An unusual adventure

An unusual adventure

(Cast – Laxmi aunty, Sanusha as guest)

The Case

I am Santhanam, fondly called Santhu by friends. I am just 20 and graduating in one of a top rated college. It was when I was 14, I got the first hint of sexual desire. My brother has brought his friends for a lunch to my home. Of that group, there was a busty girl. Tara! She was wearing a pale green satin set churidhar. When I was eating, I asked for water for which she helped. She bent down slightly to pour a cup of water for me. She was so busty that her kurti front left a big gap. As she bent I got the first impression of tits in my life. I did not know if she wore a bra or not, but I saw a pair of hanging tits as she bent. I kept staring at it and asked for 3 glasses of water with which I got the show three times. As she rose up moving away from me I noticed something strange in my taste. I started admiring butts of women. Why? Why has this change come to me? What is happening? Without any explanations I was simply thinking all through the day. Just then, I noticed getting wet on my boxer briefs.
I rushed to the toilet to see a stream of fluid dripping. What is this? What has happened? From then on, it became a regular habit to stare at women. I started getting happiness seeing thick, busty women. I admired women in silk saree and their tight blouses. When I went to weddings, I enjoyed whores walking here and there on satin slutty blouses which had big openings both at the front and back. I imagined I would untie the blouse knot on a busty women one day. Fantasy increased day by day. Once, my mom’s friend visited my home. She was wearing a white cotton saree with a brown sleeveless blouse. I was studying at my room when she came near the dressing table. In a flash, my eyes rested on her clean shaven whitish arm pits when she raised her arms and adjusted her hairs. For the first time, I noticed immediate erection. I put the book down, and went behind her as if walking.
I watched her sweat dripping belly folds. I tried to get a good side view and it came after much of effort. Those big mature hanging titties on the brown sleeveless blouse looked like musk melons! Arpitha was that aunty. Again, one day I was listening to my lecturer. Unusually, she removed her uniform coat to reveal her in saree. I have not seen such a perfect round tits projecting out in her saree in that tight blouse. She was sultry. As she raised her arms writing on the board, her arms jiggled and vibrated. Those tanned skin and the pot titties definitely deserved a wild fuck. I ran to the rest room asking permission and unloaded fully to relieve my heat. She was Lalitha!
The name list kept growing as I grew up year by year. My dick became stronger as I kept using it. Though I did not get a real sex experience, I loved shagging on aunties. Malls, Lifts, Classes, Super markets, stations and buses. Wherever I go, aunties followed. I meant I followed them. It was all nice until a few months before. I started to get pains on the abdomen due to excessive masturbation. I realized I no longer have the full potential to shag wild. I thought of reducing this habit but it was near to impossible. On the other hand, I lost stamina. Both these contradicted each other and my worry started to increase. I am 20 but now my future doomed. And so here I am, standing at the entrance of Kamapuram super specialty clinic, waiting eagerly to see the chief doctor Dr. Kameshwar.
I was ushered into his cabin. A nurse was standing at the corner.
“Hooo! So, Dr. here we have a chap. Jostling with spirit but near useless with his dick. Shagged like a street dog on all holes he saw. And now wanted to energize his dick for a real pussy”, she kept adding more and more. I was stunned at her accuracy but wondered how she was able to read me mentally.
“Sister Raji, could you please let our man narrate his issues. Don’t act smart”, lulled the doctor.
“Sir, it is pretty much what sister said. How was she so accurate without even talking to me?”, Santhu asked.
“Son, it is all experience. We used to deal with fuckers like you all day. Nowadays, even a kid’s penis is getting erection. Ladies need to wear double panties to stay safe”, she chuckled while the doctor was getting uncomfortable.
“Madam, but I just used to shag. I did not try anyone. I am not of that type”, I defended.
“Kid, you know who is the worst mother fucker? The one who shags. If you get a real pussy, you will get tired sooner. But these shaggers will never feel satisfied even after tearing their briefs. They just rub too hard to fracture their useless dicks”, she laughed again.
“Sister. Will you please shut your fuck up!”, unexpected words rained from the doctor.
“Sorry Dr. But this guy looks too young to get a treatment. But see how he is talking. Asshole”, she scowled.
“let me decide that sister”, he hardened his tone and focused on me.
“Tell me the purpose of your visit son”, asked the chief.
“Sir, I am Santhu and I am 20. I used to do all naughty stuffs like sister said except for the actual fucking. I fantasize a lot and also shag. I started at 14 and now it has been six years. Nowadays, I am getting pain when I shag and also I feel like drained out of energy”
“See, I told you right. He is a street dog. Emptied on all holes he has seen. Kid, I bet one day you dick will cut and fall loose from your pants. I bet it will”, she cursed.
The doctor laughed for some reasons and told me, “ignore her. Please continue”
“Sir, as I said I am not all getting any energy to get erect. I am so worried. My life is just going to start but I am not at all getting erection. “, I expressed my genuine worrry.
“Plug your dick to a charger son. Or insert it on electric plug hole. You will get charged up”, she annoyed me.
“Sister, respect my concern”, I warned.
“Son, let me explain. You are too young for a treatment. It is natural for lads like you to run out of energy. I think you could get energized by having glucose shots at hospitals. This is more complicated place than you think.”, he was drifting from my intentions.
“No sir, I wanted to do a prevention than a cure. I know about this clinic. Even my dad visited this place lot of times”, I added confidence.
“Oops, looks like a family of shaggers”, she commented and turned her face before I grunted.
“Son, let us see. I am not going to put you in any courses as of now. Let us do some preliminary tests. It would take only 30 minutes to complete. Have you come with friends? Is there someone to help you?”, now he was coming to the point.
“Yes sir. My friend has come”
“Good. You can pay the preliminaries fee at the counter and wait. Let us see if a course is needed for you. But on a brief note, I still don’t want you to take these. You have the age. You will get energy as you grow”. He tried to convince me.
“No Sir. I would like to get evaluated”, I stood on my point.
“ok young man. Let us get your prelims done first. See you with your reports”, told the chief.
I came out, paid the prelim test fee and waited.

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