Aroused by Cheating – Pt. 03

Michael slowly stroked in and out of Jen. He was close to an orgasm, and wanted to make it last as long as possible. Jen sensed that he was close to cumming. She wrapped her long legs tightly around his waist, and pushed up to meet his thrusts, urging more of his cock inside of her.

“I’m cumming,” Michael groaned. Jen wrapped her arms tightly around her boyfriend. “Me too, I’m cumming,” Jen panted. Jen buried her head in Michael’s chest and whimpered, “Oh god oh god.” Michael groaned, and then he shot his cum into the condom.

The couple lovingly held each other for long moments, and then Michael pulled out, being careful to not let the condom pull off. As always, Jen moved her head down to Michael’s crotch, and gently pulled the condom off Michael’s softening penis. She squeeze the cum from the condom onto her chest, and rubbed it all over her tits. Then she licked the remaining cum off Michael’s cock, being careful to stay away from its sensitive head.

Michael intently watched his girl friend play. It never failed to turn him on. Jen had the sweetest, prettiest face. But she was such a naughty girl. Combined with her incredibly hot body – her small but perfectly shaped tits, tight ass, and incredibly long and shapely legs, and she was every guy’s wet dream. He loved the way men ogled her whenever they went out. She was so fucking sexy.

Despite his orgasm just a few moments ago, Michael felt himself beginning to harden again. Reluctantly he pulled away. “I’ve got to get going if I’m going to catch my plane.”

Jen pouted. She was already missing him. “I wish you didn’t have to go.”

Michael kissed her. “I know. I’ll be back in a few days, sooner if my meetings end early.”

“I hope they do. I love you.”

Michael kissed Jen again. “I love you too.”

Jen lay in bed after Michael left. She was sexually frustrated. She loved Michael. But he just wasn’t a good lover. She hardly ever came when they made love. It felt good while they were doing it, but without the bliss of a toe curling orgasm, she always came away feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. Of course, she never told Michael that. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Luckily she was good at faking it.

She hadn’t been with David since his wedding, a few months ago. That’s not to say David hadn’t tried. He called her all the time. He even wanted to fuck her the night before his wedding, and at their wedding reception he managed to pull her into an empty room and fingered her – he practically begged her to give him a quick blow job, but she ran out of the room.

It just wasn’t right. Yes, cheating was exciting. But David was married now, and she was getting really serious with Michael. Before, their cheating was nothing more than kinky sex games and she had a clear conscience because they were mostly unattached. Things were different now.

But her body ached for David’s body. Her lust went beyond the excitement of cheating. David was a great lover. He knew all her sensitive spots, and exactly how to touch her. And his cock was so incredible. She remembered in college, when all her friends used to say that size didn’t matter. She always agreed, because that was the politically correct thing to say, and she didn’t really know any better. After graduation she started becoming more sexually active, and she quickly realized that size did matter, at least to her. Guys who had nice bodies were more exciting than guys who didn’t. Big penises were more exciting that little ones. Big penises were more exciting to look at, to touch, and they felt better inside.

Michael was a caring lover, but he wasn’t good in bed. She felt guilty thinking that, but she couldn’t deny the truth. She tried to teach him what she liked and how she liked it, but it didn’t help. Even when he did exactly what she asked, it still didn’t feel as good as with David, or with some other men she had been with. David was muscular and really big. Michael wasn’t. And David knew what she craved. He knew she liked a little humiliation; she liked being treated like a whore.

Michael would never treat her that way. He was too kind and considerate. She loved Michael, and was happier than she’d ever been. But if he proposed, would she say yes? Sex wasn’t everything, but she couldn’t go through life always being unsatisfied.

She needed some relief. She moved her hand down to her clit and began to rub. She closed her eyes, and with some guilt fantasized about David. With her other hand she caressed her breasts. She imagined David fucking her with his big cock. But then her guilt overcame her passion. She switched her fantasy to the guy who had hit on her the other night. She and Michael had stopped at a bar for a drink, and when Michael went to the bathroom, he had propositioned her. He said his name was Guy. How appropriate. She declined his advances, but not before she saw that he was broad-shouldered and gorgeous. As he turned to leave, he got a quick feel of her ass, and also pressed against her, letting her feel his big and hard member. She imagined Guy forcing her into a dark corner of the bar, and taking advantage of her. Feeling kinky, she added Michael to the fantasy. He was fucking her ass while Guy pounded her pussy. No, that didn’t really work, she thought. Then she changed her fantasy to Guy fucking her pussy, and Michael licking her clit. Yeah, that was good, she thought, and her hand moved furiously over her clit.

In moments she had an orgasm. But while it gave her some pleasure, she was still unsatisfied. Jen covered her face with her hands. She was so sexually frustrated, she felt like crying.

The phone rang. Jen answered it, thinking it was Michael. But it was David.

“Just calling to see how you’re doing,” he began. “Sarah is visiting her parents this weekend. Where’s Michael?”

Jen knew why David was calling. For the last few months she had been able to resist, but she needed it so bad. She didn’t want to cheat anymore. She didn’t want to betray Michael, or Sarah. But her urges wouldn’t go away. Hating herself, she said, “Where can we meet?”


Michael boarded his plane. He was feeling so many conflicting emotions.

He had suspected Jen was having an affair with David for some time now. When they thought he wasn’t looking, he’d sometimes see David touch Jen intimately. A quick caress of her knee or behind, sometimes a mischievous smile followed by a brief grope of her breasts. Jen would always push David away, but she never got angry, and never told him about it.

Michael started paying attention. Sometimes when Jen came home from work he’d smell David’s cologne in her hair. Sometimes after she got home from a movie or shopping with David, he’d find her stockings in the trash, laddered with runs.

It was easy to find a discrete private investigator to follow Jen. It was expensive, but he had some money from an inheritance. He felt guilty for having Jen followed. But he had to know.


Michael flipped through the pictures. They were very high quality. And they proved what Michael suspected.

Still looking at the pictures, Michael asked, “And you have video too?”

The PI motioned to the manila envelope he had placed on Michael’s desk. “Yes, I got that. They went to a hotel, but the curtains were partially open. The DVD is in the envelope, along with more pictures.”

Michael gave the PI a wad of cash. “This is what I owe you. I’ll handle it from here.”

After the PI left, Michael locked the door of his office. “Lisa, hold my calls,” he said into the intercom. Opening the envelope, he put the pictures to the side, and put the DVD into the TV.

The video started with Jen standing in front of David, who was sitting on the edge of the bed. Her blouse was open and David was feasting on her tits. Michael could see that Jen was wearing one of her lace demi bras. David was cupping her breasts, and sucking on her exposed nipples. Michael watched as David moved his hands from Jen’s tits to her ass, and then under her skirt. His hands moved under her skirt to her bare ass, pushing her skirt high up her thighs. Michael could see that Jen was wearing a lacy garter belt and black thigh high stockings. David fondled Jen’s tight ass. She wasn’t wearing any panties. David then brought one of his hands to Jen’s pussy. Michael watched as David inserted one, and then two fingers into Jen. David’s fingers were glistening with moisture, so it was clear Jen was soaking wet. As he finger fucked her, David rubbed Jen’s aroused clit with his thumb.

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