Adultery Plan to get laid with my hot neighbor pavithra – 02

I went to the office. The whole day I was trying to roam wherever possible. I just wanted to feel that I had worn a beautiful aunty’s panty. I went to the restroom as many times as I could. Just to see how is it. I was getting so aroused. I couldn’t control and shagged thinking of Pavitra watching me wearing her panty and shagged.

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Was a little tired came out of the restroom and sat at my seat thinking of just for panty only I am getting so aroused for her, imagine how it will be if I get Pavithra. I was thinking still how many days, weeks I need to get Pavithra on my bed and spread her legs and smell that heavenly pussy pot and taste it from my tongue and fuck her till she cries with pleasure-pain. The panty was rubbing my thick dick and was making more and more crazy.

Me : Good Morning amma
Maid : Good morning sir. Looking so fresh on the face and more energetic below what’s the matter
Me : Ohh all because of your support and Pavithra’s panty amma
Maid : Ya I can see that. Enjoyed?
Me : To the core amma. Very nice.
Maid : Still on you?
Me : Yes. Not feeling like removing it.
Maid : God. Today you give that I will keep it back in her house
Me : Sure, will give you don’t worry

Rajamma and I were becoming too close than before. We started speaking openly. That was actually good for me. I could get as many as aunties I want to fuck because these maids will have nice contacts and also, they know how to get the aunties connected. I went to room and closed the door. But something ran in mind and then I opened half of it and stood in front of the mirror. I could easily see the hall in the mirror. I was waiting for Rajamma to be seen in the mirror. I could hear her payal and bangle sound coming towards the hall as she was slowly sweeping from other corner to the hall. As soon as I could see her the mirror, I started removing my shorts. She was not watching me. I can easily see her but she cannot know that I am watching her from mirror. I was just waiting for her to see the mirror now. Yes, finally she was looking at my image in the mirror. I slowly started the strip tease. I removed the shorts and threw on bed. And now slowly I removed Pavithra’s panty and started rubbing on my face. And licking it and kissing it. I took it near my dick which was stretched completely 8.5inches and rubbed. I was just trying to make my dick visible more clearly in the mirror. Rajamma had completely stopped sweeping and was watching my strip tease. I could see the eagerness in her eyes. I just stood in the same position there so that Rajamma enjoys my complete nudity. I also tried turning around to make sure she also watches my nice round ass.

Now its time for me to come out and I just disappeared from the mirror image. Rajamma was standing there without moving holding the handle of the broom and pressing it tightly. Guess she was trying to feel my dick in the handle of the broom. I felt she wanted to see more. I again came near mirror and wore the shorts without wearing underwear. I started rubbing softly on my chest one looking at mirror and then without giving anytime for Rajamma to realize I am coming out. I just suddenly opened the door fully and entered the hall. Calling “Amma….”.

She got scared and was breathing heavily, as she was in different world and suddenly she left the broom on the floor and started blabbering. “Yes…sir.. mmmm tell me sir what happened”.

Me : Nothing wanted to give you the panty so
Maid : ohh (she was feeling little relaxed). Ok give it will wash it here only along with your clothes and take it and keep it at her house
Me : Sure, you can take it. it’s on bed
Maid : sure sir.
Me : Amma, can you give me tea?
Maid : Sure sir (She was not in normal condition still breathing heavily with the dried throat)

She completed her sweeping work, went to kitchen and got me tea and then went to bed room. Took the panty which was on the bed. She straight away walked towards bathroom. I just followed her silently. She didn’t know I was following her. She went inside and stood the laundry bag kept in the corner of the bathroom. Before she could take out all the clothes, she took the panty and started smelling it. God now I was getting erected. She was smelling it as if someone is smelling a flower. I didn’t disturb her. She did that for few minutes and I was just standing there hiding from her view. I was just eager what all she might do. She slowly took all the clothes from the laundry and was searching for something. I was wondering what she is searching like this. She finally got what she was searching I guess. She took my underwear and started smelling it and I could see she was lusting with hunger. Now I understood she was interested in me. I was getting aroused for all these acts she was doing. But I never had any thoughts of lust or sex with Rajamma. It’s just because these maids will not be so clean and its very dangerous because they might go and tell others as well. But anyways I just wanted her friendship so that I can get good aunties contacts.

I walked back from there because I didn’t want her to feel embarrassing. She washed all the clothes and took it to terrace to dry and came down. She had a cover in her hand which carried Pavithra’s Panty. She was about to go. I was sitting on sofa as if I had not seen anything.

Me : Thanks for everything Amma
Maid : That’s ok sir. I know how naughty you are.
Me : I just love kinky stuffs amma
Maid : I know how kinky it will be thinking of all your ideas
Me : So… have to tried them?
Maid : No…No… (She again started breathing heavily)
Me : (I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. I just respect anyone’s feelings. She was enjoying it so I just left that to her to enjoy). Try it once you will enjoy
Maid : Sure sir, let me try (No much sound in her voice)
Me : Amma one request if you don’t mind
Maid : Sir please don’t say request. You are so good. You are first person throughout my career have such generous owner who cares so much for a maid. you tell sir I will do anything for you (I could see how much she is caring for me)
Me : Please don’t call sir. Call me Venu
Maid : but it will be difficult sir.
Me : See Amma I am younger to you so nothing wrong in calling me by name
Maid : Ok but on one condition
Me : Oh… ok sure tell me
Maid : You also call me Raji (She smiled and bent her head)
Me : Ohh Raji (smiled) ok sure… sounds very nice
Maid : Ok Venu
Me : Ok Raji (Both laughed)
Maid : Venu I will go now it’s already late. I will put this Panty in her house and then have other works also
Me : Sure Raji..even I have some meeting will go now and get ready
Maid : Bye Venu take care…
Me : Bye Raji

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Now that Amma became Raji. What next? I was confused. I knew she will surely spread her legs for me. She is lusting me. I was scared that if something goes wrong then these maids might create problem. Its all about low level of thinking these maids will do. But Raji was a very good and understanding lady. I never had intention of sex or lust with her. Something was stopping me. May because my thoughts of maids being not so clean. Anyways I just wanted to go slow. Let’s see. After all my target was hitting my thick 8.5-inch arrow to the hole point which is under Pavitra’s legs. I had a strong feeling that I am very close to hit that target soon. And Raji will surely help me out if hitting that target very soon.

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