Aroused by Cheating – Pt. 08

Jacques closed the door to Room 403, and immediately took Jen into his arms. Jen guiltily thought of her fiancée Michael. It was his birthday, but instead of celebrating with him, she was about to give herself to another man. But those thoughts were all but forgotten as Jacques pressed his lips against hers, as he eagerly probed her mouth with his tongue.

Jen had already made her decision to sleep with Jacques when she left the bar with him. Even before going to the bar Jen had been horny with pent-up sexual frustration. Jacques had added fuel to the fire, almost fingering her to an orgasm at the bar. Self-incrimination would come later. For now, she needed Jacques to put out the fire burning in her body.

Jacques reached behind Jen and unzipped her dress. Jen almost pulled away as Jacques slipped the spaghetti straps off her shoulders, but instead she let her dress fall to the floor. She blushed as Jacques stepped back and hungrily leered at her young, tight body. “My god Jennifer, you’re perfect,” he said admiringly. Then he pulled her to him again, his lips on hers, his hands moving to cup her small, perfect breasts. Jen couldn’t help notice the large bulge in his pants, pressing against her flat stomach.

Jacques gently pushed Jen onto the bed. He quickly undressed, a confident smile on his face. He had a lean, muscular body. Jen’s pulse quickened as he hooked his fingers in his briefs. They were already tented with his hard-on, but she found herself holding her breath as he began pushing the briefs down his legs. Jen almost gasped when she saw his cock. It was the thickest she had ever seen. Maybe not as long as David’s, but long enough, and so thick. And he was uncircumcised, something she’d never experienced. She shivered excitedly from the sight of him, and then blushed in embarrassment as David smiled knowingly at her.

Jacques joined Jen on the bed, and his technique was incredible. He spent time on all her erogenous zones. Her breasts, neck, and inner thighs. His lips were soft and he knew how to kiss. He drove her wild by flicking his tongue in her ear, and caressing between her ass cheeks. Her body was on fire when he finally made it to her pussy. Jen kept herself bare from her asshole to her clit, with just a thin trimmed bush above her pussy. Jacques licked the extremely sensitive hairless patch of soft skin between her asshole and pussy. It drove her out of her mind.

When his tongue finally found her pussy lips she thought she would pass out. He licked up and down, over and over, each time his tongue just barely flickering over her clit. He teased her for what seemed like forever. She moaned with lustful joy when he finally mounted her.

His cock was so thick that, even though she was wetter than she had ever been, it still took long minutes for him to fully penetrate her. But then he was like an animal. He pounded her with his huge cock, driving her practically through the bed. Her first orgasm came fast, and it seemed to never let up. For twenty minutes, waves of orgasmic pleasure shot through her body.

Jacques had incredible staying power. Finally, though, she sensed he was close to cumming. His muscular body tensed and rippled, and his huge cock seemed to get even bigger and harder. With her final shreds of self control, she said, “Jacques — this isn’t a good time for me — pull out, okay?”

Jacques was too lost in passion to respond. He continued his frantic pumping, getting closer and closer to cumming and shooting his potent seed into Jen’s fertile womb.

Jen couldn’t allow that. It was her most fertile time of the month. “Cum in my mouth, Jacques,” she urged him. “I want to taste you. I want to swallow all of you.”

Jacques still didn’t answer. He seemed to be in a trace, with his eyes clenched shut. Jen felt his body tense; she knew he was about to cum. “Cum on my face, Jacques!” she urged frantically, doing her best to entice him to pull out. “I want you to fuck my face, and then cum all over me, I want you to, please, pull out and cum all over my face and hair, please!”

But it didn’t work. With a loud groan, Jacques’s muscular body tensed, and he started cumming. “NO JACQUES NO!” Jen screamed as she felt the first spurts of his sperm shoot into her. “NO JACQUES PULL OUT! PULL OUT!” she frantically screamed.

Jen’s screams broke Jacques out of his lustful trace. Looking surprised and alarmed, he pulled out, but the damage was already done.

“Oh no, oh no,” Jen wailed, knowing Jacques had shot gallons of his fertile seed into her before pulling out. As if to prove the point, Jacques’s sperm gushed out of her as she hurried to the bathroom. She quickly took a shower and did her best to clean Jacques’s sperm from her pussy. But she couldn’t get it all out, or even most of it. He had cum so much.

The next evening, Jen anxiously waited for Michael to get home from his business trip. She wore the Valentine’s day bustier (she had dry cleaned it after her dalliance with David), stockings and stiletto heels. After what happened with Jacques the night before, she needed her fiancée to make love to her and cum inside her.

Jen pulled Michael to bed as soon as he got home. “What’s the occasion?” he asked as he ran his hands along the silky fabric of her bustier, cupping his fiancée’s perfect breasts.

“I missed you so much,” Jen whispered into his ear as she guided him inside her.

“What about a condom?” Michael asked.

“Don’t worry about that,” she assured him.

“But this is your risky time of the month.”

“It’s okay, we’re getting married soon.”

Michael was hard, but Jen was afraid he might go soft like he had recently. She rubbed her legs over his, knowing her fiancée liked to feel the silky nylon of her stockings. Then she scrapped her stiletto heels down the back of his legs, knowing how much he loved that. When Michael began to cum, she wrapped her arms and legs around him, ensuring he ejaculated inside her. Michael pulled out and went to the bathroom. After he closed the bathroom door, Jen reached down and felt between her pussy lips. As she feared, Michael didn’t cum very much (he never did).

Two weeks later, Jen got home from the drug store. Nervously holding the small paper bag, she went into the bathroom. With dread she ran the test twice, but she already knew what the stick would say.

She left the bathroom and found Michael sitting at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper. She leaned into him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Honey?” she asked tentatively.

Michael looked up from the newspaper, into his fiancée’s beautiful face. It looked like she was about to cry. “Jen, what’s wrong?”

She showed him the test stick. “I’m pregnant,” she said, tears falling down her cheeks.

Michael’s face lit up in joy, and he took his fiancée into his arms. “Oh honey, this is wonderful news! Don’t cry, we’re getting married next month, no one will even notice. I’m the luckiest man in the world. I’m marrying the greatest, most beautiful girl in the world, and we’re having a baby.”

Jen forced a smile, and hugged Michael back. She loved him so much. “Please god,” she silently prayed. “Let the baby be his.” But she remembered how much Jacques had cum, so much more than Michael. She remembered how Jacques had penetrated her so deeply, much deeper than Michael’s smaller penis could ever hope to reach. And Michael was a day later.

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