The accident Adult Story -Part 3

The accident Adult Story

She wore the same churidar in the morning. We skipped breakfast and went to hospital directly. On the way she said she don’t want Karthik to know that we stayed in the same room. I understood it immediately. No husband could bear it.

“Yeah. I understand.”
I said.
“And if possible, can you stay away in the morning?”
I looked at her confusingly.
“Actually… Karthik is…he gets doubtful too easily. If we show up together, he’d make out things no matter what we tell him…”
“Oh. That’s not really a good thing about a husband.”
I said.
She just kept her eyes on the road.
We reached the hospital by seven thirty. I left her alone and stayed outside. I didn’t have anything to do. So I decided to see Alka. She was awake and very happy to see me again. Her husband invited me to their house and I said I’ll consider it on my next visit.
After that I went to have breakfast. It was really boring. My heart tempted me to go to Deepika but my brain stopping me. But eventually I decided to go.
I went to the place and luckily the nurse allowed me to go in. She had believed me to be someone very closer to Karthik. I wondered if she had thought of me as her husband and Karthik’s brother. I really liked that thought.
Inside the observation section I saw Deepika sitting next to his bed. That’s the first time I saw Karthik. It was such a shame. A let down. He looked ugly. I felt he must be an angel inside to make up for his looks, otherwise he wouldn’t deserve a wife like Deepika. I suddenly remembered about the previous day; when I saw Deepika crying for him. And without even speaking a word I was convinced that this man earned those tears and her love only because of his good nature and love for her. I respected him. I envied him. I smiled at him with all my heart.
“How are you feeling now, Karthik?”
He didn’t smile back.
“I’m okay.”
He said very seriously. Deepika turned to me but she also didn’t smile. I could see she was upset.
“Hi, did you stay here last night? You know, they didn’t let me. They told me it’s not allowed. And when I hired an auto, he took me to a hotel far away from here. See, all because of an accident.”
I said and looked at Karthik again. He was listening.
“I’m here because of an accident I witnessed. I don’t know who she is but she’s safe now.”
He just nodded. Deepika was looking away from me.
“Madam, I actually came to get the money that I paid for the pad yesterday.. If you have..”
I said. She now looked up.
“Oh sorry, I forgot. I have the money.”
She took her bag and gave me a thousand rupees note. Same note that I had lent her. I gave six hundred rupees back.
I thanked her and immediately walked away. I knew she hadn’t had breakfast. I felt bad that I made her skip it. I wanted to help her but I thought it would put her in trouble. Something wasn’t right about Karthik.
I sat on the corridor and waited for Deepika. She came half an hour later, holding Vinnee and a small purse.
She was expecting me there.
“I’m hungry, Krish.”
She said.
“And Karthik?”
“He too.”
We started walking.
“Thanks Krish.”
She said.
“For what?”
“Mmm.. For coming there and helping me with…those lies. And you’re a good actor.”
“What did I do?”
“He was questioning me… He was mad at me for leaving without telling him.”
“But he was sedated. How was it possible to tell him?”
“He doesn’t understand. He wanted me to wake him up and tell him. And he was expecting me to stay here.. but when you said what happened with you, he was convinced. And if you hadn’t asked for the money, he would have doubted us.. Would have made up stories…”
“Oh really? He’s such an idiot?”
She looked very surprised at my open comment. May be I was too open.
“You know, I was expecting him to be a very nice guy…”
I said.
“Because he didn’t look like he deserved you. I thought there must be something special in him…”
“There’s nothing special in him.. Except that he’s my husband. And Vinnee’s dad. But he’s not all bad. He’s good when he’s happy.”
No wife in India dismisses her husband completely, I sighed.
After the breakfast she went back to him with his food. I didn’t have anything to do. So I found a salon and got my shaving done. I also received a nice massage. At lunch I was again back with Deepika. I suggested her to ask Karthik if she can leave early for some shopping, because she was running out of options with her clothes. She said she don’t dare to ask that to him. I was left irritated.
But I got her call by 4 o’clock.
She said she asked, and he let her buy one saree.
I hired a taxi and picked her up soon.
“Where are we going?”
She asked.
“Where do you wanna go?”
“I don’t know.”
I took her to a coffee shop and she was surprised.
“Coffee? I was expecting some shopping place.”
I laughed.
“Ladies will be ladies. Shopping… Shopping…”
She pinched my hand.
We sat in a table and she was impressed with the décor of the shop.
“It’s first time in my life.. Like this.. In a coffee shop with someone…”
She said biting her lips.
“How much does a coffee cost here?”
“May be a hundred.”
I said.
“Oh no!”
She bit her lip again.
“Stop biting your lip, Deepika.”
She was embarrassed and bit again.
“Again, you…”
“What is wrong with this?”
She mocked like frowning.
“You’re reminding me of something..”
She was embarrassed even more.
“It’s a coffee shop…”
“That’s why I’m telling you… Stop it…”
She put her palm across her mouth. But I could hear her giggling.
After the coffee we took an auto to a clothing store. It was a big one. More options and more time. She bought a saree. I bought a churidar for her. She refused a lot but I insisted and bought it.
She was silent since we left the shop.
“What happened?”
I asked.
“Karthik doesn’t like me wearing churidar.”
“It’s his choice. He believes married ladies should wear saree only.”
How pathetic.
“But how can you wear saree now? You don’t have a blouse, do you?”
“He doesn’t care.”
“You can tell him that this was the only option left..”
She nodded.
“That’s the only option left, now.”
We went to the hospital from there. She bought dinner for Karthik and I waited outside as she went to him. Once he finished his dinner and she was relieved by him, we headed straight to our hotel room. We had shower first. Though she asked for my clothes for washing, I refused. I washed it myself.
By the time I was out from the shower, she had worn the new churidar. It was same pattern in different colours; creamy coloured top with thick maroon borders at neck and sleeves, and a matching maroon leggings. Every curves and shapes remained the same to attract my stare. This time however, she was comfortable with my eyes.
We went out for dinner, very soon. I took her to a grant restaurant. She was again impressed with the ambience in there. Vinnee was in my hands.
“I can’t believe you’re divorced…”
She said once she was settled in her chair.
“I mean, I haven’t found a single reason in you for which a girl could seek divorce.”
“You’re so impressed in me..”
“Yes. I’d find myself very lucky if I was your wife… I really envy your wife… How could she..?”
I just smiled at her curiosity.
“Come on, tell me? Are you some kind of psycho character? Do you drink too much? Or did you sell her gold without her permission?”
She lowered her sound when she was asking all that.
I leaned forward.
“‘Ssshhhh! Big secret. I’m not psycho. I’m gay.”
She kicked me under the table.
“You! I know you’re not.”
“How’s that?”
“I just know.”
“Tell me, how?”
“In the morning.”
This time she bit her upper lip to cover the embarrassment her banter caused. It was absolutely beautiful. I wanted to jump over the table, pull her face to me and…
“Morning? But how?”
I was playing innocent face.
“You’re playing with me. You already know how I knew that.”
“No, I don’t really know. Tell me.”
She was really embarrassed to talk about it. But her face betrayed her mind and I was sure she wanted to talk about it.
“Tell me..”
She looked left and right to make sure no one’s listening.
“I felt you..”
So saying she bit lips again, making me crave for it.
“You felt me, mmm?”
I asked and she nodded shyly.
I was going to tease her more but a waiter interrupted and broke the flow as he brought the food on the table.
“So tomorrow you’ll leave…”
She asked, once the waiter left us, seemingly changing the subject.
I nodded.
“Yes. How are you planning to forget me once you move on with your life?”
She stopped eating and looked at me.
“I will never forget you, Krish. Not only because I can’t but also I don’t want. Never.”
I could see love on those eyes.
“Are you falling in love with me?”
“I would love to. That’s why I envy your wife. Ex…”
I sighed.
“We should stop it here, Deepika. Otherwise…”
I didn’t look at her as I spoke.
But it was too late.
I had fallen for her.
I had fallen in love with a married woman.
I didn’t know where it was going.
Back at room, while breastfeeding little Vinnee and while putting him to sleep, she told me her heartbreaking story. Story about her dreams of becoming a teacher. About the family pressure. About an indecisive father and a dominant uncle. About his daughter who had eloped with a tea seller long ago which eventually became his tool to brainwash every parent of every girl he ever met. About Karthik, who used to chase her throughout her childhood and who eventually managed to grab the price because of his five digit white color job. About the dreams that were shattered with a marriage.
I sat on one edge of the bed and looked deep into her eyes. I saw a girl who loved to dream. Most of them daydreams.
“Tell me about your love story…”
I asked as I leaned back to the head rest.
“What love story? I don’t have one.”
She said without looking at me and sat on the other side of the bed.
“Don’t lie to me.. look at me..”
She looked at me and we kept glued into each other’s eyes for a few moments. Then she looked down.
“Yes, there was a boy. I wanted to be loved by him. But he freaked out soon. He was scared of my uncle.”
“What about you?”
She laughed at herself.
“Me? Oh, I was a scaredy-cat. No way…”
“How about now? Do you still want to be loved?”
Her gaze fell back on me again.
Her voice was soft.
“You can speak your heart, your uncle is not here…”
“But I’m still scared.. scared of myself..”
“You’re scared of love?”
“I’m scared of falling in love with you…”
“I have already fallen for you Deepika.”
I spoke the truth. I was done with talking. She seemed stunned of my confession. I extended my hand to her.
“Come here. Sit with me.”
She didn’t wait even second to comply with me. She dragged her body to me and sat next to me. I quickly put my left arm around her. She looked into my eyes.
“What are you going to do?”
Her voice was softer than ever. I touched her face with my right palm and turned it to me.
“Are you still scared to be loved?”
I could see her heartbeats. I could feel her breath. I could smell her love for me.
I pulled her head to me and kissed. It wasn’t a mad lip lock derived out of lust. It was a slow yet intent conveyance of my love for her. Her lips were warm and it grew even warmer as I began sucking on it. A few moments later I broke the kiss and whispered an ‘I love you’ into her eyes before regaining the access. This time she opened her mouth and I went all the way in. Sucking and nibbling her lips, I went on to devour her tongue, tasting her warm saliva, making her melt completely into me. Her body fell into my hands and I could feel her easing off into me. She was mine.
As I broke the kiss again to let her breath, I heard her mumble,
“Love me, Krish”
“Give me your tongue… I want more of it…honey”
I whispered.
“You’re mad.”
She said.
“I’ve never been kissed like this…”
“Like this? No, then you tell me you’ve never been kissed..”
I said before kissing her again.
My hand soon dropped from her face to her shoulder before I broke the kiss. I saw her licking her lower lip with a smile.
She was inviting me, as her body eased and wormed into my embrace. My right hand moved further down from her shoulder, touching over upperarm, to her belly, and pulled her hip towards me. Her breathing turned heavier with each of my advances. Her gaze remained at my face. I leaned over her and landed a series of kisses on her face; tentatively; around her mouth. She anticipated a full blown kiss which never came from me, and she ended up opening her lips and gasping. My hand had reached her thighs, through the side slit of her churidar, and I was feeling softness above the leggings. Slowly I brought my hand in between her thighs and she convulsed, moving herself further and lying flat on the bed. She deliberately tried to hold her legs together. Yet she didn’t stop me exploring her. She wanted to stop me but she surely wanted to be loved by me.
I didn’t want to confuse her in my intentions. I got up quickly, jerked her legs apart and knelt down between them.
An absolutely stunning young woman was lying there in front of me. She was married. She was a mother. And she was homely. Yet her legs were spread. And she was ready.
With my right palm I touched her face once, and then moved downwards. Touching her chin, neck, chest, and stomach over churidar, I then pulled it upward to reveal her navel to me. I knew it would be beautiful. It was gorgeous.
I immediately bent down and kissed it making her giggle.
“You smell awesome, baby..”
I inhaled her skin and looked up. She gave me a mesmerising smile.
“I love you Deepika.”
I rubbed my lips along her hipbone, from left to right.
“And I want you…”
“You have me…”
I heard her chuckle.
Slowly I brought my face down to the edge of her leggings.
“Lights, please.”
She pulled my hair, forcing me look up.
She wanted to switch off the lights.
“I can’t do it with lights on.. I’m too shy..”
“You’re a very beautiful woman, Deepika. There’s nothing bad in you to be ashamed of. I want to see you. Please let me.”
I said, with my eyes stuck with hers. Then I inserted my fingers inside her leggings’ top edge and slowly pulled it down, revealing her pale yellow panty. I raised her legs up and pulled the clothe along it to remove it completely and kept it aside.
Smooth skin of her milky white thighs and the whole legs were enough to drive me crazy.
I immediately rubbed my face between her ankles.
“You have beautiful skin, Deepika. I told you.”
I kept both of her legs onto my shoulder and I moved my lips down, feeling every inch of her silky flawless skin, to her thighs. Inner thighs, as I parted her legs.
I kissed along, causing her chuckle as well as gasp. My both hands were fondling her legs. And I pressed my teeth in parts, making her moan.
I went down, until I reached the centre and I kissed over it, right over her innermost secret, hidden under a pale yellow clothe.
It was about to be mine. I had an urge to rip that fine clothe and assault it right then, yet, God knows, somehow I controlled myself to the kiss. As I touched over it with my lips, I could feel the presence of her pubic hair. I sensed it would be trimmed, may be a week ago.
With my lips again I searched for her pussy lips and I heard Deepika moan with a sudden jerk from her entire body.
“Aah.. Oh my gosh… I’ve never been felt like this… Krish…ugh.. What are you doing to me?”
She moaned.
“I’m learning to love you, Deepika…”
So saying I bit on her panties and pulled it with my teeth. Also I tucked my fingers into it from both sides and tugged it. It came along her thighs, until it reached her knees. I then removed it with my right hand and tossed it away. She shyly blocked my view to her with both of her palms.
“No, it’s my right..”
I murmured looking up to her.
She refused.
“Come on… Show it to me baby..”
She shook her face.
“I want to kiss it… With my lips…”
“I want to lick it… With this..”
I held my tongue out as I said.
“Oh, no. You’re so dirty…”
I saw her swallowing her inner demons. She was bewildered.
“Take your hands away, Deepika.”
“No, please… I can’t.”
I pinched hard on both the sides of her thighs.
“Come on.. It’s mine. Surrender it to me. I know you can. I also know you want it. Take your hands off it…”
I whispered and bent down. She sighed and then pulled her palms away, revealing a beautiful flower to me.
It had small bushes around it. The nucleus was darker, yet tempting, indeed.
And, it was wet.

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