Aroused by Cheating – Pt. 05

A few weeks later …

Jen slowly stroked David’s cock with her hand. She had stopped trying to deny her body’s urges. She had fallen in love with Michael, but she still needed David’s muscular body and big cock. She always felt guilty afterwards, but she couldn’t control herself, especially not with David hitting on her all the time.

She gazed at the cock in her hand, mesmerized by the long, thick shaft. It was both beautiful and menacing at the same time. It was so thick she couldn’t completely wrap her fingers around it, and so long she was always amazed she could take all of him inside her. His balls were tight and huge, which made sense because he always came so much.

David grinned as he watched Jen. “You really love my cock, don’t you?”

Jen didn’t answer. Instead she took him into her mouth.

But David pulled her away. “Answer me, Jen,” he commanded. “You really love my big cock, don’t you?”

“You know I do,” Jen cooed, and again put him in her mouth.

“What does it feel like when Michael fucks you, after you’ve been with me? Can you even feel him inside you?”

Jen gave David a dirty look, but then straddled him and guided his cock into her. “Don’t be a jerk. Just fuck me.”

David pushed the full length of his cock inside of Jen. “Like this?”

“Uhhh, god, yeah, like that,” Jen grunted.

David pulled out, and then quickly lunged back in. As he did he rubbed Jen’s erect nipples. “Like that?”

Jen covered David’s hands with hers, encouraging his fondling. She clenched her eyes tightly closed as David quickened the pace and intensity of his thrusts. “Harder – fuck –me – harder.”

“If Michael proposes, are you going to say yes?”

“I – I think so,” Jen managed to say between gasps, so consumed by the rough fucking she was getting. She was close.

“But you’ll still let me fuck you, right?”

“Uhhh – I don’t – I don’t know about that.”

David could tell Jen was about to cum. He savagely pounded her, grinding his thick cock against her g-spot, and at the same time roughly squeezing her nipples between his fingers. Jen cried out and her body tensed as she came.

Jen collapsed on David’s chest. He continued to fuck her with long, slow strokes. After a few minutes Jen felt her passion begin to build again. “God, he fucks so good,” she thought.

Seeming to read her mind, David asked again, “You’ll still let me fuck you, right?”

Jen felt pleasure tingle through her body. David made her feel so good. But she didn’t answer, unsure of what to say, and not wanting to betray Michael further.

David inwardly smiled. She didn’t have to answer, he could tell by her body movements that he could have her whenever he wanted. That was a good thing, because Jen was the sexiest girl he had ever met, and he loved fucking her, even more now since sex with his wife Sarah was getting boring.


Jen got home late that evening. Michael was waiting for her in bed.

“Hi, I’m sorry I’m so late, it ran longer at work than I thought it would,” she lied. “I’m just going to take a quick shower.” Jen quickly undressed, and closed the bathroom door behind her.

Michael got out of bed and took Jen’s clothes out of the hamper. He brought her blouse up to his nose. He thought he could smell David’s cologne. He inspected her stockings. They were worn around the knees. Then he picked up her panties. He ran his fingers along the silky lace. The crotch was wet. He assumed Jen had let David cum in her again.

Jen wasn’t on birth control. Michael knew she preferred using the rhythm method. The pill made her gain weight. He didn’t mind. During her safe times of the month, she let him cum inside her. When she was fertile, he used a condom, or more often, he pulled out.

But Michael knew this wasn’t the safe time of the month for Jen. It wasn’t her most fertile time either, but it was definitely risky. “Wasn’t she worried about getting pregnant?” he thought.

Michael felt jealous and hurt. “David’s got a bigger dick than me, he fucks her better,” he thought. “She prefers him to me. Maybe she loves him. She lets him fuck her whenever she wants, and lets him cum inside her. Maybe she’s only with me because David married another woman. Maybe she’s hoping he’ll get her pregnant, and she can use the baby to get David to leave Sarah and marry her.”

Michael felt terrible. He loved Jen. She was perfect. Her blonde hair, her Cover-Girl good looks. Her breasts were perfect. Her stomach was flat and her ass so tight. And her legs were amazing. So long and shapely, so smooth they looked like they were air-brushed.

He loved her, and didn’t want to lose her. But he was losing her. She preferred David to him in bed.

He found himself breathing hard. For some reason, the thought of Jen with David turned him on. He despised himself for these feelings. How could Jen fucking another guy turn him on? But it did.

Disgusted with himself, Michael reached down and pulled out his hard cock. He began to masturbate. He closed his eyes and remembered the DVD of Jen and David. He remembered David fondling Jen’s breasts, and tracing his fingers along the lace of her thigh highs. He remembered Jen eagerly returning David’s kisses. He remembered Jen’s heels digging into David’s muscular ass as he fucked her. In moments Michael came, ejaculating into a tissue.

He got into bed. He was conflicted, jealousy and hurt mixing with excitement and arousal. But he knew one thing. He loved Jen.

Jen got into bed and snuggled into Michael’s waiting arms. “I’m sorry I’m so late,” she said again.

“That’s okay,” Michael replied. He kissed her gently on the lips. “I really love you. Do you love me?”

Jen hugged Michael even tighter. “Of course I do.”

Michael reached behind him, and pulled out a small box. He opened it, revealing the diamond engagement ring inside.

“Jen, will you marry me?”

“Let me see the ring,” Sarah said. Beaming, Jen lifted her left hand. “Oh my god, that’s a huge rock!”

Smiling, Michael said, “Come on, here’s our train.” The two couples boarded the DC Metro. They were on their way to a party, which was being held to celebrate Michael and Jen’s engagement. They were taking the subway because traffic was so bad into the city.

“David, did you see the size of the diamond Michael gave Jen?” Sarah asked her husband. “It’s huge!”

David smiled and nodded. But he silently said to himself, “I know what Jen wished was huge.” As he thought this, David’s eyes locked on Jen’s, and she flushed. He smiled, knowing they were both thinking the same thing.

As the train filled with passengers, Jen and David were separated from Michael and Sarah. They were just a few feet apart, but separated by other people. Jen and Michael could see each other’s faces, but not much else. David reached down and fingered Jen’s engagement ring. “Oh, baby, this is so big,” he teased. “Does it get you off?”

Jen started to scowl at David, but then she remembered that Michael could see her, and she didn’t want to have to explain later why she was pissed at David. Forcing a smile on her face, Jen said, “Shut up, jerk. Can’t you be happy for me? I’m getting married.”

David moved his hand from Jen’s hand to her thigh. The train was so crowded no one could see what he was doing. He traced her garter strap along the soft material of her skirt. “Oh, I’m happy, very happy,” he said with a devilish smile. “Now I get to screw another man’s fiancée – and soon, his wife.”

“That’s not going to happen,” Jen said, and she tried to push David’s hand away. But he resisted, and she couldn’t push him away too forcibly without alerting Michael and Sarah that something was wrong. David recognized her predicament, and pressed his advantage. He moved his hand under Jen’s mini-skirt, and began drawing circles on her thigh. His hand continued its upward movement until it touched the bare skin above her stocking tops, and Jen almost jumped out of her heels when his fingers grazed her panties.

“You’re wet,” he observed, and she knew he was right. She had managed to stay away from David since getting engaged. She so wanted to be faithful to Michael. But that was her mind talking. Her body was taking control now, and it longed to be roughly fucked by a big cock. She loved Michael, but he couldn’t give her body what it needed.

“Don’t tease me,” she pleaded.

Still grinning, David edged his finger inside Jen’s panties, and touched her clit. “Oh, I’m sorry, am I teasing you?”

“You jerk!” Jen said angrily. No longer caring what Michael and Sarah might see, she roughly pushed David away. Luckily, the train was so full that they didn’t see anything. Jen kept her distance from David for the rest of the trip, but his teasing had made the ache in her pussy almost unbearable. Despite that, she promised herself that she would stay away from David at the party.

When the train finally reached their stop, Michael quickly made his way to his new fiancée, and asked if everything was okay. Jen assured him that everything was fine. Michael glanced at Jen’s chest. Her nipples were so erect that they were almost visible through her sheer camisole and blouse. Anger boiled through him as he knew what David had done. With self contempt, though, he felt himself stiffening at the thought of David feeling up his fiancée.

Michael stayed excited throughout the party, and he rushed Jen to bed as soon as they got home. But he was so excited he came after only a few strokes.

Michael rolled off Jen and fell asleep. Their lovemaking had been even worse than usual, leaving her even more sexually unsatisfied. With a quivering finger, Jen reached down and began to play with herself. She needed some relief, even though she knew it wouldn’t be enough.

To Be Continue…

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