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Indian Sex Stories Adventure of married couple


I enter in one big hall wearing just red saree & white bra, it was still black but some dim light was on and I could see lightly, clear enough to see my way. But as it was big hall I don’t know where to go?, I look at my guardian Vinay, I actually have to look down at him because of his less height, he smiled at me, one thing surprise me even though I was wearing so skimpy bra, I was almost topless, still he was not lusty, how can one teenager stop himself from becoming lusty when he have one sexy 25 year married girl in front of him in sexy attire. I now started trusting organizer of party, and I was still thinking of my husband Raj, what fun he is having.
But suddenly Vinayak hold my right wrist with his left hand, and pull me slowly in hall. His pull was not forceful but it was leading, telling me he is my boss. He was holding my black blouse in his right hand. It remind me old movie rape scenes, I feel he is taking me with him to rape me, I am very filmy girl, I laugh on my funny though in my mind.
Vinayak brings me at one place in big dimly lit hall, and ask me to stand there. I obediently stand there, I find it very cute when this teenager controlling married mature lady like me, I love this concept of sex party. In my marriage with Raj, I am dominating and raj do whatever I ask him to do, it was funny today this teenager controlling me, it was making me wet, remember guys I am not wearing panty, it is with my hubby raj who is somewhere in this party.
I kept quiet and stand there. It was pretty exciting; I was standing there in my Red saree, and white bra. My panty is with my husband raj, and I don’t know where is Raj. My blouse is in hand of this 19 years old college boy Vinay. And it was all dark, with dim light, I still don’t have any clue what will happen and where is my hubby raj?
Vinayak come nearby to me, I reflexively adjust my pallu to hide my bra, but you guys know I am wearing transparent red saree, it can’t hide anything, but out o of girly reflexes I try to adjust my pallu, Vinay blush at my modesty, he laugh and said
“Kavitaji, don’t adjust your dress, it is my duty, remember today I will help you to do everything from adjusting your pallu to taking you to washroom, that’s why they hire us, we college boys are to help you, and bouncers are here to fuck wives, ok? I know you are almost twenty five years old married girl, I am only 19 year old college boy, but today you have to follow all my order, it is best for you, and it will help you to enjoy,”, saying so Vinay stare at my cleavage and smell my blouse, as if my blouse is some flower. I like this idea, It is really exciting.
“Yes Vinay, I am very keen to participate in this sex party, please revel the secret, what is happening in party tonight? And where is my hubby raj?,”, I ask this college going teenager, I was excited for see what I is happening in party and where Is raj. But as usual Vinay avoided my both questions and speak.
“Kavita, Raj is enjoying forgot about him, let us warm you up for party, now keep your hands on your head, and in any circumstances you won’t remove it from your head, it will help us to warm you up for main party event, and remember don’t remove hands in any circumstances.”, Vinay order me, I quickly put my hands on my head, now my entire body was in front of Vinay, I was just wearing white bra which was covered by red transparent saree. I am sure my cleavage has become more prominent now as my hand was on my head and it raise my boobs higher. First time I am standing so revealing in front of teenager.
“Good girl”, I find it funny one 19 year teenager calling twenty five year married lady girl, then Vinay come towards me, I feel excited, his hands come toward my boobs, I thought he will press my boob now, one bouncer already had felt my boobs outside this entry door, and now Vinay will feel me, but Vinay did not touch my boobs instead he hold my pallu which was covering my boobs, he ensure his hand did not touch my boobs and in in one swift motion Vinay quickly pull my pallu. It was so sudden I spontaneously remove my hands from my head and hold my own pallu. This will be reaction of any girl if someone try to remove her pallu or dupatta, forget about stranger, girl will react impulsively in same way even if her boyfriend or husband try to do the same.
Forget about regular girl, if someone try to remove pallu of prostitute she will also react in same way impulsively.
Now one part of pallu was in his hand and other was in my, I bend slightly, I know it will expose my boobs to him as I am only wearing bra, Vinay looked into my eyes, Vinay smiled at me, “Kavita, both the hand back on your head, remember, I am you our boss today, and you are in sex party to get exposed, to exhibit, to enjoy, to live your fantasy”, I remember I am in sex party, and I have to cooperate, this happen only reflexively. I smile at myself.
I look at Vinay apologetically, I bite my tongue to tell teenager Vinay I did the mistake, I left my pallu, I held my both ear to say sorry to him and again put my hands on my head. I was liking dominating behavior of Vinay, Vinay smiled back at me, he assured me with his eyes that these things do happen, and pull my red pallu, he wrap my red pallu around my own waist and push it inside my saree at my waist, it was all happening in dim light, so though I was in very less dress in one unknown place in front of teenager, I was not feeling very shy. Now I had my entire red saree wrap around me on my waist, and at top I have only bra.
Vinay then come close to me, he was checking me out, he was not checking me lustily but admiringly, my hand was on my head, he wandered his hand on my flat tummy to admire my beauty, but he did not press there or fondle there, he just feel smoothness of my waist. then he move and smelled my armpit, remember guys his height is till my shoulder only, so it was easy for teenager Vinay to smell my armpit, first he feel my smoothness and now he smell me, I was finding it funny though he was treating me like object, but he was admiring my beauty and making me feel special. /
then he went back and feel my smooth back, there was only one bra strap on my entire back, I remember when I wear choli in navratri all guys was ogling at my back, though my choli was covering my 30 percent back, but today my 99 percent back is open and this teenager can feel it, he slightly slap on my ass, I blush and say ouch when he slap me there, I was expecting it, my big ass is one of best feature of my body, and from other side he come in front of me. i was surprised why he don’t touch my mammary, many boys look that part of my body first when they see me, but this guy did not touch it when he has opportunity to do so, my hand was still on my head, in that blackish room.
Then Vinay went to one corner, I was still standing there in black shade of light, with hands on my head, . he went in corner, and start one switch, and suddenly one flash light start on my head, and suddenly I was in lot of light, still entire room was black but focus of light was only on me. light flash on me from all sides and suddenly I was in bright light, I know every part of my body will glow in this direct light now It was so bright; I have to take some time to adjust my eyes to bright light, I remove my hands from my head to adjust my eyes but Vinay took my name and remind me to put my hands back on my head. I close my eyes, and I slowly open it to adjust to bright light which was flashing on me from all side.
I open my eyes slowly and saw one bouncer was standing in front of me, very strong bouncer, very well built was right in front of me, and I was there with my hands on my head in my bra and red saree with no pallu around to hide my modesty. My hand was on my head, and I was almost topless, there was only bra on my top body, lot of flood light was on me, my white body was looking more white, and It was glowing, I remember in this party bouncers will fuck wives, I was standing there like deer, and he was like tiger, suddenly one thing strike me, this is not party room, this is wife warm up room, then why is this bouncer here? I don’t think organizer will fuck me in warm up room, I was confuse, I was expecting college boys here to warm me up.
This bouncer was very well built and was not wearing anything but only one jockey underwear. He have six pack, and one of the best body I have seen till now. He was so strong; I was looking like doll in front of him. I know he could easily lift me up, my husband raj is not very strong, and can’t lift me very easily,, I have fantasy of men lifting me in his arm, Meanwhile Vinay also come, I was now standing in front of teenager and one strong bouncer, I had my hands on my head, and no pallu on me, just wearing bra, and all lights are on me. I was never so much exposed in my life, this was new but I was excited, I was wet, I totally forget about my husband raj.
“Kavita, you know every sex session begun with lovely kiss, every girl love kissing, let this bouncer kiss you, open your mouth”, Vinay told me, it was strange, one boy was asking for kiss but not for himself for someone else, I laugh in my mind, I was excited, I look down and blush, I don’t know what to say. It was very long since I had romantic kiss, my hubby raj is not much in romantic kiss. He kiss me but he is not very skillful kisser.
Meanwhile Bouncer come close to me, he scan me from top to bottom, he very lightly touch my tummy, I blush, he come close to me, few of my hairs was on my face, he very romantically took my hairs which was on my face and slowly put it behind my ears, I was getting feeling as if I am getting kissed first time in my life. my hands was still on my head. Vinay was excitedly watching this, bouncer feel my booth cheeks by his palm, I close my eyes, he did not jump on my lips but like lover he was making me ready for kiss, now he very strongly held my face in his hands. He was very strong and dominating, I never feel so romantic in my life, I like his grip. I forget I am in sex party, I had closed my eyes and anticipating his kiss, My husband raj never kisses me or holds my face this romantically. In fact I initiate kiss with raj, but today I have my hands on my head so all control was in hand of bouncer.
Bouncer had my face in his strong hand, he titled his face and bring his lips very close to my lips, I feel his air on my lips, I open my mouth to kiss him, now we was about to kiss, I tried to hold his lips by my lip and he move back, he move back so quickly that I can’t catch his lips, and my attempt to kiss him failed, it look very funny, they make me fool, I realized he deliberately back out from kiss for make some fun., and to tease me, Vinay and bouncer both laugh, I feel shy and embrassed,I blushed in shyness. My hands was still on my head and I was still standing in bra only totally exposed, any sex maniac would have love to jump on me but these party organizers are very romantic and even in this attire I was not feeling exposed as they were playing with my lips. This party organizer understands wives and I love way they were treating me.
Now bouncer come ahead, I close my eyes, I could feel his face in front of me, he blow air on my lips, oh my god he will kiss me now, I was excited and wet, it was really turning out to be warm up session, but this time I keep my mouth back as I don’t want him to back out and tease me again, now suddenly he hold my mouth in his one hand and slowly pressed it, my mouth got opened and he very romantically put his mouth in my mouth and start smooching me. Oh I love it, great soft kiss. I lost in kiss and forget I am in sex party.
As he kiss me I was about to fall back as my hands was on my head, but bouncer quickly held my in my waist by other hand, now he leave my face and both his hand was holding me by my waist, he was smooching me, he play with my tongue, we were exchanging our kiss, he was strongly holding me as if he own me, bouncer was taking care of my comfort, my husband raj never hold me like this.
but I observe one thing, he never grin his body on mine, he keep distance in us. I was taking no effort to keep distance, in fact I wanted to grin my smooth body on his six pack, I wanted my boobies to get flatten on his strong chest, but he was keeping distance, Our lower body was very close to each other, while kissing sometime my boobs were crushing on his chest, but he was quickly adjusting himself so that my boobs are not touching him, he was avoiding any lower body contact. But his kiss was very strong. All the time his hand was wandering on my waist my back, in my hair, but it was romantic, he was not sex maniac. I love his touches, very soft, generally boys become rough with girls, becuaes boys are more interested in girls boobs than her lips, but he was very gentle on my lips and on my lower body.
This was best kiss of my life, bouncer was avoiding body contact like sex maniac, even today when I kiss raj, or hug raj, he try to touch my boobs by his body, but that is not case with bouncer, he was very firmly holding me, avoiding unnecessary body contact, in between he was leaving my lip so that I can breathe. He was smiling at me, he was making eye contact, this is kind of romantic kiss any girls expect. But very few girl get such romantic kiss, most of the time boyfriend or hubby become lusty while kissing and romantic kiss become sex maniac kiss. My husband give attention to my boobs, my pussy, my ass, but this bouncer was respecting me, and giving attention to me as Kavita, he was respecting my feeling and nicely kissing me. I was lost in his kiss.
Suddenly someone give naughty slap on my saree cover ass, I come out of kiss, I was still in grip of bouncer, it was Vinay who slap me slightly on my big saree cover ass, he smiled at me and tell “Kavita, leave him, he have to go, its ten minutes you guys are kissing, we have to warm other wives as well”
I listen voice of Vinay, I realize that his bouncer has stop kissing me, and I am one who is kissing him, as soon as I heard my teenager guarding Vinay, I leave his lips, my hands was still on my head, and entire room was black light was only on me and bouncer, I stop kissing, bouncer was still holding me, very less space was between us, I want to hug bouncer, he really make me feel very special, I was wet, and it was really warming me up, bouncer look in my eyes, I feel shy and look down, I look down as if he is my husband and this is our first night, he lift my face by his finger under my chin, look lovingly in my eyes and give light peak on my lip, I again tried to smooch him but he put his hand on my lips, he signal me to stop, I never though any male will reject my offer of kissing, but this was happening today, in this wife warm up room. he leave me and quickly move out of room. I feel if my lover is going, he really make me feel special in just ten minute, I didn’t realize when this ten minute was over. All the time while we were kissing my hand was on my head, still I enjoy it lot.
It was really hot kiss, and I was warmed up, I was wet in my pussy, I was thinking about bouncer, I don’t even know his name, he also probably don’t know my name, I was thinking about him, I was thinking I am teenager and just got my first kiss, but I am 25 year married girl, who is wife of Raj who is enjoying this party in other room.
“Kavita, see your boobies are out of your bra strap, let me help you to put them back in”
Vinay then told me to look at my bra, and when I look down, oh my god, my boobs was out of my bra cup, while kissing many time my body grinned with bouncer and in that wrestling my boobs come out of bra cup. I don’t even realize when this happen, It was really passionate kiss, My hand was on my head I try to remove my hands from head to put my boobs in my bra cup, but then Vinay remind me that I can’t remove my hands from my head, so I was not allowed to remove it, I can’t put my boobs back in my bra cup. In fact this was duty of teenager Vinay, It was first time any teenager was watching my asset, but I guess it was making me excited; it was warming me up, now it was clear that if someone could put my boobs back in bra cup, it is Vinay only. I request Vinay to put them back in my bra cup. It was strange I asking teenager to put my boobs back in bra, lot of unimaginable things was happening in party.
My guardian smiled at me, he come forward and hold my both boobs, feel them for few seconds, remember his height reach till my shoulder only, that excites me, he lightly kiss both my boobs, this was first time when five year younger guy was touching my boobs, I was expecting him to fondle me now but to my surprise he quickly put them back in bra cup, he smiled, but he did not play with them for more than few seconds. In college days, my female friends sometime used to help me to put bra strap, we girl used to help each other to close bra strap but never we did in front part of boobs, I found it very strange, even my husband raj have never put my boobs in bra cup. It was very exciting. I was thinking all this and suddenly someone enter in room.
Then two more bouncers come in front of me, they were new bouncer, only wearing jockey underwear. Both of them have six pack, I looked at Vinay, I don’t know what is going to happen now, one bouncer had just kiss me hard, excite me, make me wet, what will these two do to me now? How will they warm me up? What is plan now? Till what extend will they go in warm up room? for how much time i have to stand keeping hands on head? what will happen to my blouse? what role my blouse wil play in party? Where is my husband Raj? What is he doing? is he really using my panty as access card? What more will happen in warm up room? What will happen in party room? How many more wives are there? What fun hubbies will have? Will teenager fuck wives? husband will fuck each other wives or there are separate girls for fucking in party? We will see it in next part

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