Active Fantasy

It’s one thing to have a fantasy, but something else entirely to make it a reality, isn’t it? At least, that’s what she thought leading a man back to her hotel room. She and her friends had booked a couple of rooms for the weekend in Panama City. It wasn’t extravagant by any means. Just one of the cheap ones bye the beach.
Inserting the key into the knob, she listened to the roar of the ocean. Sounds of the waves crashing on shore was soothing.
For the last couple of years, she and her husband had been active participants in the cuckold role play. During sex, she would regale him with tales of how a gang of men fucked her and filled her with their cum. Eventually, she pictured a man in her mind that would become a regular fuck buddy.
“What if I find a guy that wants to fuck me?” Missy asked him the night before she left.
“Then call me on Google Duo!”
She led the man whose name was Trent into her room. Missy hoped that her friends wouldn’t be returning soon. Standing in the middle of the room, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss.
He was nice looking; his skin darkened by the sun. She ran her hands over his head, enjoying the feeling of his bare scalp. His breath tasted like the menthol cigarette he’d smoked on the way there.
“Are you serious that your husband wants to watch me fuck you?” he asked, perplexed by the odd nature of his request.
“He told me to call him on Google Duo,” she said, pulling out her phone. After a few touches, her phone was calling his. The screen changed and she saw her husband’s smiling face. “Hey, honey!” she said a bit nervous.
“Hey, sweety! What’s up?”
“I’ve got someone here that wants to say hello!” She turned the phone towards Trent.
“What’s up, bro?!” Trent said, holding up his hand and extending his thumb and smallest finger. “I’m gonna fuck your wife.”
Joe looked astounded for a moment. “Wow! Seriously?”
Missy turned the phone back to herself. “Yeah. Are you angry?” She saw the indecision on his face and became fearful.
“No. I’m not angry. Have you done anything with him yet?”
“No, not yet. I wanted to call you first.”
“Okay. Um, Trent, why don’t you take the phone and let’s, uh, see Missy suck your cock!”
Trent took the phone and pointed the screen down at the floor. Missy was already on her knees and was opening the fly of his shorts. Once his button was undone, they fell to the floor. Both Joe’s and Missy’s mouths dropped in surprise. Between Trent’s legs hung a thick, flaccid cock. She looked up to her husband’s astonished face, and took several teasing licks of the head.
Back home, she was a school teacher and cheerleader coach. She exhibited the good wife persona in her small town. If only any of them could see her sucking another man’s cock!
“Oh, baby!” Joe moaned when she took several, slurping passes at Trent’s cock. He was rubbing himself through his jeans.
Missy was busy licking his scrotum and sucking one testicle at a time. She was horny as hell and was ready for Trent’s cock to be inside of her. Joe came unhinged when he saw that Trent’s phallus went up passed his belly button.
“Oh, baby! I would love to see that inside of you bareback!”
Missy stopped sucking.
“Bareback? Really?” It didn’t really matter to her as to how she took it. She was so aroused, her juices were saturating the small piece of cotton covering her puss.
“Yeah. Why not?”
“We’ve never really talked about!”
Trent felt an argument brewing that threatened to derail any chance of him getting laid.
“Listen, I’ve got a condom that is so thin, you can’t even tell it’s there. Is that okay, Joe?”
“Yeah. That’s fine,” he said after a moment’s thought.
Trent placed the phone on the dresser at the foot of the bed. Joe had taken out his cock and was spanking while he watched his wife’s lover remove her bikini. They shared an open mouthed kiss; mostly sliding and banging tongues. Joe squeezed his cock painfully tight to stem a possible eruption. Trent was massaging her tits and sucking her nipples.
“Oh, God, yes! Yes, baby!” She had both hands on his shaft and was stroking him vigorously. Grasping his cock made her wish that Joe wasn’t watching for the things she wished she could say. It was hard to imagine a man only a few inches taller than herself and covered in firm muscles like ropes, could have a cock so big.
Laying down on the bed, she spread her legs facing the camera. Trent took off his shirt and pulled the condom out of his shorts pocket. He rolled the condom down his cock and climbed onto the bed and knelt between her legs. Missy took hold of his cock and guided him to her entrance. Supported by his hands, he leaned down and kissed her as he entered her.
At the foot of the bed, she heard Joe moaning. Unable to utter a word, she looked down and watched as Trent’s body slowly merged with hers. It seemed strange and exciting at the same time taking another man inside of her. Looking up to his pale blue eyes, she found that she was beyond words.
“It feels good, doesn’t it?” he said, quickening his pace. The old bed that had certainly seen its fair share of couplings, began to squeak and moan.
“Y-yes!” she cried.
This is hotter than what I thought it was gonna be!
Joe sat in the privacy of his own living room and jerked his cock. After watching for the last several minutes, a man unknown to him, fuck his wife, and listening to her strident cries of lust, he blew his load all over his shirt. Trent had slowed his pace and was now driving himself deep into Missy. Each time he hit bottom, she let out a long moan of pleasure. Her pointed toes rested on his hips.
Suddenly, and without warning, Trent viciously pounded Missy. Crying loudly, she placed one hand just above her cunt to try and ease the penetration. For Joe, the euphoria had passed. This wasn’t like role play at all. This was real life. Hundreds of miles away, his wife was getting throttled by some stranger, and he couldn’t do a fucking thing about it.
When he closed the call and tossed his phone on the chair, she was deliriously screaming.
“God damn it!” she screamed when he finally came to a rest. Her pussy felt hot as fire and it was as though there were a thousand pistons inside her; all of them moving at different times.
Panting for air, he dislodged his root and climbed off the bed. Sweat was pouring from his shaved head and running into his eyes. Missy slid to the edge and got on all fours.
“It looks like your husband hung up,” he said, stepping in between her legs. “Do you want to call him back?”
“I will after you finish fucking me!” she said. Missy reached between her legs, grabbed his cock, and pulled him to her. Trent slid back into her comfortably. “Oh, yes! Fuck me!”
“That is such a nice, tight pussy!” he declared. After a few pumps, Missy was meeting his thrusts.
“Fuck yes! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my married pussy!”
Taking a hold of her black hair, he pulled her up until her back met his front. The underside of his cock was hitting her G-spot. Crying uncontrollably, she had the incredible desire to force him out of her. Reaching under her left arm, he took a firm hold of her throat.
“You’ve never been fucked like this before, have you?”
“You’re gonna be begging for my cum by the time I’m done!”
“Oh god!”
“Take your wedding ring off and throw it away!”
Frantically, she she tried pulling off her ring. It finally slid down her finger on the third try. Tossing it into the air, it hit the rim of the waste basket and landed on the floor. Dragging her off the bed by the hair of the head, he ripped off the condom.
“Open your mouth!”
Missy did as she was told and held her mouth open. It seemed like Trent had an endless supply of cum and most of it landed on her face.
“Holy shit!” she cried with one eye squeezed shut. Trent had he phone and was snapping pictures of her cum covered face.
“You really should put a lock on your phone,” he said after he sent several of them to Joe on Facebook Messenger. One of the pictures, which was his favorite, showed a large glob of cum dangling from her chin.
They showered together and soon found themselves making out near the bed. Trent was growing another healthy hard on and he was anxious to put it back inside of her. Even if he didn’t have a spare rubber.
“I can’t, Trent. My friends will be back soon.”
“Then how about tomorrow night? A friend of mine owns a small beach house down the road.”
“I’ll think about it,” she said with a friendly smile on her face.
“Let me leave you my number.” He wrote it down on a piece of paper, handed it to her and gave her one last kiss before leaving.
Missy sat on the edge of the bed. Joe had gotten the pics but he hadn’t said anything. Should she try to call him? Or leave it for the morning? Something happened in the middle of it that made him not want to watch anymore. She hadn’t said anything bad about him when Trent was fucking her, had she?
She tried to feel guilty, tried to summon sympathy for her husband, but after two years of fantasy, it was nice to know how reality lived. It was nice to have a cock to compare her husband to.
She stuffed his number in her purse, grabbed the remote, turned on the t.v., and laid down in bed. Moment’s later, she was fast asleep.

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