Aroused by Cheating – Pt. 07

“Good evening, madam,” the doorman said as he opened the door. Jen could feel him looking down her dress as she walked into the restaurant. She had worn a sexy dress for Michael because they were celebrating his birthday. It was snug and short, and cut daringly low in the front, exposing the swell of her small, perky breasts.

It was very crowded inside, but the sea of people seemed to part as she came through. Jen felt the eyes of every man on her. She flushed. Male attention never failed to turn her on, but the tingling that was starting to form between her legs wasn’t welcome. She hadn’t seen David since the party and, even more importantly, hadn’t been screwed by a big cock since before her engagement. She was faithful, but also sexually frustrated. Especially after what happened in the sex store, the last thing she wanted was more sexual stimulation to add to her frustration.

Jen asked the hostess if Michael had arrived yet, but he hadn’t. The girl said she could wait in the bar.

The bar was very crowded and smoky, but a number of guys offered Jen their seats. Jen politely declined and stood among the sea of people. Despite all the people waiting for drinks, the bartender immediately appeared and took her order, mixing a Cosmopolitan. He tried to make conversation but Jen just politely smiled. Jen reached into her purse, but a man put his hand over hers and offered the bartender a twenty. Looking disappointed, the bartender took the man’s money.

Jen glanced behind her and was disappointed when she saw it wasn’t Michael.

“Please, let me buy your drink,” he said. “I’m Jacques.”

“Thank you, Jacques, but that’s not necessary.”

“Please, I insist.”

“Well – alright,” Jen finally agreed. The bar was so crowded that they were practically touching. With her skimpy dress, Jen was even more aware of his presence. Jacques was broad shouldered and ruggedly handsome, with a dark complexion and piercing eyes. He towered over her, and his lean, muscular body practically rippled under his expensive designer suit. His intense eyes beheld her with frank desire and the tingling between her legs intensified. Where was Michael?

“Are you here alone?”

“For the moment,” Jen said hesitantly as she took a sip of her drink. “I’m waiting for my fiancée.”

Jacques boldly took Jen’s left hand in his. “Ah, what a lovely engagement ring. I can see your fiancée loves you very much. But until he arrives, would you allow me to enjoy your company?”

Jen was taken by Jacques’s charismatic presence. He was clearly French, and had a captivating French accent. She nodded her assent, and sipped again at her drink. Jacques didn’t release her hand. Instead, he caressed it. Blushing, Jen pulled her hand away.

“You haven’t told me your name.”


“Jen. Short for Jennifer, no? What a classic, lovely name. It’s truly a pleasure to meet you, Jennifer.”

Jen blushed again. She was taken by his old world gallantry, and she loved his accent. “So, what do you do?”

“I’m just here for the day. I’m a buyer for Neiman Marcus. I travel all over the world and purchase the finest women’s clothing for sale in the stores.”

“Wow,” Jen said, genuinely impressed. “I never would have thought a man would be in charge of buying women’s clothing for Neiman Marcus.”

“I like to think I’ve got a good eye for quality. For example, the dress you’re wearing is lovely, and of very high quality.” As he said this, Jacques traced his fingers along the spaghetti strap running along Jen’s otherwise bare shoulders. Jacques’s touch made Jen tingle.

“Excuse me,” Jen heard, as a man pushed his way to the bar. Like dancing in a ballroom, Jacques smoothly slid an arm around Jen and pulled her to him to create a space for the man. Their bodies were pressed together and Jacques rested his hand on her back. Soon he was lightly caressing her back. Their eyes met, and she blushed as she realized that Jacques’s dancing fingers easily confirmed to him that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Another man pushed to the bar, and she found herself moving even closer to Jacques so they were almost in an embrace. Her hand was on his chest and when she looked up their lips almost brushed. “This bar is so welcoming, no? It brings people together,” Jacques joked.

They laughed together, easing some of the tension of the moment. It was hard to talk being so close, so she just stayed pressed against Jacques while he rubbed her back. She decided Jacques’s caresses were harmless, and she didn’t want to make a scene since he seemed like a nice guy. She glanced around and saw that many men were looking at her. They were probably marveling at how easy she appeared to be. The thought made her shiver with excitement.

The bar was getting even more crowded, and suddenly Jen felt a hand on her behind and realized the man behind her was copping a feel. Wedged between the man and Jacques as she was, Jen couldn’t get away. The man fondled Jen’s ass. Jen felt helpless because she didn’t want to make a scene. The man’s hands moved lower and she could feel him begin to work under her dress. She pushed into Jacques trying to get away and she felt a huge hard-on pressing into her stomach. She realized that in trying to get away from the creep behind her she was rubbing into Jacques’s cock, but she didn’t have any choice. Jen didn’t have any good options. So there she was, Jacques caressing her back, another groping her ass and trying to work under her dress, and she rubbing against Jacques’s hard-on.

And Jen was completely aroused by it all. She felt so naughty. The man behind her had to stop groping her to take his drinks, but when he turned to leave the bar it just pushed her into Jacques’s arms and she felt his hand slide to her side, almost touching her breast. Jen was stuck because another man immediately pushed to the bar. Suddenly she was holding her breath as she felt Jacques’s fingers edged across her side. Soon he was softly caressing the side of her breast. Her dress was so snug and sheer it felt like he was touching her bare skin. As he did this, his gaze never left Jen’s eyes, daring her to object. For some reason, in that moment, caught in Jacques’s intense, charismatic presence, she wasn’t able to object.

Finally the crowd thinned, and she peeled away from Jacques’s embrace. Jen’s heart was thudding. Her nipples were rock hard and not only did they push through the thin material of her dress, her aroused areolas were almost visible as well. She downed the rest of her Cosmo and Jacques quickly ordered her another. Jen drank that one quickly as well and then excused herself. She headed to the bathroom, and was tempted to run out the door.

Inside the bathroom she leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. What am I doing? Am I that easy? She was engaged, and wanted to remain faithful. Girl, get a grip! God, she was so aroused. Her nipples were throbbing and her pussy was soaked.

She wasn’t going to run, she resolved to herself. She couldn’t run whenever some man hit on her. She needed to control herself, and deal with the situation. Anyway, Michael would be here soon. She fixed her dress and adjusted her stockings. With a quivering hand she touched up her lipstick.

Jacques was waiting right where she’d left him and even managed to hold a seat for her. On the bar waiting for her was another Cosmo.

Jen said she would rather stand, but Jacques insisted. Jen finally relented because her heels were beginning to hurt, but she was worried about how she could sit on the high bar stool. She pulled the dress down, but it rose again when she crossed her legs. Jacques openly stared down her dress. Then he noticed her stocking tops, which peaked out under her hiked up dress. He leaned forward and rested his hand on her leg while they talked.

As they spoke Jacques inched his hand up her leg and then lingered just below the hemline of her skirt. His fingers slowly traced circles on the lacy stocking tops peeking out from under her hemline. Jen looked down at Jacques’s hand on her thigh, and then back at him. She didn’t know why she wasn’t stopping him. “Are you in charge of buying lingerie, too?” she finally said, a slight scowl on her face.

Jacques smiled. “I’m a connoisseur of all fine clothing, including lingerie. I’d love to see what else you’re wearing.”

Jen couldn’t believe his boldness. Jacques reminded her of David. They were both so bold and forward. They were different, too. David was gruff and in-your-face, Jacques smooth and debonair. But in the end, they were very similar. They both took what they wanted. They didn’t ask. They just took it.

Jen imagined what it would be like to go to bed with Jacques. Would his refined manner make him different from David? She imagined what it would be like, to hear him call her a slut and a whore with his refined, accented French voice. The wicked thought made her shiver.

“Are you cold?” Jacques asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“No,” Jen quickly said, embarrassed. “Just thinking about something.”

“That’s good,” Jacques said as he stroked Jen’s bare shoulder. “If you were cold, I’d be honor bound to offer you my coat, but it would pain me if you covered up your lovely shoulders.”

Jen blushed. “Remember, I’m spoken for, and my fiancée will be here soon.” To emphasize the point, she held up her left hand, showing him her engagement ring.

Jacques edged closer to Jen, pretending to study the ring. Jen felt his hand-on pressing into her thigh.

Butterflies flew through her stomach. She was soaking. It was all she could do to stop from shuddering. She reached for the Cosmo and took a drink, to calm herself. “You’re very sure of yourself, aren’t you?”

“I’m just admiring your ring.” Jacques again took Jen’s hand in his, feigning innocence. “As I said, it’s beautiful.” He then gently but firmly led Jen’s hand to her thigh, and then slightly repositioned himself so his hard-on pressed against her hand. “It’s huge,” he said, smiling.

Jen flushed as her hand touched Jacques’s crotched. He felt huge, and incredibly hard. Her heart was beating wildly, and she felt short of breath. “You’re bad,” she said, looking away to avoid his intense stare.

Jacques put his hands up in a mock surrender. “My dear Jennifer, your words cut me to the core. Let me assure you, I was referring to your diamond.”

Jen laughed, quickly withdrawing her hand from Jacques’s crotch. Her body relaxed slightly. Jacques took advantage of the moment and brought his hand back to Jen’s knee, moving quickly under her skirt. Jen caught her breath as she felt his hand move higher. She shivered when his fingers touched her bare thigh above her stockings. His fingers were just scant inches from her pussy and there was no doubt in her mind he could feel the moist heat emanating from there. Her nipples were already like beacons through her dress. She didn’t have the will to push his hand away.

Oh my God, what am I doing? Jen thought, feeling Jacques’s fingers inch higher up her thigh under her skirt. She squeezed her legs together to stop his advance. Jacques smiled and leaned over, whispering into her ear, “Come with me. My office is close by.” His bold proposition coupled with his hot breath in her ear sent a thrilling chill down her spine.

Tell him no, she silent urged herself. Slap his face and tell him no. But instead, she found herself weakly saying, “My fiancée will be here soon.”

On cue, her cell phone rang. Finally, Michael is calling. Her phone was in her purse, and her purse was on the floor. She leaned over to pick it up, and as she did she had to uncross her legs. Jen almost gasped when she felt Jacques’s hand move farther up her dress. They were so close together in the crowded bar that no one could see what he was doing. As Jen opened her phone and said, “Hi, Michael, is that you?,” Jacques’s fingers touched her naked pussy. She hadn’t worn panties because the dress was so tight, and because it was Michael’s birthday and she knew he found it exciting when she went panty-less.

She saw Jacques smile with approval. She felt his fingers probe along her hairless pussy lips. She tried to squeeze her legs together, but Jacques was insistent. She didn’t want to make a scene with Michael on the phone, so she found herself being fingered by another man as she talked to her fiancée.

“I’m at the bar,” she said, as she felt Jacques run his fingers between her pussy lips.

“I mean, uhhh” – Jen bit her lip to stifle a moan as Jacques stuck a finger into her – “I mean, the bar in the restaurant.”

“No, I’m okay, I ahhh god” – Jen moaned involuntarily as Jacques found her clit – “Where are, uhhh, where are” – Jen gripped Jacques’s arm, trying to get him to stop – “Where are you?”

Jacques smiled mischievously at Jen’s situation and discomfort. He stuck another finger into her, and thumbed her clit while stroking her pussy. “Ahhh – I mean – uhhh – that’s” – Jen could barely speak as Jacques continued to finger her – “That’s too bad.”

“What – ahhh — what?” Jen asked, finding it hard to concentrate under Jacques’s assault. She clenched her eyes shut, trying without success to ignore what Jacques was doing to her. “The – ahhh – what? The Ritz?” she said between gasps. “Room – uhhh — 403?”

She pushed harder against Jacques’s arm but he wouldn’t stop. God, he’s going to make me cum! She knew she had to get off the phone. “Ok, I will, bye,” she blurted, and then slapped the phone closed. She couldn’t let a stranger made her cum in the middle of a crowded bar. She squeeze her thighs together as tight as she could, and pushed against him again. “Please stop,” she pleaded. “Please.”

Jacques relented, and withdrew his hand. He wiped his wet fingers on a napkin. Jen’s heart pounded. She took a few minutes to catch her breath.

“That was really mean,” she finally said.

Jacques smiled, but didn’t answer directly. Instead he asked, “I take it your fiancée won’t be joining you this evening?”

Jen shook her head. “Something came up at work. He’s running to catch a plane to New York.”

Jacques’s smile grew even larger. “So, he won’t be home until at least tomorrow.”

Jen didn’t answer. Her heart pounded in her chest. Jacques had almost made her cum. She had been on the very brink when she forced him to stop. Her body burned with desire.

“What did your fiancée mean, about the Ritz?”

Jen found it hard to continue the conversation. “It’s his birthday today,” she managed to say.

Jacques’s face lit up in understanding. “Ah. I see. And your fiancée reserved a room at the Ritz, so, after dinner, you could continue to help him celebrate his birthday? Room 403?”

Jen nodded, not meeting Jacques’s gaze. She knew where this was headed, and was afraid of what she might do. “Run!” she thought to herself. “You can’t do this! It’s Michael’s birthday, you can’t do this!”

“And he told you this, why? To cancel the reservation?”

Jen hesitated, but finally shook her head. “It’s too late to cancel. He asked me to pick up some things he left in the room.”

Jacques grinned. He returned his hand to Jen’s knee. “It would be a terrible thing to waste a reservation at the Ritz Carlton.”

Jen covered Jacques’s hand with hers, stopping his advance. “Please,” she begged with her last remaining strength. She didn’t have the willpower to stop this from happening, but maybe Jacques would do the right thing. “I’m engaged. We’re getting married next month.”

“Jennifer, I would never think of forcing myself on you, or doing anything you did not want,” he said soothingly. He offered his arm. “I’m simply offering to escort you to your hotel room. I would hate for you to be accosted by any of the men here at the bar, all of whom are eyeing you hungrily.”

Jen couldn’t move. She didn’t believe Jacques, of course, but she felt paralyzed. Her body was on fire. She needed it so bad. Long moments passed by. Finally, Jen felt herself sliding off the bar stool. But it was like an out of body experience. It wasn’t her sliding off the stool, it was someone else, someone who looked just like her. Like a spirit hovering above the crowd, she saw herself tentatively take Jacques’s arm. She watched herself being lead out of the bar by Jacques, nervously looking around and hoping she wouldn’t see anyone she knew.

Despite her glances around the room, she never saw her fiancée Michael hiding in the crowd, watching her every move.

To Be Continue….

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