Adventures of a hot Indian wife Anitya – 01

An Indian Couple crossing the boundaries of marriage
Anitya texted her husband Siddharth: “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this!”

Her iPhone vibrated a moment later. “Relax and have fun, I know you will find this guy attractive” the screen said. She quicky glanced around the crowded bar. She didn’t see her husband, but knew he was watching. She nervously returned her attention to the man sitting next to her.

“Is everything okay?” Anwar said.

“That was my husband.”

“Is he meeting you here?”

Anitya knew this was the moment of truth. If she said “Yes, he’ll be here in a few minutes” then Anwar would likely leave and look for another girl to hit on. But instead she stuck to the script she’d practiced with Siddharth. “Um, no, he’s away. He travels a lot for business. I just got off work and thought I’d have a glass of wine before going home.”

Anwar smiled understandingly, although with a trace of delight and eagerness. “Hey, I get that. I’m on a business trip myself, been away for over two weeks now. It gets lonely.” He looked Anitya up and down, and not for the first time. Man she was good looking! Cute and petite, pretty face. Small tits from the look of it, but she had great legs, and he thought he saw the bumps of a garter belt under her skirt. He adjusted in his chair to ease the discomfort of his hardening cock.

Siddharth’s heart pounded as he watched the stranger hit on his wife. It hadn’t taken long for Anitya to attract male attention, but he’d known it wouldn’t. Only a mile from the airport, this hotel bar had the well-deserved reputation as a meat market for business travelers. With his wife’s looks, she always attracted male attention, and in a place like this it was like a pretty goldfish in a tank of hungry sharks.

He watched with growing excitement as the stranger flirted with his wife. It was obvious he was good with women, because he soon had Anitya laughing and engaged in an animated conversation. The bar was so crowded and loud their faces practically touched as they talked. Seeing them like that, it wasn’t too hard for Siddharth to imagine them kissing, and the thought made his cock throb. The stranger stood up and spoke into Anitya’s ear. Anitya smiled and nodded, and let the stranger lead her to the dance floor. They danced a couple of fast songs, and then the DJ played a slow song. The stranger smiled charmingly and opened his arms, clearly inviting her to continue their dance. Anitya nodded, and the stranger wrapped his arms around her waist. Siddharth was practically lightheaded seeing his wife in another man’s arms. Of course he’d seen her dance with friends at parties, but this was something entirely different. This was a kind of a pickup bar, and she was in the arms of a stranger who was obviously trying to seduce her and take her to his bed. Siddharth’s cock was so hard it hurt.

Anwar liked the feel of Anitya’s body. She was firm and tight. With his hands around her waist, he clearly felt a garter belt under her dress. Also, he’d brushed his fingers along her back, and he hadn’t felt a bra strap. A pretty woman, braless and wearing a garter belt and stockings. He felt like he’d won the lottery! His cock was pitching a tent in his pants, and she didn’t pull away when he pressed against her. Clearly this married slut was looking to get fucked.

Anitya’s body tingled, especially between her legs. Siddharth had guessed right, she was attracted to Anwar. He was tall and ruggedly handsome, and as they slow danced she could tell he kept in shape because his arms and chest were muscular and hard. She hadn’t expected him to be so charming. She felt tipsy from the wine and aroused by Anwar’s body and his hands on her. By now she was sure he knew what she was wearing (and not wearing ) under her dress. Going braless and wearing stockings had been Siddharth’s idea of course. Going braless had the added effect of stimulating her nipples as they brushed against the fabric of her dress.

As Anwar pressed his erection against her he felt bigger than her husband. Anitya had to suppress the sudden urge to reach between their bodies and touch him. Married women weren’t supposed to think like this, but they weren’t supposed to go to pick up bars alone either, or dance with handsome men not their husband. She felt like a college girl again, dancing with someone she’d met at a party. She’d had a few one night stands … not a lot, but one or two — okay, four — and this felt like one of those times –slow dancing with a really hot guy after drinking too much. Anwar pressed his cheek against hers, saying something into her ear. It was so loud she couldn’t hear, so she reflexively turned her head towards his, and as she did her lips brushed against his.

Not missing a beat, Anwar leaned in and pressed his lips against Anitya’s. He kissed her softly. The first one was brief, like putting a foot in the pool to test the water. When Anitya didn’t pull away, he leaned in and kissed her again. This time his mouth opened, and after a moment Anitya’s did too. He gently pulled her closer, and they explored each other’s mouths, abandoning any pretense of dancing. Anitya put her arms around Anwar’s neck (moving from his waist), and Anwar caressed her back. His cock throbbed as he quickly confirmed the lack of a bra strap.

Anitya felt lightheaded and dizzy. Things were going too fast. She hadn’t been with another man since meeting Siddharth over 5 years ago. And yet here she was, making out with a man she’d just met in the middle of a bar, and loving every second of it. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so turned on.

Siddharth clenched his fists. What the hell was she doing? Letting a complete stranger kiss her, grope her? In the middle of a bar? What if someone we know walks in? It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Just flirting, maybe a little touching. But not this! What the fuck?! He’s squeezing her ass. Now he’s reaching under her skirt. Isn’t she going to stop him? Fuck, he’s raising her skirt. Siddharth’s eyes bulged as his wife’s lacy stocking tops and then the straps of her garter belt came into view. This was too much, he had to stop it.

Anwar caressed the heavy lace of Anitya’s stocking tops and felt ready to explode in his pants. Then he ran his fingers along the straps of her garter belt, feeling the pretty woman shiver as his fingers touched her bare skin. Normally he didn’t grope a girl like this in public, but he couldn’t resist with this hottie. She had a tight body and soft lips, and the fact she went braless and wore stockings made her irresistible. He couldn’t wait to sink his big cock into her pussy.

Just then he felt someone pull Anitya away from his grasp. “What the fuck?!” he yelled.

“Get away from her, she’s my wife!” Siddharth barked.

“Siddharth …” Anitya gasped as if coming out of a trance.

“I thought you said he was away!” Anwar growled accusingly at Anitya.

Siddharth didn’t give his wife time to respond. He roughly grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the bar. They’d earlier gotten a room in the hotel, so he dragged her there and threw her onto the bed. As she fell onto the bed her skirt flared up and bunched around her waist. Siddharth leered hungrily at his wife. Not only was she wearing stockings and a garter belt, but she wasn’t wearing any panties. Only the thin material of her dress had been between Anwar’s hands and her most private parts, her breasts and pussy that were supposed to be exclusively his. “You slut!” he growled with passion and anger as he took his cock out of his pants. “You dirty cheating slut!” She was so wet he easily entered her with a single thrust. He growled profanities as he fucked her hard, calling her a slut, a cock tease, a cheat, a whore.

“Oh god yes, I’m so bad, I’m a slut,” Anitya cried back, gripping the sheets as her husband fucked her hard. The married couple often talked dirty while fucking, especially when they role played about Anitya with another man, although this had been the first time they’d ever actually done something for real, and they both were more excited than ever before.

Siddharth reached behind her and fumbled with the zipper, and then pushed the dress off her shoulders and down her body so it bundled like a belt around her waist. He leered at her braless tits. “Did you want him to feel your tits, is that why you didn’t wear a bra?” Siddharth sneered. “Did you want him to finger you, is that why you didn’t wear panties?”

“Yeah, I’m so bad, I wanted to feel his hands on me, I wish he had felt my breasts, I wanted him to, when he reached under my skirt I thought I would die, I wanted him to rub me, but you stopped him before he could do that, oh god why did you stop him?”

Siddharth’s dark lust clouded his misgivings about how far Anitya had let the stranger get with her. “I wish I hadn’t,” he admitted. “I wish I’d let him get his hands all the way up your skirt. He’d probably cum in his pants when he found out you weren’t wearing panties.”

“He knew I wasn’t wearing a bra,” Anitya said. “The way he touched my back, I could tell he was seeing if I was wearing one.”

“He probably could tell the way your hard nipples pressed against his chest.”

Anitya moaned at the memory. “Yeah, he probably could, my nipples were so hard, and so was his chest, god he had a nice body.”

“You slut, you liked his body, huh, his hard muscular body, and what about his cock, could you feel his cock, did you rub him you dirty slut?”

“I wanted to, god I wanted to so much, he felt so good pressed against me, so big and hard, I could tell he was bigger than you.”

“Ugh god,” Siddharth groaned , grimacing and willing himself not to cum. From all their role playing Anitya knew exactly how to push his buttons, knew exactly what turned him on, and the fact it was real this time thrilled him to no end. “You wanted to fuck him, didn’t you? You would have gone up to his room if he had asked, wouldn’t you?”

“God yes! I would have let him fuck me! I would have let him fuck me, and I wouldn’t make him wear a condom, I’d let him cum inside me and get me pregnant, and then you’d have to watch my belly get big with his baby!”

“Fuck!” Siddharth cried, and he lunged into his wife and came, shooting his sperm into her pussy, and his timing was perfect because just then Anitya came too, her manicured toes curling in her high heels.

The married couple lay panting in each other’s arms. Siddharth pulled out and rolled to his wife’s side, and they looked into each other’s eyes, their faces serious as they contemplated the reality and consequences of what they had just done. Then suddenly they broke out into giggles and laugher.

“Oh my god I can’t believe we just did that!” Anitya exclaimed in amazement.

“I know, god you were unbelievable! ” Siddharth thought about how, for years, they’d role played about Anitya with other men, and how lately with increasing intensity he’d been urging her to make their bedroom fantasies a reality. “I told you it’d be fun,” he teased.

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