Adventures of a hot Indian wife Anitya – 02

They hadn’t planned it, and maybe that’s why it was so exciting. Siddharth sat next to Dheeraj in business class on a flight out of London. As they drank free booze they both joked about how great an expense account was, and how they could never afford business class with their own money. Siddharth was going home and Dheeraj was on the second leg of a multi-city business trip. Siddharth invited Dheeraj to dinner so he wouldn’t have to spend another night eating alone. Dheeraj declined because he had to prepare for a meeting the next day, but immediately changed his mind when he saw Anitya, who was waiting in the terminal for her husband.

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Dheeraj couldn’t keep his eyes off her. What a beauty! His opinion of Siddharth immediately went through the roof. He couldn’t figure out how a girl as drop dead gorgeous as Anitya would ever have married him.

Anitya pretended not to notice Dheeraj checking her out. She was used to her effect on men. It wasn’t new; it’d just been that way all her life. Also, it she was being honest, she’d admit she liked the attention.

Siddharth held the taxi door open for his wife. She carefully held her skirt as she slid in, but still her skirt rode up. Siddharth noticed Dheeraj checking out his wife’s incredible legs. He didn’t even try to pretend like he wasn’t looking, maybe because they both were still half drunk from the drinks on the plane. Siddharth got in after Anitya, but then Dheeraj went to the other side so Anitya was between him and her husband. There wasn’t a lot of space in the back of the taxi, and Siddharth was acutely aware of his leg touching his wife’s. Given how small the taxi was, he figured Dheeraj’s leg was also touching Anitya’s.

Dheeraj had the charming banter of a salesman, which he was. He had both Siddharth and Anitya laughing at his stories. He was one of those people who talked with his hands, and as he did he repeated touched Anitya’s knee, often letting his fingers linger, once even palming and then briefly caressing her knee.

As soon as they arrived at the restaurant Dheeraj’s cell rang. He looked at the caller id. “Sorry, I have to take this, won’t be long.”

Anitya narrowed her eyes at her husband as soon as Dheeraj left. “You know, I’d appreciate some warning if you plan to play this game of yours,” she said annoyed. “I mean, it’s my body.”

Siddharth hadn’t planned this, but he’d seen Dheeraj pawing Anitya in the taxi. “I didn’t plan this,” he protested, giving his best look of innocence.

“Yeah, right,” she said with narrow eyes. Clearly she didn’t believe him.

He smiled like a kid in a candy store. “I didn’t see you pushing his hand away.”

She gave him a “you’re not understanding what I’m saying” look. As the restaurant manager arrived to lead them to their table, she said dismissively, “you should have asked me,” and then turned her back on her husband and followed the restaurant manager.

The manager led them to a square table. “Could we sit there?” Siddharth asked pointing to a round booth. He grinned as his wife rolled her eyes.

Dheeraj arrived a moment later and immediately slid in next to Anitya. The white tablecloth was long and covered their laps. Dheeraj ordered an expensive bottle of wine and insisted he — or more precisely his expense account — was paying for dinner. The wine was good and Dheeraj told more of his funny stories, so soon Anitya relaxed and began enjoying herself. Dheeraj was easy to talk to. He was also easy to look at, with his handsome face, nice smile, and broad shoulders.

Just as the appetizers arrived Anitya felt Dheeraj’s hand on her thigh. It didn’t surprised her given what happened in the car, but still she tensed. She moved closer to Siddharth but Dheeraj didn’t remove his hand. She crossed her right leg over her left but that just caused her skirt to ride up her leg and Dheeraj moved his hand from her knee to her thigh. Throughout this dance Dheeraj kept up his merry banter and drank wine with his other hand. She firmly placed her hand over his and pushed him off. This caused him to interrupt his banter for a moment, but then he put his palm on Anitya’s knee again and continued talking.

The waiter came to refill their wine glasses, and Anitya took the opportunity to lean over and whisper in her husband’s ear. “He’s touching me,” she said.

Siddharth glanced down at his wife’s lap. Because of the long tablecloth he couldn’t see her legs, but he could see that Dheeraj’s left arm was underneath the tablecloth, and he could see the tablecloth moving, so it didn’t take much of an imagination to know what was happening.

“What do you want me to do?” Anitya asked.

Siddharth thought quickly. Dheeraj had a lot of balls, trying to seduce his wife right in front of him. It sent a shiver down his spine. “You know what I want,” he whispered back.

Anitya took a big gulp of wine. Okay, if that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get, she thought. Then she uncrossed her legs.

Dheeraj felt the pretty young wife uncross her legs, feeling triumphant inside. He moved his hand from her knee to her thigh. When she didn’t push him away, he moved from her outer thigh to her inner thigh flesh. He caressed her softly. He expected her to slap his face at any moment. But instead she turned her head to face him. He saw the unspoken question in her eyes: “Are you really going to do this to me here, with my husband right next to me?” He smiled lecherous, and pulled her leg towards him, causing her to part her legs. When she didn’t stop him, he softly drew circles on her inner thigh flesh. She took an intake of breath feeling his soft caresses on her sensitive skin, and closed her eyes.

Siddharth tried to concentrate on the food in front of him, but of course he couldn’t. How could he? His wife was being seduced right next to him. Dheeraj had stopped talking. Anitya’s eyes were closed, and her lips slightly parted. Through her tight blouse Siddharth could tell she was breathing hard. He glanced at Dheeraj and their eyes locked. He had a superior smirk on his face, and his eyes clearly conveyed what he was thinking: “I’m taking your girl, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Dheeraj saw the expression on Siddharth’s face and knew exactly what he was — a cuckold. He traveled a lot and had met guys like him, guys who wanted to see their wives fucked by other men. Anitya was a real looker, though, one of the prettiest girls he’d ever seen in his life. He couldn’t believe Siddharth would let another man get within 100 feet of her. He decided to throw Siddharth a bone, because after all he could make a scene and stop this. So he pushed the table cloth passed their legs, exposing their laps.

Siddharth gawked when Dheeraj pulled back the table cloth. Dheeraj had pushed up Anitya’s skirt high up her thighs. Her legs were parted, and Dheeraj’s hand was between her legs, caressing her inner thigh. A part of him couldn’t believe his wife had let Dheeraj get so far. He was little more than a stranger, and here she was with her legs apart, letting him caress her so intimately. But most of him was thrilled with what was happening.

At first Anitya didn’t notice when Dheeraj pulled back the table cloth, so lost was she in what he was doing to her. He hadn’t shoved his hand up her skirt like she’d expected. Instead he softly drew circles on her inner thigh, slowing moving up to just below her pussy, but not touching her there, then slowly moving back down her thighs, and then repeating the process. He had a really nice touch, and his teasing technique was driving her out of her mind! But eventually she did feel the cold air conditioning on her thighs, and her eyes snapped open. She looked down at her lap. Seeing her legs parted with Dheeraj’s hand on her thigh sobered her, and she immediately closed her legs on Dheeraj’s hand.

Siddharth was lost in lust. Seeing his wife succumbing to another man’s seductions, being so close to it all, was too much. He wondered if she’d worn panties. Her skirt was so high up her legs he could tell she was wearing pantyhose, not stockings. That wasn’t surprising, she rarely wore real stockings, and she hadn’t known they’d be playing tonight. But had she worn panties? Sometimes she didn’t under pantyhose. If her skirt was just a bit higher, he’d be able to find out, and if she hadn’t wore panties, then her pretty pussy would be exposed to Dheeraj’s eyes. The thought made him lightheaded with lust. Without even thinking, he reached over to his wife’s lap and tugged her skirt up until it bunched just below her waist.

Anitya felt Siddharth tugging at her skirt. He wants Dheeraj to see me, she thought. She saw the excitement in her husband’s face. He’s so into this, he wants it to happen. By now Dheeraj’s expert fingers had gotten her so worked up it was easy to give in to what her husband wanted, so she lifted her ass making it easier for her husband to tug her skirt up.

Dheeraj gawked at her pussy. He could see it, because she hadn’t worn panties under the sheer nude pantyhose. She kept herself almost bare except for a small trimmed landing strip above her clit. Like her face, she had a sweet looking pussy. Her slit was tight and small, and the lips were smooth and slender, just a shade darker than the surrounding skin. It looked like a teenager’s pussy. There was a large wet spot in the pantyhose. Dheeraj traced a finger around the outline, making Anitya moan because it’d been the closest he’d gotten to touching her most sensitive of flesh. He locked eyes with Siddharth, smirking with triumph. I’ve gotten your wife soaking wet, she’s mine if I want her, he conveyed with his eyes.

Dheeraj ran his finger up Anitya’s slit, making her moan. He touched her clit and Anitya grabbed her husband’s hand. Dheeraj gripped the sheer nylon with two fingers and slowly began tearing it.

Anitya squeezed her husband’s hand harder. She looked at him. “Is this what you want?” she asked breathlessly as Dheeraj tore a hole in her pantyhose.

“This is exactly what I want,” he moaned.

Dheeraj slowly ripped the crotch of Anitya’s pantyhose, revealing her bare pussy. The lips glistened with moisture. She tensed as she felt his fingers on her bare pussy for the first time. Her ran his fingertips along her slit and then around her pleasure bulb. He’d been teasing her for so long, and this was more teasing. Her body craved something inside her. He sensed that, and finally gave her what he wanted, pressing one finger between her lips. Dheeraj was a bigger man than Siddharth, and he had thick fingers. She was so moist he slipped in easily, but then his finger immediately encountered resistance. “Man, your pussy is tight,” he said in a low voice, but not so low that Siddharth and Anitya couldn’t hear him. He grinned demeaningly at Siddharth, as if saying “is your cock so small you haven’t been able to loosen your wife up?”

Anitya flushed red at Dheeraj’s remark. She couldn’t believe another man was commenting on her pussy!

Dheeraj applied steady pressure until one, and then two of his fingers were inside the beautiful blonde. He slowly pumped her, at the same time rubbing her clit with his thumb. He was driving Anitya crazy! She pushed back, subtlety humping his fingers.

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