A Wife’s Predicament | Situation Now – Chapter-2

Situation Now:
I heard Haresh replying from outside…
– “Keerthi, you can hit me if you want, but please understand my desperateness”…”I am really sorry and my mother asked me to apologize on her behalf as well” he paused.
– “See my dear, we are in a very tight situation and it is ‘you‘ – “only you“, who can support to make this situation bearable for all of us” he paused again.
– “I am going to be at home for the next whole month and look after our girls, and this is not a happy job for me as well. But, please understand my darling, you have to think peacefully without shouting…please, do this for our family” He almost whimpered in his lowered voice.
– “Okay Haresh, let me take a shower now, please don’t talk to me anything more”, I was literally ordering him and I felt the concurred silence.
Shit!, I forgot to mix the hot water…cold water started falling on my head and body…damn fuck, my brain started pouring out curse words and at the same time, cold water also helped my brain to register the situation a bit more clearly.
Now, I was officially on ‘holidays’ for a month away from my office and at the same time, I would be away from my family for the whole time doing some kind of community service at some place that I had never heard nor seen so far. And the only assurance was that my mother-on-law was also part of this. But, why would they need women of the family for this? This was the first question that my mind formed after it rationalized the situation. And also, if I need to go, then I need to start packing my clothes as well…but, when would this start? tomorrow? or afterwards? In whichever case, if I was not agreeing to this, my husband would definitely loose the inheritance and that means losing a hell a lot of money…! The banker in me had the upper hand in the decision making process. In a way, this could be a good thing to be away from job as well. It has been more than five-six years that we took a proper break from job and had an actual vacation; even Haresh was not bothered much. So, I made up my mind to agree.
Looking at the mirror, I saw a white skinned woman with little extra pounds around the navel, within seconds I felt both my aerolas and nipples hardening as I noticed their color being more redder than their usual pink. I remembered my teenage days while my nipples used to be pure pink and I had to pinch them to bring some blood on them…”Hmmaaaah!” that thought triggered some moisture to appear between my legs. Simultaneously, it made me to have a good look at my bush and honestly, I felt a bit odd… I used to shave regularly during the initial years of marriage. But now, that process of cleaning my privates felt like something that I didn’t understood how it used to be clean and cute. I was a proud owner of thick jet black hair which was straight as silk; and it was the same over my pussy as well..straight, thick and very bushy.
Haresh never fancied oral sex and even during the initial marriage sex exercise, he was not so willing to go down on my pussy. I had forgotten how it felt like not having a single hair in the pussy and butt hole with his small tongue moving around at least once in a while. ‘Shit!’ I felt more moisture seeping out from my crease. Tissue paper was the solution right now and I used it immediately. I wore a normal chudidar and walked out of the toilet to find Haresh keeping himself looking lost in his thoughts. As I opened the door of the bathroom, I saw him staring outside the window of our bedroom. He turned his head as he heard the toilet door’s noise. I could see that he was almost crying and was looking very much stressed out.
I went to him and hugged him tightly…
– “Haresh I will go…Don’t worry…please do not take this too hard on yourself”.
– “But, you promise me that you will be at home every single day and take care of our kids without fail”
– “Also, in case if you can call me everyday, it could be the best gift that you can give me during this month”, I took a deep breath as I was accepting this predicament.
– “Most importantly, you have to tell me something, when should I go to this place and also if I have to go, I would need to pack my clothes as well, so you should help me in that, okay ?” I almost nibbled his neck while I said this.
For a moment, he didn’t replied and I heard a long and deep breath that he took.
– “Keerthi, you have no idea how much you relieved me with your decision he paused.
– “Look, mother said that someone will come around midnight to pick you up. And, I don’t know about the cell phone connectivity, but I will work something out” he paused again.
– “For your clothes, mother told me ‘specifically’ that you don’t need to take any kind of dresses with you and she stressed that “absolutely nothing is required to be carried” his blurry eyes were filled with gratitude.
– “What!” Though the question was spontenous, I didn’t opened my mouth as I felt his hands tightening behind my back and it felt good after all these years of neglect from his side.
So, that was settled then! Anxiousness started to make it’s enclosure on my body and mind slowly. Haresh ordered pizza for the kids and their chatter made me relax slightly as the undercurrent of the upcoming one month was looming hugely over my head. Even, Haresh fell into a mellow mood and was expressed considerable support in his every action; that felt a lot better!
Finally, girls went to sleep and we both started to watch some show in the television. Haresh was sitting on the couch and I was sitting in the floor with my head on his lap. We both were not talking as the only comfort was the physical touch of my face to his thighs and that was assuring me a lot. I never registered falling asleep, till the house bell buzzed loudly and Haresh moved his legs.
– “Oh Shit…!”
– “Someone is here…!!”
– “And, I don’t know where I am going…!!!”
– “What would happen during this one month? What all would I have to do there?”
– “Oh God! help me…!!!”
House bell buzzed once again. Haresh walked to the main door and his hands slowly opened the door and he stepped halfway out.
I heard him saying “please come in” to someone who was standing outside.
The reply was a deep female voice that I couldn’t recognize “NO, PLEASE ASK KEERTHI TO COME OUTSIDE”
– “Fuck!”, “what should I do now?”
– “Shall I back out?”
– “Keerthi…” I heard Haresh calling me.
– “Yes”, I replied.
– “Keerthi, you need to go with this woman, please come” I saw his lips murmuring the words.
My feet started to move towards the door.

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