Anitya and Siddharth, life beckons

Cuckold : Adventures of a hot Indian wife Anitya by divya_baby has changed my perception towards erotica. This story has transcended extreme erotic passion to pain, humiliation and at the end great distress. Its no longer an adventure (maybe a misadventure) by a woman. And a greater indiscretion by a man. Sadly, they were husband and wife, hurting each other. There are other characters that have been affected in the journey.

When the story was completed by divya_baby, it left a lot of us gasping for a closure. And true to his/her form breville-1 took up the responsibility of providing one. It was a sequel made worthwhile by him.

But what about 6 months down the line? Have they recovered from the turmoil or is life still being cruel to them? How do they feel? Is the worst over? Questions that need answer (or do they??).

I have tried penning down a late sequel based on the original. The original author has encouraged me to start a new thread and I thank her/him. I thank breville-1 too for his immense faith in human relationships to mend itself.

Though I will start the new thread. But for all practical purposes, divya_baby shall remain the originator of this marvelous piece and it will be my sincere request to all to first read the original story and the rejoinders so as to get a clear picture of my thread. (Just for refreshers, I am sure)

Cuckold – Adventures of a hot Indian wife Anitya

Chapter-1 : Anitya and Siddharth, six months later

Sustained long-term stimulation whether due to intoxicants or due to obsessive and depraved sex ultimately takes its toll. Mind goes numb and affects sanity. Nevertheless, time being a great healer moves on. Even the most painful memories gradually become bearable. The train that was suddenly yanked out of the rails was slowly getting back on tracks.
The physical injuries of Siddharth were healing but the trauma to his heart and mind was too fresh to mend quickly. The tumultuous events that wrecked Siddharth and Anitya’s life continued to play havoc toying with their nascent sensibilities. Initially, Anitya would often relapse back to a guilt-ridden state, cursing herself and remaining awake at night. Siddharth could clearly spot the pain in her eyes. He tried to reach out as often as possible and offer comfort but they were still tentative, at best. The gears of their life were unhinged and communications between them were laboured. The hurricane had left behind too many collateral damages in its trail and their life was still scattered in ruins.
It was Anitya’s brother Karan, who provided the much needed succour and help. He would often come over and both were comfortable having him around. He would be joking and trying to lighten the atmosphere. His maturity and intent made him a bridge between not only the bruised couple but also her parents who were trying to recover from this bizarre family turmoil. Had it not been for him, the last six months would have been difficult, too difficult. He, in his wisdom did not try to hasten things and allowed matters to gradually smoothen between husband and wife. To both, he was a brother and a confidant. He was aware of what had happened, but never pried. Anitya had haltingly, narrated him the whole thing, often feeling ashamed and distressed. Karan was stunned and greatly disturbed, but heard her without interrupting. Siddharth on the other hand was harsh on himself. He blamed himself for everything. He was apologetic and inconsolable. Karan could well understand his predicament and gently tried to assuage his guilt. Slowly, things were looking up. Thanks to their regular visits to the counsellor, Anitya and Siddharth were now communicating to each other much better. Karan was the single point of catharsis for the entire family and he was hopeful.
It was a Saturday and Karan was expected in the evening. Usually, he brought in a lot of food and groceries so that Anitya didn’t have to go out much and be with Siddharth. But today she decided to visit the grocery shop and stock up things. She found Siddharth in a vibrant mood and the weather was congenial. She helped Siddharth with his bath. This is what Siddharth enjoyed the most. During the bath, he felt really close to Anitya and enjoyed the feel of her hand on his body. Their physical relationship was still awkward and Anitya had become hopeless on bed. Siddharth had tried to establish the rapport despite his own pains and aches, but she just could not initiate love. In the first few days of Siddharth returning home from hospital, she would sob incessantly. Siddharth felt completely at sea and had no idea how to handle the situation.
Anitya fondled Siddharth’s head,Siddharth, is it okay if I am away for about two hours or so, I got to get a lot of stores? Sure, Siddharth replied, but why don’t you just get the things on home delivery, that would be more comfortable for you. Anitya smiled ruefully, just a few months back, she would be away from home for days together and she wont even offer an explanation, and now, but deep down she felt happy at Siddharth’s concern. No, Its fine with me. I will be back in a jiffy, she replied.
She had prepared an elaborate brunch. It was enjoyable. Siddharth was feeling happy that after a long time Anitya was venturing out of the house. At the same time, he felt a bit sad that Anitya was asking for his permission. That was so odd. He looked at Anitya and said, Dont get too many things, just get the bare necessities. Anitya nodded, again she felt a churning in her belly. I am going to get something nice, for him. After clearing the plates, she dressed casually in a long skirt and top, tied her hair in a ponytail (her short hair had grown, though not till the bra straps!) and set off for the Mall. She looked back and found Siddharth on the window, waving at her, smiling. She had an impulse to rush back and hug him. She felt deeply contended and became tearful. She waved back and walked away. She felt sad and happy at the same time, at her own emotional lability.
Being a weekend, the Mall was a little crowded. She felt peculiar. She felt as if it was years before she handled a grocery trolley. Everything appeared so alien to her. The store looked new and different to her as she started to move, as if in a trance. Slowly, she started gathering her things and soon the trolley was full. Although, Siddharth had asked her to purchase only the bare essentials, her home needed almost everything. It had been neglected far too long. Moving through the confectionery segment, she smiled to herself. Siddharth was fond of assorted candies, like a child. He would secretly fill his pocket with sugar candies and continue to eat one after another till he finished all. It was cheap but Anitya was sure that Siddharth would definitely enjoy. By now, her large trolley was overflowing. She proceeded to the billing section and paid by credit card. Again, she realised that her card was being used after six long months.
The counter clerk filled up 3 large bags and she found it impossible to carry them all on her own. Anitya was at a loss. She was stranded on the foyer. Suddenly a familiar voice behind her called, Do you need some help? She turned back and her eyes widened. She stood there like a stone. A lady was looking at her, her lips curled just a little at one corner as if smiling or was she smirking? Anitya stood like a robot holding the three bags, without a clue as to what she should do next. She panicked and wanted to scoot, but her feet were laden.
Anitya, she asked. Can I help? Anitya stared blankly, numbed at the knees. The woman came forward and picked up two bags and asked her, “Would you be okay with a cup of coffee”?

Avani! Anitya whispered.

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