking on the door any second. Jen knew she needed David’s cooperation. She didn’t have the time to argue with him anymore, she needed him to cooperate that very moment, or she’d get caught with him.

“Okay, okay, okay,” Jen whispered urgently to David. “Hide in the closet, and — and…”

She paused, thinking rapidly, thinking of her options.

“Hide in the closet, and I’ll give you a blow job, I’ll suck you off.”

Jen saw David scowl at her. “That’s the best you’re going to get!” she hissed in a low voice. “Otherwise, I’m screaming bang!”

They heard footsteps right outside the door. David knew he had no choice. He nodded yes, then disappeared into the closet.

The door knocked. Jen quickly put on her robe and opened the door. “Hi mom,” she said, forcing a smile on to her face. “It’s alright, I just slipped.”

Her mom looked concerned. She softly padded Jen’s tummy. “You have to be careful, honey, you’re got a precious package growing inside here.”

“I know mom,” Jen said, trying to sound cheery. “I’m just excited about tomorrow. Goodnight.”

Moments later David emerged from the closet, grinning.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself,” Jen said sarcastically.

“Well, I’d rather fuck you, but I’ve figured out a way to make a blowjob exciting.”

Jen scowled at him. “You’ve never complained before about getting a blowjob.” She motioned for him to sit on the bed. “Come on, let’s get this over with.”

“Not so fast,” David said, sitting on the edge of the bed. “First, lose the robe.”

Jen hesitated, then shrugged. What did it matter? He’d seen her body before, they’d been as intimate as two people could be. She untied the robe and let it fall to the floor, then got on her knees between his legs.

“Not so fast I said. Your friends gave you a bustier at your shower, right? Sarah mentioned it. You’re wearing it tomorrow, under your wedding dress? Put it on.”

Jen glared at David. She knew what he wanted. He wanted to be the first man to touch her in the bustier. To be the first man to have sex with her in it (if a blowjob could be considered sex). To beat Michael to it, to soil it for Michael.

“Come on,” David urged her with a wicked smile. “This will go a lot faster if you just do what I say.”

Jen realized he was right. Also, she didn’t have time to argue with him. Her mother or sister might reappear at any time. She needed to get David out of her bedroom, and she needed to do it quickly.

Shrugging, Jen got to her feet and retrieved the bustier from among her bridal lingerie. It was ivory white and made of expensive silk, flowing with elaborate lace patterns, the classic bridal bustier. She wiggled into it, then began attaching the garter straps to the thigh highs she already wore.

“Not those,” David said, shaking his head. “Put on the ones you’re going to wear tomorrow.”

Jen frowned at David, but they both knew she didn’t have time to argue. She took off the black thigh highs she had worn to the rehearsal dinner, then pulled the white nylons up her long shapely legs. The bridal stockings had a very wide lacy stocking top, and she attached them to the straps of the bustier.

“Now the shoes. Put on the shoes you’re going to wear tomorrow.”

Jen didn’t even bother to look at David this time. She found her wedding pumps, covered in ivory white silk and with 3 inch stiletto heels, and slipped them on.

“Nice, very nice,” David said approvingly. “Mike is one lucky guy. Too bad he can’t fuck you like I can.” He snickered. “One more thing. Put on the veil.”

Jen hesitated, knowing David was going too far. But he had already been in her bedroom too long. Reluctantly she put on her bridal veil.

When she did, David nodded approvingly again, leering at her. She looked incredible, innocent and slutty at the same time, like a wet dream from the all-time hottest issue of Penthouse. “Come on,” he said, opening his legs wide. “You know what to do.”

Jen got on her knees and wrapped her hands around his penis. It always amazed her that, even with one hand on top of the other, she still couldn’t hold the entire length of his long shaft.

She had never felt him so hard, and it seemed like his penis was pulsating with sexual excitement. She pushed the veil to the side and took him into her mouth, holding his long thick shaft with both hands. Her veil fell back over her face, so she pushed it aside again, behind her ear, hoping it would stay in place. She didn’t want it soiled with his pre-cum.

She struggled to take him into her mouth. She had almost forgotten what it was like to go down on such a large cock. How difficult it was. And how exciting it was, too.

She was tempted to finger herself. That’s what she used to do with David. She’d finger herself to orgasm, while he fucked her face. But her anger and hatred of him stopped her from doing that. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction, didn’t want him to think she was getting any enjoyment from this.

It didn’t take David long. Soon he was writhing and bucking on the bed. Jen struggled to keep him in her mouth. Then he tensed, his muscular thighs turning to steel, his ass lifting off the bed, and he came, grunting as his orgasm ripped through his muscular body.

Jen kept her lips locked around the head of David’s cock. She intended to swallow all of his jism, she didn’t want any of it on her veil or bustier. But David wanted nothing of that. He roughly forced Jen’s head off his cock, then he cruelly showered her face, hair, veil and bustier with his thick cum.

“God, you bastard!” Jen cried as she ran to the bathroom. She got a wet towel and did her best to wipe away David’s jism from her veil and bustier.

David smiled cruelly. You should have let me fuck you, he thought to himself. Maybe then I would have just shot my cum into you.

He got dressed and moved to the window, ready to leave. He looked over at Jen, tears running down her cheeks, still frantically trying to wash away his seed from her veil and bustier. He almost laughed. He glanced down her long legs. Her stockings were laddered, the runs most pronounced around her knees where she had knelt giving him a blowjob. He reached over to her stash of bridal lingerie. He saw Jen’s extra white bridal stockings, the unopened packages neatly stacked in a pile. He grabbed them and stuffed them in his coat. He smiled, knowing Jen would have no choice but to wear the worn stockings under her wedding dress the next day.

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