Adventure of married couple – Husband Point view – 4

Husband Point view – erotic stories swing
I enter into husband room with lot of hopes, holding panty of my wife in my hands. I never thought they will separate both husband and wife, but they did it, not only that, bouncer also fondled moderately my 25 years old wife Kavita, I don’t mind it, because it is in safe location(sex club) and that bouncer is stronger than me physically. I find it quiet erotic, and I know Kavita also found it erotic.
That’s why we as couple are here, to enjoy the night, In fact Kavita would have shown bouncer her well-rounded tits if he had asked for it, but he very professionally only check color of my wife Kavita bra, that too from back, as it was his duty to do so, his job was to ensure that wives entering in club are in right uniform.. I like professionalism of bouncer.
All throughout the conversation bouncer overlooked me, he was talking mostly with my 25 years old bride Kavita, it was quiet normal with me as many males in our society, relatives are more interesting to talk with Kavi, everyone know why, because of her splendid figure, her milky skin, her beautiful smile, and her young age.
Bouncer had told me that my wife Kavita panty will be my access card in this party. It was quite unique, I like it honestly, I was excited you know why? Because I was hoping that I will get opportunity to fuck some homely wives. I know someone will be fucking my wife Kavita, but it was ok with me as long as I was getting opportunity to fuck some homely wife. We are open minded couple, fucking is not very big deal, it is fun, Guys, it is not that I did not fuck any other girl than my wife Kavita, but they are call girl, I want to fuck homely lady, and today was my opportunity, my wife Kavita had discovered this sex club on internet.
Guys, My wife Kavita had already started fun, if you have read first part of story you would know how that bounce fondled my wife Kavita in front of me, he pushed her boobs from both side so that I could find it easy to open her bra, I like it very much, I was erect, and Kavita is also not wearing panty she is open from bottom now, Kavita is getting attention from males but what about me?
I still had not touch any girl in this sex party, though I was erect because my wife is being fondled by bouncers, but still I had not touch any girl here, I bid my wife Kavita, she had enter in party through wife room without wearing any panty, and I was about to enter in husband room with panty in one hand and with lot of hope of fucking homely lady, I was happy my wife is not with me, as I would be freely able to enjoy others wife, and same time other person will also be enjoying my wife. I go in front of door push the door and enter in husband room with excitement.
One guy come in front of me, he looked at me, he was teenager boy, I was expecting some girl but still no girl in this sex club for me. This teenager was too short in height and too thin, probably he was eighteen years old boy, I am 32 years old, that means age difference of 14 years, He took panty of my wife from my hand. Look at it carefully. He look at panty size & smiled at me in excitement, look at my wife panty, he adjusted his penis, again this 18 year old guy adjusting his penis holding panty of my wife who is senior to him by seven years.
“Your wife has very thin waist, It rare to find married lady with such thin waist, but it look like she has big round ass checks”, he said and feel her panty with both hand and he smelled her panty. I don’t know how to react. One teenager smelled my wife panty and was commenting on it. I don’t expect this in sex club, but it was happening, I kept quiet and smiled at him, some time back one bouncer was pressing my wife Kavita boob from both side so I could open her blouse button, and now one teenager was smelling her panty and commenting on her waist size. I still don’t know what is happening with Kavita in other room(As in other part you read she is in wife warm up room, with teenager Vinay).
That guy handed me back panty of my wife Kavita, he asked me to hold it in front of him, and he asked me to stretch its material to maximum, but he told me that panty of my wife Kavita should not break. I don’t understand what he is doing, I stretched material of my wife panty to maximum as he instructed, he smiled at me, I am getting erect, I don’t know why, even though there is no female in room, no one was having sex their but still after standing like that holding my wife panty in front of teenager make me erect. This teenager was way small than Kavita and me. I was stretching panty to maximum ensuring it did not break, I had one end of Kavita pant in my right hand and other end in left hand. I was keen to see what is next move of this club.
That teenager come close to me, look at stretched panty, he put his hand in his back pocket of jeans. I was holding Kavita panty in front of my chest, teenager guy was shot in height so that panty was coming in front of his face directly, it was quiet erotic how this small boy was looking at my 25 years old wive panty. If someone had slap my Kavita bums it wont have feel so erotic but this panty cutting act is so erotic.
He hold hanging material of Kavita panty in his one hand, and he start to cut all part of Kavita’s panty which was hanging below. He ensures he is using his both hand to cut panty so that it did not cut elastic waist band of my wife panty. I don’t understand why he is doing it, he kept doing it for couple of minute and all the time I was holding panty in front of him so that he could it. He could have cut it in one flash but he was cutting it in small pieces and throwing each piece in floor, and smiling like villain of Hindi movie, he was behaving as if he is cutting this panty off Kavita body directly. It again make my dick stand erect. I must say this club is taking excitement at new level. I was thinking about Kavita now what is she doing in wife room?
I didn’t realize teenager complete cutting of my wife panty in pierces and I was holding only elastic band of it. Once he completes the cutting he smiled at me. Guys remember I was still holding panty stretching it to maximum in my hand so that this teenager could cut it in pieces. I don’t understand how to react to this teenager, I was feeling humiliated also; I don’t mind any strong man dong sexy activity to my wife or her cloths but this teenager, who is just 18 years old. Now only elastic material of Kavita panty remain, now if Kavita wear this panty, it will cover nothing it will be like cloth chain around her waist, as he cut everything only leaving elastic band around. I imagine my wife Kavita wearing this panty and it again give me erection.
He pull elastic material of panty from my hand, I release it quickly as I was busy in thoughts, then in authoritative tone he asked me to collect all cut part of my wife panty, and he turn around and start doing something to my wife panty elastic band, I saw he cut my wife panty in many small pieces, which was lying on floor. I sit on floor and start collecting it. It was more humiliating, I was expecting to fuck some sexy homely girl in club, but this club guys separated me and my wife Kavita, and now I am only presenting my wife cloths to teens. I was angry but I decided to follow club rule, I quickly sit on my floor and collect all panty material and dump it in side by kept dustbin.
Some time back this material was around Kavita bums protecting my wife Kavita dignity and now it is placed in dustbin in multiple pieces, its elastic material which was around Kavita’s attractive waist some time back was with teenager guy now.
Guys when I was dumping Kavita cut panty pieces in dust bin I saw there were already lot of panty pieces lying in it, it was like 3-4 panty pieces there, it was clear, I was not first hubby who is going through this, there were many husband who went through this process, it make me feel good, it make me feel that I should not take this personally, it is rules of club and everyone have to follow it, it give me bit relief.
Then suddenly I hear some movement in back and It bring back me to sense, and I realize I am in club and one guy is in same room, I looked at him, he was still doing something with that elastic band of Kavita panty, he had kept it on table and doing some work on it, I don’t know what he was doing as his back was towards me, I looked at his thin waist he was so thin that if he stand behind my wife Kavita he will totally disappear behind him, guys my wife is not plump lady she is got petite 25 years old married lady, but you know how thin these days college boys are.
I could say Kavita could easily lift this guy, and if he stand in front of Kavita his height will reach only till her chest, I smiled how lucky this teenager is to handle Kavita’s undergarment. Kavita won’t even look at him if he walk across Kavita on road. It again make my dick very erect, that this club is understand mentality and they are dong me erotic. This club understand only putting penis in pussy is not sex.
Teenager turn around and I come back to my senses, and signal me to sit on my knees, now 18 year old teenager ordering 32 years man to sit on knee and holding his wife panty in hand, it was erotic, he was still hiding elastic band of my wife panty behind him, I don’t understand and sit down on floor on my knee, he come close to me, and he show my wife panty elastic band, he had written my wife Kavita name on it, wait it was not my wife name, he has written there “Mr. KAVITA”. He has written it 4-5 time to cover entire elastic band of Kavita panty, I looked at him, I have to look up to look at him, as I was sitting on my knee and he was standing. He again signaled me to look down. I looked down and he in one swift motion put this panty elastic band of my wife Kavita in my neck through my head.
“Now, it is your access card, as long as you have this elastic band around your neck, bouncers will allow you to enter anywhere in this club, and ensure it always remain around your neck, these bouncer are very strict to husbands, they don’t tolerate if husband break any club rule, if they don’t find it around your neck they will throw out you of club, and then you have to wait for your wife Kavita till this party end in your car which is in parking, understood”, he told me and this weak boy signal me to stand, I signaled me I understand what he was saying, I impulsively stand up still thinking what he meant by Mr. KAVITA, I was about to ask but he with authority and ignoring me ask me to follow him to next door.
I follow him, he took me to another black door, I was still thinking how could Bouncer throw me out of club, as we are member of club, I was thinking and boy took me to another door, he had key for it, he unlock the door, I was standing behind him, and I had panty elastic of my wife Kavita around my neck. Before opening door he look at me “I know you have lot of question, you will get answer of all you question in some time, and remember in this party you are husband of Kavita, no one will call you by your name, everyone will address you as Mr. KAVITA.?, in this club wives are important than husband, and husband is identified by their wife name only, understood Mr. Kavita”, again this teenager instruct me, he sarcastically address me as Mr. Kavita, it was humiliating and erotic, I look toward him but he open the door and ask me to go through it, I saw a black room and with lot of question in my mind enter in this black room.
I understand now there are few important part of party Husband, Wives, Teenager,Bouncer. But what is everyone’s Role? Why wive are important? Who I as husband will fuck? If bouncer fuck wives then whom will we fuck? Will we fuck wives or there are other girls arranger for hubbies? Will teenager also fuck wives? What is roles of teenager? What is Kavita doing right now? Why elastic band of Kavita around my neck? Why will they address me as MR.KAVITA? why not raj?

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    Guys you let me know next part from husband pointview or wives pointview?
    Guys do you think this is consiparacty of Kavita to have some fun and cuckold Raj?
    guys do you think raj will have fun? what will happen next in this sex club?

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