All In My Head – Ch. 06

One night Jen got home and immediately said “I need a drink.” She was distraught. She’d had to fire Calvin, an account exec. She’d known him a long time and she was friends with him and his wife. “I didn’t have a choice, he really screwed up a major important part of the Kelloggs campaign,” she said. “We almost lost Kelloggs.” But she cried because Calvin was a friend and it was never easy to fire anyone. I held her. After the tears she told me she’d be in scramble mode the rest of the week fixing Calvin’s mistake.

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So things were busy for Jen and me. I was working non-stop to get Sapphire ready for launch, and get SEC approval for its use in the United States. Since the partners wanted to simultaneously launch all over the world, I also had to work with our offices in the key foreign countries to get their governments’ approvals. Not only was I working 24/7, I was traveling all over the place.

Jen hooked up with Scott about once a week. Sometimes twice, but she always told me, and never slept over with him even when I was traveling.

Their hookups made it tough on me. Including work they spent a lot of time together, and our time together shrank to almost nothing with all my long hours and travel. She knew I was working hard on something important. I guess a part of me wished she’d cool it with him until Sapphire was over. It felt like she was taking advantage of Sapphire to spend more time with him. But deep down I knew that was unfair. When we were together, it was real quality time, and she was super supportive.

One evening we were watching TV and she said, “Scott’s gym closed. I was thinking of suggesting he join our gym.” Jen called it “our” gym, but I hardly ever went. “What do you think?”

“Geez Jen, you already spend so much time with him, now you want to work out with him too?” I said. I couldn’t keep the annoyance out of my voice.

“Okay, sorry, I won’t say anything to him,” she said, but she gave me a brief what –is-your-problem look.

“Whatever,” I said, upset. Now I felt like an irrationally jealous husband. But how could she think it was okay to treat him like a normal guy friend when she was fucking him? “I’ve got to do some work,” I said going into our home office.

She came in a few minutes later. “Will you be home next Thursday?”

“Why, do you want to see him then?” I snapped at her.

“No, Mike,” she soothed, rubbing my arm. “It’s your birthday you goof. I want to make sure you’ll be home so we can celebrate.”

I felt like an ass. “I’m sorry honey,” I said. I’d forgotten about my birthday. Checking my calendar I said “Yeah, I’m not traveling that day.”

“Can you take the day off?” she asked. “I think we need some alone time together.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I think we do too,” I said with a grin. I checked my calendar again. “I have a meeting in the morning, but can get off in the afternoon.”

She sat on my lap and hugged me. “If an afternoon is all I can get, then that’s what I’ll take,” she said smiling at me.

We made out with her on my lap. I unbuttoned her blouse and cupped her breast over the bra cup. I kissed along her neck and she reached down and rubbed me. We stopped and were both panting. For a while we gave each other soft tender kisses.

“I’m sorry about the gym thing,” I said. “It’s a good gym, go ahead and ask him.”

She shrugged. “I’ll tell him but he can do what he wants, I don’t care really.”

Thursday morning I woke up with my cock in Jen’s mouth. “Happy birthday baby,” she said with my cock in her mouth, looking at me through heavy lidded eyes. I turned her onto her back and got between her long legs. She’d put on high heels!

“You’re so fucking sexy!” I gushed pushing inside her.

“Never forget it,” she teased. I fucked her hard and came inside her.

She made me breakfast, a rarity since she hated cooking. She hugged and kissed me as I left for work. It made me wish she was a stay-at-home wife, for a lot of reasons.

I went to my meeting at work and then met Jen at our apartment. She looked casual but gorgeous, her hair in a ponytail, pink lipstick, a tight cashmere sweater, skinny jeans and slim pink sneakers.

We took a taxi to Central Park. We strolled the park, holding hands, talking and laughing. We went to the zoo and had a great time looking at all the animals. We’d been there before of course but it was one of our favorite places. We found a nice tree and had lunch. We called it “our tree” because we’d been there more than once. Jen had packed a picnic lunch with wine, again a rarity with her (she hated cooking so much she normally found even making sandwiches a challenge). It was far but we walked home, enjoying the nice day and being together.

It was around 3 when we got home. Jen told me to sit in my favorite chair and made me a scotch. She sat in my lap and we made out for a while. She had me panting, and then she whispered in my ear, “I’ll be right back.” She put the glass of scotch in my hand and said “Don’t move.”

She went into our bedroom. When she came out later my jaw dropped at the new outfit she was wearing. A starched white shirt, short pleated skirt, white knee-high ribbed cotton socks and saddle shoes. She’d brushed her hair out and put in a pink ribbon. She wore a light coating of sweet pink lipstick.

She looked like a young school girl! She knows I love that look on her! One time she wore something similar to a Halloween party and I practically came in my pants. I was having the same reaction now.

She came to be until her bare knees touched mind. “Are you having a good birthday baby?” she said with a smile.

“Yes! This is the best birthday of my life!” I gushed.

“Want to know something?” she said. When I nodded she bent at the waist and moved her lips close to my ear, her silky blond strands tickling my face. She whispered into my ear, “I’m gonna make your birthday next year even better.”

God, she was making this such a special day for me!

She took my hands and put them on the back of her legs, on her calves over the knee high socks. She rarely wore knee highs, but I loved seeing them on her. They don’t look good on most girls passed 20 or so, but her legs are so long and slim they look sooooo good on her.

I slowly ran my hands up her legs, feeling the ribbing of her cotton knee high socks, her soft bare skin above her knees, the swell of her tight ass under the short pleated skirt. She’d taken off her thong and put on cotton bikini panties to go with the schoolgirl look. I kneaded her ass and she softly moaned “Feels nice.”

She straddled my legs, and we made out. I unbuttoned her blouse and reached in, cupping her small breasts. “You like them?” she asked me.

“You’re perfect just the way you are,” I said honestly.

She smiled and beamed at me, clearly pleased.

I picked her up and gently laid her on her back on our sofa (I’m not muscle bounded but she’s so petite and light I can easily pick her up). I pulled her cotton panties down her long legs. I opened her legs and went down on her, using every trick I knew. I wanted to give her a lot of pleasure and after years together I knew all her buttons and what she liked. After a few minutes her body tensed and shuddered and she let out a long moan. I moved up on the sofa and held her as she recovered from her orgasm.

After she recovered (but still panting) she pulled me on top of her. She reached between us, unzipped my fly and then guided me into her. She felt so good, so warm and tight and smooth.

I took one of her legs in my hands and pressed my face against her calf, feeling the knee high socks against my cheek. I have a real leg and foot fetish. She knows it, and as I slowly moved in and out of her, she took her other leg and pressed the point of the high school cheerleader saddle shoe against my chest. My head spun with excitement.

I took off the shoe of the leg I was holding. She moved that foot to my face, pressing the sole against my nose. Her cute foot looked so sexy in those socks. I took her foot and sucked her toes right through the cotton. With her toes in my mouth, she took her other foot and pressed the hard toe of the saddle shoe against my cheek. With all this happening, and my cock still moving in and out of her pussy, I felt like I was going to pass out from excitement, and moments later I came.

I rested on her as I recovered from my orgasm. “You know me so well,” I said admiringly, panting.

“Of course, I’m your wife.”

She got off me, and then lowered her head and took me into her mouth, cleaning me with her mouth and tongue. Then she put my cock back in my pants. She freshened my drink. “Are you having a good birthday so far?” she asked.

“It’s incredible, you’re incredible,” I gushed.

She smiled. “It’s not over yet.” She gave me the remote control so I could watch TV while I sipped the scotch, and told me she was going to make dinner now. This was a really special day. She’d made me breakfast this morning, packed a lunch picnic and now dinner. Pretty amazing birthday!

I tried to help but she shooed me out. She was in the kitchen non-stop for over an hour. Then I heard her go into our bedroom and take a shower. When she came out she blew me away again. She’d really dressed up. Her hair was up in an elegant way, and she wore the Chanel dress with black stockings and high heels. She’d gone from barely legal school girl to sexy sophisticated lady. I felt so lucky to be married to her.

We ate by candle light. She made some of my favorite dishes. It all tasted great. After dinner she gave me my birthday present. It was a photo of us in Cabo. In was in one of those frames that you could press a button and hear a recorded message. I pressed the button and heard Jen’s beautiful voice. She sang the first part of her favorite Springsteen song, Thunder Road. But she’d changed the words:

The screen door slams

My dress waves

Like a vision I dance across to you

As the radio plays

Roy Orbison singing for the lonely

Baby that’s me and I want you only

Don’t turn away again

I can’t face life without you again

Don’t run back inside

Baby you’re what I’m here for

So you’re scared and you’re thinking

That maybe I don’t love you any more

Show a little faith there’s magic in the night

You’re my baby and I’m all yours

And that’s alright with me

I was so moved. My throat caught when I listened to it.

“I love you baby, you’re everything to me,” she said hugging me. “Don’t ever forget it.”

She took me into our bedroom and undressed me. Then she had me take off her dress. She was naked underneath except for a garter belt, black stockings and high heels.

She started the shower and told me to step in. As the water ran down my back she reached up and undid her hair, letting the blonde locks fall sexily around her pretty face.

Then she stepped into the shower still wearing the garter belt, stockings and heels! It looked incredible as the nylon got wet. She was literally a wet dream!

She soaped me up, giving me a massage. We made out and I got hard again, even though I’d already cum twice today. She crouched down in the high heels, so her head was level with my cock. With soap she softly massaged my cock and balls, and then her fingers slipped under me between my cheeks and across my asshole, gently rubbing me back and forth. I was panting and so hard it hurt.

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